14 Best Mexican Restaurants in Bloomington, IL [2023 Updated]

When you’re craving Mexican food, the authentic kind, there aren’t many places that can hit the spot. There’s something about it. Once you’ve tasted this culinary delight, you’ll forever long for its unique flavor to hit your taste buds.

If you know this feeling all too well, you know it’s hard to destroy. But, who can take a trip to Mexico on a whim? Not many of us are that lucky. Thankfully, when you live in Bloomington, you don’t have to resort to this extreme move. Instead, check out our list of the 14 best Mexican restaurants in Bloomington:

Tony’s Tacos

$ | (309) 485 5404 | WEBSITE

Tony’s Tacos Best Mexican Restaurants in Bloomington, IL

Tony’s Tacos is Bloomington’s answer to the best tacos in town. This family-owned restaurant offers affordable and authentic Mexican food in a relaxed atmosphere. They also serve classic American dishes.

The staff is great, and their guacamole and chips are banging. They have the best corn tortillas in the city. The quesadillas are good too. They serve food quickly and it is hot and nice.

They get busy at lunchtime when the college students are in town. So, during this time, your order is going to take a little longer. On the bright side, it’s because they make your food to order.


Fiesta Ranchera Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (309) 820-7320 | WEBSITE

Fiesta Ranchera Mexican Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Bloomington, IL

If you’re in the mood for an authentic Mexican culinary experience, the service and food won’t disappoint. Fiesta Ranchera has several greats on the menu. This includes their huge burritos and tasty salsa. It’s a lot of tasty food for the price.

The restaurant is clean and nice. They have sumptuous meals at great prices. Service is fast and friendly, even when they have a full house. It’s worth a look.


La Bamba Mexican Restaurant

$ | (309) 452-2243 | WEBSITE

La Bamba Mexican Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Bloomington, IL

The best way to experience food is just to immerse yourself in it. You can get your hands messy here. This favorite serves delicious food, fresh and fast.

It’s an excellent value. Great Mexican food for budget prices. On that note, don’t expect their decor to wow you. It isn’t that impressive. But when the food is good, who cares about decor?

This Mexican restaurant stands out from the rest for two simple reasons. It’s because of their flavorful food and La Bamba’s uniqueness. They even have sushi.


Poblano Burritos

$ | (309) 585-1956 | WEBSITE

Poblano Burritos Best Mexican Restaurants in Bloomington, IL

You can find this little hotspot where the old La Bamba restaurant used to be. But, it has made a name for itself.

There are no frills but they offer quick service in a clean environment. This hidden gem isn’t gourmet, but the food is excellent. They serve exceptional Mexican food. The burritos are so big it is hard to finish one by yourself.



$$ | (309) 451-9237 | WEBSITE


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What it lacks in ambiance, Mexa-Maya makes up for it with great tasting food. When you come here, you can expect to delight in authentic Mexican food with unique flavors. Plus, it’s fresh and delicious. You will lick your fingers when you’re done.

They serve both Mexican and Guatemalan food, as if you need another reason to fall in love with this place. They fill the menu with many options to choose from, even vegetarian choices.


Los Potrillos

$$ | (309) 862-0824 | WEBSITE


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This family restaurant has one goal in mind. They aim to provide their clients with the best Mexican food and service in Bloomington.

The food is delicious, and their servings are of a good size. The dining area is a little dated, and it’s crowded at peak times, but the tastiness of the food makes it all worth the wait.

The service is fast and friendly. You can tell their employees are happy. Overall, it’s a great place to head to when you’re looking for something different.



$ | (309) 663-9500 | WEBSITE

Veracruz Best Mexican Restaurants in Bloomington, IL

Even though it’s quite busy here, the service is fast, and the food is great. You don’t come to Veracruz for the ambiance; you come here for the food. The fresh salsa and the wonderful corn tacos.

