14 Best Thai Restaurants in Denver, CO [2023 Updated]

Thai cuisine is known for its unique combinations of spices and flavors. Even if most of their dishes are spicy, it doesn’t burn your taste buds. You can still taste the other components. Head down to any of these 14 Best Thai Restaurants in Denver, CO, for a mouthful journey.

1. 9 Thai Restaurant

$ | (303) 993-6342 | WEBSITE

Best Thai Restaurants in Denver, CO 9 Thai Restaurant

You do not need a big budget to experience great Thai food. 9 Thai Restaurant has cheap meals with generous serving that will fill you up. Despite the low cost, you can still taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients. Furthermore, the service in this restaurant is spectacular, making your time worth it.

The guests love their Panang Curry that comes with Jasmine rice. They keep returning for more of that spicy yet creamy broth that hits the spot.


2. Aloy Modern Thai

$$ | (303) 379-9759 | WEBSITE

Best Thai Restaurants in Denver, CO

Born from the famous Aloy Thai, Aloy Modern Thai aims to provide contemporary dishes.

Pad Thai may be a national dish in Thailand, but the two chefs who own this restaurant want to introduce that there is more to it than Bangkok may offer. Before you eat with your mouth, let your eyes feast on the beautiful presentation of their dishes.

Aside from serving their customers, they are also helping the local farmers as they partner with them. It helps sustain the business as well as the community. You may help with their advocacy by participating in their Community Night.


3. Thai Pot Cafe

$$ | (303) 639-6200 | WEBSITE

Best Thai Restaurant in Denver, CO Thai Pot Cafe

You do not have to travel to Thailand to eat authentic Thai food. Thai Pot Cafe will serve them to you. Almost every customer highly recommends this place as they have phenomenal curries like pineapple with rice, fresh appetizers, and a sample platter for those who want different flavors.

People who had been to Thailand or are native to the country had a hard time looking for excellent cuisine in Denver. However, upon finding this restaurant, it became their go-to for their cravings.


4. Lucky Noodles

$$$ | (720) 917-1000 | WEBSITE


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Ploy, the founder of Lucky Noodles, had decided to share her culture in her new hometown. This way, she can continue tasting her grandmother’s recipes while also giving to her passion for cooking.

When you visit Lucky Noodles, ask for their secret menu. You might be surprised with the dishes that only you may enjoy when dining in. Meanwhile, if you opt to order take-out, you will be surprised that they will still give you a beautiful presentation.


5. Daughter Thai Kitchen & Bar

$$ | (720) 575-8695 | WEBSITE


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It is infrequent that someone will take their partner out on a date in a Thai restaurant. Mostly, these restaurants have cozy styles which suites their comforting foods. However, Daughter Thai Kitchen & Bar has a romantic ambiance with an elegant presentation of dishes and a wine list.

Of course, aside from the atmosphere, the food must be enjoyable, and this restaurant achieved it. The dishes have perfect balance and a good amount of serving for the two to enjoy. You will enjoy everything from when you walk in until you are ready to go home.


6. Tuk Tuk Thai Grill

$$ | (720) 200-4041 | WEBSITE

Denver, CO Best Thai Restaurants Tuk Tuk Thai Grill

The concept of the name of this Thai restaurant is fascinating. Tuk Tuk is a vehicle used in Thailand to bring people to their destination safely, even when turning sharp in a crowded street, and it has a reasonable fare. With this idea, Tuk Tuk Thai Grill will bring their customers on a tasteful journey while receiving what their buck is worth.

Based on the reviews from their customers, all of their dishes are incredible as they highly recommend every one of them, even their simple yet crispy egg roll.


7. Suvipa Thai Food

$$ | (720) 379-6038 | WEBSITE

Denver, CO Best Thai Restaurant Suvipa Thai Food

Suvipa Thai Food is an excellent spot for healthy Thai dishes at a great price. Furthermore, their staff is friendly, and the service is fast. Even though their restaurant is small, do not underestimate what they can serve you. They make a mean green and red curry that is just as colorful as tasteful.

Out of all the dishes on their menu, you must try their Thai curry puffs. The filling has a perfect balance of sweet and savory, while the pastry is light and flaky.


