15 Best Restaurants in Ashland, OH

Ashland is a small town in Ohio that’s a perfect combination of world-class culture and lush countryside. It takes pride in its hospitable people and helpful community.

It also has a vibrant dining scene that welcomes locals and visitors alike. We’ve gathered 15 of the best restaurants in Ashland, OH, to help you decide where to go next.

Fiesta Charra

$ | (419) 281-9319 | WEBSITE


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If you’re a fan of the delightful guacamole, then Fiesta Charra is your kind of restaurant. It also serves hearty tortilla soup, burritos, mole, and perfectly spicy chiles poblanos.

Servings are generous, so there’s enough for sharing. You also get free salsa and chips while waiting for your order.

There’s a huge parking space and an efficient seating process, so it’s a great place to gather big groups. You can order the Margarita and enjoy their festive ambiance if you feel like celebrating.


Lyn-Way Restaurant

$ | (419) 281-8911 | WEBSITE

Lyn-Way Restaurant Best Restaurants in Ashland, OH

Since 1951, Lyn-Way Restaurant has been providing Ashland with delicious homecooked meals. It’s a cozy place where you can relax with family and friends.

This family-owned diner is best known for its award-winning pies and lunch specials. Crowd favorites include tender beef liver, sirloin steak, and walleye fillet.

Pair them with any sides such as baked potato, grilled hash brown, or waffle fries. When you drop by to visit, you’ll receive warm and friendly service from their staff that feels like home.


DorLo Pizza

$ | (419) 289-3577 | WEBSITE

DorLo Pizza Best Restaurants in Ashland, OH

The secret to DorLo’s excellent pizza is its use of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in its sauces and doughs. For 60 years, they have been serving affordable pizzas that can match any extensive city offerings.

It also serves crisp salads and filling subs. They have pizzas for meat lovers, vegetarians, and fans of Mexcian flavors.

If you don’t want red sauce in your pizza, they also have a white pizza made with garlic and cheese. You can dine inside their family-friendly restaurant or have your food delivered fast.


The South Street Grille

$$$ | (419) 496-0735 | WEBSITE


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The South Street Grille is a stylish restaurant located in the refurbished downtown. It has a spacious outdoor seating area with heating stations and a fire pit for when it gets chilly.

If it’s too cold for comfort, you can always opt for their clean and modern indoor dining areas. Start your meal with its famous Fresh Start Appetizer, including fresh vegetables, pita chips, spicy feta dip, and hummus.

Then, savor the “melts-in-your-mouth” beef medallions paired with grilled mushrooms for the entree. End your meal with drinks from the well-stocked bar.


O’Bryan’s Pub

$$ | (419) 207-8400 | WEBSITE

O’Bryan’s Pub

O’Bryan Pub is the go-to place for Ashland locals to have a hearty lunch or unwind after a hard day’s work. This place is perfect for those craving quick and easy, comfort meals that aren’t fast food.

It’s famous for its signature dishes, such as the O’Bryan’s Burger and the Grouper Reuben. The pub’s house-blend sauces excellently complement its sandwiches and entrees.

It also features a well-stocked bar that’s always ready to serve Guinness from the tap. Visit them on Mondays to experience its Endless Pasta Bowls.


Ashland-Wooster Drive-In

$ | (419) 281-2658 | WEBSITE

Ashland-Wooster Drive-In Best Restaurants in Ashland, OH

Travel back to a classic drive-in where waitresses will serve the meal in your cars. What started as a rootbeer stand in 1957 became a favorite local hangout.

It serves delicious hotdogs with various toppings such as fire sauce, sauerkraut, cheese, and bacon crumbles. It’s a brilliant idea to match them with fresh-cut french fries, fried clams, or mushrooms.

Don’t leave the diner without ordering its specialty, homemade root beer crafted with 100% cane sugar- truly a one-of-a-kind treat you can only get in Ashland.


Uniontown Brewing Co.

$$ | (567) 215-5019 | WEBSITE


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Located at the historic Gilbert Furniture Store on Mainstreet Ashland, this cozy hangout offers classic comfort food in a rustic ambiance.

Enjoy their pub sliders and entrees at the upcycled main floor of an iconic Ohio building. This restaurant is also known for its massive pretzels, spicy tots, and chicken naan sandwich.

Make sure to try the collection of craft beers brewed in-house. Kids can get their meals too that come with a side salad or fries.


Perkins Restaurant and Bakery

$$ | (419) 496-0008 | WEBSITE


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In 1958 the Perkins restaurant chain started as a simple pancake house. Since then, it has served classic American breakfast dishes and homestyle entrees.

