14 Best Restaurants in Chelsea, New York 2023

Chelsea is one of New York City’s artistic neighborhoods and is situated on the west side of Manhattan borough in New York.

Besides enjoying artworks in different galleries around the area, you can also enjoy delicious food and drinks in Chelsea’s multiple eateries. The following are the 15 best restaurants in Chelsea NYC.


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Cookshop is an eatery in Chelsea ideal for brunch, date night, group gatherings, and dinner with friends or family. The eatery has a spacious interior with a casual feel, and there is a patio for people who enjoy eating outside.

Cookshop offers delicious American food prepared by Chef Marc Meyer, a seasoned chef, and co-owner of the hotel. It provides dine-in, curbside pickup, online delivery services to customers. The staff offers quick, satisfactory services.



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Miznon, located in Chelsea Market, NYC, is the first chain of Miznon enterprise hotels opened in the United States. It uses fresh and seasonal ingredients to prepare tasty Mediterranean street food.

The owner, Eyal Shani, is one of the most legendary chefs in the Israeli culinary industry. Customers can expect to get scrumptious pitas with lamb, steak, and ratatouille.

The eatery offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery services. Miznon has a friendly staff that offers quick and professional services to customers.


Lobster Place

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Situated in Chelsea Market, Lobster Place is a top seafood joint serving lobsters, oyster fish, and other kinds of seafood. It also serves burgers, sandwiches, salad, soups, sides, and desserts.

Set up in an expansive interior space and additional eating stations on the outside, the Lobster place offers a welcoming atmosphere for dining.

The staff is professional, and the quality of food and drinks is great. There is free Wi-Fi and ample parking space for customers.



$$ | (212) 989-4466 | WEBSITE


Momoya is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Chelsea NYC. While its main dish is sushi, other items customers can enjoy at the hotel include nasu shigiyaku, lobster spring roll, tuna tortilla, tuna, and nakamura.

Drinks served at the Japanese restaurant include beer and specialty cocktails. The interior has well-arranged furniture and trendy décor that create a fantastic ambiance for eating and drinking.

Customers can dine in the eatery, pick takeaway, or order food online for delivery.


The Meatball Shop

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This place tops the list of top meatball restaurants in Chelsea NYC. The Meatball Shop in Chelsea, not to be confused with Hell’s Kitchen, uses all-natural ingredients from local farmers and retailers to prepare food.

The menu is kid-friendly, making the café ideal for adults and children. It has a diner and a bar downstairs known as Underballs for cocktail lovers.

Its ample space makes it a fabulous spot for big groups, like families and friends. The refrectory serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. It offers dine-in, takeaway, delivery services, outdoor catering, and space for private events.


La Bergamote (Chelsea)

$$ | (212) 627-9010 | WEBSITE


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La Bergamote (Chelsea) is a French-inspired café in New York City. Its menu comprises its signature pastries as well as croissants, sandwiches, appetizers, salads, and sides.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the French cafeteria, as reflected in their excellent food and service. The staff is friendly, and their online customer service is highly responsive.

The café is spacious with beautiful décor that amplifies the aesthetics of the interior parts of the eatery. Customers can make orders online or book reservations for special events.



$$ | (212) 967-4392 | WEBSITE


Ovest is a good destination for Naple-style food and Italian wines in the Western part of the Chelsea neighborhood. This cafeteria is renowned for its wood and brick oven pizza, pasta, and panini, among other food items.

Customers can receive dine-in, curbside pickup, and delivery services from Ovest, which opens from noon to midnight all days of the week.

The pizza restaurant also holds corporate events, luncheons and dinners, private parties, social events, and catering services. The staff offers high-quality services that exceed customer expectations.


Westville Chelsea

$$ | (212) 924-2223 | WEBSITE


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Westville Chelsea is an American café that serves fresh food items prepared with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. This joint operates from 11:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. and mainly offers brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Orders and reservations can be made online via the joint’s website. Some of the food available in the eatery include sandwiches, salad, burgers, fries, and noodles.

Additionally, the hotel provides various special offers throughout the week, including happy hours and discounts.


Motel Morris

$$ | (646) 880-4810 | WEBSITE


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Situated a few meters from the Rubin Museum of Art, Motel Morris is a restaurant and bar in Chelsea. It is a motel-themed hotel appropriate for date nights with a partner, friend, or family member.

The hotel is well decorated and has a retro vibe. They serve wonderful American food like chicken fried pork and grilled octopus alongside beer, cocktails, and other drinks.

The staff is accommodating, and the services are excellent whether looking for dine-in, curbside pickup, and delivery options.



$$$ | (212) 597-9222 | WEBSITE


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As the name suggests, Seamore’s is a seafood restaurant in Chelsea. The cafeteria is vast with high ceilings and is suitable for people who enjoy casual meals.

Seamore’s has excellent food, and its menu features various sandwiches, fish tacos, tartar sauce, pickled carrot, and brioche bun.

The restaurant provides incentives like happy hours to show appreciation and improve customer experience. Dine-in, takeaway, and non-contact delivery through third parties are the services provided in the hotel.


Empire Diner

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Empire diner is a beautiful restaurant designed inside a remodeled dining car where customers can sit and grab a bite.

It is ideal for brunch with friends and family, and some of its main dishes include freshly baked cakes, roasted chicken, sides, salads, as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes.

The waiters offer attentive and timely services to customers dining in the eatery or those ordering food and drinks for pickup or delivery.


Jack’s Wife Freda

$$ | (212) 510-8850 | WEBSITE


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Jack’s Wife Freda is a cozy, casual restaurant in Chelsea owned by friends. The menu is peculiar and is a mix of American and Middle Eastern food.

The delicacies customers can enjoy in the diner comprise baked eggs in a flavored sauce, mimosas, noodles, waffles, salad, and fish.

This place is perfect for vegetarians. It is a favorite brunch spot, but customers can also enjoy lunch or casual dinner in the diner. Jack’s Wife Freda is also great for kids, and customers can bring along their pets.


Highline Pizzeria

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Highline Pizzeria is another Italian café serving pizza, pies, salads, rolls, appetizers, desserts, and beverages. This restaurant has friendly employees who are super attentive to customers.

Guests can dine inside the eatery or take their order via curbside pickup. Customers receive a 5% discount on any order they place online and repeat customers often receive treats like extra cheese and salad.

Highline Pizzeria’s calm atmosphere makes the diner fit for quiet meetings. The Italian-themed hotel is usually busy during the weekend when most people are free.


Pastai Restaurant

$$ | (646) 688-3463 | WEBSITE


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Pastai Restaurant is an Italian eating joint in Chelsea, New York. Its main dish is pizza, but customers can also enjoy pasta dishes, egg dishes, and appetizers.

Drinks available in the Italian cafeteria include sodas, water, herbal tea, coffee, beer, and other beverages. Food lovers can enjoy Pastai’s delectable food and drinks through dine-in, takeaway, or no-contact delivery services.

Additionally, customers make reservations, book space for private parties, and request outdoor catering services at Pastai restaurant. The hotel is open Monday through Sunday and is usually packed to capacity on weekends.



These are the 15 best restaurants in Chelsea NYC. They serve delicious foods and drinks, and cuisines vary from one hotel to another.

The good thing is everyone can get an eatery that best suits their needs and preferences given the high number of restaurants in the urban neighborhood.


Best Restaurants in Chelsea, New York

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