12 Best Restaurants in Brewster, MA

Brewster is a town in Massachusetts famous for ocean views and fresh breeze. Staying in this place is the best way to experience sea life.

Brewster also offers cuisines you must try. If you plan to visit this town, never miss going to the 13 best restaurants in Brewster, MA!

Freemans Grills

$$ | (774) 212-3346 | WEBSITE


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The Freeman’s Grill owners have fun and passionate personality. It is obvious how they run the restaurant.

Since the place has vast green fields, they allow the customers to play golf. Mobile food and beverage carts also deliver wherever the customers are.

A quick stop to their snack bar attracts most people visiting the restaurant. Some of their dishes are Freeman’s Salad, Brewster Wings, and Shrimp Po’Boy. Plus, you will love their signature cocktail, seasonal beers, and collection of wines.


Stone L’oven Pizza Co.

$$ | (508) 896-9400 | WEBSITE


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Stone L’oven Pizza Co. may look like a simple cozy tavern outside. But the smell of crusty pizza never fails to make the customers crave.

The restaurant has an open glass window to see the ocean’s horizon. It is the best view while enjoying a delicious slice of pizza.

A talented chef cooks the food you ordered on the spot, showing the process of making a hand-tossed pizza. The pizza is packed with natural ingredients and served fresh from the oven.

They also offer other dishes like pasta, paninis, and salads. Unfortunately, they don’t deliver.


The Island Blue Crab

$$ | (774) 323-3076 | WEBSITE


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If you want to enjoy the nightlife in Brewster, book a reservation in The Island Blue Crab. The plain white exterior during the day turns exciting and colorful during the night.

They offer late-night, comfort food, and small plates. Kids are also welcome to eat since they have a kids’ menu.

With selective drinks, you will enjoy their specialty dishes, namely, lobster and crab. In addition, they serve large portions for appetizers and finger foods.

Visiting this restaurant with a friend who loves going to the bar is a great idea! You can have lunch, dinner, and solo dining.


OKI Sushi Brewster

$$ | (508) 896-8883 | WEBSITE

OKI Sushi Brewster Best Restaurants in Brewster, MA

If you crave Japanese food while at Brewster, you should drop by at OKI Sushi Brewster. The restaurant has a wide selection of Japanese dishes.

Some of these are sushi entrees, makimono or temaki, and sashimis. Quick bite meals and vegetarian dishes are also available. You can go there during lunch or dinner.

The restaurant has a casual and cozy atmosphere. Most of the tourists visit the place. Surely you can enjoy the dishes after a long trip. If you don’t want to dine in, you can also take out your order.


Fare and Just Kitchen

$$ | (508) 896-8804 | WEBSITE

Fare and Just Kitchen Best Restaurants in Brewster, MA

Whether you are a vegetarian or not, you should try a plant-based meal. Peanut-free and gluten-free dishes are available in Fare and Just Kitchen.

You will surely indulge in their delicious meals without even feeling guilty. They have available house-made soups, salads, lunch or dinner entrees, and smoothies.

Every meal they offer is cooked to be enjoyed at the comfort of your home. You can take out your order or eat the meal on their onsite picnic tables.

There is also live music to set the mood while you eat. They also offer no-contact delivery and curbside pickup.


The Kitchen Cafe Brewster

$$ | (774) 323-0244 | WEBSITE


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Originated from Boston, the owners of The Kitchen Cafe moved to Brewster. It was after their customers had to adhere to a work-from-home set-up.

Now, the restaurant serves its delicious breakfast and lunch meals in Brewster. Some foods they offer are California Omelet, Classic BLT, and Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

The restaurant offers outdoor seating, dine-in, and takeout. You will also love their amenities, including restrooms, high chairs, and free Wi-Fi.

With its cozy atmosphere, most families in the town love to visit the place. It is a perfect place to have breakfast and lunch. The restaurant also offers catering services.


Cafe Alfresco

$ | (508) 896-1741 | WEBSITE


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Another place where you can eat breakfast and lunch is in Cafe Alfresco. Its affordable meals are cooked only with the freshest ingredients in the town.

You will also want to sip coffee and enjoy your meal on their patio. Another option is sitting inside the cafe and enjoying the Wi-Fi while eating a panini if you have some work to do.

They offer breakfast sandwiches, smoothies, salads, and paninis. Aside from that, children’s menu and sides are available. But, of course, you also want to try their dinner specials! You will also enjoy the live performances in the cafe.


Laurino’s Tavern

$$ | (508) 896-6135 | WEBSITE


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If you love classic Italian dishes, the Laurino’s Tavern offers one of the best Italian surf’ n turfs.

You would love to taste their specialty sandwiches, pizzas, fried platters, and entrees. As of now, they don’t have any delivery. But they permit dine-in, takeout, and outdoor seating.

With the relaxing atmosphere in the restaurant, families love to visit the place. They also have a menu for kids, quick bite foods, and late-night food. You don’t have to worry when dining in because their staff ensure all surfaces are disinfected.


The Brewster Fish House

$$$ | (508) 896-7867 | WEBSITE


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You won’t fully enjoy your visit to Brewster if you don’t taste the seafood dishes in the Brewster Fish House.

Their menu includes Shrimp and Clamp Linguini, Cioppino, gluten-free Venison, Turbot, and more! The contemporary bistro-style restaurant also offers alcohol, beer, and cocktails.

As of now, they don’t accept delivery. But customers are welcome to dine in or take out their orders. It also has an onsite bar that tourists and friends will surely enjoy. Many find the place LGBTQ+ friendly as well.


Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters

$$ | (774) 323-0605 | WEBSITE

Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters Best Restaurants in Brewster, MA

Plan your trip to The Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters if you love coffee more than anything else. It is a Latino-owned cafe in Brewster that offers the best coffees and teas.

Their beverages are prepared in several methods like traditional brew and cold brew. Aside from coffees and teas, they also have sweets and pastries from their partners.

Because of the relaxing vibe it brings, many students, tourists, and families drop by. Their amenities include restrooms and free Wi-Fi.

As of now, the cafe welcomes dine-ins, outdoor seating, and takeouts. However, they don’t offer delivery at the moment.


Spinnaker Restaurant

$$ | (508) 896-7644 | WEBSITE


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Spinnaker Restaurant is perfect for fine indoor dining. It is the best choice for lovers who would like privacy while enjoying each others’ company. It was voted as one of the most romantic restaurants in Massachusetts.

As seasons change, so are their menu constantly change too. You might be surprised about what will be next on your plate. For their starter food, Steakhouse Wedge Salad is highly recommended.

You will also find their entrees and desserts satisfying and delicious. If you want to visit this place, a reservation is required.


Eat Cake 4 Breakfast Bakery

$$ | (508) 896-4444 | WEBSITE


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Sweet and pastry lovers should come by at Eat Cake 4 Breakfast Bakery. This place is known for French pastries and croissants. It opens early morning because of the high demands from the residents in the town.

Pastries have an appetizing design with the highest quality of ingredients. They have available cakes, cookies, individual desserts, and quiche.

This place is a must-try if you are craving a sweet-filled breakfast. They also offer dine-in, in-store picking, in-store shopping, and takeout. Staff are instructed to disinfect the surface between visits.



If you are visiting the town or staying for good, never miss eating at the 13 best restaurants in Brewster, MA.

Expect fresh ingredients prepared in the restaurants with its rich ocean. Aside from that, they offer an atmosphere you will enjoy. These places provide food experiences you won’t forget.

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