13 Best Romantic Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Isn’t it perfect to pair up a romantic meal with good food plus a fantastic view? Have you found your way around some of the best spots in Atlanta to enjoy sumptuous cuisine? If not, here’s 13 Best Romantic Restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia!


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Atlas is first on the list of romantic restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia. Many people believe that the food at Atlas was responsible for reviving Atlanta’s fine-dining scene.

Located on the 2nd floor of St. Regis, Atlas is well known for its classy ambiance that provides a sophisticated and inviting environment with an exceptional collection of 20th-century modern art.

When it comes to their food, Atlas offers one of the best staples in Atlanta, the Black Angus filet.

A simple, flavorful dish that you will surely enjoy. To harness its authentic flavor, you only need crème fraîche potato puree and charred spring onions.

To complete the night, you may choose one of their finest wines and liquors. Behind their glass bar, you will see a glass case of historic liquors, which are perfect to pair with the Black Angus filet.

You can choose from various cognacs or Macallan’s finest collection in blown-glass bottles. They are all available here.


Ruth’s Chris Steak House

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Ruth’s Chris recognizes that dinner may set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Here in Ruth’s Chris Steak House, you’ll have an elite dining experience: a classy, private environment, a fantastic menu, and world-class service, perfect for a romantic date!

To seal in flavor, they let their Midwestern beef broil perfectly. They also take care in preparing your steak, chopping it to perfection, and keeping it sizzling throughout your meal, from T-bones to filets.

Indeed, though Ruth’s Chris Steak House is second on the list, it doesn’t mean they are not one of the best romantic restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia.


Tiny Lou’s – Hotel Clermont

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Our third pick is not as famous as the other romantic restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia. Hotel Clermont was not much of a buzz not until Tiny Lou’s opened its doors to its clientele.

Tiny Lou’s dining room was designed to honor the hotel’s history from the golden heyday of the motor lodge with its gentlemen’s club in the 1950s through its more recent shadier years.

Tiny Lou’s dishes are inspired by southern France and frequently include ingredients from Georgia and the South.

Steak frites, beef bourguignon, and a delicately sautéed fluke meuniere are intertwined with dishes like duck consommé, diver scallops in black chicken jus, and Burgundy snails, all accentuated by fresh vegetables.



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Marcel is the best choice if you are looking for a steakhouse in West Midtown to feast upon big celebrations. It’s a big, dark restaurant with huge leather booths a big square bar.

When it comes to the restaurant’s service, they have managed to show professionalism to every customer.

Plus, their dinner servers come dashing in tuxedos. Fortunately, these servers were trained to be constantly two steps ahead of you when it comes to replenishing drinks or offering a bottle of champagne.

Marcel got you covered with everything you need to enjoy a fantastic meal. A perfect meal, a perfect date, and a romantic restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia – awesome!


Kyma, Atlanta

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If you come to Kyma, you will enjoy a contemporary Mediterranean seafood experience that pays homage to Greek culture and cuisine. You can dine under the stars, dine on meze and entire fish, or sip on rare Greek wine varietals at a bar surrounded by sea glass and sea glitter. Romantic, isn’t it?

Kyma is a unique cultural wonderland where authenticity is vital as ambiance. Here, freshness and flavor are prioritized. Isn’t this romantic restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, the best for you?


Anis Cafe & Bistro

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Anis Café & Bistro is not your typical romantic restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. It looks a bit casual during the day.

Anis has opened its doors by wanting to revive the feeling of leisurely meeting up with friends and locals while enjoying coffee and wine together in Southern France.

Arnaud Michel (owner) continues to enchant his guests with his genuine appreciation for the cuisine and wine by committing his passion as exhibited in every plate.

When asked what’s his secret, Arnaud confidently said that he took inspiration from his childhood memories and olive fields in Montpelier, France.

The restaurant is popularly praised for serving good food, right for its price. If you want to find a place to chill, you know where to head to!


The Optimist

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The Optimist

Another best romantic restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, that you should visit is, The Optimist.

