14 Best Restaurants in Springfield, IL [2023 Updated]

Springfield is the state capital of Illinois, so it’s safe to assume that even though there are plenty of restaurants, people will still have a hard time figuring out which ones are of quality. For that reason, we will help you locate the 14 best restaurants in Springfield, IL.

As one of the largest cities in Illinois, traveling might be adventurous and challenging at the same time. We understand that you want to make the most out of it! If you are a tourist with a limited time on your hands or a native in a rush, keep reading!

This guide is perfect, especially if you don’t know where to spend your precious meal time!


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Curate specializes in serving wine and small plates. The intention is to offer something to allow the customers to share and socialize. Remember, it is required to make reservations before you visit.

The place is located in an open shopping center. So, expect that the ambiance will be loud but refreshing at the same time. It is also romantic and cozy. Expect that the prices of their food range from expensive to most expensive. But, these are indeed at reasonable prices. You can pay using debit cards.



James’ Home Kitchen

$$ | 217-679-2006 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Springfield, IL

James’ Home Kitchen is a local restaurant run by a family. Owners used their own recipes and enhanced them to suit the taste of customers. Also, they are running this diner for a good cause. They aim to give back to the community through monetary and service donations.

When it comes to the dishes, they will suit the palate of Asian people, although they have a fusion taste too. The Texas Barbeque is one of their famous dishes. James’ Home Kitchen has free wifi and a free video game zone.   



Loukinens’ On 4th

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Loukinens’ on 4th is the first restaurant we will feature in this list. It is a casual dining place that serves contemporary American dishes. The foods are not only palate-satisfying but also eye-pleasing. Expect to pay more than 30 dollars or above when you eat a full-course meal.

Regarding the ambiance, Loukinens’ on 4th can give you a relaxing and peaceful environment. Since the dining style is elegantly casual, the noise is maintained and is usually on a low level. There is free wifi, outdoor seating, and a parking area at Loukinens’ on 4th.




$$ | 217-210-2177 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Springfield, IL

VELE offers a much wider cuisine range. They can serve Italian dishes such as steaks, pasta, and seafood. All these are unique, fresh, deeply flavored, and simple. If you want to enjoy the food with wine, it is possible too!

The top-seller dishes are grilled caesar salad, spicy seafood spaghetti, filet, sea bass, chicken piccata, grilled octopus, tuna tartare, and shrimp & crab cakes. You can look for these dishes when you order at VELE. Moreover, vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian dishes are also considered on the menu.

Overall, the atmosphere, pricing, and taste of the food are excellent!



Engrained Brewery & Restaurant

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If you are up for fresh American dishes and a bit of adventure, you may want to consider this restaurant.

As the name tells, Engrained Brewery & Restaurant has an overlooking micro-brewery at their place where you can also avail beers. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery too while eating a freshly-cooked dish. Their dishes are made from farm-to-table, so rest assured that these are healthy, clean, and fresh.

Engrained Brewery & Restaurant is locally owned, and the management believes in helping to replenish and cultivate nature.



Cafe Moxo

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Cafe Moxo is a restaurant that serves breakfast dishes. Some of these are sandwiches, soups, salads, and baked goods like cookies. This diner is known for its delicious chicken pot pie. Obviously, they offer coffee since they are identified as a cafe.

The owners believe people can still eat good food without spending too much. Thus, it is evident in their menu list and its prices. At cafe Moxo, the dishes are affordable!



Finley’s Tap House

$$ | 217-572-1996 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Springfield, IL

Finley’s Tap House serves hand-crafted dishes together with various types of liquors. Although the menu is mainly alcoholic beverages, you can still order food and dine here.

Visitors can still bring kids to this restaurant. They are also wheelchair-friendly, from parking to restrooms. The ambiance might seem lively at first, but as you dine, you’ll find it cozy and relaxed. The lighting in this place is not too bright.

