15 Best Restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ (Photos, Reviews, Maps)

Scottsdale, Arizona is a picturesque desert community east of Phoenix. The city contains a vast array of fine dining experiences ranging from seafood to Italian, from vegetarian to Mexican, and everything in-between.

I have compiled the following list through online customer reviews and articles about each particular restaurant. I paid close attention to the ambience, the prices, and most importantly the food itself. Here are the 15 best restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona.

1. Chula Seafood

$$ | 480-621-5121 | WEBSITE


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Our #1 spot goes to a Scottsdale restaurant that boasts a 5-star review on Yelp.com. Chula Seafood serves shucked oysters and poke bowls (a variety of vegetables mixed with your choice of seafood).

Fresh fish is sold by the pound at this establishment, and daily features include the delicious crab grilled cheese or the incredible lobster rolls. Guests rave about the great customer service and the cuisine being well worth every penny. This is the place to go if you are looking to enjoy fresh seafood in a casual dining atmosphere.



2. FnB

$$$ | (480) 284-4777 | WEBSITE


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This American restaurant uses nothing but locally-sourced ingredients in every recipe, and each dish appears to focus heavily on fragrant seasonings (oregano, basil) and add-ons such as lemon, honey, cashews, and others to provide an extra zest.

FnB’s menu changes depending on what is in season, and the Thai-style stuffed pork cabbage rolls with fish sauce, chilled noodles, and soft herbs is a definite late-summer favorite. Guests love the unique and ever-changing menu options as well as the extensive wine selection.



3. Mowry & Cotton

$$$ | (480) 423-2445 | WEBSITE


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This classic and stately location is perfect for a Sunday brunch. A rustic-chic oasis, Mowry & Cotton lists a wide variety of cocktails as well, including the smoked poblano margarita and the hilariously-titled Bourbon & Boujee cocktail.

The signature dish is Mowry’s Big Burger, a juicy burger topped with shallot jam, Mowry & Cotton sauce, aged cheddar, and veggies on a brioche bun. Although the food menu is somewhat limited, guests love the excellent service and creative options, as well as the beautiful evening views of the sun setting over the mountains.



4. SumoMaya

$$$ | (480) 397-9520 | WEBSITE


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Adding a touch of Asian-Mexican fusion to the list is SumoMaya. From the classic California rolls to the Pescado Dorado, there is something for everyone at SumoMaya (and yes, that includes vegan options!). Or if you are just stopping by for a sweet treat, they have cappuccinos, tres leches cake, and more.

The atmosphere is eclectic and fun, and often includes a live DJ. Scoring a 4.5 out of 5 on Open Table, this restaurant has the taste explosion you have been looking for!



5. Citizen Public House

$$$ | (480) 398-4208 | WEBSITE


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Citizen Public House serves hearty American cuisine, including Bernie’s mac & cheese, crabcakes, pork belly pastrami… And those are just the starters! Try the fair trade short ribs or the green chili burger served with your choice of sides.

There are also healthy options, such as the original chopped salad (it has its own following!). The establishment has a social environment and popular barrel-aged cocktails that are perfect to share with friends.



6. Toca Madera

$$$ | (480) 930-4357 | WEBSITE


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How do you like your steak cooked? At Toca Madera, the succulent steaks are cooked to perfection. While waiting for your steak, start out with the truffle quesadilla or the queso fundido.

If you’re looking for fabulous cocktails with some of the most epic names I have ever seen), try the Mono See Mono Do, the Como La Flor, or the Tranquilo. Guests enjoy the beautiful decor, the scrumptious meals, and the relaxing surroundings.



7. Cafe Monarch

$$$$ | (480) 970-7682 | WEBSITE


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Cafe Monarch is a romantic and cozy place for a lovely dinner with the one you love. While this restaurant is a bit fancier than most of the others listed (there is an unofficial “no-jeans” dress code), it is well worth the experience!

The dinner menu features surf n turf as well as rack of lamb, but there is a separate vegetarian menu that includes tempura asparagus, ratatouille, and potato gnocchi. Guests especially love the roasted cauliflower soup, scallop mi cuit, and signature cuts.



