20 Best Mexican Restaurants in Dayton, OH [2023 Updated]

Some days call for Mexican food, and if you happen to be on vacation in Dayton, here are the 20 best Mexican restaurants in Dayton, OH.

If you happen to be craving a taco, burrito, salsa, dips, and other Mexican dishes, you can visit one of these places and enjoy a good dining experience.

Taqueria Mixteca

$ | (937) 258-2654 | WEBSITE


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Taqueria Mixteca is a small place in Dayton that provides a comfortable and homey atmosphere. Their service is excellent and friendly, providing their customers with the authentic homey feel as they dine.

When you order, your food is prepared immediately and is served fresh to your table. Some dishes may take some time, so you should be willing to wait for some food to arrive.

So, if you happen to be around the area and feel like you’re up to warm and hearty Mexican food, you can visit Taqueria Mixteca.


Napales Mexican Street Food

$ | (937) 554-7844 | WEBSITE


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If you happen to be craving some outdoor Mexican menu, you might want to visit Napales Mexican Street Food. They serve good food at reasonable prices.

Their servings are also enough for the price you pay. Their steak tacos are labeled as super good and have been a staple order for regular customers.

They provide good service and a pleasing ambiance that will improve your day. Their menu is filled with good stuff, so you might want to try their food.


Local Cantina Water Street

$ | (937) 999-4230 | WEBSITE


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An excellent Mexican meal is made even more special with drinks to top it off! Local Cantina provides a list of glasses to enjoy with your Mexican dish.

The place resembles a local bar where you can order drinks that can elevate your dining experience. Many people prefer drinking before, after, or during eating their meals.

If you are one of them, you might enjoy Local Cantina and their drinks. The place is lively and fun too.


Elsa’s Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (937) 252-9635 | WEBSITE

Elsa’s Mexican Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Dayton, OH

Elsa’s Mexican Restaurant is the home to giant burritos, “Bad Juan” or the Legendary Margarita, Appetizer dips, and other Mexican dishes. They aim at providing the best dishes and dips to their customers.

Nothing beats an excellent Mexican meal partnered with the Legendary Margarita. They offer their mixed drinks and a list of appetizers that you might want to try.

The prices might be relatively higher, but they ensure that you get quality food worth the price.


Las Margaritas Mexican Bar and Grill

$ | (937) 252-2092 | WEBSITE

Las Margaritas Mexican Bar and Grill Best Mexican Restaurants in Dayton, OH

Las Margaritas Mexican Bar and Grill provides an extensive menu that will satisfy the diversity and variation you might be looking for. They make sure that their place is clean and that the ambiance is excellent and comfortable for you.

Their staff and servers are great and share the same goal of helping their customers have a great dining experience. In Las Margaritas Mexican Bar and Grill, they ensure that you get the value for your money.


Taqueria Garcia Mobil

$ | (937) 554-8196 | WEBSITE

Taqueria Garcia Mobil Best Mexican Restaurants in Dayton, OH

Taqueria Garcia Mobil is a Mexican food truck you don’t want to miss. They offer great food at reasonable prices, and many would even say it’s good food for the low price.

All in all, you get more value for your money. You might want to try Mexican food in an outdoor setting. You might want to try purchasing and buying from a food truck.

Taqueria Garcia Mobil aims to serve its customers authentic Mexican recipes that are fresh and prepared immediately after ordering so you can be sure that it’s freshly cooked.


Burrito King Restaurant

$$ | (937) 235-9970 | WEBSITE

Burrito King Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Dayton, OH

If you happen to be craving burritos, then Burrito King Restaurant might be the one you are looking for. They aim to serve the freshest and the most delicious burrito to satisfy your taste.

First-time customers and regulars highly recommend this place and have been very descriptive of the goodness of their burritos. The staff and servers offer excellent service and have been providing exemplary service.

They are consistent with their food and service quality, so it’s somewhere you might feel comfortable eating in. All in all, the place offers good food at reasonable prices.


El Rancho Grande

$$ | (937) 723-9396 | WEBSITE

El Rancho Grande Best Mexican Restaurants in Dayton, OH

El Rancho Grande is a family-friendly Mexican chain that aims to serve the best Mexican dishes to you and your family.

They aim at serving great dishes, including burritos, enchiladas, and other classic Mexican dishes executed in the best way possible.

El Rancho Grande aims for fast service to ensure that the plates are served fresh. The place is neat and clean, partnered with a kind and courteous staff. El Rancho aims for your satisfaction and excellent dining experience.


La Costeñita Mexican Restaurant

$ | (937) 938-1045 | WEBSITE

La Costeñita Mexican Restaurant Best Mexican Restaurants in Dayton, OH

La Costeñita Mexican Restaurant offers lip-smacking Mexican dishes that might be what you are looking for. Their tacos are rated excellent and authentic by customers too.

The other dishes are seasoned well and can be served in large servings upon request. So, if you have friends and family over, all of you can enjoy the good Mexican food.

Perhaps you are craving something authentic Mexican, and then you might want to visit La Costeñita Mexican Restaurant. Their servings are generous and enough for their price.


Victor’s Taco Shop

$ | (937) 224-3293 | WEBSITE

Victor's Taco Shop Best Mexican Restaurants in Dayton, OH

Victor’s Taco Shop offers good food at reasonable prices. They try their best to make it as convenient as possible for their customers. They offer pickup, delivery, and even drive-thru.

This way, more people can enjoy their good menu. Victor’s Taco Shop aims to provide great food and service at a low price.