Another feature is that Finley’s Tap House has its own gaming room! But note that kids under 21 years old are not allowed to use it.



Charlie Parker’s Diner

$ | 217-241-2104 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Springfield, IL

Sixth on the list is Charlie Parker’s Diner! This restaurant is famous for its horseshoe sandwich. The portion sizes of their dishes are unusual too. It is bigger than other restaurants. That’s why customers love spending their money on this place.

The mood of the place brings back the 50s vibe. For those who miss that, you can dine at Charlie Parker’s Diner! The decorations are great and eye-pleasing. The service is also excellent, considering that many customers visit this restaurant.



Little Saigon Restaurant

$ | 217-726-9633 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurant in in Springfield, IL

Little Saigon offers Vietnamese and Thai cuisines. It is a cozy restaurant that can serve a variety of dishes such as fruit freeze, curries, and noodle soups. They also offer teas, coffees, and alcoholic drinks. You can buy these at an affordable price.

One of the highlights of eating at this diner is the fast service of the staff. When in a hurry, you can go here. The place is also suitable for tourists, groups, or college students. There is a bar onsite too. Moreover, the parking, entrance, seating, and restrooms are all wheelchair accessible.



Indigo Restaurant

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The next on our list is Indigo restaurant, one of the most expensive places in this guide. It is understandable because it is a fine dining restaurant. Since there’s not much to compare to these kinds of restaurants, it is considered as the top fine dining spot.

Indigo Restaurant specializes in American, French, Asian, and Contemporary cuisines. There are so many choices, and take note that each is ever-changing. Indigo Restaurant also provides catering services.

Overall, eating at this diner might give you an outstanding experience with food, service, and ambiance.



Sunny China House

$ | 217-726-8811 | WEBSITE

Trendy Restaurants in Springfield, IL

If you are in Springfield, Illinois, but crave Chinese food, you can go to this one. Sunny China House can offer vegan and vegetarian options. They also have a quick bite and comfort food. The casual atmosphere is why university students also like to hang out in this place. Plus, they serve food at an affordable and reasonable price.

They are also accessible because they have dine-in, delivery, and take-out services.



Outback Steakhouse

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Outback Steakhouse is a woman-owned restaurant that has many to offer. The place is Australian-themed, as well as its steaks. The restaurant also serves seafood, small plates, and vegetarian options.

Drinks include coffee, cocktails, beer, hard liquor, and wine. Happy hour drinks are also one of their features. But, don’t worry since this place is still child-friendly. Regarding the amenities, they have a gender-neutral restroom and a bar onsite. Their payment methods are unique, too, because they accept checks and debit cards.



Maldaner’s Restaurant

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Maldaner’s Restaurant is one of the finest and oldest diners in Springfield. It was established in 1884 and serves contemporary American dishes up to this day. They use ingredients that are organically and locally produced. This way, the dishes will come out fresh and healthy.

The highlights of this restaurant are its dessert, coffee, and tea selection. But, they can also offer healthy option dishes, comfort foods, and small plates. Plus, you can enjoy their onsite bar too.

The ambiance of the place is casual and cozy. It is also historical since the restaurant was established a long time ago.



Star 66 Cafe

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Trendy Restaurant in Springfield, IL

The last restaurant on this list offers large servings of dishes at an affordable price. Star 66 Cafe has a 24/7 breakfast menu. But, they still serve lunch and dinner.

You don’t have to worry about parking since they have considerable space. The establishment is also immense, which means it can accommodate enough customers.

Star 66 Cafe is a home-style restaurant. It is established by a family and has been running since 2000. This restaurant is a go-to place in Springfield.



Final Words

Whatever the reason is, we all want to eat good food. Whether you are a native of a particular place or a traveler, you still can’t be sure that every restaurant you will visit is the best. That’s why we made this list, especially for you!

Save and remember this list of the 14 best restaurants in Springfield, Illinois. This will guide you to diners that will not waste your precious time and money!

Best Restaurants in Springfield

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