15 Best Restaurants in Olympia, WA (Reviews, Photos, Maps)

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Olympia is home to much delicious seafood and other ingredients. With different cuisine in the area, this list of fifteen Best Restaurants in Olympia, WA, will let you discover the delicious dishes in the area.

1. Budd Bay Cafe

$$$ | (360) 357-6963 | WEBSITE


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With an excellent ambiance and fresh seafood, Budd Bay Café offers a fantastic experience to their customer. Their restaurant is also near some hotels, perfect for those staying there as a tourist. The restaurant offers a mix of American, seafood, and pub food.

Along with their well-known food, the excellent interior of the café is also a perfect point for many customers. The excellent sea-themed illustrations throughout the restaurant make for an elevated experience. Although on the pricier side, the service and quality of food indeed reflect it.



2. Anthony’s Hearthfire Grill

$$$ | (360) 357-9700 | WEBSITE


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Located on Marine Drive, be ready to witness stunning ocean views when you dine in Anthony’s Hearhtfire Grill. If you want diversity in sitting, this is the place to be. Whether for dates, patio, or group dining, there is a place for you.

The restaurant provides many American favorites such as steak, sandwiches, and seafood. With a straight 4.5-star rating on their OpenTable reviews, you can ensure that many of their customers will leave the place satisfied.



3. Gardner’s Restaurant

$$$ | (360) 786-8466 | WEBSITE


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Want some Italian dishes in the Olympia area? Well, Gardner’s restaurant is among the most well-reviewed Italian restaurant area. With almost 40 years in the area and generally positive comments from its customers, you can ensure a great time with the restaurant.

Along with fresh pasta dishes, the restaurant also offers many delicious dishes such as Cioppino and Chicken Piccata. With a vast selection of beverages, you can ensure an after-meal drink will be great.



4. Anthony’s HomePort Olympia

$$ | (360) 357-9700 | WEBSITE


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Anthony’s HomePort is perfect for any time of the day. With their different menu, there is something to enjoy at breakfast, lunch, and even in the afternoon. With countless American favorites, there is something here for everyone.

If you love in-season fresh seafood, you can try out their specialized Chef’s choice. Anthony’s HomePort is also known for its excellent appearance and atmosphere. You can ensure a fantastic dining experience along with beautiful artisan plating.



5. Olympia Oyster House

$$ | (360) 753-7000 | WEBSITE


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Sitting in the historical site in the Olympia area, the old company start a new one with Olympia Oyster House. You can guarantee fresh seafood, meat, and vegetable dishes once you are in this restaurant. The place is excellent for unwinding, with positive reviews and a relaxing environment.

The restaurant also features a blend of different cuisines along with their delicious oysters and seafood. Tacos, burgers, and pasta are just a few of what they are offering. So, be sure to taste their food for authentic Olympian seafood.



6. Lemon Grass Restaurant

$$ | (360) 705-1832 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Olympia, WA

Coming from Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese cuisine, Lemon Grass Restaurant is the place to be if you have some Pan-Asian favorites. The Asian restaurant offers a wide range of dishes, from curry, tofu, and noodles.

If you are unfamiliar with the cuisine, trying out some of their best-sellers, such as Pad Thai and Spring rolls, can be an excellent starter. The interior of the restaurant also offers a blend of oriental and modern when it comes to furniture.



7. Dockside Bistro & Wine Bar

$$$ | (360) 956-1928 | WEBSITE


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Excellent alcohol and food that is what you can get at Dockside Bistro and Wine Bar. Their long list of alcohol will bring you happiness and buzz in no time. However, if you are not in for some alcohol in their bar, their lunch and dinner menu is there for a fine-dining experience.

When finding the restaurant, you will have an easy time searching for it. Dockside Bistro and Wine Bar stand out on Columbia Street with a slanted-roofed building.



8. McMenamins

$ | (360) 357-6444 | WEBSITE


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McMenamins is the place to be if you want some snacks in the Olympia area. With an affordable price and a wide variety of finger foods and deep-fried dishes, it’s the perfect stop for some good old burgers and fries. The place is a known stop if you want a filling and quick bite.

The restaurant’s interior is reminiscent of the traditional American diner and café. So, if you are craving fish n chips, try out McMenamins.