8. Francine

$$$ | (480) 690-6180 | WEBSITE


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Mediterranean dishes are well-known for placing importance on generous portions of fresh vegetables with smaller portions of meats. At Francine, your chef is up to the task of providing authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

Stepping into Francine is like stepping right into a French bistro, and experiencing their beef carpaccio and grilled octopus for yourself will make you feel like you are worlds away from Arizona. Guests even say that it is the best restaurant they have ever been to!



9. Fat Ox

$$$$ | (480) 307-6900 | WEBSITE


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When you think of Scottsdale, you may not automatically think of authentic Italian dishes. However, this restaurant may change that. Revolutionary Italian cuisine is served at Fat Ox. All pasta is made in-house daily, and the alcoholic beverage selection includes wine selections from around the globe.

Fat Ox was also featured as one of Fodor’s Travel’s 15 Best Italian Restaurants in the U.S. The white bean tortellini and the veal meatballs are especially popular items amongst their loyal patrons.



10. ShinBay

$$$$ | (480) 361-1021 | WEBSITE


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Nominated in 2022 for “Outstanding Restaurant,” this fine-dining location prepares Japanese dishes that include marinated jellyfish, kisu (Japanese sillago, or “whiting fish”), mozuku (Japanese seaweed), and uni (sea urchin).

Guests rave about their overall dining experience, and the attentive and accommodating staff sets the mood for an enjoyable evening. The chef even offers a tasting menu that is nothing short of divine, and the assortment of sake and microbrew is absolutely exceptional.



11. Grassroots Kitchen and Tap

$$$ | (480) 699-0699 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ

Whether you are watching what you eat or looking to indulge, Grassroots will cater to you! This family-owned and operated southern-inspired restaurant possesses a casual ambience that makes for a relaxing meal.

The farmer’s vegetable chop tastes like it came directly from the local farm to your plate. Patrons enjoy the Carolina baby backs, the Almost Famous pork chops, and Topher’s braised short ribs. There is also a considerable selection of wine, beer, and signature cocktails.



12. Butters Pancakes & Cafe

$$ | (480) 991-0011 | WEBSITE


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From lunches and dinners to scrumptious breakfasts, brunches, and lunches! If you have a sweet tooth, try the Oreo cookie s’mores pancakes smothered in crumbled Oreos, Oreo filling, and chocolate syrup. For those with a gluten dietary restriction, there are gluten-free pancakes and waffles available.

The Mexicana omelet is a well-liked dish, as is the strawberry and cream waffles. The orange juice is freshly-squeezed, and the atmosphere is peaceful and friendly, just like the staff.

Butters is also a fantastic place for the whole family – the kid’s menu lists such childhood staples as grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and chocolate chip pancakes.



13. The Mission Old Town

$$$ | (480) 636-5005 | WEBSITE


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The Mission serves eclectic Latin American fare, such as the Tecate-battered mahi and the ultra-popular crab pancakes. The steak tacos are also a beloved treat, made with fresh, hand-pressed corn tortillas.

The Mission Old Town has been a favorite of locals and tourists alike; the dim lighting and calm environment set the mood for a romantic brunch, lunch, or dinner with your choice of their fabulous selections of wine, beer, and top-shelf tequila.



14. Talavera

$$$$ | (480) 513-5085 | WEBSITE


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Located inside Scottsdale’s Four Seasons, Talavera is a classic Spanish steakhouse that prepares tender, thick cuts of dry-aged steak seared to perfection. The lobster tails are gigantic and filling, and along with the prawns, it makes for a seafood paradise.

However, this top-tier steakhouse has not forgotten about patrons with vegetarian or vegan diets and gluten allergies – due to these food accommodations and the bevy of delicious entrees, Talavera has been hailed locally as “a legit foodie destination.”



15. Craft64

$$ | (480) 946-0542 | WEBSITE


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Our #15 and final restaurant on the list is Craft64, a pizza establishment that only uses organic producers close to home – the ingredients and even the beers pay homage to Arizona breweries and local farmers.

Craft64 uses only wood-fired ovens imported from Italy, making each pizza taste homemade and amazing. A talented team of owners and chefs who are passionate about creating culinary masterpieces will make you feel welcomed, and the hand-crafted pizzas will leave you feeling satisfied.




This concludes our list of the 15 Best Restaurants in Scottsdale. Scottsdale is a beautiful city with a plethora of restaurants for socialization and decadent cuisine. If you are as hungry as I am after reading this list, see for yourself what Scottsdale’s restaurant community has to offer.

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