15 Best Restaurants in Glenwood Springs, CO [2023 Updated]

Have you ever thought of going on a vacation to Glenwood Springs and don’t know which restaurants to eat at? Or maybe you lived in Glenwood Springs and wanted to try other restaurants rather than any fast food chains?

This blog will help you find the 20 best restaurants in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Be ready because you’ll be hungry while reading!

Daily Bread

$$$ | (970) 945-6253 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Glenwood Springs, CO Daily Bread

You can enjoy your food at Daily Bread, the well-liked hotspot on Grand Avenue! This trendy place has everything you might desire to eat your breakfast or lunch! Some of the most popular dishes on the menu at this Restaurant include Bacon Avocado Eggs Benedict, Huevos Rancheros, Biscuits with Gravy, and Veggie Skillets.

You can get what you need here if you want breakfast sausage, eggs, sandwiches, or even pancakes. Those who have dined here in the past usually have nothing negative to say and appreciate Daily Bread’s top-notch service.



The Pullman

$$ | (970) 230-9234 | WEBSITE


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Pullman is an excellent American eatery in its food and services. With over 1,308 reviews and ratings of 4.5 on Tripadvisor, this Restaurant is indeed a great restaurant, according to the reviews.

They are known for their famous dishes, Gnocchi Salad, Pork Belly, Steak Salad, and the most popular Deviled Eggs. The Restaurant is open from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm every Monday to Sunday. It is recommended by many because of its great ambiance, food, and service.



Native Son Restaurant and Bar

$$ | (202) 674-3099 | WEBSITE


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If you are looking for a restaurant that is also a bar, this Restaurant fits you the most. They are the only location in Glenwood Springs that serves food until midnight. Native Son Restaurant and Bar would be great not just with your family but also with your friends.

They are known for their Happy Hour, which starts from 6 pm to 7 pm. So if you are looking for not just your typical Restaurant where you only eat, this Restaurant is the best since they have Live Music and Karaoke where you can enjoy while eating.



Riviera Scratch Kitchen

$$ | (970) 945-7692 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Glenwood Springs, CO Riviera Scratch Kitchen

Riviera Scratch Kitchen, known as The Riv, with a rating from Tripadvisor of 5 out of 5 stars, this Restaurant is indeed the best Restaurant, according to many. Riviera is not your ordinary Restaurant since this Restaurant is known for its live music and theater.

This Restaurant is a top-notch entertainment that would go best with you eating your dinner. They are open from Wednesday through Sunday, from 4:30 pm, and accept guests until 8:30 pm. If you want to go here, a reservation is a must.



Zheng Asian Bistro

$$$ | (970) 928-9077 | WEBSITE


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Zheng Asian Bistro is a famous Asian Restaurant that you can locate in Glenwood Springs. They have different menus for launch, Dinner, Gluten Free, and Vegan. You can request what ingredients you want to add or remove just the way you want.

They are known for serving different types of sushi! Don’t forget to try their best sellers, Blackened Ahi, a dish filled with pickled ginger and wasabi with their blackening spices, and Thai Shrimp Ceviche, served with fresh avocado and wonton chips together with chopped shrimp marinated in a spicy Thai dressing.



Glenwood Canyon Brewpub

$$ | (970) 945-1276 | WEBSITE


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Glenwood Canyon Brewpub is the warded brewpub on the West side of Colorado. This Restaurant suits you if you want to feel like you are in history!

Their most known dish, as customers say, is the Pub Nachos with Shredded Chicken and Spicy Cheese Curds. Of course, all their drinks are tasty since their brewers handcrafted them. Since not all people are beer drinkers, this Restaurant also offers different wines, hand-made cocktails, and ciders.



Ironbridge Grill

$$ | (970) 945-4300 | WEBSITE

Glenwood Springs, CO Best Restaurants Ironbridge Grill

Ironbridge Grill will be the perfect fit if you are looking for a restaurant with a great view. This Restaurant serves different bottled beer, beer on tap, your favorite cocktails, and other wines. Ironbridge Grill features a dining room that would make you feel at home!

This Restaurant also has a golf course where you can play golf or watch people play golf. They also offer an extraordinary wedding event where they will cater everything you need.



Smoke Modern Barbeque

$$$ | (970) 230-9796 | WEBSITE


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Are you tired of eating steak? Why don’t you try going to Smoke Modern Barbecue, which offers different barbeque dishes? The smoked prime ribs, brisket, and pulled pork are the most popular dish that customers love.

They are not only serving other foods but also different bar offerings that feature more than 25 varieties of American whiskey, wines, and cocktails that can complement the dish they are serving. Smoke Modern Barbeque can also cater to a large group of people for parties. Just give them a heads-up.



