14 Best Asian Restaurants in New York

New York is quickly becoming one of the world’s top cities for Asian food. There are many delectable Asian restaurants to choose from, serving diverse cuisine from traditional to fusion.

This is owing to the city’s multicultural populace. Continue reading to learn about the 14 best Asian restaurants in New York.

Hortus NYC

$$$ | (646) 858-3784 | WEBSITE


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Hortus redefines modern Asian food. It has one of the best Asian-fusion menus among fine dining establishments. You’ll notice right away how different this eating experience is from what you’re used to. It has a warm, open kitchen and savory cuisine you won’t find anywhere else.

They combine cuisines of countries like China, Korea, and Thailand to produce a unique menu that blends these flavors. They emphasize delectable flavors while highlighting sustainable and seasonal sources.


TAO Downtown Restaurant

$$$ | (212) 888-2724 | WEBSITE


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Tao gives you a superb New York experience with fantastic Chinese food that has been Americanized. Here, dates and large groups are both welcome.

The food is better than other club restaurants’ meals, but it’s also pricey. The menu features fascinating pan-Asian cuisine, including lobster three ways, Wagyu beef, and Chinese Five Spice short ribs.

They also have a wide range of sushi, dim sum, and small plates. Other options are vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free. Desserts and cocktails are also stunning.


MomenTea Kitchen

$$ | (646) 666-0308 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in New York MomenTea Kitchen

This restaurant offers a diverse menu of both modern and traditional cuisine. The menu is fresh and unique, reflecting the quality lifestyle of New Yorkers. They serve tasty sushi, noodles, Chinese dishes, and other unique food and drinks.

Their guests can pick between a brief stop or a comfortable hours-long stay, a combination of fast-food and dine-in experiences. Interior design is chic and simple, ideal for informal gatherings with friends or a quick family lunch. The staff are also kind and helpful.



$$$$ | (212) 989-6699 | WEBSITE


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Buddakan is a fancy and pricey restaurant where you can have dinner with friends who want to splurge money on a big night out.  Dining here feels like a special occasion.

The vast room is remarkable, and the decor is simply stunning. There are two stories, with a large sunken dining area that looks like a modern version of Hogwarts’ dining hall.

The cuisine and service are of excellent quality. The food is much better than you’d anticipate, particularly tea-smoked spareribs. You’ll be surprised to get their best-selling edamame dumplings in a stunningly delicate wrapper.



$$$ | (212) 245-8880 | WEBSITE


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OBAO infuses a modern approach to Asian cuisine by combining the best Thai and Vietnamese ingredients. You’ll experience a touch of elegance to traditional cuisines like Pho Noodles and Pad Thai.

Everything is delicious without compromising authenticity. You can savor the best Vietnamese spring rolls, chicken and shrimp dumplings, and the duck with wide flat noodles.

The place is classy and inviting, though not so big. It’s ideal for a small group of friends or a dinner date. The staff are courteous, efficient, and extremely friendly. They are even eager to make suggestions.


Kung Fu Kitchen

$$$ | (212) 951-1935 | WEBSITE


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Kung Fu Kitchen takes you on a culinary journey to China right in New York with their hand-pulled noodles and authentic steamed buns. They also serve breakfast and desserts from various Chinese regions. It is also a fantastic location to savor soup dumplings and ramen.

The quality of the services is excellent, and the ambiance is laid-back. The waiters and waitresses are quick and courteous and even offer suggestions for menu items. There is a 15% service charge for dine-in, but it is well worth it! It’s a great place to enjoy lunch or dinner.



$$ | (212) 920-6233 | WEBSITE


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Wagamama specializes in Asian cuisine with Japanese influences at reasonable prices. Starters range from Korean barbecue to Japanese noodles. They also offer vegan options but no plastic straws.

It’s a lovely, laid-back restaurant suitable for the whole family. You can enjoy a fun dinner here in a social setting. The open kitchen provides interaction with the cooks. The purpose of communal tables is to meet new people and potentially share intriguing dishes.

