12 Best Sushi Restaurants in New York [2024 Updated]

New York is home to a plethora of fantastic Japanese restaurants. The city abounds in excellent ramen joints and izakaya. Are you craving sushi?

Read on to discover the 12 best sushi restaurants in New York. You can always find a great spot here, whether you like a formal or a relaxed atmosphere.

Sushi Noz

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Best Sushi Sushi Restaurants in New York Sushi Noz

When you go to Sushi Noz, you’ll feel like you’ve been teleported to a centuries-old Kyoto temple. However, the ambiance isn’t everything.  The food is nothing short of outstanding.

The restaurant offers two luxury dining experiences: Hinoki and the Ash Room.

If you’d prefer the Hinoki Counter, you can order an Edomae-style menu. This includes 5-6 small plates and a delectable variety of fresh nigiri. You’ll often leave with a slice of seasonal Japanese fruits.

Moreover, the Ash Room provides an equally delightful menu with a range of sushi selections.

Sushi Noz has established itself as one of New York’s best omakase restaurants. It offers a variety of Japanese seafood you can’t find anywhere else around the city.




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DOMODOMO specializes in sushi, handrolls, and innovative takes on Asian classics. The menu includes classic selections. You can also try new, inspired dishes prepared with the season’s freshest ingredients.

Its DOMOKASE course is recognized for its unique twist on the omakase. It allows customers to sample a range of their distinctive dishes at a reasonable price.

DOMODOMO is a welcoming eating experience. It has been awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand for four consecutive years.



Sushi Ishikawa

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Best Sushi Restaurant in New York Sushi Ishikawa

Diners partake in a more sophisticated omakase inside this 500-square-foot restaurant. The menu includes truffle and gold flake nibbles. The omakase selection for 15 dishes is currently available on the patio.

The restaurant’s appeal is largely due to its presentation. The team shuns away from tradition and delivers amazing sushi variations.

Dishes arrive as a display of nigiri, served one at a time with pickled ginger. Shima-aji or torched barracuda with chilies could be among the highlights.

Delicious small appetizers like smoked bonito might be served to break up the procession.

Don Pham, the restaurant’s chef and founder, personalizes each guest’s sushi plate. This creates a one-of-a-kind dining experience. He is also known for his charismatic personality.



Sushi Ginza Onodera

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This place is a Michelin-starred restaurant. It is dedicated to delivering a truly unique sushi eating experience. It’s the ideal spot for a luxury lunch or dinner.

You can enjoy a seasonal menu during dinner. It consists of roughly 8 small appetizers, miso soup, a handroll, Tamago, tea, and dessert.

Onodera favors seasoned sushi fish over all-fresh ingredients in their omakase-only menu. Don’t be irritated! There is an approach to this craziness.

Onodera’s meals are prepared in the traditional edomae manner of sushi. Fish slices are pre-cut and fashioned into nigiri using sushi rice. The fish is salted “Ginza-style,” seasoned for more than a year for an even finer taste.



Sushi Yasuda

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New York Best Sushi Sushi Restaurants Sushi Yasuda

Yasuda is one of the oldest omakase restaurants in the city. It is known for its high-quality seafood. You can go for a la carte or the chef’s choice. Make yourself comfortable at the prime seats at the sushi bar’s far end.

Enjoy a personal encounter with skilled chefs cutting and preparing your nigiri here. The omakase could include yellowtail, amberjack, and unagi.

The menu may look overwhelming to newcomers. It has endless fish selections you may not have tried anywhere before. It features a course of 24 items of various fish and Japanese dishes you’ll surely enjoy.

If you like eel or unagi, Yasuda gives several options. You can go for the freshwater or sea eel for the best unagi experience.



Momoya Chelsea

$$ | (212) 989-4466 | WEBSITE

New York Best Sushi Restaurant Momoya Chelsea

Momoya is widely quoted by Chelsea residents as the greatest casual sushi spot in the area.

This Japanese eatery offers a bar with the chef’s choice menu for sushi fans. The vast sushi menu includes several pieces of sushi, sashimi, and tuna rolls.

