25 Best Side Dishes For Pork Chops

As we all know, Pork chop is one of the most accessible cuts of meat to cook. That’s why it became a staple for most of our family meals. This meat also provides our bodies with numerous health benefits.

Pork chop is also a versatile cut of meat. It can be cooked in different ways. Grilled or fried? You name it! Pork chop is undeniably a great food as is.

But, to spice things up, we will give you the 25 best side dishes for pork chops that we carefully picked. These recipes came from various reliable sources, so rest assured that these will complement your dish.

Feel free to follow these recipes and pair them with your pork chop. Who knows? Maybe one of these will become your next pork chop side dish favorite!

Ready yourself– and your tummy, because we will now begin!

1. Cheesy garlic broccoli

Cheesy garlic broccoli

Pairing pork chop with vegetables will always be a good idea, especially if it is broccoli! Not only will it add color, but the nutritional value is also good.

This recipe is easy-to-do and cost-efficient. It only takes a few ingredients to make this dish. The crunchy, salty, sweet taste of cheesy garlic broccoli will go well with a pork chop.


2. Sauteed potatoes

This sauteed potato recipe will go well with a creamy pork chop dish. So, if you plan to do that for your next meal, you might as well use this recipe as your side dish.

Sauteed potatoes have always been a staple side dish for pork chops. Especially if you cooked it fresh and crispy with a hint of garlic– like this recipe.


3. Crispy garlic mashed potatoes

Crispy garlic mashed potatoes

No, this is not the same as mashed potatoes. This one is more solid, flavorful, and crispy. In which all characteristics of a side dish that suits a grilled pork chop. This smashed potato recipe is baked and seasoned with different herbs and spices.

If you like a gluten-free side dish for your pork chop, this might be for you!


4. Caramelized apples

Caramelized apples can give a fruity and sweet flavor if you pair them with pork chops. This is an easy dish, and the ingredients are easy to find.

The secret to this dish is to not overcook the apples. You must pay attention while making this, or the apples will lose their crispness. Something that you would not want to happen!


5. Pink beans and rice

Pink beans and rice

This recipe will be the best choice for people who love pairing pork chops with rice. Plus, the pink beans will balance the taste of the rice and meat.

You can make this dish at ease since this is just like a usual pairing.  


6. American corn salad

Check out this American-style corn salad if you want a side dish pleasing to the eye. The plain sight of grilled or fried pork chop will go well with this dish’s aesthetic combination of vegetables.

This is an easy dish to make. But, it has many ingredients, and you need to chop them into smaller pieces to make them symmetric.


7. Pan-roasted peppers

Pan-roasted peppers

Here’s another one for a colorful side dish! Pan-roasted peppers won’t consume much of your time. Actually, it could be done for only 15 minutes.

We all know that peppers are affordable. It is also a nutritious fruit that everyone can enjoy.

For this dish, you must purchase a pepper that is in good condition. Since pepper is the main ingredient.


8. Salted egg and tomato salad

Salted egg and tomato salad are one of the underrated side dishes for pork chops. Basically, this salad is just a combination of tomato, cucumber, coriander, and of course, the salted egg. You can add pepper to it, too, for more flavor.

All in all, this is a simple side that everyone should try.


9. Steamed asparagus

Steamed asparagus

You will never go wrong with steamed asparagus. This is probably one of the most convenient side dishes to make when running out of time.

Steamed asparagus is a healthy dish since there is no preservative involved. Obviously, because it is steamed too. Sprinkle some salt and pepper, and you’re all set!


10. Potato wedges

Potato wedges

Potato wedges are finger food that you can always pair with pork chops. You can resort to this if you want to feel cozy and healthy while eating.

This recipe is healthy. In fact, if you follow the exact measurements of ingredients, you can get 11 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber. Note these are not all for the health benefits of potato wedges.


11. Vegetable fried rice

Vegetable fried rice

If you have more time to cook a side dish, consider this vegetable fried rice. It is a healthy side that would complement any pork chop. Vegetable fried rice is a versatile dish. You can pair it with anything, and the ingredients are changeable too.

This dish is also cost-efficient since you can use your leftover rice. You can also add eggs for more protein.


12. Macaroni and cheese

Are you up for something cheesy? If yes, then this one might be for you. Mac and cheese have always been a staple dish. You can have it either as a side dish or a main course with a pork chop.

