11 Best French Restaurants in Denver, CO [2023 Updated]


Are you in the mood to visit some of the Best French Restaurants in Denver? There’s surely something on this list of 11 available in the downtown area that will please the palette.

As locally-owned and food-sourced restaurants, you can expect to get some of the freshest menu items possible. Try one or stop in and sample a little something from each. Take a quick peek at what each has to offer you when you’re in the area.

Bistro Vendôme

$$$ | (303) 825-3232 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Denver, CO Bistro Vendôme

Bistro Vendôme offers a full range of French cuisine, including brunch, dinner, dessert, and specials.

The restaurant has earned an onslaught of awards over the years for everything from Best French Restaurants in Denver to Top Brunch and Best New Restaurant since opening in 2003. They offer valet parking and catering and host special events. Reservations are suggested.



Le French Denver

$$ | (720) 710-8963 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Denver, CO Le French Denver

Modern elevated Parisian foods and high-end pastries are what is being served up at Le French Denver.

The restaurant was founded by Senegalese, French sisters, and is considered to be a casual, chic atmosphere. On the menu, visitors can find everything from bakery items to breakfast foods, lunch, and dinner items. The full dinner menu and brunch are offered on Saturdays and Sundays.



La Merise French Bistro

$$ | (720) 596-4360 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Denver, CO La Merise French Bistro

Dine-in, carry-out, and delivery are all options at La Merise French Bistro. The restaurant serves exotic meats, seafood, and even game menu options at reasonable prices. They are well-known for excellence in customer service and for their comfortable Paris-like setting.

Half-price wine options are offered on Saturdays, and the staff is knowledgeable about what types of wines pair best with each meal. The restaurant has over 75 menu items, including brunch, soups and salads, and main entrees. It was founded in 2011.



Atelier by Radex

$$$ | (720) 379-5556 | WEBSITE

Denver, CO Best Restaurants Atelier by Radex

Atelier by Radex is operated by the locally well-known chef Radek Cerny. He’s also a longtime restaurateur, and this restaurant is one of his most recent openings in the Denver City Park neighborhood.

The establishment boasts French-influenced menu items served in a friendly, casual atmosphere. Diners have options on the menu available for both lunch and dinner. Various events are hosted throughout the year, including Christmas Day dinner and a New Year’s Eve celebration.



Bon Ami

$$ | (303) 862-4959 | WEBSITE

Denver, CO Best Restaurant Bon Ami

Delivery, take-out, and indoor and outdoor (limited and seasonal) dining options are available at Bon Ami, one of the Best French Restaurants in Denver.

You can make appointments by booking online or calling ahead, which is strongly encouraged during peak hours. Choose from a variety of menu options, including scrumptious brunch, dinner, and dessert choices. There’s an extensive wine list and customer service that is hard to find in other restaurants.



Brasserie Brixton

$$ | (720) 617-7911 | WEBSITE


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Brasserie Brixton is a local French restaurant in Denver that serves dinner, cocktails, wines, and desserts that are authentic. All ingredients come from local producers and suppliers to ensure the freshest meals possible. At a personal restaurant with limited seating.

Dine-in and curbside pickup are options for visitors looking to enjoy some of their well-known cuisine. Quality foods in a quaint neighborhood are what those who have been to the restaurant take away from their experiences.




$$$ | (303) 623-5700 | WEBSITE


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Coohills was awarded the award for Best of Denver in 2021 and offers up to ten-course meals from Chef Tom. They boast locally-sourced farm-to-table for all of their cuisines which include items like crab cake starters and Aspen Ridge Steak entrees.

There’s a comfortable atmosphere and customers rave about the service received. In addition to regular dining, customers can take advantage of their special events room for birthday parties, anniversaries, and larger groups. Reservations are required for groups of more than ten.



Le Bilboquet Denver

$$ | (303) 835-9999 | WEBSITE


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At Le Bilboquet Denver, customers will find something unique that’s not routinely on a French restaurant menu, and that’s something special for the kids. They also have a range of Les Hors D’oevres including salads, and soups.

Dinner entrees, desserts, and side dishes round out the menu. Visitors describe the atmosphere as Parisian with a bit of New York making it comfortable and inviting. If you’re looking for top French food from one of the Best Restaurants in Denver, this is the spot to go.



Chez Maggy

$$ | (720) 794-9544 | WEBSITE


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Chez Maggy’s Chef Ludo Lefebvre found his second home in the mile-high city. The restaurant serves a full range of elegant French food items, including everything from brunch and lunch selections to dinner, dessert, and assorted wines and other beverages.

They are known for their customer service as well as the hearty portions available at reasonable prices. Reservations are available.



Cafe De France

$$ | (720) 489-4428 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Denver, CO Cafe De France

Cafe De France is a locally owned and operated restaurant with a variety of French cuisine options suitable for every taste palate. They offer everything from appetizers and soups, and salads to a gorgeous Filet Mignon steak dinner, seafood, pasta, and more.

It’s conveniently located and has ample parking with space for over 150 diners. Catering is available and a private room for those interested in having a party in the restaurant. There is a take-out option for those wishing to grab their meal and go.



Bistro LeRoux

$$ | (720) 845-1673 | WEBSITE


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LeRoux is known as one of the best French restaurants in Denver for a plethora of reasons. They offer exquisite European bistro options, and diners enjoy sitting beneath gorgeous twinkling crystal chandeliers.

They offer a full menu, including cocktails and desserts. Bistro LeRoux has earned recognition for offering the best happy hour in the city as well. The restaurant is open seven days a week in the evening hours. Reservations are suggested during busy times.




If you’re on the hunt for the Best French Restaurants in Denver, you can check out any of them on this list, and you will be delighted with what you find.

Ranking among the top restaurants in the area, there is something for everyone in both taste and price point. Start at the top and work your way through! Then, decide for yourself which one deserves the number one spot!

French Restaurants in Denver

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