14 Best Restaurants in Deer Park, WA [2023 Updated]

Deer Park is a small city in Spokane County, Washington, that offers residents many community events, access to public transportation, and plenty of unique places to eat within the town and throughout the area.

Below are some of the best restaurants in Deer Park, WA, and a few just outside the city that are worth a visit and might just be added to your go-to restaurant list. As you will discover, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the many local restaurants in Deer Park.

First Street Grill

$$ | (509) 276-2320 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Deer Park, WA First Street Grill

First Street Grill is a casual dining experience with a menu full of delicious, high-quality options that give all the downtown restaurants nearby some competition. This restaurant is a go-to restaurant offering delightful cuisine options, including simple appetizers to complete prime rib dinners.

The sauces are made from scratch, and the chefs know how to season everything perfectly. Then add their friendly, knowledgeable staff to the mix, and this restaurant is a winner and a must-experience when in Deer Park.

If you have not had a chance to enjoy a meal at First Street Grill, there is no better time than now, and once you visit this restaurant, it is undoubtedly to be added to your go-to list of restaurants.


KC’s Take N Bake Pizza

$$ | (509) 276-2661 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Deer Park, WA KC's Take N Bake Pizza

KC’s Take N Bake is a small business in Deer Park offering a complete menu of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. The staff is absolutely amazing, and you will often be served by the owner, Kim, or her right-hand woman, Pattie.

When getting food at this restaurant, you can order it the way you need it, and it will be exactly how you requested it. The pizzas are excellent, with a crisp crust and lots of sauce and cheese.

Regardless of the pizza you order, you will surely enjoy every last bite. KC’s Take N Bake Pizza is the perfect place to grab something to eat when you are too busy to cook dinner yourself.


Zip’s Family Drive-In

$ | (509) 276-5077 | WEBSITE

Deer Park, WA Best Restaurants Zip's Family Drive-In

Zip’s Family Drive In is precisely what you would expect when looking for a diner experience in a fun, friendly environment. The food is fantastic, the burgers are juicy, and all meals have more fries than expected.

Zip’s Family Drive In also serves breakfast, and pancakes, eggs, and bacon are a must, with reasonable prices and huge portions.

It is no wonder why this restaurant is one of the best dining establishments in the Deer Park area, and if you have not yet had the chance to dine here, definitely make plans to do so in the near future.


Pizza Factory

$$ | (509) 276-3000 | WEBSITE


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The Pizza Factory in Deer Park is the place to go for lots and lots of pizza. The pizza buffet offers all-you-can-eat access to the restaurant’s delicious pizza, salad bar, breadstix, and cinnamon stix.

In addition to the excellent pizza, the restaurant has a friendly staff and a clean environment. You won’t be disappointed when dining at Pizza Factory, and make sure you enjoy some Grilled Chicken Pizza.

Not in the mood for the pizza buffet? No problem. The Pizza Factory also offers sub sandwiches and pasta dishes that are just as amazing as the fresh pizza on the buffet.



Master BrewHouse

$$ | (509) 635-3508 | WEBSITE


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Master BrewHouse offers patrons a great dining atmosphere with a one-of-a-kind casual dining and bar experience unlike any other in the area.

The beer and wine bar is the perfect place to hang out, enjoy time with friends, and enjoy the restaurant’s amenities, such as a shelf full of board games and darts. Master BrewHouse is a very hip place to eat in Deer Park and also offers vegetarians an assortment of options, including a garden burger.

Don’t forget to ask for their unique brews, which will have you returning to Master BrewHouse time and time again for excellent beverages, fantastic food, and engaging company.


Divot’s Grill Sports Bar

$$ | (509) 276-1882 | WEBSITE

Deer Park, WA Best Restaurant Divot's Grill Sports Bar

Located in Deer Park Golf Club, Divot’s Grill Sports Bar offers a relaxing environment to enjoy a sandwich, making the perfect light meal to enjoy before or after golfing. The restaurant also serves locals looking for a unique place to eat and gather with friends.

The menu includes a selection of breakfast foods, afternoon eats, and a fun kids’ menu. Divot’s Grill Sports Bay may feel like it is out of the way because it is located at a golf club, but it is worth the experience to enjoy fresh food and a fantastic time with friends and family.


Wing Street

$ | (509) 276-6620 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Deer Park, WA Wing Street

Part of Pizza Hut’s chain of restaurants, Wing Street offers various wing selections, including boneless chicken wings that are perfect for taking home and enjoying with friends and family.

