12 Best Italian Restaurants in Atlanta, GA [2023 Updated]

Atlanta is dotted with many Italian restaurants, all aiming to impress your appetite. When you look at the number of Italian-inspired restaurants in Atlanta, it’s like a small Italy.

With such an overwhelming number, you’re likely to have a hard time finding a restaurant for your needs. That’s why we did our research and came up with the following list of the 12 best Italian restaurants in Atlanta, GA.

No. 246

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Located in the heart of Downtown Decatur, no 246 offers inventive Italian dishes inspired by authentic flavors and locally sourced ingredients in a modern space.

The Italian vintage decor with modern touches makes it a popular place for Italian diners. From delicious pasta dishes to wood fire oven-baked pizzas, the entire menu is simply fantastic.

To get to the peak, be sure to try the meatball appetizer, which is made from fresh beef, veal, and pork, and dusted with parmesan and basil and served in a spicy tomato sauce.

You can choose to dine at the communal black sheep or enjoy an intimate two or four-person at the chef’s counter.


Varuni Napoli

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While most people associate Italian food with pasta, those who prefer Southern European cuisine often go for pizza. Varuni Napoli is one of the best restaurants for Italian pizzas in Atlanta.

The restaurant treats pizza like the delicacy it is and takes the Italian flavor to another level. If you enjoy sampling pizzas, this restaurant won’t disappoint.

One of the legendary pizzas to try in Varuni Napoli is the Red Porreca Picante made from fresh mozzarella, nduja, vesuvian cherry tomatoes, hot soppressata, basil, pecorino romano, and hot Italian peppers.

You can also try the white mamma made of vesuvian cherry tomatoes, smoked mozzarella, fresh arugula, black pepper, pecorino Romano, and Prosciutto di Parma DOP. Don’t forget to order a bottle of lemonade or cocktail alongside your pizza.



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Opened just a year ago, Baffi is one of the fastest-growing restaurants in Atlanta. The Italian-inspired restaurant has put in efforts to give diners an experience of a lifetime.

While they focus on using the freshest ingredients from farmers in the community, Baffi has done a great job with its cooking techniques.

Aside from the delicious food, you can enjoy a clean, relaxed atmosphere with a beautiful patio and lounge sitting around a fire pit.

Their dynamic starter selection ranges from braised pork to charred cauliflower, Brussels pizzas, and heirloom tomato.

If you’re a vegetarian, there are several vegetarian and gluten-free options, such as marinara, ricotta, and manicotti with spinach.


Antica Posta

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Antica Posta

Unlike other Italian restaurants in Atlanta that concentrate on multiple Italian cuisines, Antica Posta has remained true to its roots—San Casciano, Italy, where the mother restaurant is located.

They carried the Tuscan cooking experience and planted it in front of Atlanta’s foodservice industry. The interior ambiance gives that real Italian experience along with the wine shop.

The restaurant features homemade pasta, fish and meat dishes. Apart from the detailed menu, the restaurant offers unique dishes based on events.

You can book reservations anytime and pay a 20% service charge for parties of 8 people or more. They also have great options for vegetarians, especially on the dinner menu.

The signature antipasti appetizers are all gluten-free, and half of them are vegan. Main-course meals cost between $21 and $30. Note that prices and recipes in Antica Posta are not subject to change.


a mano

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Whether you’re looking to grab a quick bite for lunch or looking to have a big dinner date with your family and friends, a mano is a perfect restaurant to visit.

Packed with delicious pasta and classic sauces, a mano stays true to authentic Italian cuisine. If you’re visiting for lunch, go for their meatball parmesan sandwich with provolone, Pomodoro sauce, or the chef’s salad that comes with tomato, cucumber, basil buttermilk dressing, greens, onions, hard-boiled egg, and fried prosciutto.

The restaurant had closed, but it’s now open on a first-come, first-serve basis. The patio and deck tables are all heated and adequately ventilated to keep you warm and cozy as you enjoy your meal.

Check out their website for bottle deals every Tuesday, a bite of Korean fusion fare, and many more fun activities.


