18 Best Vegan Restaurants in Burlington, VT [2023 Updated]

It might be challenging to find restaurants that cater to the vegan diet, so it’s always helpful to have recommendations from trusted people.

Reading reviews is another helpful way to find a restaurant that resonates with you. At the same time, find somewhere that cooks good food according to your taste. Here are the 18 Best Vegan restaurants in Burlington, VT.

Revolution Kitchen

$$ | (802) 448-3657 | WEBSITE


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Revolution Kitchen aims to provide a homey and comfortable atmosphere for its customers. Their place has a wood accent, making it cozy and giving it a more natural look.

It’s as if you are close to nature as you dine. They craft and serve innovative vegetarian and vegan meals. The ingredients for their dishes are sourced locally, ensuring freshness and healthiness.

They offer a wide variety of appetizers, snacks, drinks, desserts, and more. Their dishes are refreshing, and the service is excellent and helpful.


Pingala Cafe & Eatery

$$ | (802) 540-0110 | WEBSITE


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If you are in the mood for a cafe vibe and meal, you might want to visit Pingala Cafe & Eatery. They serve various dishes, including coffee, sandwiches, burgers, smoothies, shakes, wraps, kinds of pasta, breakfast meals, and many more.

They aim to be a safe and comfortable space where you can feel welcomed. Their website is helpful, and it can be used to order take-out. This way, it’s more convenient for you.

They also serve craft beer that can be the cherry on top of your selected meal. Their meals are also made with organic ingredients.


Zabby & Elf’s Stone Soup

$$ | (802) 862-7616 | WEBSITE


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Zabby & Elf’s Stone soup emphasizes comfort, quality, soul, and beauty. This restaurant offers cafeteria-style dining with various food selections, including everything vegan.

While they also provide non-vegan foods, they are sure to label them correctly and separately, making it easier for people who follow a different diet.

Their staff is friendly and helpful too. Their soup is reviewed as good and tasty. Zabby & Elf’s Stone Soup also serves homemade bread and soup examined as delicious.


Sherpa Kitchen

$ | (802) 881-0550 | WEBSITE

Sherpa Kitchen Best Vegan Restaurants in Burlington, VT

Sherpa Kitchen offers a relaxed atmosphere that will make you feel at home. Their kitchen and the interior look great and clean. They make sure that they serve you correctly and that the whole vibe of the staff is always genuine.

Sherpa Kitchen staff flashes genuine smiles and is helpful. They are always willing to help and assist you in making your dining experience even more enjoyable. Their dishes are well-spiced and flavorful at reasonable prices.


Tomgirl Kitchen

$$ | (802) 540-0337 | WEBSITE


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Tomgirl Kitchen offers a good environment and hearty, healthy meals that should suit your taste. The place is adorable and radiates a warm and cozy vibe.

All in all, their ambiance is perfect, matching the warm and hearty meals they serve. They serve various dishes, including avocado toast, avocado bowls, rice bowls, milk, juices, salads, and more.

They are continuously improving their food and service to give their customers the best service and experience they can. Their staff is also amiable and warm.


Honer Road

$$ | (802) 497-2145 | WEBSITE


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Honey Road is a sophisticated restaurant ensuring a good meal. They serve small plates, cocktails, and creative desserts, and all are served in a tavern setting.

Perhaps you want to dine somewhere classy and elegant, and then you might want to try Honey Road. They offer a reservation option if you do not fancy being a walk-in customer.

On the other hand, because of the current situation, they are not available for delivery. Nevertheless, they provide excellent service and ensure you enjoy your food and stay at the restaurant.


New Moon

$$ | (802) 383-1505 | WEBSITE


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New Moon is a stylish cafe aiming to serve its customers the best coffee, baked goods, breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. They have a separate and full vegan menu for you to choose from.

They accept catering and participate in progressive projects like feeding the needy and encouraging healthy eating for all.

Their staff and counter personnel are friendly and will make you feel even more comfortable. The casual atmosphere also adds up to a comfortable and pleasant experience.


Thorn + Roots

$$ | (802) 540-0370 | WEBSITE


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Thorn + Roots provides a welcoming service partnered with good food. They serve a variety of healthy meals, including burrata, smoothie bowls, juice drinks, and more.

They still have more light and nutritious meals to open on their online and physical menu. This restaurant also has a website that could help you make up your mind quickly and save you the time of looking at their menu as you walk in.

Their smoothies are reviewed as tasty, and their customer service is rated excellent.


Eco Beans and Greens

$$$ | (802) 497-0510 | WEBSITE


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Eco Bean and Greens strongly believe that food is medicine. And so they offer a variety of dishes prepared using organic ingredients. They serve organic and gluten-free cafe fare, smoothies, espresso drinks, etc.

The interior is modern-rustic, so if you are into this type of ambiance, you might want to visit Eco Beans and Greens. Their servings are enough for their price.

They ensure that everything is organic and that you get the best quality of what you pay for. Eco Beans and Greens is a 100% gluten and soy-free restaurant.


The Friendly Toast

$$ | (802) 495-5491 | WEBSITE


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The Friendly Toast is a kitchen slash bakery famous for its creative meals, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They also have a bar, and they do their best to serve you the drinks you might want and crave.

