15 Best Restaurants in Coupeville, WA

Coupeville, Washington is a town located within the Federal Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve. Coupeville is known for its geographical location on the waterfront, and its world-famous Penn Cove Shellfish.

Coupeville has been around since its official date of incorporation on April 20th, 1910. With over 100 years of history, comes 100 years of business, amazing restaurants, and local cuisine.

Aside from the beautiful scenery and attractions to explore, the local food scene has a little something for everyone in store. Being a small town, Coupeville and the majority of its restaurants, cafes, and bars are within walking distance.

This makes Coupeville an ideal stop for tourists all around the globe. Learn about the food scene and let your taste buds explore the northwest coast of Coupeville, WA.

This article will cover 15 of the best and most sought-after restaurants in Coupeville.

The Restaurant at Captain Whidbey

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Located just west of Coupeville, in the bay of Penn Cove, sits a cozy, rustic log hotel with a gorgeous restaurant for dining.

The Restaurant at Captain Whidbey is one of a kind, boasting stunning views of the waterfront and including an outdoor patio. This restaurant features local ingredients and dishes that capture the taste of the northwest coast.


Front Street Grill

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If you’re looking for some traditional American grub in a traditional bar, the Front Street Grill is your go-to in Coupeville.

Located on the waterfront in downtown Coupeville, this quaint bar & grill has everything you need to feel at home. With a selection of craft brews and comfort food, this bar has made number two.


Toby’s Tavern

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Toby's Tavern

This historic building used to be home to various businesses back in the day. Originally a mercantile built in the 1890s, this structure has been home to Toby’s Tavern since 1960.

This restaurant offers both dine-in and take-out options, but if you’re in the area, be sure to take a seat and enjoy the history of this location.

Toby’s Tavern has a large variety of food on its menu, including its famous steamed Penn Cove mussels.



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This luxurious, high-end restaurant is sure to be on your list to eat out in Coupeville. The Oystercatcher provides a high-end dining experience, from their half-shell oysters to their house salads and soups.

This restaurant has an immaculate, clean feeling to it and its staff are there to provide exceptional service. From their drinks to their meals, The Oystercatcher is your 5-star go-to.



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With the freshest selection of meats, cheeses, and wines, Bayleaf is your local specialty shop. This store offers the finest selection of delicatessens and wine.

While this shop may not be a restaurant, it provides the highest quality ingredients to make your favorite dishes at home. Stop by Bayleaf today. They have something for everyone.


Ciao Food & Wine

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If you’re looking for authentic Italian cuisine in Coupeville, look no further. Ciao Food & Wine has all your Italian needs. This place features a full-service restaurant, a bar, and even a heated outdoor patio.

For over a decade, Ciao Food & Wine has been Coupevilles’ destination for the finest authentic Italian flavors. From the finest wine to the finest dining, here you are sure to have the finest time.


Sunshine Drip

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Much more than just a coffee shop, Sunshine Drip sells you on an adventure. Sunshine Drip is your one-stop-shop before heading out to the trails and enjoying the outdoors.

This restaurant provides in-house dining as well as take-out. Sunshine Drip is known for its only drip coffee sourced from local roasters.

This shop strongly believes in supporting local people, so why not do the same thing? Make Sunshine Drip your go-to.


Pizza Factory

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Looking for something fun for the whole family? Check out Pizza Factory. This restaurant offers a large variety of foods for even the pickiest of eaters.

This pallette-friendly menu is great for everyone. This place is great for events and family gatherings. From their pizzas to pasta, sandwiches, and desserts, Pizza Factory is the perfect place to stuff your face.


Penn Cove Brewing Co.

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While this one may not be a restaurant, this stop is essential while in Coupeville. Penn Cover Brewing Co. is home to your finest craft beers, flagships, seltzers, and specialty brews.

As one of the newest businesses in Coupeville, Penn Cove Brewing Co, shows ultimate promise in growing something memorable for the town.


Little Red Hen Bakery

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This local bakery has some special Hollywood history. This bakery was featured in the film Practical Magic. Magic it is for this local eatery.

Little Red Hen Bakery is your number one stop for the freshest homemade bread, buns, and pastries.

Every loaf is handmade, crafted, and weighed to ensure consistency across the board in their true craft style. If you’re looking for bread, this is the place to head.


The Cove

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If you’re looking for some casual eats in less than the casual atmosphere, head down to The Cove. This restaurant is located on the historic wharf in Coupeville, giving it an incredibly authentic feel.

The menu offers a large variety of drinks, from coffee to espresso, teas, and hot chocolates. Along with your drink, you can grab a freshly made salad, sandwich, or soup from their tasty menu made to fill your stomach with goodness.


Tyee Restaurant and Hotel

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Tyee Restaurant and Hotel

Constructed in the 1920s, this historic hotel and restaurant are located in the heart of Coupeville. Equipped with a full-service restaurant open 7 days a week, a hotel with comfortable lodging, and a lounge for guests to relax in.

This restaurant offers a menu of local seafood, burgers, and other favorites. Local sports are also available to view on the various flat-screen televisions located within the bar.


Callens Restaurant and Co.

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This restaurant provides an authentic dining experience with the taste of real home-cooked food. The decor includes mussel ropes from the Penn Cove Mussell Farm as well as old wormwood on the fireplace walls.

This restaurant is a sight to see from the inside and out. Their menu features a variety of exclusive appetizers and meals you can only find here.

With house-made mouth-watering desserts and an inclusive kids’ menu, this restaurant is perfect for all ages.


Compass Rose Bed & Breakfast

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Compass Rose Bed & Breakfast

Nestled inside a gorgeous 1890s Queen Anne Victorian-built home is the Compass Rose Bed & Breakfast. This small family-owned B&B is located in the heart of Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve.

This home is furnished with the finest antiques from all around the globe. Staying here will bring you back in time.

In the morning, you will be served a nice breakfast served on the finest china, silver, and diamond. The Compass Rose Bed & Breakfast is a local gem definitely worth experiencing.


Jet Java

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Jet Java

A local coffee shop that is worth more than a 5 minute stop. Jet Java has a staff of friendly baristas that are happy to help with all your coffee cravings.

Brewing the best coffee on Whidbey Island, this local shop offers a large selection of beverages and tasty pastries. This coffee shop is worth your next stop in Coupeville.



Coupville’s geographical location lends to a diverse assortment of cuisine located throughout the town. The vibrant food scene brings tourists to Coupeville to experience the culture and flavors of this west coast town.

Whether you are looking for an affordable eatery for a quick stop or a fine dining experience, Coupeville has it all. From downtown dining to waterfront reclining, visit Coupeville for some taste-bud aligning.

Best Restaurants in Coupeville, WA

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