15 Best Restaurants in Renton, WA

The southeastern Washington city of Renton is a lot more than just the training home for the Seattle Seahawks. This ever-growing holdover from yesteryear has some of the best dining establishments in the state.

The historic downtown area reflects the city’s culinary diversity by way of its many shops and storefronts. In Renton, you can truly eat, drink, and be merry at one of the fine breweries, steak houses, or food trucks.

So, whether your taste is Mexican, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, or most anything else, you are sure to find several of the best restaurants in Renton. Not only are these restaurants unique, but they also have high customer ratings on Yelp.

1. Big Island Poke

$ | 425-291-7094 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Renton, WA

This poke bar offers Hawaiian-inspired fare that is super fresh and filling. Owner and Hawaii native, Jaydean Gabriel, puts his own special spin on island favorites like marinated octopus and kimchi.

Try other reasonably priced dishes like the spicy poke bowls made with white or brown rice, the California roll, or seaweed salad. Wash your dish down with a delicious lilikoi lemonade. Diners will love the extra large side dishes and perfectly blended sauces.

The place is very friendly and the food is served fast and with a smile. Big Island Poke is definitely easy on the pocketbook, but well worth it if you paid a bit more.



2. Royal Orchid

$$ | (425) 271-4219 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Renton, WA

Situated near the Renton Municipal Airport, this restaurant serves authentic Thai dishes that are fresh and flavorful. Veteran Chef Daeng and her kitchen whip up wonderful favorites like papaya salads, cashew chicken, and Thai ginger.

Diners will love the beautiful decor and lively atmosphere. Customers give this restaurant a high rating due to the freshness and generous portions. The food is moderately priced and the staff is friendly and prompt.



3. Smoking Monkey Pizza

$$ | 425-291-7560 | WEBSITE

Renton, WA Best Restaurants

Diners will get a kick out of this sci-fi-themed restaurant. Enjoy your fill of delicious pizza topped with provolone, pineapple, almonds, and more with a spicy red sauce. You can also get delicious chicken wings, breadsticks, salads, and do-it-yourself pizzas.

The crunchy cauliflower is to die for. They also have a great assortment of beers. The Star Trek gallery is loaded with memorabilia from all of the shows and movies. In this place, you are truly eating among the stars.



4. Naan “N” Curry

$$ | 425-271-6726 | WEBSITE

Renton, WA Best Restaurant

If you love Indian and Pakastani fare, you won’t be disappointed at Naan ‘N’ Curry. They serve up some of the spiciest, mouth-watering dishes in the area. Get your taste buds ready for the sweet and sour Mughlai korma, braised lamb, and buttered chicken served over saffron.

All of their spices are ground in-house daily. Once you get a taste of these delightful dishes, you will definitely return. Prices will not break your pocketbook. They also have a pretty high customer rating.



5. Blossom Vegetarian Restaurant

$$ | 425-430-1610 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Renton, WA

This Vietnamese restaurant with a vegetarian twist is a welcome alternative for those who presently enjoy a meatless diet. At Blossom Vegetarian Restaurant, chefs recreate delicious menu items like chicken curry and sesame beef with soy.

They have a number of healthy traditional gluten-free and vegan options, including desserts. Diners can dine in or have their food delivered. The restaurant also has a private dining area where you can celebrate parties and weddings.



6. Whistle Stop Ale House

$$ | (425) 277-3039 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Renton, WA

This 20-plus-year establishment not only serves up a rotation of beers, but you can also get burgers and breakfast throughout the day. Try out the Renton depot sandwich, the mile-high monte Cristo or the chicken marsala.

At Whistlestop, you can dine in or take out. They have an outdoor patio where you can dine and sip on cocktails. Locals say they love coming to this restaurant because of the ambiance, friendly staff, and great food choices.



7. The Melrose Grill

$$$ | 425-234-0759 | WEBSITE


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The Melrose Grill is situated in a 120-year-old building in the downtown area. Diners are treated to chicken, steaks, seafood, and a lot more. So you can enjoy a New York steak, a ribeye, sirloin, or even lobster with a healthy side.

They also have salads and decadent desserts like New York cheesecake and lemon tart. Check out the good assortment of beer and wine. The Melrose Grill is a fancy restaurant without a fancy feel. Dine in or pick up.



