14 Best Indian Restaurants in New York

Want to know the best Indian restaurants in New York? Well, you came to the right place. With these fifteen Indian restaurants, we ensure you will have your cravings satisfied.

Deep Indian Kitchen

$ | (646) 590-7152 | WEBSITE


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If flavorful Indian food at a low cost is what you want, the Depp Indian Kitchen or Indikitch is the restaurant for you. For as low as $10.85, you can taste the deep flavors offered by Indian cuisine.

They also have famous sides such as samosas and chai for $3 to $6.

The restaurant has a very cozy and warm interior design. They also offer take-out and deliveries for your convenience.



$ | (212) 614-9100 | WEBSITE


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Tucked in MacDougal Street, it’s harder for others to notice this small but excellent Indian restaurant. Thelewala NY strives to serve simple, fresh, yet hearty Indian street foods such as chaats and nizami rolls.

In Hindi, thelewala food means satisfying and homemade. This restaurant in New York indeed lives up to that name.

The resto offers many Indian street foods such as chicken anda, chicken rolls, and gobi roll for less than ten dollars. If you want a quick bite that will not ruin your pockets, then check out Thelewala NY.


Joy Curry and Tandoor

$ | (212) 490-1277 | WEBSITE


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Since 1994, Joy and Tandoor have been serving the midtown district of New York. Their twenty-three years in business serve as a testament to how thriving and wide their customer base is.

Their low price and hearty meals are why they are still prevalent today.

They have twenty vegetarian dishes, a gluten-free menu, and halal meat. If these types of Indian food are what you are looking for, make sure to check out Joy Curry and Tandoor.


Bengal Tiger Indian Kitchen

$$ | (212) 265-2703 | WEBSITE

Bengal Tiger Indian Kitchen

Experience a full-course fine dining experience with Bengal Tiger Indian Kitchen. They offer a three-course Prix Fix meal where you can have an appetizer, entrée, and dessert for just $25.

They have a warm and classy interior, perfect for intimate and cozy dates or alone time.

They are known for their chicken korma and saag paneer. Their entrée menu consists of vegetarian, chicken, and lamp options. Most of their dishes contain eggs, dairy, gluten, and nuts, so notifying food allergies is necessary.



$$ | (212) 688-4619 | WEBSITE


Since 1998, Chola has been serving Indian delicacies throughout New York. The restaurant focuses on bringing dishes from the Indian coastline. They strive to provide a modern Indian cuisine and fine dining experience.

The interior of the restaurant has a very classy and calming ambiance. An upscale feel is evident by the gold accents throughout the place.

Their menu also provides many vegan, non-vegan, and vegetarian options. You can choose with the wide arrange of fish, kebabs, lamb, goat, and chicken dishes. If you fancy a more pricey dish, Chola also offers lobsters.


Dhaba Indian Cuisine

$$ | (212) 679-1284 | WEBSITE


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Dhaba is a dining room that serves delectable and hearty Punjabi dishes. The restaurant provides a fine dining experience with a wide array of delicious Indian foods such as chicken tikka masala and tandoori chicken.

They also offer a lunch buffet every day. You are sure to get your money’s worth with their authentic and hearty buffet. If buffets are not for you, they also do servings for delivery and pick-up.


Hampton Chutney Co.

$$ | (631) 267-3131 | WEBSITE


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Since its establishment in 1977, the Hampton Chutney Co. has become one of the most popular Indian restaurants in East Hampton.

From a humble start of selling chutney, Gary & Isabel MacGurn now has a renowned Indian restaurant in the area.

Their resto serves and focuses on chutney, dosas, and uttapams. Hampton Chutney Co. is a perfect hangout spot for families trying out Indian food.

They have a kid menu and kiddie corners in their restaurant, perfect for keeping the children busy and satisfied.



$$ | (212) 518-7313 | WEBSITE


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GupShup thrives in combining traditional Indian cuisine and spices with modern creative techniques. They don’t stifle the freedom of straying away from the traditional approach of most Indian restaurants.

Their hub serves many alcohol and refreshments to get along with the hearty Indian food. Gupshup means to ‘chitchat,’ and that’s the restaurant’s mantra. With their cocktail bar and resto, a perfect hangout spot is in place.

The warm and energy-filled space is perfect for socializing and hanging out with friends. In 2019, they were awarded as one of the best restaurant designs by Eater.



$$ | (212) 564-8255 | WEBSITE


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Manhattan’s Patiala Curry House will surely satisfy and fill your stomach with excellent and tasty Indian dishes. The menu combines North and South Indian cuisine to taste many unique dishes.

They include vegan and vegetarian options, so you don’t have to worry if you subscribe to that diet.

If you have a particular liking for Hyderabad cuisine, you’re in luck. They provide many dishes such as rich soups, biryani, and kebabs.


Tamarind Tribeca

$$$ | (212) 775-9000 | WEBSITE


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If fine dining from a Michelin Star awardee is what you are looking for, there is no other place than the Tamarind Tribeca.

Sitting on the Flatiron district in Manhattan, the restaurant will grab you with its classy ambiance and delectable Indian food.

Tamarind Tribeca offers traditional Indian dishes sprinkled with a contemporary feel. They are looking to mix the hearty and wide variety of Indian cuisine and the sophisticated cooking methods of the West.



$$$ | (212) 490-2100 | WEBSITE


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Junoon has been a Michelin Star recipient since it opened in 2010. The restaurateur Rajesh Bhardwaj strives to share his love for his native Indian ancestry through their opulent dishes.

The restaurant wants to preserve and honor traditional and native Indian cuisine while incorporating modern and innovative cooking methods.

Other than their Indian food, the restaurant is also has a reputable wine program. Junoon has been the recipient of the “Award of Excellence” by Wine Spectator ever since its establishment.



$$$ | (212) 689-5666 | WEBSITE

If an authentic Indian ambiance is your type, Vatan is the place for you. Besides its excellent Indian food, the restaurant’s interior will surely bring you closer to India without going out of the country.

The walls are adorned with elephant embellishments and wooded canopies.

Paired with their Prix Fix meal, you will surely enjoy the general ambiance of the area. They have a gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan menu, perfect for people with limited dietary options.



$$$ | (212) 204-8616 | WEBSITE


Even they are new to the market, Dhamaka is nothing short of excellent. They strive to bring Indian dishes to the Essex market unapologetically.

To be above other Indian restos in the area, they get the different and often forgotten side of Indian cuisine. Their interior is adorned by complex and high-caliber murals, perfect for a pleasing dining ambiance.

They won many awards in 2021, such as being the top restaurant in the New York Times’ “Top 10 New Restaurants of 2021” and Esquire’s “New York’s Top 10 New Restaurants of 2021”.


Baar Baar

$$$ | (212) 228-1200 | WEBSITE


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The rustic yet contemporary feel of Baar Baar will fill you with nostalgia and longing for Indian cuisine. The place is perfect for private dinner parties or hanging out with friends after a long day in New York City.

Fortunately, the restaurant offers a private event reservation, perfect for an upscale dining party filled with laughter and the smell of Indian food.

Sujan Sarkar’s culinary leaps are evident with the different dishes in Baar Baar’s menu. It’s a mix of homages to regional Indian food with a modern taste.



We hope this list helps you find the perfect Indian restaurant in New York. Satisfy the cravings with their hearty and electable dishes, some traditional while some are more contemporary.

Indian Restaurants in New York

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