20 Best Restaurants in Bellingham, WA [2023 Updated]

Bellingham, Washington is a fantastic spot to live and visit, with its sweeping scenery and abundant nature. Because of its location in the pacific northwest, Bellingham has access to amazingly fresh seafood.

Restaurants in Bellingham take advantage of this and provide diners with the freshest seafood menu options along with other locally sourced ingredients. The top twenty restaurants in Bellingham are:


$$ | (360) 656-5343 | WEBSITE

Camber in Bellingham, WA

Don’t be fooled by Camber’s initial appearance as a coffee shop. While they are experts at making the best espressos, you should stay for a meal.

The menu includes everything from a savory Dutch baby with marinated mushrooms, rosemary crema, and a poached egg, to their Rosemary Lamb Burger with Jack-Swiss cheese, red onion, and apple. Open for breakfast, lunch, and brunch only.


Rock & Rye Oyster House

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Rock & Rye Oyster House is located in the historic Bellingham Herald Building in downtown Bellingham. Rock & Rye offers fresh dishes and sustainable local seafood. As their name would imply, they serve different types of oysters in the raw as well as various cooked oysters.

They offer small plates such as Broiled Black Cod and dinner items such as Duck Cassoulet. In addition to their amazing menu options, Rock & Rye offers an incredible cocktail menu.


Hokkai Ramen and Sushi

$$ | (360) 733-3121 | WEBSITE


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Hokkai Ramen and Sushi is located in Cordata Center in Bellingham. It is a family-owned Japanese restaurant and offers both lunch and dinner options, as well as sushi and sashimi.

Their ramen offerings span from a simple Vegetable Ramen to a more elaborate Hot Fuji Mountain Ramen with bbq pork, egg, bamboo shoots, nori, chili oil, and jalapenos.



$$ | (360) 599-2863 | WEBSITE


Milano’s, now located in historic Fairhaven, offers Italian-style seafood and fresh pasta. Their offerings range from Puttanesca with tomatoes, capers, olives, arugula, rosemary, and linguine, to Chicken Gorgonzola with fettuccine in a creamy white wine sauce.

Everything at Milano’s is fresh- even their Ceasar salad dressing is made to order.


JUXT Taphouse

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Don’t be fooled by the name of this establishment. Although JUXT Taphouse offers delectable pints of varying types, their menu is just as impressive.

JUXT offers appetizers such as Curry Bacon Fries and Falafel as well as entrees like Butternut Squash Tacos and Pan Seared Rockfish. They also offer a homemade Creme Brulee for dessert. Be aware that patrons must be 21+.


Lighthouse Bar & Grill

$$ | (360) 392-3200 | WEBSITE


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Located in the Hotel Bellweather, Lighthouse Bar & Grill offers waterfront dining. They are open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as brunch on the weekends, so their menu offerings are diverse.

As one of Bellingham’s most popular waterfront seafood and steak restaurants, their dinner options include Pan Roasted Black Cod (from Strait of Juan de Fuca) and Double R Ranch 16 oz. Ribeye. Breakfast and lunch items include everything from Alaskan Rock Crab Omelet to their Steakhouse Burger.


The Fork At Agate Bay

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The Fork At Agate Bay is a sister restaurant to The Fork At Skagit Bay. The majority of their purveyors are local to the Pacific Northwest, so you can guarantee that your dishes will be ridiculously fresh. With three menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you are sure to find something to love.

Pork Belly Benedict and Cajun White Shrimp with Grits top their breakfast menu. Lunch and dinner options include Ribeye Steak and Tasso Ham Pizza as well as Whole Dungeness Crab.


The Little Oasis Kabob House

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Don’t judge this book by its cover. It is small, and tucked away off of Cordata Parkway, but has some of the best authentic Afghani dishes. Options include meat plates or wraps served with Tzatziki sauce and specialty fries with sauce and chutney. The menu may be small, but you won’t leave hungry.


Fujisan Sushi

$$ | (360) 392-8430 | WEBSITE


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Fujisan Sushi has a wide variety of sushi and sashimi for all sushi lovers. They offer fourteen different signature rolls ranging from their Tuna Lover Roll to Crunchy Spider Roll. They also offer Uramaki rolls with rice and sesame on the outside and nori in the center.

Other offerings are Gunkan, Sashimi, Nigiri, and Hosomaki rolls. And if you’re not into sushi, their ramen offerings are spectacular as well.