The Optimist lives up to its name, coming from being a gritty warehouse to becoming one of the gems of West Midtown. Thanks to its famous oyster bar!

The restaurant was inducted as the Best New Restaurant of the Year by Esquire last 2012.

The lobster roll is a must-try menu item, and many believe it to be one of the best dishes in the city. Large chunks of delicious lobster are encased in a buttery roll and lightly dipped in mayonnaise.

The exquisite sammie is accompanied by housemade BBQ chips that are so thin they’re almost translucent.


St. Cecilia

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The façade of a building, places, and romantic restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia, may look deceiving. True enough, looks can be deceiving.

St. Cecilia’s edifice can attest to that. The grandeur that the space offers will surely stir your curiosity about the food served behind the table.

Like most of the resto in Atlanta, St. Cecilia’s hearty meals source their produce locally.

Their menu is divided into four sections: crudo (raw seafood dishes), antipasti (small plates), pasta, and entrees. The crudo department changes daily and can provide some of the most pyrotechnic dishes in the kitchen.


King + Duke

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A twenty-four-foot, custom-designed fireplace is used for cooking the majority of the restaurant’s dishes.

The grills can be raised or lowered by crank wheels to control the heat, and there’s also a wood-burning oven with an uncovered grate on top that doubles as a stove.

The place features a patio outdoors with a bar that makes relaxation a splendid one, granting the skies are generous enough to give the diners fine weather.

While this place might not be a place for vegetarians, it is still a perfect romantic restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. Here, diners can get healthy portions of meat that can tempt them to have a take-out order for seconds.


Ruby Chow’s

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Ever want to taste the east from the heart of Atlanta? Ruby Chow’s serves just right. From the namesake itself derived from a prominent figure in Seattle, Ruby Chow’s cuisine runs deep and extensive with its Cantonese-style food range.

This restaurant has become people’s favorite, mainly because it’s just a short walk close to Ponce City Market.

From Bo Ne, Pecking Duck, down to Pork Cutlets in Tonkatsu sauce, the fusion of Asian ingredients makes it considered one of the hidden gems of Atlanta’s food scene.

Indeed, that’s a perfect date at Ruby Chow’s romantic restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.



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Aziza’s Executive chef Brandon Hughes has once shaped the restaurant’s menu by bringing in non-traditional Israeli dishes that are also palatable to the locals of Atlanta.

Hughes started with essential Israeli ingredients, sauces, spices, and recipes to develop his new set.

He’s also taken into account the abundance of the region’s agricultural resources, and he’s combined the two using techniques — perhaps even ethos — he learned while working in Atlanta restaurants.

All these lead Aziza,  a must place to dine out with your date in one of the best romantic restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia.



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Wonderkid has signed on as a tenant at the Atlanta Dairies complex, one of many urban regeneration projects transforming Memorial Drive in south Atlanta.

This romantic restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, is the brainchild of Big Citizen Creative Group (Bon Ton, the Lawrence) partners Darren Carr and Eric Simpkins and siblings Nick and Steven Carse of King of Pops.

Diner classics like a burger, steak and eggs, and egg-meat-toast combinations are quite the mainstay not until falafel waffles arrive in the store. They also have a well-balanced bar where you can get drinks to enjoy.


Petite Violette

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The Petite Violette is the last and one of the best romantic restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia. The best French eating establishment in Atlanta has arisen from what was once known as Petite Auberge.

Two brothers handle this family-owned classic French restaurant. One is assigned in the kitchen, and the other is assigned as floor manager.

Because this restaurant is French-owned, more likely, you will hear French music when dining here. Petite Violette turns on the French music four evenings a week to complement the tranquil ambiance. Don’t forget your wine, though!

The restaurant also owns a food truck that they can use for their catering services for special events. Just in case you want to have the best cuisine at any of your events.



Romantic restaurants in Atlanta have been praised over time for harboring spots where guests can enjoy romantic meals gourmet and fine cuisines.

Sure, there are plenty of choices in this bustling city. But only a few can impress you without breaking your bank.

Romantic Restaurants in Atlanta

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