13 Best Vegan Restaurants In Atlanta, GA

It’s not difficult to see why many health-conscious people now turn to vegan foods, considering the effects of inorganic and animal foods.

Even though you can easily learn how to prepare vegan meals at home, sometimes, you should also enjoy high-quality vegan meals in restaurants that are good at what they do. If you’re in Atlanta and an ardent lover of vegan food, you can check out these best vegan restaurants in Atlanta.

Tassili’s Raw Reality

$$ | (404) 343-6126 | WEBSITE


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If you’re looking for a vegan restaurant that’ll meet all your expectations regarding food taste, customer service, and a large client base, Tassili is what you are looking for.

Founded by Tassili Ma’at around eight years ago, this restaurant is committed to helping people thrive without any side effects.

It caters to everyone on the ladder of the vegan lifestyle – new converts, people in the process of transitioning to complete vegetarians, and people who just want to see what being a vegan means. Their menu includes kale wraps, kale salad, snacks, burritos, etc.


Hippie Hibachi

$$ | (470) 494 -7361 | WEBSITE


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Just as the name suggests, Hippie Hibachi is a vegan restaurant that cooks its food over open grills but in a way that caters to vegans and aids environmental sustainability.

Traditionally, the Hibachi cooking style is known for cooking meat and seafood, but this restaurant adds a spin. They have a wide range of foods, from vegan burgers, fries, plant proteins to tofu, shrimp, and mushrooms.

They also claim every meal is made in-house. You can eat in, order online pick up or make reservations for a dinner club.


Slutty Vegan

$$ | (855) 439-7588 | WEBSITE


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If you’re the type that loves to groove to some music and use free wi-fi while enjoying your vegan meal, Slutty Vegan provides just that.

Even though they evolved from being a mobile food truck delivering orders all over Atlanta by the owner, Aisha ‘Pinky’ Cole, to a brick-and-mortar restaurant, the customers’ reviews are still impressive.

One meal that stands out from their menu is their plant-based burger, which tastes even better than a meat burger. Besides, they claim to be committed to helping the people of Atlanta overcome problems like hypertension caused by unhealthy foods.


Planted Soul

$$ | (678) 465-7576 | WEBSITE


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Previously known as Soul Vegan, Planted Soul serves high-quality Southern fresh, vegan foods. Another thing that makes the restaurant stand out asides its unique range of dishes is its hospitality and community-building culture, some qualities most restaurants don’t have.

Their menu includes cajun shrimp pasta, jerk chicken, chicken and waffles, potato salad, veggie spring rolls, among others.

Beyond the tasty foods, they also offer good customer service, and there’s the option of becoming a VIP for a higher quality service. You can order online or dine in for a more immersive experience.


Soul Vegetarian

$$ | (404) 752-5194 | WEBSITE


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You can’t possibly go wrong with the choices Soul Vegetarian lines up for their customers – eggless bowl, tofu sticks, combination salad plate, veggie burger, a tofu sandwich, kale bone sandwich, entrees such as barbeque tofu, barbeque cauliflower, crispy tofu cutlets, and sides like broccoli, cornbread, etc. It was founded in 1979; it claims to have one of the biggest chain vegan restaurants worldwide.

The food is filling, paired with a comfy dining area with good scenery. There’s something for every pocket, and the customer service is something you’d want to experience every day.


Good As Burgers

$$ | (818) 857-0818 | WEBSITE


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Known for healthy and tasty vegan meals, Good As Burgers was founded in 2020 to change the food culture in Atlanta.

The favorite among their customers is their Double OG burger, which is absolutely vegan but tastes beyond expectations; this explains why it’s the most talked about in their customer reviews. Other tasty choices include chick’n tender, sloppy joe fries, strawberry cheesecake slices, etc.


Plant Based Pizzeria

$$ | (404) 835-2739 | WEBSITE


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Plant Based Pizzeria indeed leaves up to its name – they offer pizzas which are 100% vegan and with no salt, white flour, or the likes.

