22 Best Restaurants in Everett, WA [2023 Updated]

Everett is the county seat and the most populous city in Snohomish County, Washington. Located 25 miles north of Seattle, explorers and adventurers will find plenty to do.

The Boeing Factory Tour and other museums honor the lengthy history of aviation, while art and culture play an essential role in Everett and its surrounding cities.

Local farms, family-friendly sporting arenas, and world-class theaters are just a few of the many attractions in the area.

Totem Family Dining

$$ | (425) 252-3277 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Everett, WA Totem Family Dining

Since 1953, the Totem has been family-owned and operated. However, it’s been under new ownership since 2011.

Totem Family Dining has won many awards, including “Best Breakfast in Snohomish County.” It’s no wonder because their menu options are delicious. They offer everything from pancakes and waffles to egg dishes and omelets.

Try their Bacon Explosion (a log of bacon mixed with pork sausage and andouille, then layered, woven, and smoked) if you want something unique and special. Open for lunch as well.


Shawn O’Donnell’s American Grill and Irish Pub

$$ | (425) 338-5700 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Everett, WA Shawn O'Donnell's American Grill and Irish Pub

Shawn O’Donnell’s has a long and winding past, including name and location changes. It has been in its current location on 128th Street since September 2006, with multiple locations opened since then.

The owner’s name is Shawn O’Donnell, and he prides himself on good food and good service. The pub is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and happy hours.

While they serve traditional Irish pub fare (like corned beef and cabbage and Irish meatloaf), you can also order grilled salmon or prime rib.


Chop Express

$$ | (425) 212-9295 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Best Restaurants Chop Express

Chop Express is a local favorite as Everett’s best Asian fusion restaurant. They serve delicious Korean rice dishes such as beef bulgogi, chicken katsu, and Korean bibimbap.

They also offer Korean “rittos,” short for Asian fusion burritos. For example, they offer the Kraken Ritto, which includes fried fish and calamari mixed with cabbage and spicy tartar sauce, all inside a large tortilla.


Nick’s Jr Burgers & Gyros

$ | (425) 347-6037 | WEBSITE

Farmington Hills, MI Best Restaurant Nick's Jr Burgers & Gyros

Nick’s is where you can get delicious specialty burgers and delectable gyros.

They offer the spicy Bahn Mi Burger with daikon, pickled carrots, and jalapenos (and sriracha mayo), but they also provide a Peanut Butter Bacon Burger, and the patty is topped with peanut butter and bacon.

They offer everything from their Gyro of the Gods (with lamb and beef and your choice of sauce) to a Pork Gyro of the Gods. As if their burgers and gyros weren’t delicious enough, Nick’s has a variety of condiments, such as wasabi mayo and tartar sauce.


K Fresh

$$ | (425) 212-9863 | WEBSITE


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K Fresh is known as “Korean comfort food in an unfussy eatery,” but the description doesn’t do it justice. Their Korean food is fresh and delicious and includes options for dietary restrictions, like keto, gluten-free, and vegan.

In addition, K Fresh is a rice bar, which means that you can build your rice bowl (with white or brown rice as a base layer). Protein options include beef, chicken, jackfruit, or vegan beef.

The toppings include various vegetables and fruit like spinach, pineapple, and kimchi. Lastly, you can pick a sauce from either tamari, spicy, sweet, or mild.


Philly Ya Belly

$$ | (425) 710-0130 | WEBSITE


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Philly Ya Belly has been serving the “Northwest’s favorite cheesesteaks” since 2003. While most of their menu is cheesesteaks, they offer other hot sandwiches such as a Reuben, hot pastrami, and smoked sausage.

Their cheesesteak offerings include the Original, The Pepper Onion, The Mushroom Pepper Onion, and The Chicago Style. While the sandwiches are delicious, you can add extras such as sauerkraut, tartar, spicy mayo, or cheese whiz.



$ | (425) 252-6162 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Everett, WA Mikie's

Mikie’s has been a family-owned and operated restaurant serving Everett since 1966. Mikie’s offers hot dogs, chicken strips, fish and chips, and the best burgers in town.

