13 Best Mexican Restaurants in Springfield, MO [2023 Updated]

Springfield, MO, is known for its vibrant dining scene, boasting a remarkable array of Mexican restaurants among its approximately 800 dining venues. From casual to elegant dining spaces, there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

The city boasts numerous fabulous Mexican restaurants offering unique cuisine options in festive, friendly environments. There is definitely something for everyone to enjoy, especially when looking for some excellent Mexican restaurants. 

Continue reading to discover some of the best Mexican restaurants in Springfield:

Catrina’s Mexican Kitchen & Cantina

$$ | (417) 350 -1006 | WEBSITE


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Catrina’s Mexican Kitchen & Cantina is renowned as one of the best Mexican restaurants in Springfield, known for its vibrant atmosphere and excellent service. Many locals and visitors who dine here highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking to enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine.

The food is mouthwatering and delicious, and some of the most popular dishes include fajitas, chimichangas, and churrasco. Catrina’s Mexican Kitchen & Cantina is a hidden gem you do not want to miss out on when in the Springfield area. 



Cesar’s Old Mexico

$ | (417) 881-8252 | WEBSITE


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If you love Mexican cuisine, you will fall in love with Cesar’s Old Mexico, where you can enjoy an abundance of mouthwatering entrees. The menu contains various tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, and much more. There are so many delicious entrees to choose from. The most challenging part of dining here might be choosing just one entree.

But that can explain why so many people return time and time again to enjoy Cesar’s Old Mexico. So if you are in Springfield, do not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic meal at this unique and fun Mexican restaurant. 



El Maguey Mexican Restaurant

$ | (417) 865-1453 | WEBSITE


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El Maguey Mexican Restaurant is best known for its excellent food, helpful and attentive service, and refreshing beverages. This restaurant is very casual, so there is no need to dress up, and it is family-friendly, offering something for everyone, including your pickiest of eaters.

The portions are enormous for the price, and many take leftovers for lunch the following day. Some popular menu items include house fajitas, fish tacos, and fresh guacamole. Enjoy a refreshing margarita with your fabulous meal when dining at El Maguey Mexican Restaurant. 



El Puente Mexican Restaurant

$ | (417) 883-4502 | WEBSITE

Best Mexican Restaurants in Springfield, MO

The double fajitas at El Puente Mexican Restaurant in Springfield are one of the best things about this restaurant. The mouthwatering food and the top-notch service enhance the dining experience at this location.

The food is reasonably priced and piled high on the plates. All the food is made with fresh ingredients, ensuring that all menu items are perfectly crafted to provide plenty of flavors and an authentic Mexican dining experience. 



El Purple Burrito

$ | (417) 863-6688 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Springfield, MO

El Purple Burrito is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat while running errands or after spending the day with the family exploring Springfield. The food is consistently good, and the service staff is always friendly. This restaurant offers a fabulous menu of California-style Mexican, offering a unique variety of mouthwatering dishes.

The most popular dishes enjoyed at El Purple Burrito are the fish tacos, the horchata, and the spicy salsa bar. El Purple Burrito is one of Springfield’s most popular Mexican restaurants because it offers some of the most authentic menu items. 



Jose Locos Steak & Grill on Battlefield

$$ | (417) 885-9097 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Springfield, MO

Jose Locos Steak & Grille on Battlefield offers authentic mouthwatering Mexican cuisine in a casual, friendly environment. The menu has various items offering authentic tastes from Mexico, and they are not stingy on the portion sizes.

Everything about Jose Locos Steak & Grill on Battlefield makes it stand out from the other Mexican restaurants in Springfield, providing a quiet place to eat that is perfect for lunch, dinner, or celebrating with friends and family. 



La Hacienda

$ | (417) 887-3733 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Springfield, MO

La Hacienda is a favorite restaurant among locals and visitors in Springfield because of the friendly staff and fantastic food. The food at this restaurant is always incredible, and the drinks are refreshing and robust.

Though La Hacienda is not the fanciest place to eat in the area, it offers large portions for a reasonable price in a casual restaurant setting. If you are in the area, stop by La Hacienda and enjoy the steak chimichanga, which is fabulous. 