Storico Fresco Alimentari e Ristorante

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Storico Fresco Alimentari e Ristorante is a subsidiary of the Storoico brand that also encompasses Storico Vino and Forza Storico. The Italian-inspired restaurant invites guests to eat at one of the kitchen tables.

That means you join everyone else in the kitchen where everything is being made, allowing you to interact with the Storico chef. They serve a special four or five course menu that only speaks culture, history, and tradition.

The five courses go for $105 per person, while the four courses go for $75 per person.

Reservation is recommended and a $25 fine if you cancel your reservation less than 48 hours prior to the reservation. There are unique weekly dishes and seasonal drinks.


Varasano’s Pizzeria

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Another excellent pizza place you might want to visit is Varasano’s Pizzeria. The restaurant has been mentioned in many local hot spots as one of the best pizza joints in Atlanta.

They also have some delightful gluten-free pasta that you can grab for lunch. Varasano’s pizzas are slightly charred to crispiness on the exterior but light and fluffy on the inside.

They are thin enough to cook well on the inside in under 3 minutes. They pride themselves in using natural ingredients and are among the few pizzerias in the US that make the dough in the old-fashioned style.

The dough is made using natural sourdough yeasts and fermented for several days. You can choose to enjoy your pizza at the restaurant or order a takeaway.


Sotto Sotto

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Sotto Sotto offers freshly made, delectable pasta dishes in a cozy, warm setting, but they’re mainly known to serve impeccable Italian wine that will easily complement your food choice.

If you’re not sure which food to get, just go for Risotto. You will like the velvety, creamy feel that bursts into a bright, delicate cheese with brilliant, tender bits of meat and veggies.

It is too delicious and satisfying, especially when combined with your favorite drink. Be sure to enjoy it on the outdoor terrace.



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With over 30 years of experience, Pricci restaurant is still the go-to restaurant among Italian cuisine enthusiasts.

Whether you’re looking for a perfect dining experience for your family or a perfect combination of upscale dining for a romantic dinner, Pricci has something for you.

The restaurant seeks to remain relevant in the modern food market by serving classic dishes with a modern flair. The elegant, classy ambiance delivers an up-scale and contemporary dining experience for any occasion.

The innovative Italian menu offers a wide range of dishes ranging from salads to signature pizzas and pasta cooked in a wood fire oven.

They also have an excellent selection of wines to fit your taste. The classic eating environment makes you feel as if you’ve just left Atlanta and entered Italy.


Pasta da Pulcinella

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Pasta da Pulcinella

Whether you have a romantic, corporate, group outing, or private event, Pasta da Pulcinella’s quality of food is unmatched. It is located in a small yellow house hidden behind skyscrapers.

If you’re not keen, you’d never know this great restaurant existed. You can sit in a clean, organized setting with hanging lights, napkins, tablecloths, paintings on the walls, and vintage images.

Start with Chef Bibbino’s imaginative signature dish–Tortelli di Mele—round ravioli filled with sausage, granny smith apples, and parmesan topped with sage and brown butter.

Menu items cost between $5 and $35. You can also have beer, wine, or cocktails that also come at discounted prices.

If you want to host an event, Pasta da Pulcinella provides special event menus for a memorable day, including dinners, catering, and holidays.


Osteria Mattone

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Italian cuisine is vast in nature, which means restaurants can choose to major in a specific area. That’s what Osteria Mattone restaurant did.

The restaurant focuses on great Roman flavor that sends you right to Rome. However, if your taste buds change anytime, there is always something you can quickly go with, such as the large selection of pasta and pizzas.

The dining space is well-decorated to fit the Roman or Italian traditional art. If you like your meal complete with wine, there are over 150 bottles to explore, and choose what fits your style.



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If you and your family are Italian pasta and pizza fans, you don’t need to go far in Atlanta to find these fantastic dishes.

Colleta is a family-friendly Italian restaurant with great food and good energy to keep diners enjoying every bit of their food.

The restaurant offers communal dining, so all of you can sit at the same table and enjoy the airy open space that offers a great view of the chef’s counter.

The patio is also an excellent dining spot. You can order some northern Italian foods, such as orecchiette with spicy ragu, Italian sausage, ricotta Salata, and crimini mushrooms.


Italian Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

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