15 Best Restaurants in Newnan, GA [2023 Updated]

Once you have stepped foot in Newnan, Georgia, also known as the City of Homes, you’ll be attracted and feel an easy connection. You’ll find the most fantastic restaurants your taste buds would enjoy and love at the city’s heart.

he city’s unique culinary delights will take you not only to classic American meals but also to new cuisines from Europe to Asia. So here are the 15 Best Restaurants in Newnan, GA, you must visit!

Meat N Greet

$$ | (770) 683-4664 | WEBSITE


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Next on our list is an American restaurant you should not miss in Newnan, GA. If you’re an avid fan of American-style burgers, Meat N Greet is the perfect place.

For a burger jam-packed start, try out their Buffalo Smoke Craft Burgers made of gouda, bacon, mild buffalo, and lettuce. Or you can go for their “One-Eyed Willie” loaded with a sunny-side-up egg, cheddar cheese, bacon, smoked tomato, and jam.



Viet’s Cuisine Newnan

$ | (678) 857-3425 | WEBSITE

Newnan, GA Restaurants Viet’s Cuisine Newnan

Here’s a beautiful restaurant for you. Stop by for Vietnamese culinary delights at Viet’s Cuisine Newnan. Whether you’re up for Khai Vi appetizers or like Bahn Mi Vietnamese Sandwich, this place has you covered.

Let’s take a closer look at their high-quality meals. Their Grilled Stuffed Beef-Jalapenos is made of marinated beef and fried onions and served with homemade dipping sauce for $7.37. And if you like to have a quick bite, their Asian dumplings will never be a disappointment!



Town & Country Restaurant

$$ | (770) 251-8070 | WEBSITE

Newnan, GA Restaurant Town & Country Restaurant

Town & Country Restaurant is an American and Southern-style restaurant featuring classic comfort foods. You can set a high expectation for this place, from simple meals to loaded brunch.

If you want to start your day with a fantastic, heartfelt meal, this restaurant has Breakfast classics on their menu, perfect for you.You can never go wrong with pancakes or French Toast. Also, breakfast Sandwiches are excellent for people who are in haste.



Dunc’s Barbecue Chicken

$$ | (678) 673-6644 | WEBSITE

Top Restaurants in Newnan, GA Dunc’s Barbecue Chicken

And finally, here’s a barbecue restaurant that’s worth a shot! Would you like to have a memorable meal that would last you and your loved ones? Stop by Dunc’s Barbecue Chicken.

If you like to start with small plates, go for their Catfish & Ribs, Awesome Salad, or Turkey palate. But if you want chicken wings for an appetizer, ask for their whole smoked wings. Their warm and friendly staff is there to assist you!



Positano Pizza Napoletana

$ | (770) 683-1939 | WEBSITE


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Near Ashley Park, Positano Pizza Napoletana is a traditional Neapolitan pizza place in Newnan, GA. The crowd hailed this pizza restaurant for its featured salads, antipasti, espresso, gelato, and desserts.

You’ll find the restaurant elegant and sophisticated with its industrial and mid-century ambiance and décor. So, if you like to have a European style of pizza with Italian music playing in the background, this pizza place is for you!

For a start, you can have their best-selling pizza, Margherita, made of basil, buffalo cheese, and San Marzano tomato. Or you can go for their Marinara, filled with San Marzano tomato, garlic, basil, and oregano.



Dynasty Restaurant & Bakery

$ | (770) 251-5418 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Newnan, GA Dynasty Restaurant & Bakery

Suppose you share a deep love for Chinese and Thai culinary delights. In that case, Dynasty Restaurant & Bakery is the ultimate go-to. This restaurant provides its guests with authentic and flavorful Chinese and Thai cuisine.

Do you like to indulge in their Thai Specialties? Come along and try the crowd’s favorite, Pad Thai, a stir-fried rice noodle loaded with chicken breast, jumbo shrimps, crushed peanuts, eggs, beans, and carrot sprouts.

But if you like to go Chinese, here’s what you can try. Go for their Kung Pao Chicken, Tomato Chicken, or Hunan Chicken for $8.



Knife and Stone

$$ | (770) 683-2524 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Newnan, GA Knife and Stone

Here’s a fine dining restaurant you would genuinely enjoy and look forward to, Knife and Stone. This lovely restaurant is known for its bistro-style menu. You can try out their best-selling specialties with your friends, like Chipotle Meatballs, Gunpowder Wings, Salmon with Shrimp Fondue, and Scallops and Bleu.

But you would not be disappointed to try out their famous Salmon Cordon Bleu made of mashed potatoes, fried spinach, prosciutto, fondue sauce, and baked salmon.

So, if you wish to have a fancy and elegant meal, Knife and Stone is at your beck and call. Give them a heads up; their friendly staff would love to assist you.