Salsas Mexican Restaurant

$ | (937) 252-5131 | WEBSITE


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If you want to enjoy authentic Mexican food on a patio, you might try a Salsas Mexican restaurant. Salsas Mexican Restaurant takes pride in its Margaritas and Micheladas. Nevertheless, they still have an extensive menu to offer.

They serve Mexican pizza, Traditional Tacos, Tex-Mex, Salsas’ wrap, chorizo, Polo loco, etc. Salsas Mexican Restaurant also invests in their atmosphere, so they integrate improved interior for the benefit of everyone.

They make sure that their facility is clean, and most importantly, they aim to serve great food and cleanliness.


Taquitos Uruapan USA #2

$ | (937) 918-6009 | WEBSITE

Taquitos Uruapan USA #2 Best Mexican Restaurants in Dayton, OH

Taquitos Uruapan makes sure that you get the freshest and most delicious tacos in town. They also aim to provide you with great service.

In dining, it’s paramount that you feel comfortable and sound as you eat, which is precisely what Taquitos Uruapan aims for. The place is clean, and you can feel comfortable rather than intimidated by the staff.

They serve street tacos, quesadillas, salsa, and other classic Mexican dishes. In this restaurant, you get more value for your money as they sell relatively cheap but good quality food.


Rusty Taco

$ | (937) 938-7384 | WEBSITE


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Rusty Taco aims to bring the best authentic taco stand to your place. Their goal is to be a comfortable place where good food can be shared.

They have a simple menu, and the dishes are hand-crafted to fit their goal to serve good food to their customers that’s simple and unique. Their food is served immediately after ordering so their customers can enjoy fresh Mexican dishes.


El Toro Bar & Grill

$$ | (937) 236-8411 | WEBSITE


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El Toro Bar & Grill aims for a simple but great dining experience. This restaurant serves classic Mexican dishes and a selection of drinks to top off the meal experience.

They have a good list of beer, wine, and Margaritas. The location is good, and the staff is friendly.

El Toro Bar & Grill makes sure that you feel comfortable dining with them, so if you have any inquiries, they don’t hesitate to entertain and solve your problem.



$$ | (937) 453-0008 | WEBSITE


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Sueño aims to serve you elevated authentic Mexican dishes. They have an open kitchen that’s overflowing with creativity. The menu is filled with meals that are engulfed with flavor.

The list of dishes is simple and diverse. With the diversity, you should have something you might like. You can also book reservations if you don’t fancy waiting.

On the other hand, you can be a walk-in customer. Sueño has a lot of potential and still has room to grow and improve.


La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (937) 280-4320 | WEBSITE


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La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant prioritizes your comfort and safety, so they provide delivery and pick-up if you are not up for dine-in yet. They offer a wide selection of dishes on their menu, so you have a bunch of dishes to choose from.

La Fiesta provides an above-average dining experience with helpful staff and waiters. You will be served well and assisted to your seat as quickly as possible.

Their website is also practical and easy to navigate. You can get essential details like their hotline number, opening dates, and hours.


Chipotle Mexican Grill

$ | (937) 222-2238 | WEBSITE


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Chipotle Mexican Grill provides fast service as well as good food. The service is rated excellent and courteous. If you need anything, there is always staff willing to help.

They are committed to supporting local farms and fresh produce. Chipotle Mexican Grill believes that organic and natural ingredients taste better and elevates whatever dish to the next level.

Their site is also straightforward to access and fun overall. Chipotle provides solo, group, and even catering services. For more information, you can visit their site. we


Carmel’s Bar and Grill

$ | (937) 294-1261 | WEBSITE

Carmel's Bar and Grill Best Mexican Restaurants in Dayton, OH

Camel’s Bar and Grill has been around for many years and has been locals’ favorite. They make sure their meals are fresh and delicious. The meat served is sure to be tender and well-seasoned.

Carmel’s Bar and Grill does not only serve Mexican dishes, but they also offer burgers, seafood, and many more. They also serve drinks to top your meal off.

If you happen to be coming with your family, this place is also an excellent place to be. They have an outdoor space if you want to feel the outside breeze.


Taqueria Los Cabos

$ | (937) 212-2970 | WEBSITE

Taqueria Los Cabos Best Mexican Restaurants in Dayton, OH

Taqueria Los Cabos is labeled a good neighborhood food truck serving good Mexican food. The team or staff working makes sure to serve tasty food filled with flavor.

Their authentic food will surely not disappoint you. Their menu is extensive despite the simple spot, so you have a lot to choose from. Their service is good and friendly, so you feel comfortable ordering and eating in the space.

The food is served fresh and hot Customers love their quesadilla, empanadas, tacos, and burritos. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to try!


Moe’s Loco Taco

$$ | (937) 278-3474 | WEBSITE

Moe's Loco Taco Best Mexican Restaurants in Dayton, OH

Moe’s Loco Taco is halal certified. If you happen to be cutting down on pork or are someone who follows a particular belief and diet, you can head to Moe’s Loco Taco.

The food is excellent and fresh. They are served hot, so you get the most out of your experience. They also serve chicken, beef, steak, seafood, and more.

Moe’s Loco Taco provides good service and can be a place you will come back to for the next Mexican craving you may have. You can also check out their menu early on their website.



There are days when you want to have a good and hot bite of Mexican food. If you happen to have one of these days, it’s always nice to have restaurant recommendations and explore food from different restaurants.

This way, you can explore your taste and decide on your favorite one. Here are the 20 Best Mexican Restaurants in Dayton, OH, you can visit.

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