14 Best Restaurants in Bloomington, IL 2023

Bloomington is located in the heart of Central Illinois. It is a rich agricultural region, so the economy relies on farming. Known as one of the fastest-growing areas in Illinois, it is a great place for restaurants. Check the 14 best restaurants in Bloomington, IL, that you should not miss!

Epiphany Farms Restaurant

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Epiphany Farms Restaurant is part of the Epiphany Farms Hospitality Group. The group reconnects the community to the source of food. Because of the background of the founders, the restaurant offers a wide range of cuisines.

All dishes they offer are fresh, organic, and flavorful. Plus, they are served in large portions and presented beautifully with a touch of art. The staff are courteous and attentive to the guests. Surrounded by nature, the place has a peaceful ambiance.



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Started in 1999, Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano is an Italian restaurant. Now, it has 17 locations nationwide, including Bloomington.

Aside from a relaxing ambiance, the restaurant has polite and friendly staff. Most locals also admire their bread and desserts. They are also generous with their by-the-glass wine serving.

Their menu includes appetizers, soups, and salads. In addition, they are known for Italian entrees such as Lasagna and Chicken Parmesan. Beverages include wines and cocktails. They also have a menu, especially for the kids.


Lucca Grill

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Lucca Grill

Another famous Italian restaurant in Bloomington is the Lucca Grill, established in 1936. The restaurant’s name was derived from its founders’ hometown, Lucca, Italy. Indeed, upon entering the restaurant, it has a relaxed, old town vibe. As of now, it serves both Italian and American cuisine.

The restaurant’s specialties include Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan, Cannelloni, and Italian Sausage Dinner. Soda, juice, tea, coffee, cocoa, and beer are the available beverages. The servers are knowledgeable and accommodating to customers’ queries.


Baxter’s American Grille

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Baxter’s American Grille offers classic American meals. The restaurant is open at 3 pm and closes at 9 pm. Their menu mainly includes a variety of seafood, chops, and steaks. They also have seasonal menus that utilize the local fresh produce and fresh seafood.

In addition to this, they also have an available Gluten Free Menu upon request. The restaurant also offers private dinners and catering services for its guests. It has contemporary decor yet a family-friendly environment. The music bands liven the place up.


Tobin’s Pizza

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Tobin’s Pizza

If you are craving a pizza, Tobin’s pizza is the place to visit. It has served one of the most delicious pizzas in Bloomington, IL, since 1963.

Their best doughs are also generously topped with cheese. What’s unique about their pizza is that you get the chance to choose the toppings you want on your pizza.

Never pre-cooked or frozen, the locals love their pizzas. When it comes to ambiance, the restaurant is very Italian in design. Their staff with genuine southern hospitality will also greet you.


Anju Above

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Anju Above is one of the restaurants found in Epiphany Farms Estate. Just like Epiphany Farms Restaurant, it offers farm-to-table food. This makes the food delicious as all ingredients are made with fresh farm produce. Their menu is composed of Asian fusion cuisines.

The food is flavorful, aesthetically pleasing, and has good-sized portions. One of the must-try dishes on their eclectic menu is their tuna hand rolls. You will enjoy your food since the atmosphere inside the restaurant is warm and cozy with the art decors.


Rosie’s Pub

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Located in one of the oldest buildings in Bloomington, Rosie’s Pub has a nostalgic atmosphere. Their dishes are flavorful, in good size portions, and reasonably priced. Customers go back to the pub because of its delicious salads. The salad dressings are homemade and delicious.

Rosie’s Pub is one of those restaurants that strictly follow health protocols. Aside from the staff wearing masks, their utensils are individually wrapped. Plus, the table coverings are changed from time to time. Customers also had to scan the menu with their phones when they ordered.


Thai House of Bloomington

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Thai House of Bloomington

Thai House of Bloomington, as the name suggests, serves Thai food. Unfortunately, this restaurant currently offers carry-out food only because of the pandemic.

So, unfortunately, food is not as hot compared to being done right out of the kitchen. But despite that, their food is still delicious and flavorful.

Customers keep on patronizing this restaurant even if there is no dine-in service. They can also adjust the food depending on the guest’s liking. So if you want your food to be spicier than usual, you are free to request it from them.


Avanti’s Italian Restaurant

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If you want to taste the best Italian foods, you can go to Avanti’s Italian Restaurant. It serves high-quality, home-style pasta, pizza, and sandwiches.

The restaurant is famous for its signature fresh Italian bread and Gondola sandwich. Entering Avanti’s, you’ll be greeted with home-like surroundings and courteous staff.

Aside from their dishes, the restaurant is also proud of its experienced staff. Because of its high-quality food, it has become a beloved spot for students and staff of Illinois State University. Returning students who have moved away bring their friends and family to this place.


Jim’s Steakhouse

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Jim’s Steakhouse

Jim’s Steakhouse started in Peoria, IL but it expanded and built a branch in Bloomington, IL. This restaurant has a reputation for serving dry-aged beef.

Dry aging is a process where a piece of meat is put in a controlled open-air environment. Through this method, the meat goes through a flavor transformation.

Aside from seasoned steak and rib roasts, they offer seafood and other delicacies. Aside from the mouth-watering food, they also ensure good service. The wait staff is considered as the best-trained ones in town.


Hacienda Leon

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Lovers of Mexican food should never miss dropping by at the Hacienda Leon. Some of their must-try dishes are their Nachos Hacienda, Chimichanga, and Seafood Enchiladas.

They also have Chicken Soup, Flautas, and Kids Cheese Fries. Made only with fresh ingredients, you can savor authentic Mexican cuisine.

The restaurant is open for dine-ins, drive-throughs, and no contact deliveries. You also don’t have to worry about dining in since they observe strict health protocols. Their staff are instructed to disinfect the surfaces between visits.


The Mystic Kitchen & Tasting Room

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The Mystic Kitchen & Tasting Room

The Mystic Kitchen & Tasting Room offers wines, cocktails, and full-coursed meals. Their entrees include Chili Rubbed Asian Sea Bass, Chicken Vesuvio, and MF Filet. They also have a Tasting Room where you taste some seasonal wines and other wine selections.

Aside from wines, they also have alcohols, beers, and hard liquors. Guests who are in groups love the restaurant’s funky bohemian lounge. Overall, the place has a cozy, casual, and upscale atmosphere. It offers curbside pick-up, delivery, dine-in, and take-out.


Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant

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Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant

The Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant has served delicious meals for 23 years. The meals they serve are cooked to order. Their best Chinese dishes are Crab Ragoon, General Tso’s Chicken, Hunan Beef, and Ma-Po Tofu.

The Chinese restaurant also offers comfort food, vegetarian options, and quick bite dishes. It is also a perfect place to bring your kids. They have high chairs and other kid-friendly amenities. In addition, they are open for dine-in, delivery, and take-out.


Shannon’s Five Star

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If you love traditional dishes, you must not miss going to Shannon’s Five Star. The restaurant prepares comfort foods that are made from scratch. It offers some breakfast platters, omelets, Belgian waffles, and a combo basket.

Besides being delicious, their meals are also affordable. To check their daily specials, you can check their website.

The restaurant is open for dine-in, curbside pick-up, and delivery. If you are going for a dine-in, don’t forget to wear your mask. Their staff are also required to disinfect the surfaces between each visit.



Bloomington is a place for people fond of meals made with fresh and organic ingredients. With the chefs and farmers in Bloomington, expect local organic ingredients served at your table.

There are also diverse cuisines that you should not miss. Visit the 14 best restaurants in Bloomington, IL, to enjoy delicious dishes!

Best Restaurants in Bloomington

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