You can also find the best rootbeer floats and cold milkshakes to accompany your meal. They cherish and appreciate every one of their customers, so they delight in serving the freshest, most delicious meals money can buy.


Kai Sushi Fusion Roll & Sake

$$ | (425) 374-7949 | WEBSITE

Everett, WA Restaurants Kai Sushi Fusion Roll & Sake

Kai Sushi Fusion Roll & Sake is the place to go for specialty rolls in Everett. Their sushi menu is extensive, with over thirty specialty rolls, including their Salmon Lemon roll, Heart Attack roll, and Cowboy Steak roll.

They also offer standard sushi rolls like a California roll, tuna roll, and eel roll. In addition, they offer Nigiri Sushi and Sashimi options. Lastly, if you’re not a sushi lover, they provide noodle entrees, an array of delicious appetizers, and salads.



$$ | (425) 265-1200 | WEBSITE

Everett, WA Restaurant Curries

Curries is a local restaurant serving Indian food. Menu favorites include Samosas, Tikki Masala, and Chicken Biryani. They have a fairly extensive menu with options ranging from soups and salads to various curries and items from their tandoor.

So if you are craving curry, this is your place. They offer lamb and goat curries, such as Lamb Vindaloo and Goat Bhuna. They’ve also got various naans, paranthas, and roti.


The Bayside Cafe

$ | (425) 322-3924 | WEBSITE


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The Bayside Cafe is a vegan restaurant that is popular among locals. Where else can you get a BBQ Pulled Porkless Sandwich (made with seitan instead of pork) or a Bacun Burger (with a Beyond Burger patty and vegan bacon)?

In addition, you can order appetizers such as Buffalo Wingz (made with meatless wings) and Nachitos (made with vegan meat crumbles).


capers + olives

$$$ | (425) 322-5280 | WEBSITE

Everett, WA Restaurant Curries capers + olives

Capers & Olives is a seasonal restaurant specializing in fresh fish, veggies, and handcrafted pasta. The menu frequently changes, but you can always count on delectable and new menu options.

For example, you might find Rock Fish with green garlic salsa verde or duck with fig jam. Pasta dishes may include Rigatoni with marscapone or Bucatini with a cured egg.


Anthony’s HomePort Everett

$$ | (425) 252-3333 | WEBSITE


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Anthony’s HomePort Everett is located right off I-5 and overlooks the Pacific Northwest’s largest saltwater marina. The restaurant, situated on Port Gardner Bay, offers breathtaking views of the Olympic Mountains and nearby islands.

They are dedicated to bringing the most extraordinary Pacific seafood and shellfish from the Northwest, Alaska, and Hawaii to their restaurants.


Emory’s on Silver Lake

$$ | (425) 337-7772 | WEBSITE


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Emory and Molly Cole opened Emory’s on Silver Lake in a new structure on the edge of Silver Lake in October of 1994. After an arson left that location destroyed in 2009, the new location of Emory’s opened up on 19th Ave SE in 2010.

Emory’s has a well-rounded menu, from pub fare to delectable entrees like Alaska Long Line Cod Parmesean and Chicken Penne Saltimbocca. Start with their delicious clam chowder or a spinach salad.


Café uu

$$ | (425) 789-1897 | WEBSITE


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In Korean, uu signifies slow, leisurely, tranquil, and unhurried. Whether it’s lunch, dinner, or weekend brunch, uu is a location where you can get together with your coworkers, friends, and family over healthy, hearty food that’s a mix of East and West.

While the menu isn’t extensive at uu, each menu item’s attention is apparent. For example, they offer sweet potato noodles served with shiitake mushrooms, carrots, spinach, and red chard.

Other menu items include thinly sliced spicy beef served with green leaf lettuce, onions, and kale pesto.


The Flying Pig

$$ | (425) 350-5925 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Everett, WA The Flying Pig

The Flying Pig, one of Downtown Everett’s originals, is back. They offer outstanding cocktails matched with a thoughtful menu in a 100-year-old industrial-brick structure rich with history.

