18 Best Asian Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

The world appreciates the beauty of different dishes in different countries, especially in Asia. The other spices bring out an extraordinary palette that most people, even Westerners, enjoy.

Here are the 18 best Asian restaurants in Atlanta, GA, that you might want to try yourselves.

Nan Thai Fine Dining

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The AAA awards Nan Thai Fine Dining with Four-Diamond Award-Winning Restaurant 15 times; not surprising to be called the “Best Thai in Georgia” by many raters.

Chef Nan Niyomkul and her mother used to sell street foods in Thailand, which piqued her interest in cooking when she was 19 years old.

Aside from the great food, the customers love the service, welcoming staff, and ambiance. As for the interior design, Nan Thai Fine Dining leans into a modern white style instead of dark motifs.

The restaurant’s overall atmosphere brings out the grand style of the restaurant.


Poor Calvin’s

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Poor Calvin’s offers a fusion of Asian cuisines and Southern foods with Eastern and Western methods and presentations.

The restaurant captivated the customers with their fresh catch seafood, locally grown vegetables, homemade pasta, and one-of-a-kind desserts such as their Fuji Apple.

Despite the Southern comfort, they still offer vegetarian and vegan foods. The customers commend the uniqueness of the menu and the creative desserts.

Furthermore, the servings are big for fine dining, leaving the customers with a full stomach.


Hsu’s Gourmet

$$ | (404)-659-2788 | WEBSITE

Hsu's Gourmet Best Asian Restaurant in Atlanta, GA

Hsu’s Gourmet claims to be the best Chinese Cuisine in Atlanta. They have a convenient location as it is surrounded by hotels, making it a dinner stop for travelers. The ingredients are always fresh, making the dish’s quality stand out more.

The dishes exceed the customers’ expectations; there is always something extra such as the proportion or preparation. The staff is also friendly; they communicate and entertain the customers, especially those just visiting Atlanta.

Even though the service is quick, they make the food with finesse.


Pacific Rim Bistro

$$ | (404)-893-0018 | WEBSITE


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Pacific Rim Bistro is a one-time stop for delectable Pan-Asian cuisines. They have Mongolian, Thai, and Japanese foods with a lovely bar and wine menu.

Most of the customers talked about the overly worth-it food price range, as the proportions are large, giving them a hard time finishing.

But what caught the respect of the people was the accommodating staff. No matter what event, celebration, or conference the customer held, the restaurant treated them nicely to make their night unforgettable.

It shows how flexible the staff can be as they accommodate large groups.


Tuk Tuk Thai Food Loft

$$ | (678) 539-6181 | WEBSITE


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Despite being under the shadow of the parent restaurant, Nan Thai Fine Dining, Tuk Tuk Thai Food Loft gained its rightful recognition as a Top Thai Restaurant in the U.S., given by the Travel + Leisure Magazine. Interestingly, the price is low compared to the quality of their dishes.

The restaurant has a modern accent in its interior design and techniques to prepare Thai food.

The staff is well trained as they greet the customers in the Thai way, with a bow. The owner also extends her gratitude by taking the time to reply to some reviews online.


Little Bangkok

$$ | (404)-315-1530 | WEBSITE

Little Bangkok Best Asian Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Little Bangkok offers both Thai and Chinese foods for the customers to enjoy.

They are fully packed at lunch and dinner as they gained many regulars due to low price points, excellent service, and perfect location. It is popular among the Atlanta locals, making it a go-to for family hangouts.

The restaurant is known for its Tom Ka soup and Pad Thai, as every review recommends it to those who are undecided.

However, the other foods are also a must-try, especially their Thai cuisines. Even though the dishes are classics, they offer generous amounts of tastiness.


Eight Sushi Lounge

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Eight Sushi Lounge is the best sushi restaurant in North Georgia for those with a heart for sushi.

The restaurant always offers fresh ingredients and a creative presentation. The dish is a mix of traditional and modernized techniques to show the evolution of sushi.

The quality of the sushi is already overt from just the looks alone. But what astonishes the customers is how every bite brings them to a new level.

Although their primary menu is sushi, they also offer other Japanese foods like ramen, which is also remarkably delicious.


Bangkok Station

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The passion of Nithidol Nithitanawut, or Chef Terry, the founder of Bangkok Station, started to help in the kitchen prepare Thai food for the temple at a young age.

His background and the rich culture of Thailand brought the restaurant to life, showcasing the dishes and the values.

Bangkok Station is the perfect spot for those craving authentic Thai food. Based on the customers’ reviews, this restaurant is the closest to traditional Thai food they had in Atlanta.

The food bursts with flavors and the ingredients used is top quality.


Tomo Japanese Restaurant

$$$ | (404)-835-2708 | WEBSITE

Tomo Japanese Restaurant Best Asian Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

The goal of the Tomo Japanese Restaurant is to bring contemporary Japanese food while using ingredients from different parts of the world.

The restaurant and Chef Tomo Naito’s work had been featured in 11 articles, talking about the food and the skills of a sushi chef.

The best dish that these Japanese restaurant offers are their sashimis, as recommended by almost every reviewer.