Everything about the place, from its ambiance to the staff, is reviewed as excellent. This goes for the taste too.

The Friendly Toast also provides a comprehensive website for you to look at their menu, and they have an “order online” feature that can make the process or transaction more convenient for you.

This way, you won’t take too long choosing when ordering on site.


The Skinny Pancake

$$ | (802) 540-0188 | WEBSITE


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The Skinny Pancake is a local restaurant chain in Burlington serving breakfasts, crepes, paninis, etc. This place is ideal for breakfast meals or if you just happen to crave pancakes.

They also feature live music within the space, adding to the experience. If you fancy dining with live music alone or with a company, you might want to visit The Skinny pancake.

The crepes are well made and are reviewed excellently by first-time visitors and regulars. Aside from the excellent ambiance, this place also ensures that its service is helpful and enhances the customer’s experience.


The Daily Planet

$$ | (802) 862-9647 | WEBSITE

The Daily Planet

The Daily Planet offers a great quiet and bohemian interior that fits an intimate or romantic meal with someone special. In The Daily Planet, you can reserve a table if you do not want to do walk-in dining.

They also provide a good and functional website for you to explore their restaurant more comprehensively. Their food serving is enough at reasonable prices, and their staff is friendly.

If you crave a bohemian setting and a nice meal, you might want to visit The Daily Planet.


Shinjuku Station

$ | (802) 540-8198 | WEBSITE

Shinjuku Station Best Vegan Restaurants in Burlington, VT

Shinjuku Station is a sushi place that offers a variety of Japanese dishes and rolls. If you happen to be craving vegan sushi, then Shinjuku Station is your place.

They are selling a series of rolls, main dishes, and sides that will satisfy your Japanese food craving. Their website is super cute and comprehensive.

Their list is also very understandable, and the colors are pretty. In Shinjuku Station, you get more value for the money you spend. The service is good, and the serving is generous and is a bargain for what you pay for.


A Single Pebble

$$$ | (802) 865-5200 | WEBSITE

A Single Pebble Best Vegan Restaurants in Burlington, VT

If you are craving Chinese vegan food, you might want to visit A Single Pebble. They also have a variety of meatless options for you to choose from.

Perhaps their vegan list is not that broad, but the choices are really good and healthy. In addition, it can be hard to find a good Chinese restaurant that offers vegan options.

Their food is labeled good, and the service is great. They have provided reservations and take-outs. A Single Pebble has a good list of desserts that you can enjoy and try. All in all, A Single Pebble is a good place for a solo, couple, or family date.


Pho Hong

$ | (802) 865-8031 | WEBSITE

Pho Hong Best Vegan Restaurants in Burlington, VT

If you happen to be craving Vietnamese food, Pho Hong is there to satisfy your cravings. They have a good bunch of dishes you can choose from.

Pho Hong has a comprehensive option for traditional and casual Vietnamese dishes. This restaurant has an absolute homey feel that would make you comfortable while enjoying your meal.

The food is always fresh, filled with flavors, and vibrant. Their warm soup and a warm dish will surely make you feel at home enjoying a homemade meal! They ensure an elevated homey feeling as you want your meal.


Deep City Restaurant + Bar

$$ | (802) 800-1454 | WEBSITE


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Deep City Restaurant + Bar offers a wide variety of choices at reasonable prices. The food is served fresh and cooked immediately upon order.

They also have many cocktails on the menu to spice up your meal. The staff and their waiters make sure that you have a good experience and are willing to assist you with any inquiries or inconveniences you may have.

The ambiance is also good, adding up to the pleasant dining experience. If you are with a more prominent company, they have the table to seat you.


August First

$$ | (802) 540-0060 | WEBSITE


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August First offers European-style bread and pastries. They also have a wide variety of salads, sandwiches, desserts, coffee, etc. If you are looking for a chill and open space atmosphere to dine in, you can try and eat on August First.

August First is an ideal place for breakfast. The food is delicious, and the service is reviewed as excellent. When you visit this place, you can tell that the baked goods are fresh and delicious.

Perhaps, you can even smell their aroma as you approach the place. All in all, it’s undeniable how good this place is.


American Flatbread Burlington Hearth

$$ | (802) 861-2999 | WEBSITE

American Flatbread Burlington Hearth Best Vegan Restaurants in Burlington, VT

American Flatbread Burlington Hearth offers a wide selection of vegan bread, pastry, pizza, etc. The place is warm and cozy, making sure you feel comfortable as you dine. If you are craving pizza and drinks, this might be the place for you.

Their flatbread is praised for being very good, and the best customers have ever had. Their flatbread is one of their best-selling dishes. They also have a selection of drinks like Margaritas and crafted beers.

American Flatbread Burlington Hearth makes sure that its ingredients are fresh and organic. Their pizzas are good, and the staff is friendly.



If you happen to be in Burlington, VT, and need something to satisfy your cravings, then the following 18 Best Vegan Restaurants in Burlington, VT, would be a helpful guide.

It can be stressful finding local vegan places, but the search sure becomes more manageable with a little bit of help.

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