14 Best Restaurants in Akron, OH [2023 Updated]

The city of Akron is a great place to tour when one goes to Ohio. Besides its amazing recreational parks, museums, and family-friendly events, Akron is home to some of the finest restaurants.

From casual bites to chic dining, there is a restaurant for everyone in the Rubber Capital of the World. Here are the 14 best restaurants in Akron, OH.

Mr Zub’s Deli & Bar

$$ | (330) 252-0272 | WEBSITE


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Mr Zub’s is a fast-food restaurant comprising a matinee and a full-service bar. It serves a wide selection of signature sandwiches and pizzas named after movie stars like Uncle Rico and Margo Tennenbaum.

The bar has multiple classic cocktails and more than 20 locally brewed drinks. Mr Zub’s provides dine-in, takeaway, and delivery services.

It also offers catering services at parties, corporate meetings, or other events. The staff is super friendly and professional when dealing with customers.


Lockview Restaurant

$$$ | (330) 252-5128 | WEBSITE


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Set up in an old Hip building, Lockview Restaurant is a gourmet grilled cheese café with promising potential. It has a vast space with a dine-in section downstairs and a separate bar section on its rooftop.

It has become a household name in Akron because of its grilled sandwiches, appetizers, soups, and salads. Its drinks section features beer, wine, and cocktails.

There are dine-in and takeaway service options at Lockview Restaurant, and services are super fast.


Luigi’s Restaurant

$$ | (330) 253-2999 | WEBSITE


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Luigi Restaurant is an award-winning Italian eatery that has been serving the people of Akron sumptuous meals since 1949. It has a vast interior that provides a classic Italian vibe and a cozy atmosphere.

It is ideal for dinner with family members or a bunch of friends. Luigi serves sone of the best pizzas in the city. Besides pizza, their main dishes, lasagna, appetizer, sides, cheese and desserts, are delicious.

Customers can dine in or collect orders at curbside pickup locations. Luigi operates Monday through Sunday, meaning you can visit them any time of the week.


Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

$$$$ | (330) 670-5200 | WEBSITE


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Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar in Akron is an upscale steakhouse chain. It specializes in high-quality beef, seafood, savory wine, and fresh cocktails.

It is appropriate for customers who want to enjoy an excellent meal, celebrate an occasion, or hold a corporate luncheon.

Customers who prefer dining at home can make orders online and do curbside pickup or wait for doorstep delivery by one of the café distribution partners.

The staff provide fast, satisfactory services which is the reason behind many clients’ positive reviews.


The Rail

$$ | (330) 864-7245 | WEBSITE


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The Rail is a hamburger restaurant situated at Summit Mall. It was established in 2011 by Mike Mariola, an award-winning chef-restaurateur, as a full-time gourmet restaurant and bar.

This place has a fantastic atmosphere with neatly arranged furniture. The atmosphere is further complemented by soft songs playing in the background.

The staff is professional, and services are quick and on point. It specializes in gourmet burgers, sandwiches, sides, appetizers, and salads.

The Rail also serves locally brewed beer, shakes, and cocktails. Its menu also features kids-friendly dishes, making it suitable for dining with the whole family.


Swenson’s Drive-In

$ | (330) 928-8515 | WEBSITE


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Swenson’s Drive-In is an American fast-food restaurant serving burgers and milkshakes. It is a local chain entreprise founded in the 1930s and only operates in Ohio’s major cities.

Its signature burger is the Galley Boy, which features a double cheeseburger. The drive-in also prepares and serves 19 flavored milkshakes.

In addition to the burger and milkshakes, the eatery serves sandwiches, potato dishes, and soup. It also serves kid-friendly meals. Swenson’s Drive also has a food truck and offers catering services to customers in their designated areas.


Diamond Deli

$$ | (330) 762-5877 | WEBSITE

Diamond Deli

Established in 1997, Diamond Deli is a delicatessen serving fantastic food in Akron, OH. The cafeteria is extensive, with both interior and exterior seating areas.

Customers can expect corned beef, specialty sandwiches, deli sandwiches, yummy wraps, and cheese. Diamond Deli offers locally brewed beer, coffee, tea, and soda.

The staff is friendly and helpful to customers, particularly first-timers who aren’t sure what to order. Dine-in, takeaway, and delivery services are all available. Diamond Deli also offers outdoor catering services for events.

