11 Best Korean Restaurants In Colorado Springs, CO [2023 Updated]

Do you find yourself craving something different from the delicacies you’re used to? If so, try out Korean cuisine. With its deep and unique flavors, Korean cuisine has made its mark in the world of food.

If you’re looking for where to get fine Korean food with excellent service in Colorado Springs, CO, here are some of the best Korean restaurants.

Tong Tong

$$ | (719) 591-8585 | WEBSITE

Tong Tong Best Korean Restaurants In Colorado Springs, CO

This restaurant tops the list of good Korean restaurants in Colorado Springs. Located in Chelton Centre, Tong Tong is one of the highest-rated restaurants in Colorado, with about 4.5 stars.

The food is delicious, and if you’re an Asian who’s far from home, this restaurant brings you home with its well-presented, exquisite food and excellent customer service.

The environment is quiet and warm and makes you feel close to family. Also, if you’re looking for a quiet place to have a quick business lunch, Tong Tong is the right place for you. It also serves the best side dishes.


San Chang House

$$ | (719) 598-1707 | WEBSITE

San Chang House Best Korean Restaurants In Colorado Springs, CO

San Chang House is a family-owned business most popular in Colorado Springs for its delicious bulgogi, spicy beef, and pork. It is a small and cozy place with a casual ambiance.

It offers a wide range of vegetables and meat; the food is always authentic and delicious. This restaurant is also different from others in that it provides low-fat, gluten-free, and vegetarian meal options.

The food and ambiance are perfect for family and group dining, and it is an even more suitable place for kids to eat as well.

Apart from the sumptuous meals and excellent service the San Chang House provides, it also has a wheelchair-accessible entrance and allows bike racks for those who travel by bike.


Kang Nam Restaurant

$$ | (719) 591-7764 | WEBSITE

 Kang Nam Restaurant Best Korean Restaurants In Colorado Springs, CO

Kang Nam Restaurant is a local food spot located not too far from the CO Springs airport. They serve one of the best Korean ramen with vegetables, egg drops, and fried dumplings in the area.

They also have a friendly and accommodating service. They are notable for their quick refills, unlike many other restaurants.

Kang Nam is so well-accepted that it is one of the three most popular Korean food places in Colorado Springs. It is trendy among Korean and other Asian locals. It is also famous for the tasty tea it serves as part of its drinks.


Shin Sa Dong

$$ | (719) 638-2695 | WEBSITE

Shin Sa DongBest Korean Restaurants In Colorado Springs, CO

Established in 2010, Shin Sa Dong restaurant has spent the last 12 years serving flavourful and tasteful Korean dishes in Colorado Springs. The restaurant takes pride in making all its dishes using authentic Korean kitchen techniques.

Every bite always brings you closer to Korean culture and tradition. Shin Sa Dong allows its customers to relish Korean food in its deliciousness.

The side dishes are tasty, well presented, and healthy. They serve excellent spicy beef bulgogi and spicy chicken bulgogi. The environment is clean and well-kept, and the service is excellent.

All the soup dishes are always served piping hot, so if you’re looking for where to get some warm soup on a cold winter night, Shinsadong is the right place for you to be.


Korean Garden

$$ | (719) 900-7858 | WEBSITE

Korean Garden Best Korean Restaurants In Colorado Springs, CO

Located on an upbeat street, Korean Garden is a place many travelers frequent to enjoy various traditional Korean delicacies, including steamed rice, spicy Teriyaki chicken, and other side dishes.

It is an excellent place for social gatherings for groups and even dining with kids.

It also provides vegetarian options, with the food always coming out fresh and notable for its nicely-cooked japchae, Korean pork, beef bulgogi, and serves good soju and beer.

The environment is modern, and the staff there is courteous and friendly.


K Bop Cafe

$$ | (719) 418-3052 | WEBSITE


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K Bop Cafe is a confectionery restaurant that serves the best Bingsu, a popular Korean shaved ice dessert filled with fruits and other assortments.

They also have mango, strawberry, Oreo, and matcha bingsu. They even serve kimchi burritos! And you even get to listen to as much BTS as you could want!

They also serve nicely cooked bibimbap, beef bulgogi, tasty rice cakes, and seafood pancakes that will impress you on the first bite.