9. Basilico Ristorante

$$$ | (360) 570-8777 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Olympia, WA

Basilico Ristorante is another top place when it comes to Italian dishes. With an exclusively Italian menu, you can taste the authentic taste from the European country. Although unassuming on the front, many customers mark this place as a hidden gem.

Try out their different assortments of pasta, meat, and salads, made with the Italian taste. With their gluten-free and vegetarian dishes, there is something for anyone to try out.



10. Curry Corner

$$ | (360) 455-8776 | WEBSITE

Olympia, WA Best Restaurants

Affordable and delicious, if you love some Indian cuisine, then try out Curry Corner. It features many favorite Indian dishes, such as pakora, tikka masala, and samosa. Of course, lassi and Indian tea are among the beverages available in the restaurant.

In true Indian fashion, Curry Corner also features a wide variety of vegetarian dishes. So, whatever diet you have, there is a dish here for you. The restaurant is humble regarding the interior but provides quality service and excellent food.



11. Ranch House BBQ and Steakhouse

$$ | (360) 866-8704 | WEBSITE

Olympia, WA Best Restaurant

Regarding barbeques and steak, there is no other place to be than Ranch House BBQ and Steakhouse. Whether you like pork, chicken, or beef, there is a meaty dish for you. However, if you are vegetarian, their fries and other dishes are other incredible options.

This steakhouse is a perfect match if you are looking for some delicious smokey, juicy, and tender meat. With their award-winning barbecue, you know you are in for some incredible dishes.



12. Van’s Burger

$ | (360) 522-0252 | WEBSITE


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The burger is an all-American favorite when it comes to food. Fortunately, Van’s Burger is here to bring delicious burgers, soda, and sides to the Olympia area. A quick bite from this gourmet burger joint will fill you up in no time.

Sitting in the Yelm Highway area, the restaurant sits in the perfect place for a quick stop. With an excellent 5-star rating on their TripAdvisor page, you can ensure that majority of their customers left the restaurant satisfied.



13. Swing Wine Bar

$$ | (360) 357-9464 | WEBSITE


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What more excellent way to relax than with a fantastic bottle of wine? Relaxing and intimate in ambiance, Swing Wine Bar is a perfect spot for some date nights. Whether for solo, friends, or lovers, it offers excellent food, wine, and an atmosphere to unwind.

Along with the delicious beverages, Swing Wine Bar also offers a wide array of appetizers, entrees, and mains for you to enjoy. With their affordable pricing, you can make any dining special without breaking the bank.



14. Mercato Ristorante

$$ | (360) 528-3663 | WEBSITE


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Mercato Ristorante has served the Olympia area for twenty years as it sits on Market Street. The restaurant features Italian cuisine’s delicious and authentic taste, as evident in the name. With their fresh and made-from-scratch dishes, you can ensure excellent quality within every bite.

Choose from their delicious and different array of pasta, salads, and sandwiches. With a humble vibe and excellent wine, it’s a perfect stop for some delicious Italian dinner. So, stop by if you ever stop in the Farmer’s Market.



15. Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar

$$ | (360) 915-7784 | WEBSITE


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Although present in its name, Chelsea Farms is not just a home for some delicious oysters. The restaurant also offers a remarkable diversity of delicious food, from other seafood to vegetables and chicken dishes. Try out their different dishes if you want full coverage of the restaurant’s offerings.

You are in for excellent dining with a side of some cider, beer, and craft cocktails. You will love the restaurant’s clean and sleek interior with classy interior.



In Summary

With these 15 Best Restaurants in Olympia, you have an easier time finding the right restaurant for you. Whether you love American, Italian, or Asian meals, there is a restaurant in the area for you.

Best Restaurants in Olympia

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  1. Wondering why Uptown Bar and Grill is not on this list I mean I’m sure that not very many people know about the restaurant, but It seems as if there are a lot of seafood locations on here. I’m going to go ahead and throw this out there that not everyone loves seafood, and if you are looking for a great place that makes all their entrees as well as most of their sauces Uptown Bar and Grill has some of the best food I have had in Olympia. I also do Google reviews and have mentioned them there as well my name is Travis and if you find I am incorrect and need to let me know I will be there having their delicious honey bbq wings.


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