22 Best Restaurants in Farmingdale, New York [2023 Updated]

You may only know Farmingdale as a peaceful, welcoming town in New York. The people here are family-oriented and community-based, too. However, there’s so much more to Farmingdale than this.

Farmingdale has restaurants serving various delicious dishes from pasta to seafood and more!

So, when you find yourself wandering these stretches of land, visit any of these best restaurants in Farmingdale, New York, for a meal you won’t forget.

Flux Coffee

$$ | (516) 586-8979 | WEBSITE


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Visit this café for breakfast and order a perfectly cooked bun cha. Here, the chefs prepare yummy cupcakes, doughnuts, chocolates, and blueberry muffins. Espresso and a great chai latte are worth a try here.

Flux Coffee is famous for its excellent services and welcoming staff ready to serve you. Visit Flux Coffee joint to enjoy the comfortable atmosphere as you sip their delicious coffee.


La Villetta

$$ | (516) 752-0445 | WEBSITE


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La Villetta is the best place to explore the world of Italian cuisine. You’ll certainly enjoy their veal chops, good chicken, and shrimp pasta. We highly recommend you try their coffee, wines, and martinis, too.

Visit La Villetta today and enjoy delicious Italian cuisine at affordable prices while relaxing in a home-like atmosphere.


One10 Restaurant and Lounge

$$ | (631) 694-3333 | WEBSITE


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One10 Restaurant and Lounge is an elegant Italian Steakhouse that exudes a contemporary style with a welcoming atmosphere.

One10 is at your service if you’re looking for an exquisite dining experience, or to host a corporate or a world-social class event.

They offer various meals made from locally sourced ingredients. Visit One10 and enjoy hand-made pasta, prime dry-aged steaks, Pat Lafrieda burgers, and freshet seafood at affordable prices.


Grecian Grill

$$ | (516) 753-1260 | WEBSITE


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Grecian Grill is popular for serving the best Mediterranean and Greek cuisines. You can also enjoy perfectly cooked Greek gyro, doner, lamb kebabs, tasty yogurt, and good baklava.

Moreover, Grecian Grill offers takeout, too. They’ve excellent services and offer affordable prices for sumptuous meals. Visit Grecian Grill for a cozy atmosphere as you enjoy your sumptuous Mediterranean and Greek cuisines.


Palmer’s American Grille

$$$ | (516) 420-0609 | WEBSITE


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Palmer’s American Grille is popular for delicious beef wellington, mushroom crepes, and breaded calamari. Visit this place for baked apples, tasty coconut ice cream, and butter cakes with an appetizing taste.

You’ll certainly enjoy their delicious marsala, chianti, or liqueur coffee, too. We recommend you make your meal tastier by ordering great ginger tea, chocolate shake, or fruit juice.

Moreover, Palmer’s American Grille has a well-trained staff that offers fabulous services. Visit this spot for an affordable meal as you relax in a pleasant atmosphere.


Absolutely Mario

$$ | (631) 694-7416 | WEBSITE

Absolutely Mario Best Restaurants in Farmingdale, New York

Absolutely Mario is one of the best spots to try on the Italian cuisines menu. Visit Absolutely Mario for nicely cooked veal chops, calamari, and spinach salad, too. You’ll also enjoy white wine, delicious marsala, and great espresso.

Absolutely Mario has well-trained staff and offers affordable meals, too. Take your friends at Absolutely Mario and enjoy the fancy fireplace as you enjoy white wine and great espresso.


Vespa Italian Kitchen & Bar

$$ | (516) 586-8542 | WEBSITE

Vespa Italian Kitchen & Bar Best Restaurants in Farmingdale, New York

It’s time to visit Vespa Italian Kitchen & Bar if you’ve never tried Italian cuisine. You’ll also enjoy perfectly cooked meatballs, squid balls, and stuffed artichokes.

Their wine list is versatile, and you’ll find something that suits your taste. We recommend you try their selection of red cappuccino or great Americano.

Vespa Italian Kitchen & Bar offers epic service and affordable prices on their menu. You’ll certainly enjoy the homey atmosphere here, too.