Owned by a friendly and polite woman, the restaurant’s staff offers an incredible customer experience. The atmosphere is laid back, and waiters serve delicious soju.


Yong’s Korean Kitchen

$$ | (719) 308-5529 | WEBSITE

Yong’s Korean Kitchen is a traditional Korean restaurant that serves Korean BBQ, noodles, fresh kimchi, and other side dishes.

One of Yong’s Kitchen’s most popular dishes is their different types of fried rice – kimchi fried rice with vegetables and pork, combination fried rice with shrimp, chicken, beef, and vegetables.

They serve complete appetizers, lunch, and soups made from high-quality Korean ingredients. Unlike many other restaurants, their serving portions are satisfactory – not too small.

The food is authentic, the environment is clean, and the staff is friendly, ensuring that all customers are satisfied. They provide eat-in, take-out, and delivery services, and their meals are worth every dollar paid.


Angry Chicken

$$ | (719) 694-9730 | WEBSITE


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Angry Chicken is a family restaurant that was established in 2017. It is a unique brand that provides fried chicken prepared with fresh chicken and unique Korean sauces.

They serve amazing Korean-style cheese dogs and spicy angry sauce with pepper flakes. They are best known for their unique rice chicken, tender chicken fried in rice flour and filled with your favorite choice of sauce.

The sauces are made with Korean flavors such as spicy soy and honey garlic. The breading made from rice flour is usually moist, without heavy grease, and is gluten-free.

They are regarded as the restaurant that serves the best Korean fried chicken in Colorado Springs.

Other Korean street foods such as rice cakes and Korean sausages layered with sweet and sour sauce are also available, and the service is exceptional.


Anju Korean Eats

$$ | (719) 300-7500 | WEBSITE


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Anju Korean Eats is a Korean-inspired street food restaurant. The name Anju means “food that you eat when drinking.” Anju Eats was founded by Chef Andres Valdez of Pig Latin, who shared a meal with a good friend while going to Korea.

He says he founded the restaurant and named it Anju because he loved to enjoy life through the experience of eating and drinking. This restaurant takes pride in making suitable food for all the different moments of life.

The food here is consistently delicious, and the dishes are fantastic! Anju offers flavourful Korean street eats that you never want to pass up.

The menu is simple enough to cater to all kinds of people, the atmosphere is excellent, and the service is incredible.


American Seoul Food Truck

$$ | (719) 661-2498 | WEBSITE

American Seoul Food Truck Best Korean Restaurants In Colorado Springs, CO

American Seoul Food Truck prides itself in serving “food for the soul” with favorite Korean dishes such as Stir-fried pork tacos, bulgogi tacos, Korean fried chicken wings, and lots more!

This food truck is your go-to if you need a quick fix of the sweet, tangy Korean fried chicken or some bulgogi over rice, this food truck is your go-toe.

Of course, since it’s a food truck, they move from one place to the other within Colorado Springs. So, you’ve to be on the lookout for them or use their delivery services.

You never know; they might be in your area with some tasty Korean dishes for you. They also offer outdoor catering services.


Lucky Dumpling

$$ | (719) 418-5843 | WEBSITE


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Lucky Dumpling is an Asian-American restaurant started by Chef Brother Luck, who grew up in San Francisco eating dumplings with his parents.

He started Lucky Dumpling to introduce his love for dumplings to the world. Over the years, he mastered the style and creativity required to make dumplings.

Lucky Dumpling is mainly known for its pork dumplings, soup dumplings, chicken and dumplings, and chicken potstickers. They have excellent service with courteous staff, and the environment is full of good vibes.

The dumplings are handmade and have a unique taste. The restaurant also has a unique drinks and cocktails menu with delicious food.



If you’re looking for an excellent place to enjoy good Korean food with friends, family, colleagues, or alone, there are no better options in Colorado Springs than these restaurants listed above.

These restaurants serve great food and also follow the COVID-19 guidelines with precaution. The staff disinfect tables, wear masks, and keep to safety rules.

And so, while you enjoy yourself and experience authentic Korean culture, don’t forget to be responsible and protect yourself and others by following the COVID-19 rules.

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