15 Best Mexican Restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ (Photos, Reviews)

Whether you’re on vacation or seeking a new taste, Scottsdale, Arizona, offers delicious Mexican restaurants you should visit.

Mexican restaurants in Scottsdale range from small takeout joints to elegant establishments offering creative Mexican cuisine. Pay a visit to one of the best Mexican restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona.

1. La Hacienda

$$$$ | 480-585-2694 | WEBSITE

Mexican Restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ

La Hacienda is known for its aesthetic architectural style, Mexican dishes uniquely created by Richard Sandoval, and for having an incredible tequila bar in Scottsdale.

Richard Sandoval, an internationally renowned chef known for modernizing Mexican cuisine, has created unique dishes for the restaurant. If you are a curious diner who does not mind paying a hefty price for their meal, try La Hacienda. Their cuisine emphasizes local products and innovative pairings.

While it’s a bit pricey because the restaurant is inside the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort, the quality of their Mexican dishes makes it worth every penny.

Try their signature margarita and pair it with their chips and guacamole—they serve the best guac in Scottsdale. Besides their guacamole, the braised beef short rib enchiladas are a signature dish.



2. Blanco Cocina + Cantina

$$ – $$$ | 480-305-6692 | WEBSITE


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Blanco is a Fox Restaurant Concepts establishment, and they have executed this restaurant well, from the atmosphere to the dishes and drinks. If you’re looking for a Mexican night out with friends, Blanco offers the perfect atmosphere.

Enjoy their Jalapeno & Pineapple Margarita and Frozen Palmoa, and do not skip their Tiger Shrimp Fajitas, Chimichanga, or Cheese Crisps. These are definitely a must-try, something that will make you crave for more!



3. Jalapeno Inferno

$$ – $$$ | 480-585-6442 | WEBSITE


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Jalapeno Inferno has a lovely location. During summer, their wraparound patio is a scenic place to hang out. Southwestern-Mexican gourmet dishes are served in Jalapeno Inferno, including classic Sonoran, Mexican, and Tex-Mex.

But the best chips and salsa in Scottsdale go to them, and you would not believe how good their spicy salsa is! Have a bite of their green corn tamales and barbacoa tacos.



4. Dos Familias Local Mexican

$$ – $$$ | 480-314-0550 | WEBSITE

Best Mexican Mexican Mexican Restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ

Looking for a place for Taco Tuesday? You better head to Dos Familias Local Mexican. Taco Tuesday is not only exclusive to taco discounts; you can also enjoy their margaritas to give you a whole taco experience.

But, if you missed Taco Tuesday but love to explore Mexican restaurants in Scottsdale, the Bistec y Camarones and braised short rib enchiladas are a must-try.



5. The Mission

$$ to $$$ | 480-636-5005 | WEBSITE


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Unique Mexican and Latin American gourmet meals are served at The Mission, and you cannot simply find these meals in Scottsdale. It is their specialty, and these dishes are prepared by Chef Matt Carter, a chef known for his traditional plancha-style grill. Try their crispy cola pork, pork shoulder tacos and chorizo porchetta.

 If you are thinking of going on a romantic date, The Mission is one of the best places to visit. The candlelight dinner, delicious dishes, and house margarita will have you a great night.



6. Carlsbad Tavern

$$ – $$$ | 480-970-8164 | WEBSITE

Best Mexican Restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ

The architectural design of Carlsbad Tavern is unique and captivating, paying homage to Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico.

Hence, its interior has a bat cave theme and The Guano Canal. Besides their unique setting, try their carne adobada, blue corn enchiladas, and Monte Alban Silver Tequila margarita to have a full experience at Carlsbad Tavern.

There’s something to look forward to when visiting Carlsbad too! Check the specials posted on their website. It varies on the season or month of your visit.



7. Frank & Lupe’s Old Mexico

$$ – $$$ | 480-990-9844 | WEBSITE

Scottsdale, AZ Best Mexican Mexican Mexican Restaurants

A family-run restaurant that’s best for family dine-outs. Frank & Lupe’s have a few house specialties worth mentioning: pork Carne adobada, chimichanga, and Baja burrito.

Amazingly, the red and green chile they use in their ingredients is home-grown in Socorro, New Mexico. You would definitely love the spice it gives to their dishes. You can also bring your children with you as they have kids’ menu; their cheese crisps are the children’s fave!



