11 Best Thai Restaurants in New York [2023 Updated]

Are you looking for the best Thai restaurants in New York? Thai food remains one of the most popular cuisines across the world.

Some people love Thai food for its distinct flavors. Others love it for being healthy and tasty. It doesn’t matter why you love Thai food; the most essential thing is Thai restaurants in New York no longer serve only pad Thai or curry. As a diner, you will get to choose from some of the tastiest of Thailand’s regional cuisines.

The good news is there are many Thai restaurants in New York. But you need to know where to look to find the best Thai restaurant.

We’ve compiled this list of the twelve best Thai restaurants in New York. We hope this will make things a tad easier for you. Choose a restaurant that suits your taste buds and your budget as well.

Nora Thai

$$ | 718-302-1499 | WEBSITE


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This is the first Thai restaurant that you should check out. It is renowned in New York for its traditional Thai hawker dishes. From soups served in traditional dishes to sour curry that you can only find in Thailand.

You will love everything about it, from spacious tables and standard cups straight from Thailand. You will also enjoy sugar and other ingredients that come with bowls of beef or boat noodles topped with crispy pork rinds.

You can order anything from dried curry to spicy, sour curry, and more. Expect to pay anything from $6, $8, $9, $10, to $18. For instance, Dumplings cost only $8, chicken gyoza costs $9, and you will pay $10 for a Tod-Mun dish.


Pure Thai Cookhouse

$$ | 212-581-0999 | WEBSITE


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Get a taste of homemade noodles and other delectable Thai cuisines from this restaurant. Every dish is pure Thai, and the vegetables come from the farmlands of Phayao.

You will get to taste snacks such as Yum Samun Pai, a Kang Dang Nuah dish, even a Guay Tiew Moo Bo Lan. The affordable prices make this restaurant a hit in New York. It will be suitable for a professional, a small business owner. Prices for dishes range from $14, $15, $19, to $28.


Thai Villa

$$ | 212-802-9999 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking for traditional Thai fare served in a homely setting, then you should consider Thai Villa. You will enjoy every taste of every cuisine they serve, including a refreshing atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else. The waiters are always super friendly.

What’s more, Thai Villa serves more than just any ordinary Thai dish. You will only get classic dishes here. For instance, they serve Kun Tok and other similar special dishes. Expect to pay anything from $8, $9, $11, to $15.


Wondee Siam

$ | 212-459-9057 | WEBSITE

Wondee Siam

Wondee Siam is a cozy spot that offers only modestly-priced Thai country-style cuisines. Diners get a chance to choose from Asian to Thai delicious treats that you usually find in the central part of Thailand. All meals are cooked with passion and love.

Whether you want to surprise your date, bring the whole family or friends, they will find most of the food delicious and the environment relaxing. You have an option to order online and have your order delivered free when you order anything above $15. Prices range from $6, $7, $8, to $15.


Somtum Der

$$ | 212-260-8570 | WEBSITE


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At Somtum Der, you will get a chance to taste a myriad of cuisines, including authentic Isan meals, Somtum Pu Plara dish, and Tum Kor Moo. The restaurant is Smartly decorated to offer a cozy setting for lovers, friends, and even families. Interestingly, the meals are affordable, too.

Expect to pay anything from $3, $7, $14, to $16. For instance, for a Khao Ji meal, you’ll pay $14, $16 for a tasty Larb Ped.


Ugly baby

$$ | 347-689-3075 | WEBSITE


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Ugly Baby offers a variety of flavors from different regions of Thailand. In this restaurant, you can only find spicy curries, tasty soups, and other delectable soups. Once you taste one of their dishes, you will return for more. You can order anything from Khao Soi, Laab Ped Udon, and more.

The prices are reasonable. Expect to pay anything from $9, $10, $14, to $18. For instance, for a Gai Golae dish, you will pay $10, $14 for Teen Ped Prik Tai Dum, and $18 for Pla Tod Kamin.


Arunee Thai Cuisine

$$ | 718-205-5637 | WEBSITE


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Arunee Thai is one of the restaurants that offers a distinct taste. Thanks to what they call “medium-spicy,” you will enjoy one of the tasty chilly dishes. Arunee uses their secret of mixing chili peppers to create the kind of taste you can’t find anywhere else. You can order anything from Yum Sam Krob, Tom Yum Goong, and Guay Teow Kee Mao.

Expect to pay anything from $5.95, $6, $8.95, to $9.95, which makes it one of the affordable Thai restaurants. For instance, for a Taud Man dish, you’ll pay $6 for a Mee Kaob, $8 95 for a Tom Yum Goong dish, and $9.95 for a Kang Paa With CatFish.



$$ | 718-899-9599 | WEBSITE


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This is one of the Thai restaurants that you should try out. It offers only distinctive, traditional cuisines you will only find in Bangkok. From Green Curry with Beef to catfish salad, crispy Chinese Watercress Salad with shrimp, squid, chicken, crushed peanut, and cashew nut. You can also order a thick, piquant soup with roasted Thai eggplant.

The dining rooms are sprawling out to over two levels to accommodate as many diners as possible. Expect to pay anything from $8.50, $9.50, $10, to $11.


Topaz Thai Authentic

$$ | 212-957-8020 | WEBSITE

Topaz Thai Authentic

Topaz Thai Authentic offers tasty and irresistible dishes. Judging by the crowds of people who frequent this place, once you taste one of their cuisines, it will be nearly impossible to try another Thai restaurant. It is a favorite hangout for couples, local bachelor’s, professionals, and just any other ordinary food lover.

They serve everything from Bangkok Shrimp, large shrimp deep-fried, and other Bangkok exuberant dishes at affordable prices. Expect to pay anything from $12.95, $13, $15, to $21. For instance, a Chicken dish costs $19.95, a BBQ chicken is $21, a minced chicken with fresh Thai basil leaf costs $21.95.


Yum Yum Too

$$ | 212-247-2228 | WEBSITE

Yum Yum Too

If you haven’t visited Yum Yum Too, then you have been missing out on a lot of tasty dishes. It is one of the trendiest Thai restaurants in New York. Their executive chef uses only the finest and freshest ingredients in Thailand and the United States.

You can order anything from Green Curry, Atlantic Salmon to Emperor Duck, Beef Panang in Acorn Squash, and delicious vegetable treats. You can take one of your best clients to this eatery.

What sets Yum Yum Too apart from other Thai restaurants in New York is the excellent service and high-quality food. Expect to pay for a 5-course meal for anything from $24.95, $25, $30.95 to $32.95.


The Sabieng Thai

$ | 212-253-2742 | WEBSITE

The Sabieng Thai

The Sabieng Thai is one of the places that will make you feel like you are eating food from a Bangkok kitchen. It is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and using only high-quality fresh ingredients. It serves an Intimate, narrow menu that includes, classic dishes like notes, traditional curries, still fiery, and more.

You won’t pay a fortune for some of the best Thai menus. Expect to pay anything from $7, $8, $9, $11 to $13. For instance, a Pot Sticker dish costs $9, $11 for Sabieng Chicken Wings, whereas a starter Sabieng Thai costs $13.


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