8. Ros Siam

$$ | (303) 953-0291 | WEBSITE


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Why stay inside a restaurant when you can enjoy the beautiful weather while eating Thai food on the patio of Ros Siam. The staff of this restaurant is always happy to assist you with your concerns. The prices are reasonable for the food that they deliver.

They only use fresh ingredients to produce high-quality foods. Even though their entrees are excellent, many customers enjoyed their appetizers, especially the spring roll and cheese wontons. But if you are looking for a heavy meal, you must have their Pad Kee Mao or drunken noodles with fried tofu.


9. Hey Bangkok!

$$ | (303) 777-0559 | WEBSITE


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You may experience the streets of Thailand in Hey Bangkok!. The interior design of this restaurant will give you an authentic atmosphere like you are strolling down their roads. The walls are very Instagramable, thanks to the fantastic artists. Aside from the food, they share the culture of Thailand as well.

The menu in this restaurant is simple, like street foods. However, the ingredients are fresh, and every bite is exploding with flavor. Customers can’t decide what is better between Pad Thai and Pad Kee Mao. Try them both to know what you will enjoy the most.


10. Tommy’s Thai Restaurant

$$ | (303) 377-4244 | WEBSITE

Thai Restaurants in Denver, CO Tommy's Thai Restaurant

Looking for classic Thai food with a friendly staff? Head down to Tommy’s Thai Restaurant. They have great Panang Curry served with Jasmine Rice. Furthermore, the team welcomes you with warm smiles and greetings when you step in. The fast services are commendable, which has the speed of fast food chain.

They have different lunch specials for every weekday, which you can see on their menu. It has a fixed price and is only available at a particular time. If you plan to eat here for lunch, make sure not to miss this menu.


11. Swing Thai

$$ | (303) 333-0444 | WEBSITE


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Traveling the world allows you to be open to discoveries, which is what Jay Dedrick and Duke Tayaputch had been doing. They find inspiration for new meals they create as they eat in different restaurants. These expeditions are also what make the dishes in Swing Thai unique.

The restaurant continues to improve as they find new ingredients to complement their dishes. Furthermore, well-assisting staff will always make your experience in a restaurant more memorable. Many customers had fun while interacting with their servers. Try at least one of their soup to go with your meal.


12. Taste of Thailand

$ | (303) 762-9112 | WEBSITE

Thai Restaurant in Denver, CO Taste of Thailand

Taste of Thailand will make you taste authentic cuisines without leaving Denver. They have an extensive menu for any cravings that you may have. Rest assured that their dishes have fresh and healthy ingredients as they organically grow their vegetables in their garden.

The ambiance is cozy, and the presentation of their dishes is simple. The serving of the food is generous for the amount you are paying. The customers love the Flue Shot Soup, a Thai YahTom with many vegetables, chicken wontons, and tofu. It is an excellent remedy when you feel under the weather.


13. Pepper Asian Bistro

$$ | (303) 388-8377 | WEBSITE

Denver, CO Thai Restaurants Pepper Asian Bistro

Pepper Asian Bistro has both Thai and Chinese cuisines, a great combination as they have different elements. Their menu in both cuisines is consistently tasty and uses generous ingredients, so you can choose any dish you want. The ambiance is slightly elegant, with tinted windows and dim lights.

This Thai place can be a superb regular go-to restaurant if you want one. You may customize your order, and the staff and chef will remember it for the next time. Their service is also quick, which makes it an excellent take-out place.


14. Thai House

$$ | (303) 477-4090 | WEBSITE


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The concept of Thai House may be one of the most unique so far. Instead of having a comfortable indoor, they are a sports bar with Asian cuisines. Enjoy your Thai food with cocktails or a wide selection of beer while watching sports on their big screen.

Surprisingly for a sports bar Thai restaurant, the foods are phenomenal. Many customers love their sesame chicken as it has the right consistency for the batter. They also highly recommend the cheese wontons to partner with your liquor. The skilled bartenders of this place also give their best to serve incredible drinks.



Have these 14 Best Thai Restaurants in Denver, CO, caught your attention? If you feel your stomach grumbling with each offer’s exciting dishes, take it as a sign to try it now. Start with the nearest one in you and add the rest to your bucket list.


Thai Restaurant in Denver, CO

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