12 Best Restaurants in Burlington, NC 2023 Updated

Most people associate the city of Burlington, NC with shopping, but you can also partake of some delicious food in this locality. You’ve no need to drive to a larger metropolitan area just for something creative or unique.

Burlington offers one-of-a-kind eateries and chain restaurants. Choose from steaks, seafood, Italian, Jamaican, various Asian fare, and independent bakeries.

Il Centro Alimentari

$$ | (336) 350-8544 | WEBSITE


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Hungry for genuine Italian fare in a major shopping center in North Carolina? Stop into Il Centro Alimentari for chicken parmesan, pasta piled high with meatballs, artisan pizza, or a focaccia sandwich.

You don’t need a reservation and the portions fill you up.


Mykonos Grill

$ | (336) 222-1141 | WEBSITE


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For reasonably priced, tasty Mediterranean cuisine, head to Mykonos Grill. This local favorite hangout offers a range of Greek dishes and desserts, including traditional baklava described as “amazing.” Try  Mykonos Grill’s vegetarian platter for a taster’s tray of treats.

Try their Greek salad, the dolmades and falafel with hummus or tzatziki for dipping. Also, try their spanakopita fresh pita bread.


NC Jelly Donuts

$ | (336) 584-5929 | WEBSITE

NC Jelly Donuts

Forget the chain bakeries and visit the downhome NC Jelly Donuts for breakfast. You don’t have to love jelly donuts since you can also get the non-filled variety and crullers.

Wash it down with hot coffee and take some donuts home to serve for dessert. Closed on Sundays, they do not deliver, but you can be in and out in ten minutes at their busiest time.


Texas Roadhouse

$$ | (336) 584-1205 | WEBSITE


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Yes, you could eat in a location of this chain restaurant in most cities, but the steak house’s local eatery offers high-quality food prepared with care.

Local favorites include the spare ribs, steaks, and the cactus blossom, whole fried onion cut into the shape of a flower blossom. You can dine in, grab take-out, or have your dinner delivered.



$ | (336) 524-8149 | WEBSITE


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Grab breakfast here for the biscuits and Community Coffee.

You can get far more than biscuits here, but the eatery specializes in biscuit-centric breakfasts, such as biscuits and gravy, breakfast sandwiches on a biscuit, and biscuits with butter and jam.

Get up early because you can only catch the first meal of the day here.


Dixon’s Jamaican Taste

$ | (336) 567-5332 | WEBSITE


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Stop by Dixon’s Jamaican Taste to learn what folks in the major cities already know – you can get some of the best food from food trucks.

A few specialties include curry chicken, beef patties, macaroni and cheese, plus the plantains make a delicious dessert or side dish. Eat on a bench or at an outdoor table or just eat and walk to enjoy the historical surroundings in Burlington.


da Vinci’s Table

$$$ | (336) 270-6503 | WEBSITE

da Vinci's Table

Choose da Vinci’s Table when you need a nice, sit-down restaurant that offers fine dining.

Established in 2010, this family-owned Italian eatery offers the right ambiance and cuisine for a date night, proposal night, engagement party, or another momentous event.

You can also find American, vegan, and vegetarian dishes on the menu, so this location can truly appeal to the whole family. From steaks to pizza, you can eat it here, plus the restaurant offers a fine wine selection.


La Fiesta Restaurante Mexicano

$$ | (336) 227-0144 | WEBSITE

La Fiesta Restaurante Mexicano

Find authentic Mexican cuisine in Burlington at this eatery, established in 1993. The family-owned and family-operated restaurant has five locations, but that doesn’t detract from its quality.

Locals regularly vote it the best Mexican food in Burlington.


Little Italy Burlington

$$$ | (336) 584-7317 | WEBSITE

Little Italy Burlington

Stop into Little Italy Burlington for pizza and Italian food with a laid-back ambiance. You can find numerous vegetarian dishes amongst its appetizers, soups, and entrées.

Try the homemade pasta with a rich cream sauce to fully experience the traditional fare.


Grill 584

$$ | (336) 584-0479 | WEBSITE

Choose Grill 584 when you need a fine dining experience for a special occasion. Its elegance provides the right ambiance for proposal dinners and pre-prom gatherings.

When you want to commemorate the occasion, you visit Grill 584, which prepares custom dishes for those with special dietary needs.