Mexican Villa

$$ | (417) 869-4459 | WEBSITE

Springfield, MORestaurants

Mexican Villa offers Springfield residents and visitors six unique locations, each delivering some of the best tastes and quality in Mexican cuisine. Locals claim this restaurant is an icon in the city and a must-experience for anyone looking for a memorable dinner in a friendly environment, served by engaging staff.

Some of the most popular dishes at the Mexican Villa include the Springfield-style cashew chicken and the Sancho enchiladas. If you are looking for a fun Tex-Mex restaurant, Mexican Villa in Springfield is one of the best places to visit. 



Primas Mexican Kitchen

$$ | (417) 890-1212 | WEBSITE


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The service at Primas Mexican Kitchen is prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly. One of the best things about this restaurant is the perfectly sized chips and fantastic salsa, which is not too spicy but has just enough kick for those looking for Mexican cuisine.

Other popular menu items include the San Miguel enchiladas, refried beans, and rice. This restaurant is quiet and the perfect place to enjoy a semi-casual Mexican resort-style lunch or dinner. Though the restaurant is situated a bit off the main road, it is worth the effort to reach it.



Tinga Tacos

$ | (417) 831-8007 | WEBSITE


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Tinga Tacos offers a great place to enjoy Mexican cuisine, especially for meat eaters and vegetarians. Though the meat-based options are unique, some of their vegetarian options are even better. The staff is helpful and very friendly, adding to the enjoyment of dining at this restaurant.

The tacos are flavorful, with all the toppings desired, and a side of guacamole, which is beautifully textured, tasty, and delicious. Do not wait to enjoy your favorite Mexican cuisine options at Tinga Tacos because this is a must-experience restaurant in Springfield. 



Tortilleria Perches

$ | (417) 864-8195 | WEBSITE

Springfield, MORestaurant

Everyone loves the carnitas chimichanga at Tortilleria Perches, and very few visitors leave with food on their plates. This restaurant serves some fantastic authentic Mexican cuisine at reasonable prices and significant portions.

Plus, the $5 margaritas available in many flavors are a popular beverage enjoyed by many who dine at Tortilleria Perches. The service staff at this restaurant are knowledgeable and willing to answer all your questions about the food and beverage menus. 



The Wheelhouse

$ | (417) 430-0400 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant serves Mexican-Thai cuisine made entirely from scratch and specializes in vegan food options.

The staff is very accommodating, helpful, and knowledgeable when discussing menu options and vegan substitutions. A must-enjoy is the Pad Thai, a traditional Asian food item fused with Mexican flavors, such as cilantro and lime. 



La Paloma Mexican Grill

$$ | (417) 719-4484 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Springfield, MO

During peak dining hours, guests can expect to wait a bit for a table at La Paloma Mexican Grill, but the wait is well worth it. The atmosphere is clean and very welcoming, with a friendly staff ready to hustle and ensure your dining experience is one of the best.

Must-enjoy menu items at this restaurant include the white queso, steak fajitas, and refreshing margaritas. Discover why La Paloma Mexican Grill is a popular dining establishment in Springfield, and try their mouthwatering chicken, steak, or shrimp fajitas. 




If you’re seeking the best Mexican restaurants in Springfield, MO, look no further. The above-listed restaurants are all fabulous and a must-experience when in the area. In addition, each restaurant offers a unique take on Mexican cuisine, which makes it possible to try something new when dining out. 

13 Best Mexican Restaurants in Springfield:

  1. Catrina’s Mexican Kitchen & Cantina
  2. Cesar’s Old Mexico
  3. El Maguey Mexican Restaurant
  4. El Puente Mexican Restaurant
  5. El Purple Burrito
  6. Jose Locos Steak & Grill on Battlefield
  7. La Hacienda
  8. Mexican Villa
  9. Primas Mexican Kitchen
  10. Tinga Tacos
  11. Tortilleria Perches
  12. The Wheelhouse
  13. La Paloma Mexican Grill

If you’re keen to explore more dining options, check out other restaurants in Springfield.

Best Mexican Restaurants in Springfield, MO

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