The seafood used is all fresh and is perfectly chosen by the chef. If the customer is unsure of what to order, the waiters know what they might enjoy as they are knowledgeable about the menu.


Ruby Chow’s

$$ | (404)-585-7829 | WEBSITE


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Ruby Chow’s has a fast service as they try to get out orders as fast as possible. According to them, their dishes are at best when fresh and hot. It is a great strategy to get the customer flow steady as they finish their meal quicker.

The customers find it hard to decide what to eat as everything seems delicious. The presentation is simple but elegant.

Meanwhile, the place’s ambiance has a soul as it is dim yet full of beautiful motifs and color. This restaurant is a great place to bring a romantic date.


Food Terminal

$$ | (404)-500-2695 | WEBSITE


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Food Terminal was designed from the background of the owners, featuring Malaysian foods with other influenced dishes from India and China brought by the trading history of their country.

The restaurant caught the media’s attention, gaining seven articles talking about its success.

The place’s ambiance mimics a food court or food bazaar-style with huge signs and simple chairs and tables.

The servings are enormous, especially for the dishes with rice. It is perfect for a hangout place with friends as it is cozier and more casual than a fine dining restaurant.


26 Thai Kitchen & Bar

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26 Thai Restaurant & Bar has four branches in Georgia: 3 in Atlanta and 1 in Brookhaven. The growing business also has growing awards, winning six recognitions so far.

They promise fresh, flavorful, and authentic food using high-quality ingredients.

The customers enjoy the food and the service as well. The staff is well-trained and knowledgeable about the food that they serve.

The chefs are also accommodating as they adjust to the order requests to enjoy the food better. The interior design is simple yet complements the culture.


Pijiu Belly

$$ | (404)-343-6828 | WEBSITE


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Five food articles mentioned Pijiu Bell, featuring different food focuses such as poutines, chicken, and sandwiches.

This restaurant aims to bring a fusion of English Gastropub and Korean-Chinese cuisines. The vibe of the dishes and the ambiance are rustic and hip.

The gastropub also offers ramen, which is one of the best dishes. As every review recommends, the articles do not lie about their famous chicken.

Their Pijiu or beer selection is also something worth trying as they offer various local beers and great mixes. They have street foods to go along with the alcohol.


Herban Fix – Vegan Kitchen

$$ | (404)-815-8787 | WEBSITE

Herban Fix - Vegan Kitchen Best Asian Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Most restaurants offer a great selection of meats. However, Herban Fix begs to differ. They advocate a healthy lifestyle while still eating delicious pan-Asian foods.

Their plant-based ingredients are close to the authentic dishes, which people who love meat also enjoy.

The service is recommendable as they bring out orders fast. The waiters are attentive, accommodating, and well-knowledgeable about the kinds of dishes they offer, as they can answer any questions, a customer might ask in a vegan restaurant.

The design of the restaurant is sleek and modern, which brings calmness.



$$ | (404)-390-3038 | WEBSITE


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Since the opening of Estrellita, it has already gathered the attention of local articles as they feature the restaurant.

Chef Walter Cortado, the Grand Park’s Estrellita owner, brought his mother’s recipe to life for other people to enjoy. These Filipino foods bring comfort to the neighborhood.

The staff is also known to be the friendliest out of all the restaurants in Atlanta. They are both welcoming and considerate to the customer’s request. It shows excellent Filipino values as the culture is known for being hospitable to the visitors.


Ru San’s

$$ | (404) 653-9886 | WEBSITE

Ru San's Best Asian Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Ru San’s is one of the most famous sushi bars in Atlanta, and the customers love almost all of the dishes on their menu.

Each sushi and roll have different accents and flavors that are savory and flavorful. They even have vegan sushi, not commonly served in other restaurants.

Rather than having one recommended must-try dish, each review has different favorites. The prices are low, but the food has high standards.

The ingredients are always fresh, and the service is top-notch. The friendly staff and sushi chefs bring out a warm atmosphere.


Doc Chey’s Noodle House

$ | (404)-688-4238 | WEBSITE

Doc Chey's Noodle House Best Asian Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Asian foods can be expensive, but Doc Chey’s Noodle House aims to have affordable yet delicious pan-Asian cuisine.

Even with the small earnings in the restaurant, they have a mission to also help the neighboring community through charities, donations, and other initiatives.

The noodle house has gained popularity and has been awarded ten times for being the best restaurant in town in terms of food and deed.

The restaurant also gives out free food to the customer through the Karma Card, making them come back more often. Overall, great ambiance, price, food, and people.


Urban Wu

$$ | (404)-816-8008 | WEBSITE

Urban Wu Best Asian Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Urban Wu serves Chinese cuisines with a modernized presentation, still consistent with using high-grade ingredients.

Even though they made modifications, Chef Wu ensured the authentic taste by using recipes passed down over generations to create the menu.

The restaurant became a spot for people who love spicy Chinese food, especially hot soups. The dumplings are stuffed and juicy, which customers enjoy eating.

The ambiance is more of a neutral tone, perfect for formal meetings or dinner with the family.



People can enjoy many tremendous Asian cuisines without leaving the country. Locals and tourists have recommended these 18 best Asian restaurants in Atlanta, GA, with different prized dishes or specialties that you must try.

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