This recipe for mac and cheese is the original one. Changes can be applied, too, when it comes to the ingredients. Choose the kind of cheese you like!


13. Roasted broccoli Quinoa salad

Roasted broccoli Quinoa salad

This roasted broccoli quinoa salad is indeed one of a kind. You can barely see people eating quinoa with pork chop, though.

The crunchiness and sour flavor of lemon dressing will complement well with a pork chop. Kale and sweet potatoes are also in the ingredients. Rest assured that this side dish is vegetarian-friendly.


14. Lemon pasta

Complete that elegant dinner with this simple and classy lemon pasta. This is if you want a side dish that perfectly complements your pork chops!

Lemon pasta is a dish that is easy to cook. The ingredients are few, so it is not costly. More importantly, this can definitely fill an empty stomach.


15. Mashed potato

Mashed potato

You will never go wrong with this primary mashed potato side. It can be paired with almost anything.

Mashed potatoes are creamy and smooth in texture. This has always been a top-tier side dish, especially for pork chops. You can top it with more gravy.


16. Buttermilk cornbread with honey butter

This is not your typical cornbread recipe because it has honey butter– an ingredient that adds extra sweetness to the meal.

Buttermilk cornbread with honey butter suits a cozy afternoon snack with some leftover pork chops. It could also be for breakfast. No matter when, this side dish is worth a try.


17. Caesar salad

Caesar salad is a staple side dish, not just for pork chops. Hence, learning how to make one is a huge advantage.

This recipe for caesar salad has two varieties, which both you can easily make. You can make a lighter version using yogurt. But you can also do the classic one if you prefer your salad with eggs.


18. Classic dinner rolls

Do you want some bread? Here it is! This classic dinner roll recipe can be a side dish to your pork chops.

However, you will need a lot of time to prepare this dish since baking is involved. Plus, you cannot be complacent with the consistency of the dough.

Here’s a tip: eggs play a significant role in having the best dough.


19. Grilled veggie skewers

Grilled veggie skewers

Grilled veggie skewers will give your pork chop a new colorful, and healthy look. This recipe may not be as popular as the others on this list, but we are sure that this would suit the taste of pork chop, whether fried or grilled.

The key to balancing the taste of the skewers and meat is a perfectly-seasoned sauce!


20. Spicy zucchini salad

Are you on a tight budget? Don’t worry because this spicy zucchini salad has got your back. A dollar is all you need to make the perfect side dish for your pork chop.

Serve this beside your grilled pork chop, it will surely make a clean and healthy impression. You can add more spices if you like.  


21. Apple-cranberry stuffing

Apple-cranberry stuffing

Have some fruity twist with this apple-cranberry stuffing! This recipe alone can be done for about 35 minutes and can serve 8-10 people.

You have to dry the bread for a day or two. So, plan before doing this recipe, or the results will differ. You’ll also need numerous ingredients.

The color of apple-cranberry stuffing can blend with your pork chop.


22. Roasted vegetables (sheet pan dinner)

Roasted vegetables are another way to go! This is an easy-to-follow recipe that even beginners can make.

The most crucial factor in making this dish is the vegetables. Although you can follow the recipe, it is never wrong to experiment. Choose vegetables that are similar to one another and can be cooked at the same time-length.


23. Peach salsa

Peach salsa

Unlike other salsa, peach salsa is a less acidic side dish. It is healthy and flavorful at the same time.

You can eat this separately with your pork chop or put it on top so you can taste the combination of both dishes. However you like; indeed, peach salsa is one of the best sides for a pork chop.


24. Java rice

Java rice is best paired with a fried pork chop. Its buttery flavor is a game-changer for a slice of bland meat. Plus, the color is unusual yet pleasing to the eye.

Java rice can definitely fill your stomach. It is also a great alternative to plain rice if you want a more colorful meal.


25. Wedge salad

Wedge salad

A wedge salad is side dish-worthy. It can quickly alleviate the appearance of the pork chop. You just have to find the right toppings that appear to be appetizing.

This recipe uses blue cheese as a creamy dressing. Adding bacon also adds saltiness to the salad.


Final words

As you can see, almost all of the side dishes listed here are healthy, colorful, and tasty. We have varieties, from finger foods to heavy side dishes like rice. Indeed, pork chops can be paired with almost anything.

Read and save this list of 25 best side dishes for pork chops because you’ll probably need it for your next meal!

Best Side Dishes For Pork Chops

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