This place also has tables for crunchy salmon rolls and lobster tacos.  The menu includes various Americanized Japanese dishes, such as gyoza.

Momoya is a family-friendly spot with enough seating for youngsters. Lunch offers include salad or Miso soup. Momoya also offers delivery and dine-out options if you choose to eat elsewhere.



Sushi Nakazawa

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Nakazawa has been building a name since its TV appearance on the hit Billions series in 2017. This restaurant may be the place for you if you’re a sushi enthusiast.

The setting and mood are no Japanese temples, while the food is authentic. The owners created a typical sushi destination that can appeal to an elite audience. So, they used modern decor and lighting.

Though many omakase restaurants only serve dinner, Nakazawa also serves lunch. Diners can sit at the bar or tables.



Sushi Seki Times Square

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Regular customers frequent Seki for its friendly atmosphere and $50 sushi and sashimi servings though it closes at 10:30 in the evening.

This sushi restaurant is a terrific choice for newbie sushi fans looking for imaginative and quality meals. Expect a surprise with its salmon nigiri with sauteed tomato. It will awaken your palate to something it doesn’t know exists.

Its open space and minimalist setting look very warm and inviting. It’s an excellent dine-in spot after gracing midtown and theater events.



Sushi of Gari/Upper East Side

$$$$ | (212) 517-5340 | WEBSITE

Sushi Sushi Restaurants in New York Sushi of GariUpper East Side

This restaurant is named after its owner, Gari. It serves a daily round of omakase meals. It is another eatery reinventing the sushi heritage. Gari wanted to serve sushi with toppings and the original sauce he created.

This sushi chain is innovating Japanese cuisine with unique delicacies like Salmon with Broiled Tomato. Chef Gari has created over 130 sushi varieties and his iconic omakase here. The sushi pieces look like artwork though pricey.

You can also have the best wine selections in town aside from their typical Japanese dishes here. The place is always crowded, so make sure to book a reservation ahead.




$$$$ | (646) 370-6965 | WEBSITE


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This omakase spot opened in 2019, shortly before the pandemic. It has largely gone unnoticed since then.

Owner and chef Yukihiro Takeda heads this eight-seat restaurant. He offers excellent omakase sushi alternatives. His Edomae sushi is a 19-course set. It has seafood shipped thrice a week from Toyosu fish market in Tokyo.

Takeda does not always follow the usual approach of giving all nigiri at the same time. Rather, he alternates bites with inventive delicacies like a maki wrap loaded with soba noodles.




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This famous omakase spot is known for its high-umami fish at bargain pricing. Lunch set menus range from six to about ten dishes. Dinner menus are priced slightly higher. These may include ankimo sashimi and lobster nigiri.

Sugarfish has grown to three more locations in New York since its opening in 2016. The group also runs Kazu Nori, the city’s well-known hand roll bar. You can come here for a relaxed supper of the world’s best fish.




$$$ | (646) 678-3008 | WEBSITE

Sushi Restaurant in New York UOGASHI

Uogashi refers to a fish market. The goal of this restaurant is to be recognized in town for fresh, delectable sushi and other Japanese cuisines.

Uogashi aspires to ensure that the eating experience is superb. It places great value in the procurement of fresh fish and authentic ingredients. These are all sourced from Japan.  Uogashi has no trouble bringing rare, fresh fish to New York.

It has designed a wide menu ranging from flavorful sushi to hefty rolls and sashimi. It uses nothing but freshly imported products and imaginative interpretation.

Sea urchins and premium rolls are available to entice your taste buds. You will always find something to enjoy here. The food that tastes the best is carefully prepared with the best and freshest additives.

This eatery also takes pride in its well-decorated room, well-trained staff, and professional chef.




New York’s famous sushi destinations have come on leaps and bounds. You can find nigiri and sashimi practically everywhere. Check out the 12 best sushi restaurants in New York.

Come treat your taste buds the next time you’re in town. These fantastic sushi alternatives will not let you down.

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