One of the exciting features is a Build-A- Breakfast where diners can choose their preferred protein (eggs, bacon, or sausages), potatoes (hashbrowns, breakfast potatoes, or crispy tots), and carbs (muffins, buttermilk pancakes, or biscuits).

You can bring home freshly-baked goods from the bakery, including chocolate chip cookies, muffins, and pies.


Peking Restaurant

$ | (419) 281-0004 | WEBSITE

Peking Restaurant Best Restaurants in Ashland, OH

Behind the unassuming neon sign and storefront is a restaurant that serves an impressive array of authentic Chinese food.

It has combination platters such as sweet and sour pork, beef and snowpea, and pepper steak with fried rice and egg rolls.

The friendly and kind staff are willing to explain the food to you. The serving portions are satisfying and worth every penny, making its loyal customers come back for more.


Besta Fasta Pizza Place

$ | (419) 281-1332 | WEBSITE

Besta Fasta Pizza Place Best Restaurants in Ashland, OH

This pizza joint lies in a corner lot, making it easy to park, drop off, or get out. The service is friendly and fast for a small restaurant handled by younger staff.

The pizzas may be affordable, but they are at par with high-end pizza restaurants. Besta Fasta is famous for its spaghetti pizza topped with pepperoni.

It also offers homemade chocolate that’s just heavenly. Try the creamy chocolate buckeye balls for a well-deserved treat.


Eva’s Treats

$ | (419) 496-0880 | WEBSITE

Eva’s Treats Best Restaurants in Ashland, OH

Cap off a wonderful meal at one of Ashland’s favorite dessert restaurants, Eva’s Treats. It offers frozen soft-serve yogurt, sorbets, custards, and gelatos.

Diners can choose from over 55 toppings to make their dessert one-of-a-kind. There’s also a wide array of flavors to choose from.

You can choose to enjoy your desert outdoors to enjoy the great Ohio weather. If you want to bring home the Eva Treat’s experience, you can purchase push-pops and other pre-frozen treats.


Linder’s Sports Bar and Grill

$ | (419) 281-1955 | WEBSITE

Linder’s Sports Bar and Grill Best Restaurants in Ashland, OH

Linder’s Sports Bar and Grill is the best place to enjoy the game over drinks and tons of chicken wings. Fans of this famous Ashland hangout recommend quesadillas, pizzas, subs, and burgers.

It also serves salads, clams, and shrimp. You’ll find it crowded over the weekend, but the servers and bartenders hustle to give the customers a memorable experience.

The burger patties and french fries are made from fresh ingredients and not frozen. There’s always beer on tap to keep to enjoy friends.


Buffalo Wild Wings

$$ | (419) 281-9464 | WEBSITE


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This international sports bar franchise serves award-winning Buffalo wings. You can choose from its 26 sauces and seasonings to make your crispy and juicy chicken a treat for your palette.

The restaurant also offers wraps, burgers, sandwiches, and a special menu just for kids. Feast on your delectable meal while watching the latest basketball or football game and end it with the mouthwatering cheesecake or chocolate cake.

Grab a few drinks from the bar, sit back, relax and enjoy the game.


Lotus Restaurant

$ | (419) 496-0012 | WEBSITE

Lotus Restaurant Best Restaurants in Ashland, OH

Get authentic Chinese, Indian, and Thai dishes at this spacious, easygoing restaurant. Experience the taste of traditional Asian cooking made with lots of fresh vegetables and meat.

A favorite among loyal customers is the stir-fried beef with scallions and ginger. The authentic flavor of the food comes out without heavy sauces.

You can also feast on Japanese food with sushi, sashimi, and maki rolls. If you’re a vegetarian, there’s also an array of dishes for you.


Edamame Hibachi Wings and Sushi

$$ | (419) 903-0600 | WEBSITE

Edamame Hibachi Wings and Sushi

The newest hip place in town is a Japanese -fusion restaurant that serves sushi and wings. It also has many choices for Hibachi meals- chicken, pork, shrimp, and beef. Its servings are generous, which makes it a bang for your buck.

This restaurant is perfect if you’re after a serene place to hold a meeting or catch up with a friend. Remember to order the Lady Gaga Roll, mango habanero wings, and the avocado salad as they are starting to become crowd favorites.



A trip to this quaint college town is not complete without dropping by the best 15 restaurants in Ashland, OH. Choose from Mexican, Italian, Classic American, Asian, and Fusion dishes.

You’ll never run out of options for an enjoyable and filling time with family and friends.

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