12 Best Restaurants in Cincinnati, OH [2023 Updated]

Cincinnati is one of the best places to discover a new eatery. If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Cincinnati, OH, look no further than our picks below. Catch a movie and enjoy lunch, brunch, or dinner at one of our favorite spots below!


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Don’t let the name fool you. This Mexican-inspired restaurant with soulful dishes is full of surprises. This is one of the best eateries for you to take a trip south of the border without ever having to leave Cincinnati!

You can enjoy classic flavors of Mexican with a small plate, chill relleno dish. Or, you can try something new and order the Peruvian chicken for a particularly exquisite experience.

Whichever dish you choose, make sure you also pair it with one of Nada’s famous margaritas! Margaritas combined with spicy, flavorful food makes this one of our Cincinnati favorites.



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This Cincinnati restaurant doesn’t open until 5 pm for dinner, but it’s well worth the wait! Sotto is as authentic and passionate as Italian food gets in Cincinnati.

Their menu of antipasti and pane food items sounds just as delicious as they look! The antipasti grilled octopus with white bean shishito Ragu is a must-have for anyone who wants a combined flavor of hearty Italian and decadent umami.

Sotto has prided itself on keeping things traditional too, however, and offers its customers wood-fried branzino, grilled quail, and classic pasta dishes such as gnocchi to keep every customer happy!



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Since 1996, Nicola’s has been the place to go for fresh, seasonal meals inspired by the farms and beauty of Italy. Menus change every 2 seasons, ensuring you never get a meal that’s low in quality.

You can enjoy beautiful Italian dishes, including Diver scallops seared to perfection, shrimp and polenta. On top of the delicious dishes, you also get your pick of the finest bourbon on this side of Cincinnati.

Choose from strong and delicious Buffalo Trace, Crown Royal, or Jameson Irish. Nothing beats combining bourbon, whiskey, and rye with Herat Italian meals like they do at Nicola’s.


Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse

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Is there anything better than a beautiful steak, cooked to perfection, smothered with wild mushrooms, butter, and just enough black pepper for an added bite?

The simplicity of this dish and the rest of the dishes at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse is what makes them one of our favorite restaurants in Cincinnati.

With locations all around Ohio, the Cincinnati steakhouse boasts a 4.8 rating due to its friendly customer service, laid back elegant atmosphere, and of course, its unforgettable selection of cigars.

At Jeff Ruby’s, cigars paired with steak and wine mean you can really have it all.



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Many locals and tourists alike will claim that Boca is the best restaurant in Cincinnati, and for good reason! Their curated menu is simple, yet sophisticated, leaving room for only high-quality seasonal ingredients to make it on your plate.

Boca prides itself on presentation and catering to you and your guests. This makes Boca an excellent choice for those that want to impress their dates, their clients, or simply want to show their family and friends a great time in Cincinnati!

Enjoy their modern menu that consists of everything from oysters to gnocchi, and even truffle risotto.


Alfio’s Buon Chibo

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Alfio was a small boy that grew up eating a mix of both foods from Argentina and Italian dishes. Classic grandma-style cooking is an understatement for this food.

A mix of flavors, from south of the border to generations worth of Italian cooking, combine perfectly at Alfio’s Buon Chibo. This is one restaurant where every pairing and every dish makes sense.

From the classic pasta to the lamb chops and skirt steak, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Alfio’s Buon Chibo. Top it off with an amazing cocktail, and you have yourself an evening you won’t soon forget.


Montgomery Inn the Boathouse

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This restaurant has a delightful dinner schedule full of menu items that are sure to satisfy any hungry customer. Start off the night with pulled pork nachos, or go for the fried gulf shrimp Cantonese.

Their menu is simple and affordable enough for regular guests of the inn to pay for meals, but hearty and high-quality enough to be considered one of the best restaurants in town.

We prefer their pulled pork bbq sandwich, which comes at only a little over 14 dollars. If you’re truly in the mood to celebrate, you can with a 16 oz. Bone-in ribeye or a blackened salmon entree!


Abigail Street

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When rustic, delicious food meets a determined restaurant owner hell-bent on providing the best possible food to customers, you get Abigail Street.

Unlike the name would suggest, this isn’t a run-of-the-mill pub or bar on a random street. Abigail Street serves up some of the most delicious Mediterranean-inspired food in Cincinnati.

They also pair it with a wide selection of wines on top, beautiful cocktails such as the sangria Blanca, and bottled beers.

The food here is as delicious as it sounds, with a Mediterranean flair. This includes lamb spaghetti and wood-grilled octopus, and even crispy falafel all at an affordable price.


Mita’s Restaurant

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Mita’s Restaurant is Chef Jose Salazar’s proudest creation, sitting in the middle of Cincinnati. This restaurant is all about family and was named after Chef Jose Salazar’s grandmother herself.

Why would a chef name the restaurant after his grandmother? There’s one good reason, and it has more to do with the atmosphere of Mita’s than its delicious tapas and wine.

Mita’s an excellent restaurant to come and enjoy a casual dinner or get together with the rest of the family.

Come by and enjoy the delicate ceviche, juicy octopus, and small bites such as the fried pork belly. Authentic Colombian cuisine doesn’t get better than this!



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Losanti isn’t just a steakhouse. It’s everything you want out of a modern Bistro, and more.

This restaurant is even affordable, serving up burgers for only $16 with high-quality ingredients, along with filet mignon, New York strip steak, and ribeye.

All steaks come standard with roasted garlic and lemon, but they are anything but standard. Grilled and charred to perfection, Losanti has grilling and steaks down to a science.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Pastas, including truffle spaghetti, cocktails, and wine, show just how well-rounded and robust the food at Losanti truly is. Make your reservation here today.



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Simply known as Che, this Argentinian restaurant serves empanadas y mas!

Che is the creation of owner Juan Imeroni, who set off to begin a restaurant that is known not only for its spectacular, authentic empanada, but also for its urban atmosphere and fun times.

Che has a variety of empanada to fit any taste buds, including buffalo chicken, jerk chicken, mushroom and feta, even a Korean barbecue empanada.

All these toppings fit perfectly inside a perfectly flaky empanada crust sure to delight any member of your friend or family group! Make your stop and become one with the empanada! You won’t regret it.


Incline Public House

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For a taste of good old-fashioned American eats, visit the Incline Public House in Cincinnati.

Not only can you enjoy hand-crafted food here, but you can also take in the views of Cincinnati from their patio that seats 60 guests and has 1400 square feet of space!

This makes Incline Public House the perfect spot to treat guests or even take your special date for a night of romantic, dreamy views of Cincinnati.



If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Cincinnati, OH, you’ve come to the right place!

Take your pick out of one of these amazing restaurants, and experience authentic Colombian cuisine, delicious tapas, or even Mediterranean food! If not, smoke your cigar and eat your steak, Cincinnati is yours.

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