12 Best Mexican Restaurants in Milwaukee, WI [2023 Updated]

Mexican food is one of the most popular cuisines in the U.S., and the abundance of restaurants can make it tough to know what places to try. Virtually all cities have a wide selection of Mexican spots, including Milwaukee, so narrowing down the 12 best Mexican restaurants in Milwaukee is always a good idea.

You may be skeptical that this humble, Midwestern city has such a thriving Mexican food scene, but chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.

Let’s look at the best Mexican restaurants in Milwaukee, so you can confidently pick your next culinary experience.

1. Guadalajara Restaurant

$ | 414-647-2266 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Milwaukee, WI

The vibe at Guadalajara is authentic and quite “no frills,” with charming wooden tables that make you feel like you’re in your mom’s dining room. The food is also fantastic, with guests raving about the chimichangas, guacamole, al pastor, and burritos.

The service is known for being friendly and humble, adding to the homey experience. At Guadalajara, the staff wants to fill you up without burning a hole in your wallet, ensuring every guest leaves happy and ready to come back another day!



2. El Tlaxcalteca Restaurant

$$ | 414-312-8436 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Milwaukee, WI

Don’t let this tiny restaurant’s size fool you; El Tlaxcalteca makes some pretty incredible food for hungry guests looking for a simplistic Mexican menu that they understand. Guests have also mentioned the quiet atmosphere which many people need for catching up with friends and having a conversation.

If the quaint charm doesn’t draw you in, the food surely will. They’re known for their birria, which you can order in various preparations, like birria nachos or a burrito de birria.



3. Botanas Restaurant

$$ | 414-672-3755 | WEBSITE


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Sometimes, a restaurant’s longevity is what gets you in the door. Likewise, Botanas has been open in Milwaukee for over 20 years, serving classic Mexican cocktails, lunches, and dinners to happy diners who keep coming back for more.

The inside is big and quite grand, and the decor is fun with a hint of elegance. You’ll notice some pretty cool artwork if you pay attention to your surroundings. It’s colorful with a hint of tropical, making you feel like you’re on vacation and ready to unwind and relax.



4. Tavo’s Signature Cuisine

$$ | 414-239-8888 | WEBSITE


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Tavo’s strives to give foodies and casual diners everything you could want in a great Mexican restaurant. For proof, simply refer to their farm-to-table menu, premium tequila selection, family-owned vibe, and perfectly crafted dishes.

The menu is a blend of classic and unique, with some items you’ll likely have a hard time finding in other restaurants. For example, they have a “mole flight” that allows you to sample different moles with corn chips. We’ve seen this countless times with salsas, but the mole twist seems extra special!



5. Cafe Corazon

$$ | 414 810 3941 | WEBSITE


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With two locations already under their belt, the intimate yet hip vibe of Cafe Corazon is appealing to both locals and visitors. Corazon is also all about sourcing local ingredients, proudly serving produce from their urban garden, beef from Redeker Farms, and ingredients from other local farmers.

The inside is colorful and warm, which allows you to embrace authenticity that doesn’t feel stuffy.

Moreover, a wide array of vegan options and carnivore classics are available. Due to popular demand, Cafe Corazon is considering opening a food truck!



6. La Dama Mexican Kitchen and Bar

$$$ | 414-645-2606 | WEBSITE


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If trendiness and modernity are what you’re looking for, La Dama is the place to go. The cocktail menu is exciting and goes beyond the Mexican staples. For example, there’s the “The Mexican Lollipop” and “The Gabriella.”

But the creative entrees are where you can really indulge. You can try the Lamb Shank Birria or even the Whole Black Sea Bass a la Talla to satisfy your craving for upscale, innovative Mexican cuisine.

La Dama’s decor is also imaginative and elegant, and mood lighting will heighten your experience. As a bonus, they also have a pretty stunning patio.



7. Las 7 Estrellas Mexican Restaurant

$ | (414) 539-4432 | WEBSITE

Milwaukee, WI Best Restaurant

Las 7 is another authentic Mexican restaurant that goes beyond making simple burritos and nachos. The “7” in the name refers to the seven founders who wanted to expand upon their immensely popular food truck and give people a relaxing and fun dining experience. Being able to expand upon humble beginnings is always a sign of success!

As far as the atmosphere goes, there’s a familial vibe. The menu is also really affordable without sacrificing taste and quality.



8. Cielito Lindo

$ | 414-649-0401 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Milwaukee, WI

This affordable restaurant wants to make you feel like you’re dining under the Mexican sky, and the stunning wall and ceiling murals certainly achieve that. Cielito is also open late on Fridays and Saturdays, which is handy if you’re ready for a few margaritas or glasses of sangria.

As far as food goes, the menu is straightforward, yet delicious. It’s big too, so don’t worry about not finding something you’ll like.



9. Conejitos Place

$ | 414-278-9106 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Milwaukee, WI

Looking for a laid-back atmosphere and a familiar menu? This may be the place for you. The old-school vibe at Conejitos makes it a perfect spot to relax and unwind. The food may be served on paper plates, but guests still rave about the affordable and tasty Mexican classics and infamous house margaritas.

The decor is casual and far from stuffy, and there’s even a jukebox you can use to line up your favorite songs!



10. Jalapeno Loco

$$ | 414-483-8300 | WEBSITE

Milwaukee, WI Restaurants

Here we have a Milwaukee staple thriving since 1995, with no sign of slowing down.

With dim lighting, high ceilings, and a large dining room, guests rave about the atmosphere of Jalapeno Loco. The menu features high-end food with a casual flair and filling portions, and the restaurant prides itself in serving regional Mexican and Oaxacan-style dishes.

Some guest favorites include the sizzling fajitas and shrimp diablo.



11. Tu Casa Mexican Restaurant and Bar

$$ | 414-383-4666 | WEBSITE


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The interior of this full-service restaurant will make you feel like you’re south of the border. The walls are adorned with artwork imported from Mexico, and the menu is one of the most authentic in Milwaukee. To immerse yourself in the experience, try going on Friday or Saturday for Latin dance nights!

Featuring classics like ceviche and enchiladas de mole for dinner, Tu Casa also has a full breakfast and lunch menu!



12. Vagabond

$$ | 414-223-1122 | WEBSITE


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At Vagabond, you’ll find elevated Mexican street food and a unique atmosphere, but in a good way. This is a place for a group of young friends to enjoy, or it also works as a trendy date spot. Delicious Mexican food in a funky, bright atmosphere is on offer, with pitchers of margaritas and house cocktails adding to the experience. As a bonus, the outside entrance is super cool and reminiscent of an indie movie theater or concert venue.

To make the most of your experience, try their taco board. Perfect for sampling!




The next time you’re in Milwaukee and find yourself craving the flavors from our southern neighbors, consult our trusty list of the best Mexican restaurants in Milwaukee! 

It’s tailored to provide variety and different price points, so whether you’re ready for an elegant evening with bottomless margaritas or just need a quick bite, this list will point you in the right direction.

Mexican Restaurants in Milwaukee

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