13 Best French Restaurants in New York [2023 Updated]

New York is perhaps the Mecca of cuisine on this side of the world. When it comes to finding the best French restaurants in New York, it all depends on what you want to eat, how you want to experience French cuisine, and where you’d love to experience a slice of heaven on Earth.

Le Coucou

$$$$ | (212) 271-4252 | WEBSITE

Best French Restaurants in New York Le Coucou

This is not a restaurant for those that aren’t willing to try new, explosive flavors and creative dishes. Le Coucou is a powerhouse in French cooking, and it shows its hefty price point.

Nevertheless, residents of New York and tourists alike flock here to enjoy the dishes chef Daniel Rose has to offer.

From oysters and seaweed to prime filet with caviar, there’s no shortage of interesting flavor combinations to choose from.

Roasted duckling, veal, and fresh seasonal vegetables are just some of the amazing dishes available at this high-class, ultra-luxurious New York French restaurant.


Benoit New York

$$$ | (646) 943-7373 | WEBSITE


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You can have your pick of delicious meals at Benoit New York for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Choose from an assorted wine list, and pair it with your favorite bistro classics.

You can try out the filet mignon in a peppercorn sauce to get your fill of the evening. Or, opt for something lighter, such as the grilled octopus with chickpea and spices.

Did we mention they also have a selection of French cheeses..or as they say, from ages? This is the perfect restaurant to satisfy your appetite and have fun with friends and family on a sunny afternoon.


La Sirene Soho

$$$$ | (212) 925-3061 | WEBSITE


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Soho dining doesn’t get much better than this. La Sirene specializes in foods that are considered a luxury and a minor miracle once you taste them, such as their 180 days aged Swiss cheese paired with baked goat cheese.

In addition, La Sirene also offered its guests a range of white wine, port wine, liquor, sparkling wine, and a variety of different drinks that can go great with any meal, French or not!

From lamb to filet mignon, there’s a world of French culinary delight to explore in every bite at La Sirene. Save this for your next date idea.


Chez Josephine

$$$$ | (212) 594-1925 | WEBSITE


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Named after Josephine Baker, this restaurant exudes French 1920’s flair in the middle of New York! The restaurant prides itself on serving all of Josephine’s favorite, foods that have a Creole flair with none of the frills.

This food is made to have style and spicy sophistication. Choose from the dinner menu, including the slow-roasted Amish chicken breast, spaghetti Bolognese (Josephine’s favorite), or the French Lobster Casoullet.

You can be transported in time while appreciating modern cooking and flavor combinations at Chez Josephine. Stop by today for dinner or lunch!


Bistro Les Amis

$$ | (212) 226-8645 | WEBSITE


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Need a break from the hustle and bustle of Soho and New York? Stop by the Bistro Les Amis to enjoy all your favorite French cuisines without having to break the bank and in a warm, welcoming environment.

The menu is constantly changing, but always features only the freshest ingredients to make sure your meals are impeccable.

From quinoa salad, to a lobster grilled cheese sandwich, the food here is simple, yet delicious. It is affordable, yet still high enough in quality that you know you can’t have it just anywhere! Stop by today for lunch, brunch, or dessert!



$$$$ | (212) 965-1414 | WEBSITE

New York Best French Restaurants

Balthazar is the quintessential French restaurant that every city should have within its neighborhood. Offering fresh pastries and bread, Balthazar seems like a scene straight from a Parisian movie set in the middle of New York.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Hungry travelers can also enjoy a wide range of fresh seafood and shellfish to enjoy the French sea right in the middle of New York.

Other incredible menu items include wild mushrooms on toast for breakfast, brioche French toast, and even veal and beef short ribs for dinner! Take the family or a plus one to Balthazar!


Le Prive

$$$$ | (212) 837-2795 | WEBSITE


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Step into a French, Victorian-era world in the middle of Hell’s Kitchen with Le Prive.

Chandeliers and beautiful tables allow you to feel as if you’ve stepped back in time, only to find yourself enjoying modern, redefined French cuisine such as steak tartar and escargot.

You can equally enjoy a high-quality New York strip steak as much as you can enjoy Le Prive’s wide selection of shellfish, mussels, clams, and shrimp.

Quality doesn’t lack, no matter what dish you try! You can also enjoy wine and champagne by the glass or the bottle to accompany your meal.


La Ripaille

$$$ | (212) 255-4406 | WEBSITE


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Located in the West Village, La Ripaille has been in business since 1980 offering spectacular dishes that include both modern and traditional takes on French cuisine.

Extremely high quality, discipline, and never-ending devotion to perfecting flavors are what make these French dishes at La Ripaille so unique.

From salmon Tartare to wild mushrooms prepared in flaming cognac, coming to La Ripaille is more than just a dinner.

In order to fully enjoy yourself, immerse yourself in the pleasurable experience of sitting in this small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant, enjoying the taste of France (in the middle of New York of course).


Le Rivage

$$$$ | (212) 765-7374 | WEBSITE


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Le Rivage is a French farm wonderland smack dab in the middle of New York’s restaurant row. Here, you’ll find French flowers and  French country-style decorating the restaurant throughout.

As far as the menu, traditional cuisine is done right. Snails cooked in garlic butter, herb, and white wine sauce are there to make your tastebuds feel amazing.

Mussels, pan-seared rainbow trout, and ratatouille are some of the other, more popular traditional dishes that guests just can’t seem to get enough of. Stop by and dine like you’re family, or even bring your own with you!


Le Grande Boucherie

$$$$ | (212) 510-7714 | WEBSITE


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You can enjoy escargots, French onion soup, and wagyu beef all the same at Le Grande Boucherie.

Although the restaurant does carry traditional French favorites, such as a Charcuterie bar and a fine selection of from ages, this restaurant is more than just inspired by French cuisine.

They are inspired by the French ideal of “Joie de vivre,” meaning they want nothing more than to share the joy of cuisine with their customers and find what works.

Then, stick to it! We have fun at Le Grande Boucherie, and its varied menu, laid-back atmosphere, and friendly atmosphere are sure to show you why.


Le Grenouille

$$$$ | (212) 752-1495 | WEBSITE


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Le Grenouille has all of your French favorites with none of the frills. This is one of our favorite French restaurants in New York due to how genuine and traditional its dishes are.

From French onion and split plea soup to start the evening, to soufflé to end the night with a delicious dessert, there’s no shortage of traditional French food here.

With a Prix Fixe for around $180 dollars, this is also a great restaurant to take your loved one on their first French dining experience! There’s a reason this restaurant has been in business since 1962!



$$$$ | (212) 260-6481 | WEBSITE


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Lucien feels as if it’s a cafe stuck in time, and walking in takes you back to an era in France before World War II! In all seriousness, this restaurant has been hailed for both its food and its beautiful decor and history.

Lucien has made its mark as one of the best places to enjoy simply, hearty, traditional French food for those that just want the comfort of Paris on their plates and in their belly.

From traditional bistro foods such as steak fries to escargot and steak tartare, you should begin your French culinary experience with Lucien.


Deux Amis

$$$ | (212) 230-1117 | WEBSITE


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There’s no need for anything else besides good food, wine, and a great atmosphere here at Deux Amis. This midtown Manhattan restaurant offers the very best of French cuisine combined with a full bar!

Guests can enjoy both indoor and outdoor dining, and can wine and dine on escargot, calamari, and shrimp until their heart’s content!



It’s not difficult to find the best French restaurants in New York with our list above. Wine and dine anywhere in New York, and enjoy both traditional and modern takes on French cuisine in this city today.


Best French Restaurants in New York

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