The Italian Underground Restaurant

$$$ | (970) 945-6422 | WEBSITE


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If you want a taste of Northern and Central Italy, this Restaurant should be the one. The Italian Underground Restaurant offers a selection of homemade sauces. All the sauces they make are prepared in their house daily, together with their Italian bread, chicken rotisserie, and pasta.

Their Anselmo Sauce, flavored with Italian sausage and homemade meatballs and rich in Calabrian Sunday red sauce, is the ‘secret’ recipe they are using. Open from Monday through Saturday, 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm, you can dine in or order thru call.



Moonlight Restaurant & Bar

$$ | (970) 314-6028 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Glenwood Springs, CO Moonlight Restaurant & Bar

Here is another steakhouse that you should try. Moonlight Restaurant & Bar creates an ambiance for a romantic night out. They wanted to consider that the light of the moon is a representation of one’s innermost self.

They build an atmosphere based on the unique and custom wall design, dim the lights, play live acoustic and classical music, and create a customer-focused and friendly setting with a trendy and reasonably priced cuisine to achieve this precise experience!

The customer says that almost all their foods are good and the staff is very accommodating and friendly.



Kedai Pho & Japanese Cuisine

$$ | (970) 930-6116 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Glenwood Springs, CO Kedai Pho & Japanese Cuisine

For your next lunch, visit Kedai Pho & Japanese Cuisine if you’re in the mood for pho and other Japanese specialties that is homemade, numerous mouthwatering alternatives are available in this restaurant. Including Tempura, Beef Pho, Nigiri Squid, Sho-Yu Ramen, and Salmon Poke Bowls.

This restaurant is renowned for its delectable fare and warm atmosphere. Kedai Pho & Japanese Cuisine serves different Japanese foods that everyone will love. They are open every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Thursday, from 11 am to 9 pm.



Hugo’s Restaurant

$$$ | (970) 230-9761 | WEBSITE

Glenwood Springs, CO Restaurants Hugo's Restaurant

Hugo’s Restaurant has one of the best serving food, according to some customers and locals in Glenwood. It is one of the underrated restaurants that can be located in Van Rand Shopping Center.

The newly remodeled interior of the Restaurant gave the Restaurant a clean and elegant look. They serve seafood, pork chops, salad, pasta, and beef that complement their wine and cocktails well. Their staffs are very accommodating, friendly, and very attentive.



Hotel Colorado Restaurant & Bar

$$ | (970) 928-3790 | WEBSITE


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Located in Hotel Colorado, this Restaurant offers excellent service and delicious food where you can relax. With their best-selling dishes: Rocky Mountain Breakfast, under the Eggs Benedict categories, and the HC burger, you will surely enjoy your stay!

They also serve different dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that is not very expensive. The staffs are very attentive and friendly too. You can also enjoy eating lunch and dinner in the Hotel’s courtyard, which is open seasonally.



Springs Downtown Bar & Grill

$$ | (970) 945-2388 | WEBSITE

Glenwood Springs, CO Restaurant Springs Downtown Bar & Grill

Are you looking for a steak restaurant that has a vintage ambiance? You can visit Springs Downtown Bar & Grill, a simple steakhouse cuisine that serves different dishes at this antique bar in a structure from 1900.

They offer dishes such as meatloaf, chicken tortilla soup, teriyaki chicken, and beef stroganoff. If you want entertainment, they have a couple of pool tables, large tv, and a digital jukebox that you can play. So give Springs a try if you can’t get into one of the popular eateries around! You’ll be delighted with the results!



Juicy Lucy’s Steakhouse

$$ | (970) 945-4619 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Glenwood Springs, CO Juicy Lucy's Steakhouse

Craving for a steak but do not know which Restaurant to eat at? Try Juicy Lucy’s Steakhouse! They offer different specials every six days a week with their highest quality ingredients. You must try their best-selling Oyster On The Half Shell and Caesar Salad, and do not forget to order steaks.

Juicy Lucy’s Steakhouse ensures that the food they choose is fresh at an unbeatable price. They are open daily from Sunday through Thursday, 11:00 am to 9:30 pm, and Friday through Saturday, 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.




When you are sick of eating the same food every day, do not be afraid to try and dine at a new restaurant. If you think about what to eat, you can always check this list of 15 Best Restaurants in Glenwood Springs, CO. It is never late to try new food!

Restaurants in Glenwood Springs, CO

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  1. I don’t know how Moonlight can be on the list of best restaurants in Glenwood! Our family thinks it is the worst, price wise, service, and ambiance. Their food is nothing to rave about either. So many good restaurants you mentioned are so much better!


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