La Parilla Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (770) 251-9081 | WEBSITE


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Suppose you like to go Mexican style. In that case, here’s a place you should not miss. For an excellent starter, you can try out their splendid seasonal salads like Monterrey Salad, Grilled Chicken Salad, and House Salad.

What’s even fantastic is all of their delicious salads come with juicy dressings that you can have based on what you like. And if you’re game for a full-blast and hearty Mexican meal, never miss out on this restaurant’s specialties: Fajitas, Veggie Combo, Chicken Sandwich, and Pollo Mango Glazed.



Garlic Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar

$$ | (770) 683-7515 | WEBSITE

Newnan, GA Best Restaurants Garlic Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar

Of course, the list of best restaurants would never be complete without our ultimate favorite delights, sushi. Do you want to stick to basic but classic rolls? Try out their famous rolls like California Roll, Crunchy Roll, and Double Decker Roll.

For a premium sushi experience, you can go for their Sushi Chef Specials: Sashimi Bowl, Ahi Tuna Taco, and Tuna Special. This restaurant’s menu also features noodles you will love, like Pad Thai Tevada, Woon Sen Noodle, and Kee Mao Noodle.

Are you in the mood for a great Asian cuisine experience? Garlic Thai is waiting for you.



Redneck Gourmet

$ | (770) 251-0092 | WEBSITE

Newnan, GA Best Restaurant Redneck Gourmet

Established in 1991, Red Neck Gourmet is a Southern-style restaurant that is excellent for a quick snack bite, chill brunch, hearty lunch, and fancy dinner.

If you want an easy but loaded breakfast meal for your busy day, you can stop by Redneck Gourmet and have their famous breakfast sandwiches for $4.75.

But if you like roll-ups, you can try out their Chicken Salad, Rusty Rooster, and Turkey Ranch. And in case you prefer healthier options, you can go for their vegetarian meals like Veggie Philly and Veggie Burger for $10.49.



The Juicy Crab

$$ | (770) 683-5001 | WEBSITE


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And now, let’s head on to the most delicious Cajun Seafood Boils found across the United States, The Juicy Crab. This seafood restaurant vows to give its guests the freshest and juiciest seafood delights from the sea.

So, if you love seafood, this place got you! Whether you’re up for Green Mussels, Clams, or Lobster Tail, The Juicy Crab is sure to accommodate you. And if you like a big, hearty meal, this place has a combo meal perfect for you and your loved ones.



Charley’s Restaurant & Bar

$$$ | (770) 252-8584 | WEBSITE


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O’Charley’s Restaurant & Bar is a relaxed American chain restaurant perfect for those who like to have comfort food. If you want a quick snack break, have your favorite pica-pica from this place. Whether you’re up for steakhouse nachos, buffalo shrimp, or country-style tenders, this restaurant is the ultimate go-to.

But if you’re up for American-style meat, try out the Butcher Block Favorites. You can have pork chops, juicy steak, baby back ribs, or their perfectly grilled salmon.



Sushi Ken

$$ | (404) 740-3754 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Newnan, GA Sushi Ken

Do you like to have sushi rolls all in one sitting? Here’s your perfect catch restaurant. With its friendly and accommodating staff, sushi Ken is ready to serve the all-time favorite sushi rolls.

On top of everything, if you want to indulge in Japanese cuisine, this restaurant got you too! You can try their popular, best-selling meal like California Roll and Teriyaki Chicken Hibachi.



The Cellar

$$ | (770) 683-6328 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Newnan, GA The Cellar

The Cellar is another fine dining restaurant you should visit in Newnan, GA. For a wrap, here are our food recommendations worth trying. Try out their Battered Fried Mushrooms and Onions made of whole mushrooms, horseradish aioli, and onion pedals.

Crab Artichoke Crusted Salmon is perfect if you like a sumptuous delight. Chefs fill this lovely meal with lemon risotto and haricot verts, wrapped with lemon caper cream sauce. And, of course, an American chain restaurant would never be complete without a burger.

For the ultimate go-to, you should not miss Bay Burger, loaded with two grind patties, American cheese, tomato, lettuce, and pickles. And you can have this meal for $15.50.



Red Lobster

$$ | (770) 252-4111 | WEBSITE


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Indeed, seafood is something we can never get enough of. So, if you’re a passionate fan of nothing but seafood, Red Lobster deserves a spot on your list. Located in Newnan Pavilion, this restaurant is a natural place to visit because of its convenient location and affordable pricing.

Since 1969, Red Lobster has taken pride in serving their guests only the freshest and finest fish, shellfish, and seafood. If you like to take your friends and family for a seafood Summerfest or have a signature feast, swing by this seafood restaurant!




We hope you enjoy scrolling through these 15 Best Restaurants in Newnan, GA. Once you’ve visited these eateries, you’ll realize they possess a unique thing that makes them stand out from the rest.

So, whether you are up for a budget-friendly restaurant, want American comfort food, or go for extraordinary Asian delights, these best restaurants are worth your time!

Restaurants in Newnan, GA

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