8. Boone Boona Coffee

$$ | (425) 496-8618 | WEBSITE


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This African-owned coffee roaster offers a full range of coffee and espresso drinks. When you go inside, you will find a diverse and lively crowd of customers. You can purchase beans by the pound if you choose.

The beans are grown by African farmers throughout the continent. The proceeds mostly help the country’s women growers. Customers are also able to get beans and coffee on a monthly basis by purchasing a subscription.



9. Four Generals Brewing

$ | (425) 282-4360 | WEBSITE


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Established in 2015, this is the city’s first brewery. Four Generals specialize in German lagers. They also have dark lagers, sours, and ciders. Even though the brewery is small, it’s always packed, so you had better get there early.

There is plenty of entertainment in and out of the brewery. You can sit, sip, and listen to music or just have a great conversation. When it gets cold, outside heaters will keep you nice and toasty.



10. Sago Kitchen

$$ | (425) 277-6909 | WEBSITE

Renton, WA Restaurants

This is another popular Vietnamese restaurant that offers traditional favorites like oxtails, grilled catfish, and pan-fried flour cake. The kitchen is run by master chef “Chef T” who puts his own personal twist on dishes.

Although the restaurant was established less than 2 years ago, it is getting a lot of positive buzz. The menu prices can run from cheap to pretty expensive depending on what you order. They also have a secret party menu.



11. Peyrassol Cafe at Southport

$$ | (425) 282-5472 | WEBSITE

Renton, WA Restaurant

This European-inspired restaurant is situated right on the waterfront. Get your taste buds ready for classics like beef bourguignon, seafood crepe Thermidor, and the Dutch baby.

Try out the signature cocktails like the lakeside Manhattan, paper plane, or the negroni. Not only is the food reported to be good, but the serving staff is friendly and prompt. Customers can dine inside but there is limited space. You can take advantage of lunch, brunch, and dinner takeout.



12. Salty Blue

$$ | (425) 264-5592 | WEBSITE


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The Salty Blue boasts some of the best fried fish in the area. They also have burgers, fries, chips, and more. Treat yourself to other menu items like dos fish tacos, dos shrimp tacos, and chicken schnitzel burgers.

You can also order “baskets” with an ample amount of food that feeds 6 to 12 people. The atmosphere is pretty casual and diners can dine inside or on the outdoor patio. Beer and wine are available on a rotating basis.



13. Jimmy Mac’s Roadhouse

$$ | (425) 227-6881 | WEBSITE


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This Texas-styled roadhouse has locations in Renton and Federal Way. It was recently voted one of the best barbecue joints in the area. Diners can get their fill of BBQ ribs, burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

Peanuts are all you can eat. Favorites include the prime rib sandwich, BLT sandwich, and turkey ciabatta sandwich. The place is pretty lively with a lot of memorabilia on display. The staff is friendly and fast. They also have takeout.



14. The Brick Kitchen and Lounge

$$ | (425) 264-5220 | WEBSITE


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This Asian bar focuses on Thai and Korean favorites with an American twist. Situated right on Sunset Boulevard, this hot spot offers several dishes like the basil Quesadilla, fried calamari, and honey scirracha.

There are several burgers to choose from, house salads, and even signature cocktails like Jean Grey, From Dusk to Dawn, and Noah’s Ark. So if Asian fusion is your thing, drop by the Brick Kitchen and Lounge for a special treat.



15. Cafe Sabah

$$ | (425) 572-6081 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Renton, WA

Cafe Sabeh is a Mediterranean-themed restaurant that serves authentic breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices. Try out the Baba ganosh, the chicken gyro plate or the beef doner plate. There are a number of vegetarian options to choose from.

The meats and seafood are fresh and sourced from the finest establishments. The restaurant can accommodate large groups and they also have a catering service. They offer both delivery and take out.



Final Thoughts

If you live in the Renton, WA area, you will find a number of wonderful and diverse dining establishments. Despite some recent challenges like COVID, the culinary industry continues to grow with very impressive food trucks, restaurants, breweries, and more.

Check out one or more of the restaurants on the list and enjoy what the best restaurants in Renton have to offer.

Best Restaurants in Renton

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