It’s an authentic Mexican kitchen with traditional cuisine. They even have beef tripe and beef tongue on their super tasty menu. Mix that with their down-to-earth vibe and you’ll head back to Veracruz.



$$ | (309) 662-3961 | WEBSITE

Herradura Best Mexican Restaurants in Bloomington, IL

Herradura has a reputation for large portions and good prices. It’s tucked away in the strip mall, but it is worth looking for.

The food is good. But what will keep you coming back is the service. The servers are attentive, friendly, and fun. Their attitudes make it a nice place to visit every week.


Taqueria El Portón

$ | (309) 820-1625 | WEBSITE

Taqueria El Portón Best Mexican Restaurants in Bloomington, IL

Taqueria El Porton serves authentic Mexican food. It is akin to traveling to a small Mexican village for a meal.

The food is always good and fresh. So, if you’re in the mood for a truly gastronomic experience, this is the place to be. It’s filled with Mexican ambiance and hospitality.


Ancho and Agave

$$ | (309) 590-3200 | WEBSITE

Ancho and Agave Best Mexican Restaurants in Bloomington, IL

Ancho & Agave came into being because of a love of flavorful, fresh, fun, and delicious Mexican food. They’re more than just tequila, quesadillas, and tacos.

They pride themselves on their ability to combine quality ingredients with refreshing drinks. They also have several vegetarian options, like avocado and sweet potato tacos.

The beer garden and bar area are one of the best places to hang out in town during the summer. It adds a lot to the atmosphere. Just remember to make a reservation, especially if it’s date night. Their professional servers are great at handling sizable groups. Still, during their peak season, you may wait up to an hour.


Hacienda Leon

$$ | (309) 319-2137 | WEBSITE

Hacienda Leon Best Mexican Restaurants in Bloomington, IL

Some say Hacienda Leon serves the best Mexican food ever. The steak melts in your mouth. Their chips are homemade and combine well with their salsa. Their margaritas hit the spot. The burritos are huge and delicious.

Their service is quick even when it’s busy. The servers are genuine, so the atmosphere is great. They easily handle large groups of over 15 people efficiently.


Las Margaritas Mexican Bar and Grill

$$ | (309) 808-2680 | WEBSITE

Las Margaritas Mexican Bar and Grill Best Mexican Restaurants in Bloomington, IL

Las Margaritas serves classic Mexican meals, from fajitas to enchiladas. They also offer daily specials.

The design aesthetic differs from other similar restaurants. They have more of a modern vibe. For instance, they have a patio. It is outstanding during the hot season. The fire pit isn’t half bad either.

The food is good, the outdoor seating is good. The service is great. Their staff are cheerful, casual, and efficient. It all coalesces to cultivate a perfect experience.



$$ | (309) 808-6860 | WEBSITE

Lupitas Best Mexican Restaurants in Bloomington, IL

This Mexican restaurant is amazing all around. They have everything you could want in a restaurant. The drinks, service, quality, and flavors are all fantastic. Even Texans love it here.

The real crowd-pleaser is their Mexican-style steak tacos. They are the best street tacos in Bloomington. Especially for the price.

Their sauces are good too. The red one, in particular, is memorable and has just the right touch of heat. The salsa verde is homemade, and it’s easy to tell. It also has a little heat, but not too much.

The servers are friendly and their decor is pleasing. They share a space with a grocery store but it just adds to the ambiance.


Gracie’s Tacos and Wings

$$ | (309) 808-4415 | WEBSITE

Gracie’s Tacos and Wings Best Mexican Restaurants in Bloomington, IL

Gracie’s has many benefits to offer the Mexican food craving food. Their prices are good, the food is great, and the staff is friendly.

Make your order and it is fresh and ready in a few minutes. Their tortillas are homemade. They season their meat just right. Both the wings and tacos are very good. One taste and it’ll become your regular Mexican hotspot.



When you’re in the mood for Mexican restaurants in Bloomington, nothing else can fulfill that craving. Thankfully, this city has a reputation for its large variety of international restaurants.

This guide ensures you always have somewhere worthwhile to go on Taco Tuesday. Or, whenever you’re craving authentic Mexican cuisine.

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