11 Best Greek Restaurants in New York [2023 Updated]

Did you know that there are over 26,000 restaurants in NYC? Yes, you read that right! You won’t pass a corner without an eatery in this big bustling city.

If you’re looking for excellent Greek food in the Big Apple, this article will help you choose the perfect food corner for you. We’ve laid out the best Greek restaurants in New York on this page. ​​Kalí óreksi!


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Named after a beautiful seaside town in Peloponnese, Greece, Pylos is a small Greek Restaurant in New York located on 7th Street. Pylos is a food spot that brings the elegant taste of Greek flavors in a comfortable, inviting dining area.

This upscale Greek restaurant provides you with a Greek breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even Greece’s classic desserts. It features fish and seafood, like Solomos Ston Atmo and Psari Sa Karvouna, that you can try.

Their meat specialties, the Arni Kotsi Me Meli and Brizola, are also in store. Besides the delectable meals, diners can select from Pylos’ fantastic array of wines and Epidorpia or sweets.

Tselepos Amalia Brut, Muscat of Patras, and Mouzo are available in this restaurant. Hot drinks like Greek coffee and cappuccino are in store, too.


Loi Estiatorio

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Loi Estiatorio

Immerse yourself in fantastic Greek cuisine with the best chef in town: Chef Maria Loi. Chef Maria Loi specializes in Greek gastronomy.

She is the official ambassador appointed by the Chef’s Club of Greece. She started Loi Estiatorio, a Greek restaurant in New York at the Westside of NYC.

Loi Estiatorio offers Greek lunch on weekdays and dinner from Mondays to Saturdays. Inspired by the isles of Nafpaktos, this restaurant brings a relaxing and fresh ambiance to diners.

Loi Estiatorio features a vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan Greek menu.

Chef Maria Loi’s specialties include Bone Marrow Soup, Grape Leaves, Artichokes with Peas, and the Loi Burger made of delicious wagyu beef, arugula, geta cheese, and lemon potatoes.


Pi Greek Bakerie

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Head out to Broome St. and enjoy natural Greek recipes that bring the Mediterranean heritage right to your table.

Their fresh and tasty Greek delicacies are made from the finest and most authentic ingredients that offer unique, delectable flavors.

Pi Greek Bakerie has dainty desserts and tasty treats like pastries, pies, yogurts, and moussaka. Pi Greek Bakerie is an excellent place for you to work while you dine, too, creating a quiet, soothing, and pleasant vibe for diners.



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Periyali is a romantic Greek terminology meaning seashore or coastline. Just like the seashore, Periyali is one of the freshest, sweetest, best Greek restaurants in New York that delivers delicious Greek food right to your doorstep.

Periyali has been standing since 1987 and is constantly providing good food to its customers.

This restaurant on 20th street has the classics, like the octopus, greek salad, chicken avgolemono soup, and rabbit stew. Try their delicious lamb chops too.


Christos Steak House

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Christos Steak House is when American culinary meets Greek gastronomy. This restaurant in Queens offers traditional Mediterranean dishes.

Its steak cuts are carefully aged for 21 days in the steakhouse’s aging room to pull off supreme tenderness and excellent flavors.

This steak house is often referred to as the “hidden gem” of Queens, NYC.

It is recognized as one of the best steak houses in New York City, and what makes this restaurant stand out is its top-notch steak handling and excellent Greek flavors and flair.

This famous steak house is also a superb meet-up spot with a comfortable lounge area and a cozy bar.


Estiatorio Milos

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Estiatorio Milos is a Greek seafood restaurant that encourages the finest family-style dining with large and airy open spaces that incorporates Mediterranean artifacts.

This restaurant handles exquisite Greek gastronomy through minimalist and natural flavors. As they say, each dish is a discovery at Estiatorio Milos.

Estiatorio Milos takes Greek gastronomy to the next level – from the Aegean islands by the seas right to New York City.

Its founder, Chef Costas Spiliadis, created unmatched recipes and culinary destinations you don’t want to miss. This restaurant was named one of the best Greek restaurants in the world by GQ.


Astoria Seafood

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Astoria Seafood

Astoria Seafood started from three traditional Greek generations. Spyro Christakos, the owner of Astoria, was born to a family that contributed a lot to the seafood legacy.

His family’s seafood business expanded into one of the best Greek restaurants in New York: Astoria Seafood.

Astoria Seafood is an eat-in market that highlights distinct delicious fish cooked the Mediterranean way, with olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon, and trusted authentic ingredients.

Their vision is to provide sustainable and healthy seafood to diners on a new level.


Anassa Taverna

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Anassa Taverna

Anassa is a Greek term that means “Queen.” True to its name, Anassa Taverna owns the throne representing Greece’s finest recipes and culinary traditions.

Being one of the best Greek restaurants in New York, Anassa Taverna stands out with its flavorful menu, attention to detail, and royal culinary techniques.

Anassa Taverna serves brunch on weekends, lunch from Mondays to Fridays, and dinner every day.

This restaurant in Midtown, New York, has a whole catalog of fresh entrees from the seas, including Loup de Mer (Lavraki), organic salmon, lobster spaghetti, and grilled Maine lobster.

Anassa Taverna also has appetizers like Avgolemono soup, octopus, Greek meatballs, grilled halloumi, spinach pie, and tuna tartare on the list.


Snack Taverna

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Head out to West Village and munch on soulful Greek snacks at Snack Taverna. Snack Taverna is one of the best Greek restaurants in New York that houses modern interpretative Greek cookery.

Snack Taverna is known for its brilliant twists to the classic Greek culinary staples. Have a taste o their salads, sandwiches, and savory pies available for lunch and brunch.

Snack Taverna proudly lives its “ethos” or spirit built on good food and friendly service.


The Greek Tribeca

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If you’re looking for a vegetarian and pescatarian food hub, The Greek Tribeca might be the ultimate place for you.

This restaurant on Washington Street presents a rustic taverna perfect for you and your friends to hang out in. This cozy restaurant is popular for holidays, birthday dinners, and occasions.

Think of The Greek Tribeca as the outcome when modern thinking marries good old long-established hospitality.

The Greek Tribeca is a craft of both contemporary culinary and conventional experiences, creating an all-inclusive experience for guests.


Lola Taverna

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Immerse in the wonders of Greek isles at Lola Taverna. Lola Taverna is a restaurant in the South Village offering Greek recipes to a new level.

Lola Taverna’s brunch menu has their top-selling recipe, The Lola salad, which comprises a trio of tomatoes, cucumber, roasted horn peppers, feta, and kalamata olives.

Other best-sellers include the Big Salad, Egg Benedict, Spanakopita spring rolls, and Mykonos Bowl.

This restaurant’s dinner menu offers grilled octopus with chickpeas, olive oil, and vinegar. Lola Taverna also proudly sources excellent-quality fish and seafood around the world, including Greece’s Lavraki, Shrimp Orzo, and New Zealand’s King Salmon.



Whether you’re looking for a good Greek steak or a sumptuous Mediterranean seafood meal, you’re likely to find the perfect flavor you’re looking for in NYC.

There are lots of unique food places you can stumble upon in the Big Apple. The list of the best Greek restaurants in New York is filled with distinguished places to enjoy Greek food the New Yorker way!

Best Greek Restaurants in New York

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