This location also provides a selection of Pizza Hut’s famous pizzas and pasta selections, including Tuscani Chicken Alfredo Pasta. When looking for quality takeout, Wing Street in Deer Park is the place to go for hot food, great options, and amazing wings.

Do not let the fact that Wing Street is part of a national chain dissuade you from enjoying fresh wings and fantastic food that can quickly be taken home or enjoyed in a family-friendly restaurant.


Yoke’s Fresh Market – Deer Park

$$ | (509) 276-7775 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Deer Park, WA Yoke's Fresh Market - Deer Park

Peet’s Coffee & Tea offers more than just coffees and teas for those looking for a quick bite to grab and take on the go. Food items available include various mouthwatering artisanal food options, such as turkey bacon and egg white sandwich and bacon, spinach, and Swiss frittata.

Make sure to have a beverage from Peet’s Coffee & Tea with a scoop of the new brown sugar jelly for an excellent sweet addition to your drink.

Sure Peet’s Coffee & Tea offers some of the best beverages in town, but if you have not yet tried their unique food items, you are missing out. So during your next visit, for a coffee or an iced tea, grab a sandwich and discover how excellent the food there can be.


Salty Dog

$$ | (509) 276-1990 | WEBSITE

Deer Park, WA Restaurants Salty Dog

The Salty Dog in Deer Park has a fantastic atmosphere and a mouthwatering menu, featuring amazing appetizers, soups, salads, fish-n-chips, rib eye, and more.

The fried clams are cooked to perfection, larger than expected, and complemented by a tartar sauce with a blend of tart and creamy perfection. The owners and staff at the Salty Dog take pride in their work, serving menu items using the freshest ingredients available.

So if you are looking for a place to eat with the family, the Salty Dog in Deer Park is the place to visit.


Rancho Alegre

$$ | (509) 276-2357 | WEBSITE

Deer Park, WA Restaurant Rancho Alegre

Rancho Alegre is the place to go for authentic Mexican cuisine with large portions and unique combo plates. The food is delicious and always comes out hot and fresh. Some popular menu items include the Chile Relleno, the Enchiladas, and Relleno Combo, and the beans and rice are always good.

The food is always served as you like it, even if you have special requests. The service is also very friendly, with many servers laughing and joking with the guests. If you have not yet enjoyed the Mexican cuisine at Rancho Alegre in Deer Park, it is time to make plans to try it.


Picket Fence

$ | (509) 276-7366 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Deer Park, WA Picket Fence

Picket Fence is a small town coffee house serving up some of the most innovative espresso and coffee drink creations in Deer Park. The place’s vibe is magical and relaxing, almost like something out of a movie. Plus, the baristas are amazing, always offering quality service with a smile.

The menu has various pastries and sandwiches, which are fresh and make it worth returning time and time to try a different sandwich. Picket Fence is the perfect place to go for a quiet gathering with friends or grab a coffee and read a book.



$ | (509) 276-7908 | WEBSITE


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Subway is often thought of as the place to go for fresh sub sandwiches anywhere in the world. The Deer Park restaurant offers the same freshness you would expect when ordering from Subway, accompanied by excellent and friendly service.

Guests are greeted with a smile, and all subs are made to order without complications or hassle. So if you are looking for a quick bite to eat without the hassle of some other restaurants, check out the Subway in Deer Park.


Taco Bell

$ | (509) 276-6247 | WEBSITE


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When searching for fast food to enjoy in the Deer Park area, a visit to Taco Bell might be what you are looking for. This location of the famous Mexican food chain in America offers fantastic service; the food is prepared fresh and always hot.

Though not what you would think of when looking for the best restaurants in Deer Park, Taco Bell offers quick grab-and-go menu items perfect for those who are busy and want to return to their daily routine or explore the area.


Domino’s Pizza

$ | (509) 651-2000 | WEBSITE

Deer Park, WA Top Restaurants Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is one of the final national chains to make it to the list of the best restaurants in Deer Park. This restaurant chain offers some of the best fast food pizza available in the area, including everything from breadsticks to wings and sub sandwiches to the pizza the company is known for making.

The Deer Park location offers friendly service while providing some of the freshest and hottest pizza in town. Do not let the fact that this restaurant is another national chain.

The friendly service and fresh pizza makes this one of the best places to grab a bite to eat when on the go and looking for amazing pizza to enjoy at home with friends and family.


In Summary

Deer Park, WA, is home to many excellent restaurants, offering unique dining experiences and family-friendly environments. / All of which are unique and offer fabulous dining opportunities in the area. When you have a chance, make plans to go eat at one of the best restaurants in Deer Park.

Restaurants in Deer Park, WA

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