9 Best Restaurants in Hamilton, OH 2013

For a town the size of Hamilton, there is a surprising variety of places that will satisfy the most demanding among us. Here are the Best Restaurants in Hamilton OH.

Neal’s Famous BBQ

$$-$$$ | 513-737-2783 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Hamilton, OH

The southern-style ribs at this chill cafe are legendary in Hamilton, and any visitor to the city should not leave without trying them. Mike Neal, the proprietor and namesake of the eatery, is responsible for the barbecue dishes, which pay homage to his home state of Alabama.

You can buy bottles of the excellent marinating sauces to recreate the meals at home, and the menu features a wide variety of meats such as huge steaks, a trademark meatloaf, and scrumptious ribs.

The key to success lies in the preparation method and the sauce.



Taqueria y Pupuseria Mari

$$ | 513-883-2210 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurant in Hamilton, OH

Situated in a nondescript building, this family-managed establishment serves up traditional dishes from El Salvador and Mexico, such as pupusas, horchata, arepas, empanadas, and outstanding guacamole.

Tables are packed with regulars, many of whom are Hispanic residents of Hamilton who have been coming here for years and know just what to get from the menu’s extensive list of fiery specialties.

The outdoor patio space and the breakfast fare with a Latin feel are both welcome additions. Ask one of the locals sitting at the table next to you for recommendations if you are unsure what to order. They will be happy to provide their preferred option.



Hyde’s Restaurant

$$ | (513) 892 1287 | WEBSITE

Hamilton, OH Restaurants

Hyde’s Restaurant is a great choice for those who want simple fare because of its reasonable costs and ample servings.

The pies are baked twice a day to ensure that they are always fresh, and although they have a wide selection of fruit fillings, their banana cream pie is the standout.

Those who would rather eat savory foods than sweet ones can choose from a variety of delicacies that fall into the savory category, such as spaghetti and meatballs, slow-roasted beef brisket, and roast pig. These are just some examples.

Check out the schedule of the Monthly Feature Entrees that they have. Entrees that are featured on a daily basis include Chicken and Dumplings, Fried Chicken, Meatloaf, Salmon or Cod, Spaghetti and Meatballs, or Lasagna, among other options. Every one of them comes with a selection between two delicious side dishes.



Plaza One Grille

$$ | 513-896-6200 | WEBSITE

Hamilton, OH Best Restaurants

The Plaza One Grille at the Marriott Hamilton is a first-rate place for exquisite dining, and it features a lovely patio that is ideal for groups during the warm summer months.

The lunch menu has items such as salads, burgers, and sandwiches. Dinner is a more formal affair and features scrumptious specialty meals like New York strip steak, shrimp and clam linguini, and Italian chicken wrapped in prosciutto, among other mouthwatering options.

The attentive wait staff and large wine list at this restaurant contribute to the restaurant’s overall high-quality dining experience.

The Ribeye Platter accompanied by sides of Wild Rice Pilaf and Balsamic Bacon Glazed Brussels Sprouts is near perfection. The indulgent brownie sundae is the cherry on top of an already wonderful evening. Don’t be misled by how little things costs. This dinner could have been had at any restaurant in the area that charges $$$.



Millville Restaurant

$$ | (513) 863-4644 | WEBSITE

Restaurant in Hamilton, OH

Although it is only open for breakfast and lunch, Millville attracts customers from far and wide due to the quality, quantity and reasonable prices of its food. Customers are drawn in by the laid-back atmosphere and consistently high quality of the food at this locally owned and operated establishment, which has been serving the community for several decades.

You can accompany your dinner with breaded pork chops or chicken that has been cooked in a pan. The addition of timely bargains and festive decorations makes for a complete holiday experience.



High St. Café

$$ | (513) 805-7428 | WEBSITE

Hamilton, OH Best Restaurant

It’s obvious this is The place to eat lunch in town. The line is almost always at least twenty people just minutes after noon.

The chili meal is served in a cup that holds a larger portion than most restaurant bowls. Large bits of pepper, beans with plenty of meat, and a good amount of protein.

The blackened chicken sandwich, includes the spicy flesh of the sandwich chopped into a massive chunk that resembles a chicken breast. The homemade fries that comes with dinner are crispy and succulent. Both the sandwich and the home potatoes take up all the space on your plate.



Chester’s Pizzeria

$$ | 513-892-1973 | WEBSITE

Restaurants in Hamilton, OH

Chester and Mary Dadabo founded Chester’s Pizzeria Inc. in their home kitchen in 1947. Mary first sold her half-baked and frozen pizzas at Chester’s Grocery Market Store on Pleasant Avenue. Their pizza is made with the highest quality ingredients and toppings.

The Dadabos have ensured that only one recipe survives, and it has not been modified in any way over the years. The pizza that they provide is, in my opinion, among the best that I’ve ever had anywhere in the globe, despite the fact that other pizzas may in some ways be equivalent to the pizza that they serve.

And I’ve devoured a substantial amount of pizza. The lunch special offers a great deal for its price.

Despite the fact that my first option at Chester’s would have been a pizza with peppers and onions, I just couldn’t leave the restaurant without eating their chicken wings. There is a wide selection of tastes available, such as mild, hot, barbecue, teriyaki, and garlic, and every single one of them was mouthwateringly good.



Richards Pizza

$$ | 513-894-3296 | WEBSITE


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Given that this place seemed to be a hotspot for pizza, we checked out Richards Pizza as well. On the menu, you’ll find pizza, pasta, calzones, sandwiches (including Richard’s world-famous steak sandwich), gluten-free pizza, salads, and fresh fudge if you’re in the need for something sweet.

The Steak Sandwiches at Richards are of the highest possible quality. The option that includes cheese, mushrooms, banana peppers, and mushroom sauce is a real winner. You get good value for your money with these sandwiches because they are not skimpy



Tano Bistro

$$-$$$ | (513) 795-8654 | WEBSITE


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The contemporary dining room at the Tano Bistro location in Hamilton, which is directly beside the beautiful Marcum Park, is home to an innovative dining experience that is offered to patrons of the restaurant. 

The menu that Chef Tano and his team prepare and serve is one that shifts with the changing of the seasons. It is always of the best possible quality and places a focus on foods that are procured locally, as well as on sustainability and ease of preparation.

The commitment that this establishment has demonstrated to preserving the environment and to bolstering the agricultural community in the area left an impression on us. The flavor of their meals makes it abundantly clear that this is the case.




The city of Hamilton is not merely a suburb of Cincinnati or the location of a number of historically significant sites; it is much more than that. We were surprised to learn that it is also home to a number of restaurants that are known for their exceptional cuisine.

Everything from pizza that will make you want to tell your friends about it to award-winning restaurants may be found here.

Best Restaurants in Hamilton

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