The menu is short yet perfect, with options ranging from flatbreads and sandwiches to burgers and salads. Try their Mango Bango Pulled Pork Sandwich if you’re craving something sweet and spicy.


Rocko’s Fireside Bar & Grill

$ | (425) 374-8039 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in Everett, WA Rocko's Fireside Bar & Grill

Rocko’s is the place if you want a relaxed spot to enjoy some traditional pub fare. While you can get standard fare like wings, nachos, burgers, and fries, Rocko’s also offers delicious beer and cocktails.


Chianti Italian Restaurant

$$ | (425) 595-5147 | WEBSITE


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Chianti Italian restaurant is a family-owned and operated Italian restaurant in Everett. They have over a decade of expertise in preparing modern and Northern Italian delicacies.

They are pleased to share their culinary vision with you and all of their visitors. They get fresh ingredients from local farmers’ markets to ensure you’re eating the best of the season, no matter what time of year it is.


The Sisters Restaurant

$ | (425) 252-0480 | WEBSITE

Everett, WA Top Restaurants The Sisters Restaurant

Located in the Everett Public Market, The Sisters Restaurant is a local staple. In 1983, the Sisters Restaurant opened its doors, offering daily specialties, intriguing art collections, and delectable desserts & pies.

Try their salmon burger, beet salad, hot turkey and cranberry sandwich, or chickpea salad sandwich. If you need a pick-me-up after eating, try one of their specialty coffees, like their Caffe con pana.


El Paraiso Mexican Grill Everett

$$ | (425) 252-6026 | WEBSITE

Trendy Restaurants in Everett, WA El Paraiso Mexican Grill Everett

El Paraiso provides a warm, welcoming environment with courteous service to make you feel at ease. Whether you want a quiet dinner or something on the move, they have something for everyone!

The restaurant has a five-page menu of quesadillas, fajitas, sopas, ensalatas, burritos, and seafood dishes. They are known for their outstanding food and service.


Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (425) 404-3084 | WEBSITE

Everett, WA Top Restaurant Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant

Mazatlan appears to be a step up from your typical family Mexican restaurant, with darker colors and a more upscale setting. The sophisticated ambiance sets it apart from the other Mexican eateries in the region.

The menu is extensive with all Mexican specialties, from slow-cooked pork and beef (a Fuego lento) to grilled meats (a la parrilla) and everything in between. You can order a seafood chimichanga, crab enchiladas, pork fajitas, or a deluxe chalupa.


Ivar’s Seafood Bar

$$$ | (425) 252-9292 | WEBSITE


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Ivar’s began in 1938 when Ivar Haglund sold fish ‘n chips on Seattle’s waterfront.

Ivar’s Acres of Clams, Ivar’s Salmon House, and Ivar’s Mukilteo Landing are among the 18 fast-casual seafood bars and three full-service waterfront-view restaurants that make up Ivar’s eating experience.

T-Mobile Park, Lumen Field, Cheney Stadium, and Husky Stadium all include Ivar’s concession stands. You’ll find the award-winning Ivar’s seafood you love in any restaurant.


Terracotta Red

$$ | (425) 322-5132 | WEBSITE

Terracotta Red

Terracotta Red focuses on sourcing fresh ingredients from local farmers to create traditional Asian cuisine. They pride themselves on crafting unique dishes that incorporate numerous layers of cooking techniques and flavors.

Their cuisine is considered Pan Asian, with dishes from throughout Southeast Asia. They also offer a monthly fresh sheet to take advantage of the freshest seasonal foods and their chef’s innovation.

Their dishes are made with non-GMO chicken and grass-fed beef, and the majority of their sauces are handcrafted in small amounts to ensure freshness and excellence.



Everett, Washington, might be a small suburb of Seattle, but its restaurant scene is as diverse as many large cities. Hopefully, you will get to try one of the many cuisines in the area, especially one of the 22 best restaurants in Everett, WA!

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