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“The Place Where Your Culinary Adventure Awaits.”

Hey there, Foodies! We’re so excited to let you know about us.

Restaurant Observer is the ultimate go-to destination on the web when looking for nothing but fantastic places to genuinely enjoy food across the United States. Inspired by the saying when there’s good food, there’s a good life, Restaurant Observer starts the food blog to scout the best food places across the country.

All restaurant recommendations are reviewed using essential criteria like food taste, quality ingredients, great culinary expertise, and excellent staff and customer service.

Proud to say this commitment still rings today. So, come with us, and let’s find where your next culinary adventure awaits here at Restaurant Observer!

Powered by Food Trends, Fueled by Experience

Once you click Restaurant Observer, you’ve got to taste great culinary delights and explore food hubs across major cities in the United States. Our blog provides readers with a go-to resource for almost everything about food.

Restaurant Observer emphasizes not only the food taste. But we stressed equal importance on the dining experience, premium quality, finest ingredients, and warm staff service and hospitality.

Our restaurant blog features an all-around tour of each culinary masterpiece you’ll find all over the globe. We’ve showcased hundreds of Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Mexican restaurants to let you taste different dishes without going there!

On top of everything, in each restaurant review, our blog offers an accurate price range since we want everybody to savor a worthy meal without breaking the bank. After all, isn’t it wonderful if you’ve got to have food where you can enjoy every worth of your penny? In Restaurant Observer, we have to keep that in mind too!

Finally, to keep up with the trends, we source advice in different places to give you tips to enhance your food experience in the comfort of your home. That is by letting you know the best side dishes for your everyday meal! This part includes side dishes you can try with a quick recipe and ingredients in a nutshell!

Why Trust Us?

Restaurant Observer only desires to offer readers restaurant reviews that they can trust. We are thrilled to make Restaurant Observer one of the most reliable places on the web for the best restaurant reviews. Our pool of food enthusiasts lets you find places to create beautiful memories over fantastic food in hot and significant cities in the United States.

Get to Know Our Team

The Restaurant Observer is a growing team of proactive, hardworking, and efficient individuals. We believe in making high-quality food articles with valuable recommendations and bluff-free content to help you make wise decisions.

Ryder Cook, The CEO

For years, Ryder is a manager and world-class chef in New York before going on a venture for digital marketing for a restaurant. Since 2015, he has studied everything about digital food blogging content and has become a trusted authority in the industry. He started Restaurant Observer to merge his experience working with food restaurants and comprehensive knowledge of the online web.

The Editorial

Restaurant Observer works closely with competent editorial staff to ensure we get everything right. These people operate under strict processes and go through fact-checking each piece of content before publishing them on the blog.

The editorial Team periodically checks and reviews published food restaurant articles to ensure that every piece of information you read on our blog is verified, fair, accurate, and up to date.

Eleonor Davis / Editor

After earning her Journalism degree, Eleonor Davis worked in the digital marketing industry for four years before joining the Restaurant Observer Team. Today, she works with food bloggers, ensuring every information is bluff-free and verified! When she’s not working, Eleonor is a mom, a sushi-lover, and a world traveler!

Nathan Perkins / Editor

Nathan Perkins starts working at Restaurant Observer as an intern, focusing on SEO and content marketing. After graduation, he joins the team as a full-blown editor and coordinator. He collaborates with other editors, operates, and manages each post on the blog. On weekends, he spends most of his time camping or traveling, seeking Mexican food or café restaurant.

Daniela Hall / Editor

Daniela Hall lives in Berkley, California. She’s a graduate of Fine Arts. At Restaurant Observer, she lays out each page and provides excellent graphic visuals to make our food blog appealing to everyone. Daniela spends most of her free time getting the most out of every food experience.

Meet Our Food Bloggers

A small but lovely group of highly opinionated food bloggers writes our restaurant guides. They live in major cities in the United States and eat a lot. Their joy and hobby are to go on food adventures and enjoy one of the greatest pleasures in life!

Raelyn Fuller / Writer

Raelyn Fuller has been known as a food and wine enthusiast for her entire life. She is a Food Nutritionist student who works as a journalist for their university in their school newspaper. Right after creating her excellent blog, she was recruited by Restaurant Observer, where she gives her strong opinions about restaurants! Her favorite cuisines are Japanese, Mexican, and Korean!

Frank Lambert / Writer

Frank Lambert is earning his degree in Journalism at present. He works part-time as a digital food marketer at Restaurant Observer, where he tours the best food places in the country. He’s known for his extraordinary food adventures, taking photos of hearty brunches and cafés in the United States.

Taylor McCarty / Writer

Taylor lives in Atlanta, where she spends most of her time working in the food industry as a cook, bartender, and server. Today, she writes for Restaurant Observer as Taylor’s deeply passionate about food and wants to share it with you!

Kyler Johnston / Writer

Kyler Johnston is a certified food lover but a vegan also. He works on his physical fitness, but he never forgets to enjoy food from time to time. At Restaurant Observer, he dramatically contributes to food restaurant ideas, especially places with gluten-free options.

Charlie Hammond / Writer

Charlie Hammond has worked as a food and recipe blog writer for years. At Restaurant Observer, he works on finding and writing the best side dishes you can try! When he’s not working, he loves going to the beach, trying seafood dishes, and finding good places to eat.

Samuel Cooper / Writer

Samuel Cooper is a plant-based eater but no stranger to good food. After graduation, he works as a restaurant chef focusing on gluten-free options. Today, he’s a full-time content writer at Restaurant Observer, where he strives to be constantly updated on where to find great food deals in the country.

Amora Green / Writer

Amora Green has worked as a newspaper editor for a long time. In 2017, she tried venturing into digital food marketing. Now, she works as a content writer at Restaurant Observer. She loves to try different Korean Samgyupsal and Chinese cuisine in her free time!

Tyson Perkins / Writer

Tyson Perkins resides in one of the district hubs in the country, New York. Living in a major spot, Tyson has been exposed to excellent restaurants where he enjoys good food. By profession, he’s a salesman agent. Recently, he joined the team to help readers secure a worthy restaurant reservation.

Hayden Gross / Writer

Hayden has been a digital director for years. He has five years of experience editing and writing about food, restaurant, and recipe review content. At Restaurant Observer, he’s in charge of scouting, showing up unannounced in different restaurants, and writing a thorough food guide!

About Restaurant Observer

Restaurant Observer is the ultimate go-to destination on the web when looking for nothing but fantastic places to genuinely enjoy food across the United States. Inspired by the saying when there’s good food, there’s a good life, Birch Restaurant starts the food blog to scout the best food places across the country.