Other choices on the menu include baked spaghetti, vegan ice creams, desserts, flatbreads, vegan burgers, vegan sandwiches, etc. Besides that, they’re the first restaurant to offer an all plant-based pizza in Atlanta; it has great decor and an inviting atmosphere.

The restaurant is owned by Marisa Acoff and Paul Jordan, who are committed to adding more unique delicacies to their menu. They also have a food truck for a wider reach.


Cafe Sunflower

$$ | (401) 352-8859 | WEBSITE


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Undoubtedly, a restaurant of over 25 years would be good at what it does to remain in business that long. And that’s precisely what Cafe Sunflower is – they claim to be the pioneers of vegan dishes in the diverse city of Atlanta.

Their fresh and luscious foods always leave most customers speaking highly of them. They also cater for outdoor events ranging from company meetings to parties. Dining in or ordering from them won’t tear your pockets.


Healthful Essence

$$ | (404) 806-0830 | WEBSITE


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Founded by Princess Dixon and Kwadwo Kephera over four decades ago, Healthful essence serves Caribbean dishes that are gluten-free, soy-free, sugar-free, and flavourful.

They have a wide range of options – jerk mushrooms, black beans, barbeque tofu, sweet potato cornbread, moss drinks, but their helpful staff can help recommend some dishes, especially if you’re new.

If you’re a lover of Reggae music or would like to be part of a community of Reggae lovers, you’ll find a home here too. They have a Youtube channel where their customers can keep up with them and also cater for outdoor events.


Local Green Atlanta

$$ | (678) 500-8781 | WEBSITE

Local Green Atlanta

It’s incredible how a turnaround on personal counts could evolve into something that serves a large number of people, and this is the story of one of the top vegan restaurants in Atlanta.

It started when Zachary Wallace, a music legend, decided to change his eating habits because he experienced firsthand the effects of the unhealthy foods he had always eaten.

He started Local Green Atlanta in 2017 to help many more people eat healthily while preserving the ecosystem, all at reasonable costs. Their customer service is awesome, and they also offer smoothies and juice bars.


Herban Fix

$$$ | (404) 815-8787 | WEBSITE


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Rated among the top vegan restaurants in Atlanta, Herban Fix not only serves vegan dishes but offers a rare collection of vegan wines that are the perfect match.

Judging from customer reviews about their service and the taste and ingenuity of their dishes, you’re sure to become obsessed if you ever try their food.

Started by Chef Wendy Chang, the restaurant provides pan-Asian cuisine with a fusion of Amerian food culture that tastes great, improves health, and sustains the environment. The location is serene and inviting, perfect for a quick relaxation after the day’s work.



$$ | (404) 596-8396 | WEBSITE


Another fine vegan restaurant you should check is Recess. It is touted by its faithfuls to offer good vegan options in an upbeat environment at Krog Street Market.

They have sandwiches made from cherry, red cabbage, roasted garlic, etc. You’ll also find bowls of brown coconut rice, black beans, crispy chickpeas, golden raisins, butternut squash, roasted potatoes, salads, and for desserts – chocolate cookies.

They are available to provide food for outdoor events, but you have to book ahead. They are in an open-air place with lots of parking spaces, so you can drive there.


True Food Kitchen

$$ | (404) 481-2980 | WEBSITE


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Right in the middle of an upbeat environment, True Food Kitchen is a health-conscious, vegan restaurant because it provides food that helps enhance the longevity of lives and considers allergic people.

Asides its entrees, salads, soup bowls, desserts, vegan pizzas, it offers an enriching collection of cocktails, tea, and wine for its teeming clientele. They also have gluten-free meals for non-vegans and are particular about keeping with COVID-19 guidelines.

You can decide to dine-in, takeout, or opt for delivery, but smoking isn’t allowed within the restaurant’s premises. There’s something for everyone as their prices are quite affordable.



Not every restaurant knows how to satisfy the vegan needs of people who understand how important food is and why it should be their first medicine, but the thirteen best vegan restaurants in Atlanta listed above do.

You can walk into any of them to enjoy a healthy, sumptuous vegan meal or order online if you prefer to stay indoors.

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