14 Best Italian Restaurants in Colorado Springs, CO

Aside from having beautiful weather all year round, Colorado is also taking pride in its trail parks and food scenes that offer Italian cuisine that will satisfy your cravings. We’ve summed it up for you in no particular order. Here are the 14 Best Italian Restaurants in Colorado Springs, Co.!

Ristorante Di Sopra

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“L’appetito vien mangiando” is a famous Italian quote that says, “your appetite will come even while you’re still eating.” Ristorante Di Sopra holds up to its name by aiming to let its clients enjoy good food with their friends and family.

The restaurant is celebrated for its famous tapas, pasta, and wine that’s perfect with Italy’s twist! Should the weather permit, the rooftop patio is readily available to enjoy the Italian classics with a view.

Pair their best seller food with their wide variety of wines that you can choose from, and surely you’ll end the night ideally.


La Bella Vita

$$ | (719) 260-4730 | WEBSITE

La Bella Vita Best Italian Restaurants in Colorado Springs, CO

Eager to make a swift move in his career, Owner and Executive Chef Giuliano Casulli moved to Colorado Springs in 2012 and established La Bella Vita. Giuliano previously worked as a Sous-Chef in Texas and other restaurants, granting him the experience to start a venture with La Bella Vita.

With their extensive menu in-house and rich South Italian flavor, this ristorante deserves to be called one of the favorite places in which locals want to meal.

Thus, if you want to go local in Colorado Springs and at the same time enjoy Italian cuisines, you should visit La Bella Vita.


Panino’s Downtown

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Panino! Aside from being the restaurant’s namesake, Panino Sandwich is widely known for its rich taste!

The Frasca Family has run Panino’s Downtown since 1974. Up to this day, they have maintained the staple of what made their restaurant an icon in the Colorado Springs food scene. Panino’s also showcases a wide variety of Italian dishes from calzones, prime rib, pizza, and pasta!


Paravicini’s Italian Bistro

$$ | (719) 471-8200 | WEBSITE


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It won’t be hard for you to spot Paravicini in Colorado as it is located right in the heart of the historical city.

Chef Franco Pisani, a graduate of culinary school, credits his initial love and interest in cooking to his mother, Mary Pisani. He has brought a somewhat you can call a legacy of preserving Italian roots by incorporating traditional dishes to the local produce available.

Their menu offers lasagna, veal marsala, Tutto di Mare, and Chef Franco’s original fare. And if you want to dive into their unbeatable best seller of all time, try their tastiest Mud Pie!


Fratelli Ristorante Italiano

$$$ | (719) 575-9571 | WEBSITE

Fratelli Ristorante Italiano Best Italian Restaurants in Colorado Springs, CO

A perfect blend of Northern and Southern Italy is the type of cuisine you can find here in Fratelli. You can expect to have a great experience of the Italian countryside just by dining as each order is prepared delicately in a made-to-order manner.

Having good reviews and awards that Fratelli has accumulated through the years, it’s hard not to say that they have been one of the city’s dining scenes.


Dat’s Italian!

$$ | (719) 632-3287 | WEBSITE


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Dat’s Italian started humbly with a dream to cook and serve people. The family-owned business derives its inspiration from wanting to harness the gifts of their Ancona and Sicily descents.

The restaurant takes pride in its “Flavor of our family!” slogan by welcoming guests with warmth and care. Of course, their menu also bursts of Italian flavors with their mozzarella being pulled in-house, gorgonzola wedge salad, Italian leaf Caesar salad, pasta, and many more that go perfectly with their selection of wines!


Il Vicino

$$ | (719) 590-8633 | WEBSITE


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Il Vicino is famously known for its wood-oven cooked pizza! Yes! You read it right. With many technological advances today, many would opt to go into the fast lane.

From the conventional Margherita to gourmet-inspired toppings such as goat cheese, fiery shrimp, roasted chicken, wood-fired, going the traditional ways of cooking, it’s where most authentic flavors come out. That’s what Il Vicino is doing.