Wood, brick, and graffiti paintings establish a modern tone in the décor. However, the noise level is high, making discussion a bit difficult.



$$ | (212) 247-8318 | WEBSITE


An’nam is open all year round, including holidays. You can go there during lunch and supper hours. They serve a wide variety of Asian food. Their menu comprised Thai, Chinese, Singaporean, and Japanese dishes. The Vietnamese meals, which seem to be their specialty, are the best choices.

It’s not really “fusion” because the cuisines aren’t blended in novel ways. But they’re all represented and done well with fresh ingredients. Other options include vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free dishes. The dining room is spotless, well-maintained, and tastefully designed. The ambient lighting contributes to the relaxing atmosphere.


Lilli and Loo

$$ | (212) 421-7800 | WEBSITE

Lilli and Loo

Lilli and Loo is all about high-quality Asian cuisine. This restaurant ensures that customers have a pleasant experience every time they walk in the door.

There’s food here for everyone, including vegetarians. They use only the freshest vegetables, fish, and meats.

You can have modern Chinese dishes, sushi, and other Asian foods. They also feature a wide selection of gluten-free dishes and buns.

They deliver the distinct flavor of Chinese food and sushi. They do this by expertly mixing customized sauces with ingredients that pique your interest.



$$$ | (212) 724-9700 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant is set up casually. This modest space has a fresh yet homey ambiance because of the crisp woods.

You can order a mix of Asian cuisines, like cold sesame noodles, giant shrimp curry, and veggie fried rice. However, the menu prices are significantly higher, considering the small servings.

After you’re seated, the friendly staff will walk you through the menu. They are always on hand to make sure you have all you need.


Sachi Asian Bistro

$$ | (212) 297-1883 | WEBSITE


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This modern restaurant has a wide variety of cuisine selections that are reasonably priced. If you’re searching for a budget-friendly spot, this is the place to go.

Sachi is a new type of Asian bistro, serving up inventive yet authentic Asian cuisine. The dishes range from dim sum to noodles, sushi, and sashimi, to entrees with inspirations from China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand.

They offer classic lunch alternatives and popular street food in generous portions. You can see the emphasis on quality even in their cocktails.


China River

$$ | (646) 767-0854 | WEBSITE


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At China River, you’ll get to enjoy Sichuan cuisine served in a relaxed, bi-level setting with exposed brick and rustic wood.

Their goal is to make their customers feel they are on a journey to Sichuan. Spicy dishes abound in this Sichuan cuisine. You can savor the best dumplings you could ever have here. They also offer authentic Chinese cuisine and a variety of American Chinese dishes such as dim sum. It’s like going to China for a day.

Everything is remarkable, including the service. It’s a great place to grab a bite to eat or eat lunch.


Jaya 888

$$ | (917) 722-2481 | WEBSITE

Jaya 888

This restaurant offers a pleasant vibe. The white lights that surrounded the bamboo-like design look great. It’s a lovely setting for a family supper or a date.

The menu is extensive, with options for both meat-eaters and vegetarians.  You can have traditional Malaysian comfort food with a dash of American-Chinese cuisine.

Their cuisine is very wonderful! Although the portions are on the small side, the prices are reasonable. All of the spicy dishes have the right amount of kick. The staff are pleasant. They are very helpful, responding quickly to inquiries and making suggestions.


A A Jing

$$ | (212) 245-0800 | WEBSITE

A A Jing

Many of the dishes at A A Jing are inspired by traditional Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines but cooked uniquely. They serve sushi and vegetarian options such as tofu, dumplings, and egg rolls.

Everything is made to order, fresh, and attractively plated. They seek to please customers, following food preparation instructions like steaming or sauce on the side.

The environment is pleasant, the furnishings are high-end, and the cost is reasonable given the location. The atmosphere is also lovely and quiet, and the waiters are very kind.



Asian food comprises the flavors of many countries, from China to India, and Thailand to Japan.

Spices not commonly used in Western cooking appear frequently, making Asian cuisine tasty and interesting. So, make sure to check out these 14 best Asian restaurants in New York when you’re in the city.

Asian Restaurants in New York

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