8. Los Olivos Mexican Patio

$$ – $$$ | 480-946-2256 | WEBSITE


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Even after 70 years, Los Olivos Mexican Patio continues to serve authentic Mexican cuisine. They ensure freshness and taste by handcrafting their tortillas, salsas, and other dishes. Locals recommend visiting the restaurant during happy hour; you would be surprised how generous they are with their margarita serving and pair it with their tasty enchiladas.

Besides their food, people love to visit their place because of its vibe and atmosphere; it is an old gem for Mexican cuisine in Scottsdale.



9. Old Town Tortilla Factory

$$ – $$$ | 480-945-4567 | WEBSITE


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Old Town Tortilla Factory is an excellent place to visit if you are looking for an authentic Mexican dish. You do not want to miss their mole stack, grilled mahi mahi fish tacos, and house specialties. The place has beautiful scenery because of its flagstone patio and green vegetation.



10. Barrio Queen

$$ – $$$ | 480-656-4197 | WEBSITE


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Barrio Queen serves above-average Mexican dishes; their extensive taco menu and freshly cooked tortillas will keep you coming back for more. The usual burritos, tacos, enchiladas, and other common Mexican dishes are on their menu, but their house specialties are a must-have. Try their cochinita pibil and chiles es nogada.

If you want to swing by for a fun night, their handcrafted sangria and margarita are superb. You should also try their renowned Death’s Door margarita and feel its spice run down your throat!



11. Loco Patron

$$ to $$$ | 480-874-0033 | WEBSITE


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A casual Mexican restaurant that keeps you coming back. Loco Patron serves award-winning tacos and handcrafted margaritas.

Do not miss their carne asada waffle fries, chicken wings, and mahi mahi. Recently, Loco Patron has been serving their signature Mexican craft beers, making them the only Mexican craft brewery around. This is definitely one for the books!



12. SOL Mexican Cocina

$$ – $$$ | 480-245-6708 | WEBSITE


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SOL was inspired by the idea of enjoying Mexican dishes beachside. It is how the owners discovered its wonders when they ate wood-grilled tacos and fresh seafood ceviches during their surf trips; they have also integrated the cooking of Baja.

SOL has an extensive menu, but you do not want to miss out on their specialty tacos and antojitos; these are a must-try from their menu.

What’s more impressive is you can enjoy vegan and gluten-free options from their menu. If you want to visit SOL, their happy hour is from 3 pm to 6 pm, from Monday through Friday, except Tuesday. Tuesdays are for tacos and tequila!  



13. SumoMaya Mexican Asian Cuisine

$$ – $$$ | 480-397-9520 | WEBSITE


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If you are craving a culinary adventure that blends the bold flavors of Mexican and Asian cuisines, SumoMaya is your go-to destination. Their meals are quite unique; the restaurant is a fusion concept that combines the bold flavors and culinary traditions of Asia, Mexican, and South American cuisines.

Free-form dining style is served at SumoMaya, and chefs encourage their guests to choose at least 3 dishes to enjoy or go with a group of friends to have more dishes at the table; this allows their guests to maximize their dining experience.



14. Habaneros Mexican Grill & Cantina

$ | 480-991-9211 | WEBSITE

Scottsdale, AZ Best Mexican Restaurant

A vegan Mexican restaurant is hard to find, but Habaneros would like to exclude themselves. They have a vegetarian menu for customers who want to try Mexican cuisine.

Habaneros take pride in their popular dishes, and you should try them: blackened chicken, shrimp, fish; mahi mahi taco; and burritos. Meanwhile, their house specialty is fajitas.



15. Juan Jaime’s Tacos and Tequila

$ | 480-515-5826 | WEBSITE

Mexican Mexican Restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ

If you want to satisfy your Mexican cravings, Juan Jaime’s is a fast-casual Mexican restaurant in Scottsdale. The restaurant is comfortable for your casual hangouts and cravings for Mexican dishes.  As their name implies, you can have casual tacos, signature taco salad, and burritos. They also have a full bar that serves handcrafted and distinct Mexican-inspired drinks.

Visit Juan Jaime’s for a wonderful night out with a modern touch of Mexican food and drinks.




Hungry yet? Make plans on where you should dine out at these Mexican restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona. In Scottsdale, you can also enjoy other activities like stunning golf courses and vibrant nightlife. Coupled with good Mexican food, you’re sure to have the time of your life!

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