Their menu also includes:

  • Panini and Piadine flatbread sandwiches.
  • Signature fresh salads.
  • Baked lasagnas.
  • Pasta goes well with their homemade root beer and other drinks in the house.

Thus, if you want a contemporary Italian pizzeria, Il Vicino is the place to go!


Basil & Barley Pizzeria Napoletana

$$ | (833) 692-2745 | WEBSITE


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Their genuine Acunto Neapolitan oven that has been imported from Naples is one centerpiece that you don’t want to miss inside Basil and Barley.

Basil & Barley has a unique cuisine of classic Neapolitan fried starters, salads, wings, homemade desserts, beers, cocktails, and wines. Their friendly staff will not hesitate in welcoming you to dine in, making you instantly feel at home.

Basil & Barley also guarantees you the freshest ingredients on your plate when dining in this restaurant.


Red Gravy

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In what we can call one of the products of Italian immigrants in the city, Red Gravy, through its owner, Chef Eric Brenner, has been utilizing a decades-old recipe that has been passed down through generations.

Tomato Bisque, which comprises only five ingredients, is one of the dishes that Chef Eric introduced to imply the simplicity of perfect balance. Their St. Louis style thin crust pizza is also a signature dish you would want to try out inside.


Romano’s Macaroni Grill

$$ | (719) 540-9833 | WEBSITE


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Macaroni Grill restaurants have an open kitchen in a refined informal ambiance that lets diners witness the fresh ingredients and preparation processes that merge Italian traditions with massive innovative culinary practices.

The Italian trattoria cuisine heavily influenced the insides of the Romano’s kitchen that they want to pass on the belief that every meal is a celebration of everyday life. Pasta and wine can never go wrong with that!


Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano

$$ | (719) 262-9500 | WEBSITE


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This ristorante is taking Italian cuisine to another level. Together with his staff, the chef goes into a collaborative mode to create or feature a different dish every month! That sure is a lot of work on top of taking charge of the in-house menu.

Those with gastronomical problems don’t need to worry anymore as their dishes feature gluten-free ingredients. Now that’s what you call a tummy-friendly eats! In Biaggi, they don’t want your dining to be just an experience. They want to make it a memorable one for you!


Mollica’s Italian Market and Deli

$$ | (719) 598-1088 | WEBSITE

Mollica's Italian Market and Deli Best Italian Restaurants in Colorado Springs, CO

Claimed to be the Top-Rated Italian Restaurant in Colorado Springs, this family-owned and operated restaurant provides a range of amenities. From sourcing your deli spread and catering service provider, it doubles as an Italian Market where you can get your supplies!

You would want to bite with their homemade dishes using fresh ingredients at affordable prices!


Ristorante Del Lago

$$$ | (719) 577-5774 | WEBSITE


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Ristorante del Lago, designed by acclaimed designer Adam D. Tihany, inspired by Italy’s finest culinary regions, offers a dynamic and authentic dining experience at The Broadmoor.

Ristorante Del Lago serves fragrant wood-fired pizzas, rotisserie meats, and fresh pasta prepared in-house every day. Authentic salumi and Formaggio from Italy are also available in the maturing chamber. The most delectable way to end your dinner is freshly prepared cannoli and handmade gelato.


Mici Handcrafted Italian

$$ | (719) 370-0777 | WEBSITE


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Taking the time with utmost care and patience does yield palatable dishes after. Mici Handcrafted Italian, from the name itself, prepares their meatballs rolled by hand and cooks their pizza in their prized stone deck.

They just don’t want to serve delicious food. They aim to serve good food that won’t just satisfy your belly. It’s the kind of food you won’t likely forget. And mind you, they use fresh ingredients on their menus and not the preservative-filled ones!



Strolling around the city wouldn’t be complete without dining on one of the richest cuisines at the best Italian restaurants in Colorado Springs, Co.! Be sure to cross it out of your list once you get a chance in the city!

Italian Restaurants in Colorado Springs

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