Sasa Hibachi Sushi Bar

$$ | (631) 465-0346 | WEBSITE


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Sasa Hibachi Sushi Bar serves various Japanese and Hibachi Sushi-like Steak Hibachi, Chilean Seabass, and Truffle Tor.

You’ll certainly enjoy the warmth of hospitality and the elegant combination of innovative, sophisticated meals and traditional Asian recipes.

Sasa Hibachi Sushi Bar strives to provide guests with an opportunity to enjoy an excellent dining experience. Visit here and try delicious meals today.


The Melting Pot

$$$ | (631) 752-4242 | WEBSITE


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The Melting Pot offers the best four-course fondue dinner experience. Their 4-Course experience includes one salad, one portion of cheese, one entrée with cooking style, and one portion of chocolate.

Moreover, The Melting Pot has a cozy atmosphere where you can enjoy fine cocktails and wines.

We particularly recommend The Melting Pot as the ideal place to get together with friends, larger groups, and meetings. They offer epic service and affordable meals like cooked meatballs and stuffed artichokes.


Palmer’s American Grill

$$$ | (516) 420-0609 | WEBSITE


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Palmer’s American Grill has a friendly and warm atmosphere featuring an upscale contemporary menu. The menu starts with delicious pasta to prime-aged steaks and seafood accompanied by decadent desserts.

In addition to their super menu, Palmer’s American Grill offers live music every Friday and Saturday evening in their lounge/bar areas. Visit here for a ladies’ night every Thursday and make your dining experience memorable.


Verona Ristorante

$$ | (516) 249-0000 | WEBSITE

Verona Ristorante Best Restaurants in Farmingdale, New York

Verona Ristorante serves Italian meals, and fans argue it’s the best fare in Farmingdale. It’s an amazing spot for the whole family, for larger gatherings, and provides private rooms for celebrations, parties, and other merry gatherings.

Verona Ristorante offers excellent service and affordable prices, too. Visit this restaurant to enjoy sumptuous Italian dishes in a cozy atmosphere


Caracara Mexican Grill

$$ | (516) 777-2272 | WEBSITE


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Caracara Mexican serves delicious Mexican meals in Farmingdale. They’ve got a cozy tequila lounge that makes you feel at home while enjoying your delicious Mexican meal.

Caracara Mexican Grill operates all week round and serves great margaritas, sangria, and mojitos, too.

Specials are offered daily and happy hour runs from Monday to Friday. Their tequila list includes about 65 premium tequilas.

Visit Caracara Mexican Grill and try traditional entrees like Iron Skillet Tacos, Tamales, and Enchiladas and innovative meals like Pollo Relleno.


Tres Scalina

$$ | (516) 249-0140 | WEBSITE

Tres Scalina Best Restaurants in Farmingdale, New York

Tress Scalini has been serving guests for 22 years. It’s the best spot for family celebrations. Tre Scalini prepares fresh Italian meals in a home-like Italian setting where you’re welcomed as friends and families.

From the décor to the flavors, Tre Scalina wants you to feel like you’re sharing the food with an Italian family. Bring your loved ones here and enjoy good wine, food, and memorable conversations in a home-like atmosphere.



$$ | (516) 845-7129 | WEBSITE

Wendy's Best Restaurants in Farmingdale, New York

Wendy’s is popular for perfectly cooked roasted sandwiches, grilled salads, and sweet fries. Visit Wendy’s and order good-baked apples, sugar cookies, and Brezeln, too.

Moreover, you’ll certainly enjoy their Italian beer, delicious root beer, and strawberry beer. You should purpose to try bubble tea, great fruit juice, and tomato juice at Wendy’s. Visit Wendy’s for their epic services and affordable meals.


Deli Zone Gourmet Pizza & Catering

$$ | (631) 293-7399 | WEBSITE

Deli Zone Gourmet Pizza & Catering Best Restaurants in Farmingdale, New York

Deli Zone Gourmet Pizza & Catering is the best spot to try good lettuce salads and perfectly cooked egg sandwiches. Be sure to order nicely cooked bread puddings and tasty bagels, and delicious tea, too.

