10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Colorado Springs, CO [2023 Updated]

Colorado Springs is not as well-known as Denver. It is often viewed as a small town, with little of the bustle and excitement of its much larger metropolitan cousin. However, the city has much more to offer than its reputation suggests.

Nestled in the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs, Colorado is a short distance from some of the most exquisite natural scenery in the country.

It is a top destination for people interested in both landscape and rock formations with unique features.

Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods Park, The Broadmoor Seven Falls, and Cave of The Winds Mountain Park are some of the most famous formations in the world. All are located in Colorado Springs.

The city is also home to the United States Air Force Academy. This is one of the most prestigious four-year colleges in America.

Every year, it welcomes a thousand new cadets who will undergo a rigorous academic, physical, and military program in order to forge the Air Force officer corps of the future.

Whether you have come to take in the stunning natural beauty of the city’s surrounding landscape or you are visiting a relative or friend at the Air Force Academy, you will find plenty to do in Colorado Springs.

And if you are a fiend for Mexican food, you will not have to go without it. You will find Mexican restaurants every bit as good as those in Denver. Here are 11 of the best Mexican restaurants in the city:

Azada Mexican Grill

$ | (719) 634-8338 | WEBSITE

Azada Mexican Grill in Colorado Springs, CO

The first thing to sort through about Azada is its non-existent website. The restaurant has a Facebook site instead. There is nothing dodgy or untoward here.

You can rest assured. The restaurant is open for business and is currently taking reservations. The Facebook thing is just how the family prefers to interact in the virtual world.

Azada is a family-owned restaurant located in downtown Colorado Springs. One of the best things about eating at Azada is that you get to make your own plate.

You place your order at the counter and then choose from a menu of fillings. You can stuff your burrito with meat, chicken, and peppers, or you can customize your rice bowl to satiate whatever you are hankering after that day.

Everything is fresh and made from scratch. At Azada, you literally get to have Mexican food your way.


Rudy’s Little Hideaway Restaurant

$ | (719) 632-9527 | WEBSITE


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This is another family-owned Tex-Mex eatery. Located near Bear Creek Regional Park, the restaurant is located in an adobe-style building that is pleasing to the eye and serves food that is filling to the stomach.

Indeed, Rudy’s has earned a reputation over the years as a place where no one leaves without a full belly. The plates are huge!

And they have a very wide choice of Mexican food to choose from. Rudy’s opens early—at 7 am—and has an outstanding Mexican breakfast menu. In fact, it is one of the few places in Colorado Springs that serves Mexican-style breakfast.

You will also enjoy the calm, chill, cosy atmosphere created by its rustic interior. The place also has an exterior patio so that you can enjoy your food in the sun during hotter days. You can also get your food to go.


Fiesta Jalisco

$ | (614) 890-2667 | WEBSITE

Fiesta Jalisco

Fiesta Jalisco is the place where people who know Mexican food go to eat. The restaurant prides itself on serving authentic Mexican cuisine.

The establishment is family-owned, and many of the recipes have been passed down through the generations. Many of the ingredients may be unfamiliar to people who are used to eating Americanized Mexican food.

They come from the region of Mexico that the family is from. Indeed, you should brace yourself for some of the spicier dishes—they are really hot and spicy!

The interior of Fiesta Jalisco is also worth noting. It is eclectic and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you want an authentic Mexican dining experience, this is the place to eat.


Hacienda Colorado

$$ | (719) 418 7999 | WEBSITE


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If you have been in Colorado Springs for any amount of time, you may have heard the phrase Mountain Mex. This refers to cuisine that combines and fuses Mexican cuisine with Rocky Mountain flavors.

You will find these sorts of dishes at Hacienda Colorado. The restaurant cleverly twists and blends traditional Mexican recipes to suit the palate of Rocky Mountain residents.

It is has done this with great success, as the restaurant is popular with locals. The list of house sauces is a particular favorite.

If you like the general taste and texture of Mexican food but cannot take its spiciness, you will find options here that please.


El Padrino Mexicano

$ | (719) 487-2727 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant is located on the north side of Colorado Springs. The restaurant tends to receive rave reviews by people who eat there.

This has much to do with the fresh ingredients used in all the food. The popularity of the restaurant may also stem from the fact that it offers an extensive list of vegetarian and vegan options.

The nature of Mexican food is such that it lends itself to the creation of meatless dishes that are filled with taste and flavor.

There is an outdoor patio, so you can dine outside on days that are sunny and warm. Customer service is also highly rated at this cantina, and there is a first-rate takeout option.


La’au’s Taco Shop

$$ | (719) 578-5228 | WEBSITE


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This is a favorite of students at Colorado College. The restaurant is adjacent to the school. La’au’s specializes in tacos, but with a twist.

It fuses Hawaiian cuisine and other Latine American flavors in its tacos. Everything at La’au’s is fresh and homemade.

Even the tortillas are made in house from ingredients that are sourced locally. You can order a taco dish from their extensive menu or you can build your own taco.

You should also know that the restaurant takes seriously its social responsibility. A small part of their profit goes to environmental charities.


La Cava Fine Mexican Cuisine

$$$ | (719) 203-4297 | WEBSITE


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For most people, Mexican food is associated with informal settings. Friends and family members gather for an evening of fun, laughing, and banter in a setting that is laid-back and chill. La Cava offers a different type of experience.

It aims to provide a fine dining experience. The cuisine on offer lives up to the mark. Most of La Cava’s cuisine comes from Sonora, which is in Northern Mexico. The dishes on the menu are original, intricate, and very filling.

You will find hearty meals at La Cava, many of which include the fish of the day, langostinos, scallops, shrimp, and oysters. La Cava also has wonderfully rich and inventive cream sauces, including mushrooms.

If you are looking for something a bit upscale and sophisticated, then you should eat at this restaurant. The only downside is that it is on the pricey side.


Salsa Latina

$ | (719) 328-1513 | WEBSITE

Salsa Latina

This is another favorite with locals. It has a welcoming and easy-going atmosphere and serves familiar Mexican dishes. Salsa Latina is especially known for its homemade tamales.

Everyone who has had them raves about them. They also serve burritos and greasers. All dishes are made from scratch in the kitchen, and all ingredients are sourced locally.

There is a welcoming air in Salsa Latina. The place is cosy and unpretentious, and the wait staff is friendly and efficient.


Pueblo Viejo Mexican Restaurant

$ | (719) 266-1999 | WEBSITE


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The restaurant serves traditional Mexican dishes and sides. Quesadillas are a particular specialty. Pueblo Viejo is not only a great place to eat; it is also a wonderful place to drink.

Spicy margaritas are among the most popular drinks. The tequila menu is also very good, in that it offers an extensive variety.

The restaurant itself is an adobe-colored cantina that creates a relaxing and laid-back atmosphere. Although Pueblo Viejo is a chain restaurant, all food is freshly prepared and the ingredients are locally sourced.


Arlene’s Beans

$$ | (719) 377-6860 | WEBSITE


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This is a relaxed Mexican eatery that offers a range of different dishes. Carne asada burritos, chili and green chicken, and tasty tacos and quesadillas are just some of the many items you will find on the menu.

The dessert here is good as well. It includes ice cream and tres leches cakes and doughnuts. There is also a fully-stacked bar.

Although a phone number is provided for the restaurant, you will not have much luck using it. The restaurant is organized to take online reservations and has an order form that is easily accessible.


Mexican Restaurants in Colorado Springs, CO

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