If you have a family member who has a tough time dining out due to dietary restrictions, choose Grill 584 for its chef, who willingly alters recipes to suit customer needs.

The restaurant serves American food with both a vegan and vegetarian menu. Try the ribeye steak if you eat meat.



Taaza Bistro

$$$ | (336) 524-0488 | WEBSITE


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The India bistro Taaza offers everything from naan bread to tandoori treats. Try the samosas and spicy curry. The latter pairing makes an ideal pairing on a chilly day.

You can find dishes for both meat lovers and vegetarians. Rather than specializing in one area of the country’s cuisine, Taaza offers both northern and southern Indian fare.


Pano’s Cafe

$ | (336) 227-5775 | WEBSITE

Pano's Cafe

The American food at Pano’s Café won’t leave you hungry. Pounded thin to stick out the sides of your bun, the burger or the double burger more than satisfies.

Pair them with crispy onion rings. While the dining room is open, you can also get this as a take-out or delivery order.


Prego’s Trattoria

$$ | (336) 586-0292 | WEBSITE


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Prego’s Trattoria cooks from traditional family recipes that it passes from one generation to the next. Whether you choose a pasta dish or a hand-tossed pizza, you’ll experience real Italian cooking.

The ambiance mixes cozy warmth with the feeling of dining in an Italian home with elegance and sophistication.

Choose this eatery for meals where you have big family news to share, such as if you proposed to your significant other or you and your spouse are expecting your first child.


Danny’s Cafe

$ | (336) 226-4422 | WEBSITE

For dining out on a budget, eat at the American café, Danny’s, in downtown Burlington. Think home food when you think of Danny’s.

The establishment serves platters of chicken, pork, or beef with vegetables, hamburgers, and an array of desserts. Locals compliment the always hot and tasty food and Danny’s friendly staff.


California Burritos

$$ | (336) 603-8323 | WEBSITE

California Burritos

The Mexican fare at California Burritos leans toward Tex-Mex at times. Try the chicken and steak shell bowl or the namesake burritos.

Serving lunch and dinner, you can dine at your leisure. You won’t need reservations and you can typically walk in at any time and find a table. The restaurant also offers to pick up orders and delivery them.


The Park Restaurant

$ | (336) 513-4015 | WEBSITE

The Park Restaurant

Make The Park your breakfast and brunch go-to spot. It only stays open until 2:30 pm. You can find a few lunch items on the menu, but the eatery serves breakfast until closing.

Widely known for its tasty, hot food and superb service, you’ll vie for a table some mornings at The Park. It is a good idea to call first and find out how busy they are.


The Old Sharkey’s Grill

$ | (336) 227-4493 | WEBSITE

The Old Sharkey's Grill

Stop into Sharkey’s Grill for American food at very reasonable prices. The wait staff works non-stop, so your food always comes to you hot and fresh. Try the burgers or a club sandwich. Pair it with a massive, fluffy green salad.


Mixed Rice

$ | (336) 270-8299 | WEBSITE

Mixed Rice

You might expect to pay a lot for the only Asian restaurant in town, serving Korean and some Chinese dishes.

If you want a lengthy vegetarian menu, you’ll find it here, but if you love meat, don’t miss the bi bim bap bowl or the Korean BBQ paired with glass noodles.

Locals report that this place makes such tasty food that they would “eat here every day” if they could afford to do it.

The eatery’s owners also manage the establishment and put in the work toward giving it a friendly atmosphere as well as serving delicious food.



Dining out in Burlington, NC offers opportunities to taste Jamaican, Italian, Cajun seafood, and much more. You might be in the heart of North Carolina, but in Burlington, you’re never stuck with boring choices.

Explore cuisines far beyond home food and American fare right in your own backyard.

Restaurants in Burlington

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  1. Please consider including “The Mark” restaurant located off of the lobby in “The Inn At Elon” on the campus of Elon University. This luscious upscale hotel has a small, lovely dining room and a separate adjacent bar with excellent cuisine and service

    The fare is excellent and the cost matches the upscale, white tablecloth adult ambiance.

    Also, please consider updating your listing to mention that Pregos is a more upscale, white tablecloth restaurant. Their cuisine and service are also consistently first-rate.

    These are the two most upscale dining options in Burlington open to the public.

    • Thank you for your suggestions! We’ll definitely consider adding “The Mark” and updating the description for Pregos in our list. It’s always great to hear from locals who know the dining scene well.


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