14 Best Restaurants in Burlington, VT

As the biggest city in Vermont, Burlington houses over forty-four thousand people. The city is known for its many galleries, museum, and love for the fine arts.

If you live or want to take a vacation in the city, here are the fourteen best restaurants if Burlington, VT.

Handy’s Lunch

$ | (802) 864-5963 | WEBSITE


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Coming back three generations, Handy’s Lunch has been serving hearty and delicious yet cheap food on 74 Maple Street since 1945.

It all started with Flora and Early Handy and went down to their grandson, Earl A. Handy. The family restaurant offers many diner-centered foods such as sandwiches, pancakes, and sausages.

One of their most notable dish on the menu is the meal called ‘Chuck Norris”. The meal contains four cheesy eggs, five french toast drenched in maple syrup, ham, bacon, sausage, burger, and corned beef.

Check out Handy’s Lunch if you think you are up for the challenge.


August First

$ | (802) 540-0600 | WEBSITE


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For a cozy and relaxing cafe, try August First, owned by Phil Merrick and Jodi Whalen. They offer many drinks, bread, and sandwiches.

Most of their food is made from scratch, such as bread and biscuits. The coffee is also locally roasted so that you can ensure a fresh meal.

Since their cafe is a renovated garage, leading to a much larger space. The place provides an open space for better ventilation and an enclosed and warm area during the colder months.


Kismayo Kitchen

$ | (802) 448-3032 | WEBSITE


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Kismayo Kitchen serves cheap yet delicious and filling food. With a budget of $7.49, you can ensure that you will not come out of the resto with an empty stomach. They have a lot of hearty dishes that go under $10.

But don’t be fooled by the low price. Kismayo Kitchen is well recognized in the area for serving authentic samosas and Somali rice.

The staff and owner are also very friendly and offer great assistance, especially if the customer is unfamiliar with the options.


Leunig’s Bistro

$$ | (802) 863-3759 | WEBSITE


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For more than forty years, Leunig’s Bistro and Café has been the primary café along Church Street.

The lounge also extended as a restaurant, which started as a café sanctuary for Burlington’s local hipster crowd. You will feel like you have traveled to a Parisian café without going out of Vermont.

Leunig’s Bistro now offers many menus such as a café menu, lunch menu, and a Prix fix dinner. They also prepare their food fresh and offer many drinks such as wine. Whether you want a quick bite or a full course meal, the café has it all.


Pizzeria Verita

$$ | (802) 489-5644 | WEBSITE


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If a Neapolitan pizza is what you want, Pizzeria Verita has it all. For almost a decade, they had been serving downtown Burlington with their unique and freshly baked pizzas. The pizzeria prided itself on its exceptional Italian-inspired food.

Most of their produce is sourced from the local farm in Vermont. This practice helps the local farms and results in fresh and healthy ingredients every day. They offer gluten-free pizza and other varieties of pasta and desserts.



$$ | (802) 864-9800 | WEBSITE


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Sweetwater resided on one of the oldest buildings along Church Street, established in the 1880s. You can certainly feel the old-timey vibe of the restaurant’s interior as you enter the building.

As it’s an old bank, some parts of the old bank building have been incorporated into the restaurant, such as the entrance and the teller’s tables.

Their menu is perfect for couples, singles, families, and a night out with friends. They also offer a gluten-free menu, ideal for people with gluten allergies.


Shanty on the Shore

$$ | (802) 864-0238 | WEBSITE


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Nothing beats the taste of fresh seafood. In Shanty on the Shore, they are more than a restaurant. The establishment is also a fish company, so you can ensure that their food is as fresh as possible.

It’s a great food stop when near the Perkins Pier. Their food contains a variety of fresh seafood such as fish, shrimp, clam, and lobster. They also offer a vegan and gluten-free menu.


A Single Pebble

$$ | (802) 865-5200 | WEBSITE


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If you want the taste of authentic Chinese cuisine, you would like it at A Single Pebble. The resto is owned and run by Chiuho Duval, a photojournalist turned restaurant owner.

You can ensure that they have the authentic Chinese touch as Chiuho grew up in Taipei.

They have various Asian dishes such as stir-fry vegetables, noodles, and spring rolls. You don’t have to worry if you are on a vegan or gluten-free diet as they have a lot of dishes you can still enjoy.


Istanbul Kebab House

$$ | (802) 857-5091 | WEBSITE


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Istanbul Kebab House is where you need to be if you want a unique and authentic experience with Turkish cuisine.

The Head Chef of the resto, Chef Veli Cetin, has over twenty years of experience in cooking in Turkey, so you can ensure that your food is authentic.

Most of their ingredients are also imported from Turkey, along with their wine and other drinks. The resto is known for its kebabs and Güveç.


El Cortijo

$$ | (802) 497-1668 | WEBSITE


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El Cortijo can be the next food stop for anyone near Burlington Arts City Center. The resto serves a slew of Mexican dishes such as tacos, guacamole, or salsa with chips and carne asada.

The resto also has a bar inside where you can order margaritas and cocktails.

The interior is cozy, with warm lights all around the place. It’s a perfect spot for a night out with friends or a date. If eating at home is what you want, they also offer online orders and pickups.


Revolution Kitchen

$$ | (802) 448-3657 | WEBSITE


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Revolution Kitchen is the first-ever all-vegetarian restaurant in Burlington. Since 2013, they have been serving dishes without any meat. Revolution Kitchen also offers vegan and gluten-free options.

The restaurant’s mission is to serve fresh, clean, and healthy food. They source their ingredients from the local farmers in Vermont to ensure that it’s fresh and help out local farmers.

The restaurant also offers dishes that incorporate the harvested food from the season.


EB Strong’s Prime Steakhouse

$$$ | (802) 497-1214 | WEBSITE


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If a relaxing night out at a steakhouse is what you want, you can count on EB Strong’s Prime Steakhouse.

Whether for a solo date, couples, or hanging out with friends, the restaurant can be the place for whatever events. They can also accommodate business meetings and more significant events in their event hall.

They have a lot of appetizers and entrees, but their main attraction is their USDA prime-graded steak. You can have a deliciously smooth wine to satisfy your fine dining cravings.


Hen of the Wood

$$$$ | (802) 540-0534 | WEBSITE


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Found only a couple of blocks from Hotel Vermont, you can taste the regional flavors at Hen of the Wood. With their daily menu changes, the restaurant strives to showcase the different and unique tastes that can only be found in Burlington.

They have partnerships with many farmers, artisans, bakers, and crafters. They think that the authentic taste of Burlington dishes can be fully tasted if their ingredients also come from locally. Let the cozy atmosphere and warm hearty food relax you after a long day.


Trattoria Delia

$$$$ | (802) 864-5253 | WEBSITE


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Serving for over 24 years, Trattoria Delia is regarded as one of Burlington’s most beloved restaurants. Their menu is inspired by authentic Italian cuisine. They strive to provide delicious food, perfect for a fine dining experience.

The place’s interior is immaculate and cozy, perfect for romantic dinners or solo dates. You can genuinely relax with their excellent customer service.

They offer specialties such as coniglio alla griglia and acqua pazza. Their delectable and award-winning wine is also something you shouldn’t miss if you ever dine in Trattoria Delia.



Burlington isn’t just a place for beaches or art museums. They also host many restaurants with their unique and delicious quirks.

Each resto offers a variety of menus and cozy interiors. We hope this list of fourteen best restaurants in Burlington, Vermont helps you with your next food trip.

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