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Edgar’s Restaurant

$$$ | (330) 869-3000 | WEBSITE

Edgar’s Restaurant

Edgar’s Restaurant opened its doors in 2005 when an award-winning chef, Glenn Gillespie, partnered with two other friends to open a fast food joint.

The Restaurant is located in the J. E. Good Park Golf Course and has beautiful decor on the interior and a welcoming atmosphere.

This café serves a fantastic selection of meals, including their signature grilled vegetarian pasta, Edgar’s BBQ ribs, smoked jerk wings, calamari, and deep-fried ribs.

Besides the main dishes, the menu features sides, salads, desserts, cocktails, mules, martinis, wine, and beer. Customers can make reservations online or request catering services.


Cilantro Thai & Sushi Restaurant

$ | (330) 434-2876 | WEBSITE


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Although there are numerous Thai restaurants in Akron, Cilantro Thai & Sushi Restaurant is the best. Its contemporary space complemented with Japanese décor creates a beautiful dining atmosphere.

The hotel’s menu features Thai cuisines like green curry and basil sweetened by local ingredients. Cilantro is also famous for its wide array of delicious desserts and mouthwatering cocktails, wine, and beer.

The staff is friendly, and services are customized per customer needs and specifications. The staff is friendly and offers efficient services.


Gasoline Alley

$$ | (330) 666-2670 | WEBSITE


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Gasoline Alley is a quaint deli and bar along Cleveland Massilon road. Its interior walls are covered with American automotive history décor that provides a fun, casual atmosphere for dining.

The highly recommended dishes for customers are Gasoline Alley’s classic foods, customized combos, greens, omelets, and desserts.

Gasoline Alley has daily deals for customers, such as Yuengs and Wings Monday, Tequila Tuesday, and Wine Wednesday.

Customers can also expect random specials when they visit. The service is incredible, and customers have dine-in, curbside pickup, and delivery options.


The Blue Décor Café & Bakery

$$ | (330) 926-9774 | WEBSITE


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The Blue Door Café & Bakery is an old-fashioned cafeteria and bakery that has been recognized by the New York Times as the best brunch joint in Ohio.

It was started in 2009 by Michael Bruno, a retired marine and a professional chef.

The Blue Door Café & Bakery prepares European-inspired pastries and other dishes using fresh, seasonal, and healthy ingredients sourced from Ohio’s retailers and farmers.

There are no delivery services, but customers can dine-in or pick takeaways.


West Side Bakery

$$ | (330) 836-4101 | WEBSITE


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Established in 1995, West Side Bakery is another eatery known for its fresh-baked pastries, desserts, cakes, and everyday lunch dishes in Akron.

Its menu has many items ranging from cupcakes and cheesecakes to bread and cookies. West Side bakery can customize beautifully decorated cakes for any occasion, including birthdays and weddings.

There is no dine-in service, and customers can make orders online for delivery or curbside pickup. The lunchroom has a helpful staff, and the services are incredible.


Alladin’s Eatery

$$ | (330) 535-0110 | WEBSITE


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Alladin’s Eatery is a cafeteria serving Lebanese-American food and drinks. It was started in 1972 by Lebanese who wanted to give Americans a taste of Middle Eastern cuisine.

The ambiance present in the Eatery is warm and welcoming. Alladin’s food range from protect-packed dishes to gluten-free meals and other multiple options.

Customers can dine in the restaurant or order food online for curbside pickup or delivery. The restaurant also provides catering services.


Honeymoon Grille

$$ | (330) 644-4355 | WEBSITE


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Established in 2013, Honeymoon Grille is a family-owned and operated restaurant. It is situated in the Old Honeymoon Donuts building and has an excellent atmosphere for adults and kids.

Honeymoon Grille specializes in serving breakfast, menu, and dinner with a distinct menu for each serving.

Dine-in and drive-through are the main service options available in the diner, and customers can request catering services in their offices, homes, and other designated areas. The staff is super friendly, and the services are beyond the roof.


Bottom Line

These are the 14 best restaurants in Akron, Ohio. They offer delicious foods and drinks in comfortable spaces.

You should consider trying out one or more of these restaurants to enjoy drinks and foods any time you’re in Akron or its environs. You can also contact the restaurants for inquiries and bookings.

Restaurants in Akron, OH

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