Colophon Cafe

$$ | (360) 647-0092 | WEBSITE


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There’s something for everyone at this restaurant. They offer brunch, lunch, and dinner menus. Lunch and dinner options include items such as an African Peanut soup and an Alaskan Salmon Burger.

Brunch items include everything from a traditional Moroccan stew called Shakshuka to delightful breakfast sandwiches on bagels or croissants.


Bayou On Bay

$$ | (360) 752-2968 | WEBSITE


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In the heart of downtown Bellingham, Bayou On Bay is a 2-story Cajun restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. The dinner menu is available Tuesday through Sunday with a delicious brunch menu on the weekends. Closed on Mondays. No reservations accepted, first come first served.


The Loft Restaurant

$$ | (360) 306-5668 | WEBSITE

The Loft Restaurant

The Loft Restaurant is located in the Bellingham marina with a large deck overlooking the boats. Dinnertime allows for stunning sunsets and fantastic views. The menu has an assortment of everything from burgers, tacos, and steaks.

If you love seafood, the Cioppino is a must! Locally owned and operated. Reservations through Open Table.


La Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza

$$ | (360) 647-0060 | WEBSITE


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La Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza is the place to go if you want to watch an amazing sunset over the San Juan Islands and eat some of the best pizza in Bellingham. Kids and adults alike love to watch the progression of the pizza through the open kitchen.

The menu has everything from pepperoni pizza to wild smoked salmon pizza! Orders are available for pick-up and delivery as well as dine-in.


Brandywine Kitchen

$$ | (360) 734-1071 | WEBSITE


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Brandywine Kitchen has a casual, family-friendly atmosphere. It has all of your favorite sandwiches & burgers but with a twist. For something different, try their Cubano Burger with an all-natural beef patty, Hempler’s ham, Swiss cheese, kosher pickles, aioli, and stone-ground mustard.



$$ | (360) 306-3587 | WEBSITE


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Carnal is a new wood-fired restaurant in Bellingham, Washington. Carnal specializes in slow-cooked meat and the seasonal produce and aquaculture of the Pacific Northwest.

Their menu, although small, has a variety of items to tempt your palate. Try their fried chicken wings with charred habanero and scallion chicken fat or their roasted hanger steak. Open for dinner only.


Pel’meni Restaurant

$ | (360) 715-8324 | WEBSITE


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Pel’meni is a rare gem in Bellingham as the only Russian restaurant on State Street. They are a self-described “Hole in the wall restaurant” that serves Russian dumplings. Their dumplings are just meat and potato mix, but the reviews are amazing. They are also open until 11 pm for those late-night cravings.


Culture Cafe

$$ | (360) 922-3374 | WEBSITE


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Culture Cafe is an Award-winning Hawaiian & Southeast Asian-inspired restaurant located in the historic Herald Building. Appetizers include Korean fried chicken and tempura octopus, among other delights.

Their entrees include noodles, salads, bowls, and burgers with an Asian twist. Try one of their eight side sauces like Garlic Ponzu or Smoky Honey Mustard.


The Black Cat

$$ | (360) 733-6136 | WEBSITE


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The Black Cat is located on the 3rd Floor of the Sycamore Building. The restaurant offers sweeping views of Bellingham Bay and the Fairhaven District. Enjoy bistro-style food in a great atmosphere, accented by exposed brick, original hardwood floors, and oversized windows showcasing views of the bay.

The restaurant offers lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. They also offer happy hour and late-night options. Offerings include Dungeness Crab Mac and Cheese, Steamed Manila Clams, and Wild Sockeye Salmon.


D’Anna’s Cafe Italiano

$$ | (360) 714-0188 | WEBSITE

D'Anna's Cafe Italiano

D’Anna’s Cafe Italiano has an owner who is half-Sicilian and most recipes come from her father and aunt. The restaurant is mostly known for its handmade pasta and ravioli. They also make almost everything from scratch, including their meatballs, sausage, bread, and desserts.


Storia Cucina

$$ | (360) 734-1929 | WEBSITE


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Storia Cucina is a restaurant serving antipasti, pasta, pizza & other Italian classics. The bar specializes in classic Italian cocktails. Menu items include Carbonara Pasta, Wild Mushroom Pizza, and Squid Ink Spaghetti.

With all of the amazing options in Bellingham, we hope you get to try at least one of the top twenty restaurants.


Restaurants in Bellingham, WA

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