In addition to excellent services, Deli Zone Gourmet Pizza & Catering offers affordable meals, too.


Applebee’s Grill + Bar

$$ | (631) 845-5201 | WEBSITE


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Applebee’s Grill + Bar is popular for delicious spicy French fries, spicy salmon, and stuffed potatoes.

You can visit Applebee’s Grill + Bar for a caramel cheesecake, triple chocolate cakes, and baked apples, too. Moreover, this spot prepares the best fruit tea, orange mango smoothies, and great iced green tea in Farmingdale.

They’ve professionally trained staff and offer affordable meals. Visit Applebee’s Grill + Bar for their spicy dishes while enjoying the cozy atmosphere.



$$ | (516) 694-6906 | WEBSITE

NuBar Best Restaurants in Farmingdale, New York

NuBar is popular for an eclectic wine list, and classical cocktails. The lounge offers fancy fireplace which provides a casual spot for taking appetizers and cocktails.

In the evening hours, NuBar glows to provide sparkling backdrops for delicious libations.

Moreover, NuBar has a la carte dining in several areas from banquettes to high top tables. Their Berkeley Room and Garden Room provide cozy dining venues.

Visit Nubar and try their delicious teas, coffees, artisanal spirit, and dessert wines. This place is such a gem! You’ll certainly enjoy their bar menu at an affordable price.


Georgio’s Coffee Roasters

$$ | (516) 238-2999 | WEBSITE

Georgio's Coffee Roasters Best Restaurants in Farmingdale, New York

Georgio’s Coffee Roasters serves perfectly cooked doughnuts. They have the best bitter cocktail recipe in the town. You’ll certainly enjoy their Americano, Mexican, or iced coffee, too.

Georgio’s Coffee Roasters has professional trained staff and affordable meals like perfectly cooked veggie burgers, fish sandwiches, and fillet steaks.

We recommend you try their food delivery services, too. Visit Georgio’s Coffee Roasters and enjoy your iced coffee and yummy doughnuts in a cozy atmosphere.


The Halal Guys

$$$$ | (631) 815-5222 | WEBSITE


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The Hala Guys is the best spot to try delicious lamb, grilled chicken, and beef in Farmingdale. You can also order tasty baklava, good lemonade and other delicious meals like sweet fries, roasted sandwiches, and grilled salads.

Most guests agree that the staff here is welcoming. But when you visit this spot, you’ll certainly enjoy your sumptuous meal in a home-like atmosphere.


Burger King

$$ | (631) 694-1995 | WEBSITE


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Burger King is popular for perfectly cooked veggie burgers, fish sandwiches, and fillet steaks. You can also try layered pastry, tasty potato pie, and brioche toasts.

Other menu include delicious French coffee or great vanilla iced coffee. Visit Burger King for excellent service and affordable meals.


Talluci’s pizzeria

$$ | (631) 390-9684 | WEBSITE

Talluci's pizzeria Best Restaurants in Farmingdale, New York

Talluci’s is one of the popular pizzeria in Farmingdale. Try their pie and some of their best dishes. Don’t leave Talluci’s without ordering Glutten Free Cheese Pizza, which is the reason behind their popularity.

Remember to add Boylan soda to your pizza order. Visit Talluci’s pizzeria for excellent services and affordable pizzas.


Changing Times Pub

$$ | (631) 694-6462 | WEBSITE


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Changing Times Pub is popular for special drinks, wings, Ladies Nights, Happy Hour, and Tap Beer Selections. With outdoor seating, over 47 television, and kitchen opening late you’ll have a fantastic time here.

There is live music every Friday evening and you can host a private event, too. Visit Changing Times Pub for their affordable martini menu, craft beer selections, and wine list.



We wish we could have reviewed more excellent restaurants around. For now, these 22 best restaurants in Farmingdale, New York, take the prize, and we hope you’ll stop by at least one of these eateries. Happy eating!

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