18 Best Indian Restaurants in Columbus, OH [2023 Updated]

India’s culture is rich and diverse. And it’s reflected in so many aspects, including food. If you want a taste of sweet, salty, sour, and everything in between, check out the 18 best Indian restaurants in Columbus, OH!

Jasmine Fusion Grill

$$ | (614) 377-5735 | WEBSITE


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It would probably shock you once you find out where Jasmine Fusion Grill is located. It’s on the second floor of an Axe throwing establishment! With its rather intriguing and interesting location, Jasmine Fusion Grill does not sound like an Indian restaurant. But the truth is, it actually is!

Jasmine Fusion Grill has a huge menu featuring Indian and other South Asian cuisines. You won’t be getting any warm food from this place because they cook the dishes upon ordering. Also, you can request the spice level you want. Another thing you should note is everything is halal!


Rooh Columbus

$$ | (614) 972-8678 | WEBSITE


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Eating Indian food at Rooh Columbus is not just about satiating your hunger. It’s a memorable experience that you should experience once in a while. You will love the ambiance at Rooh Columbus. It’s modern and gorgeous. And as for the food, the flavors are defined, creative, and deep. Every dish on the menu packs a lot of flavors.

If you are vegan or someone who can’t eat anything with gluten, you can speak with your server, and they will make arrangements.


New India Restaurant

$$ | (614) 442-7705 | WEBSITE


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Sunita Malhotra continues her father’s legacy by running their family-owned restaurant New India Restaurant. For more than 20 years, Sunita has been serving exquisite Indian food with passion and dedication in Columbus.

Head to New India Restaurant if you want to try Indian food from the different regions like Calcutta, Kerala, and Punjab. Check out the different Tandoor dishes. And their signature dishes – Paneer Masala Chicken Tikka Masala, and Malai Tikka.


Awadh India Restaurant

$$ | (614) 914-8884 | WEBSITE

Indian Restaurants in Columbus, OH Awadh India Restaurant

Awadh India Restaurant’s chef, Anand Kumar, spent a decade of his life learning and perfecting Indian cooking. And his culinary experience is reflected in the dishes he serves at this place.

The menu is all about authentic and traditional Indian food. Chef Kumar brings you the bold flavors of the Anand district of India. Through the different flavors and textures, Awadh India Restaurant hopes that you will remember their food even after leaving the eating place.


Haveli Bistro

$$ | (614) 867-5008 | WEBSITE

Best Indian Restaurants in Columbus, OH Haveli Bistro

Have you ever had an upscale Indian dining experience? If you haven’t, head to Haveli Bistro to experience this! Haveli Bistro is in downtown Columbus, which is an easily accessible location to many people. It offers Northern and Southern Indian cuisines. If you are craving dishes from these regions, you can probably find them here.

This place has an extensive menu. You can drop by for lunch or dinner and order your favorite Indian dishes. And if you have an event, Haveli Bistro is open to hosting it. They have a private dining area that’s perfect for corporate or family gatherings.



$$ | (614) 505-3477 | WEBSITE


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Spice9 promises to take you on a culinary journey unlike any other. They are committed to serving traditional Indian flairs but with a dash of some modern touch.

You’ll see how simple the interior is when you enter the restaurant. Don’t let the simpleness fool you. What Spice9 lacks in decor and flair, they make up in the delicious dishes they serve.

There are a lot of dishes featured on Spice9’s menu. Once you taste them, the authentic Indian flavors will burst in your mouth. If you want to try a little bit of everything, drop by on Saturday and Sunday for their Lunch Buffet.


Cinnamon Indian Grill

$$ | (614) 261-9309 | WEBSITE

Best Indian Restaurant in Columbus, OH Cinnamon Indian Grill

If you’re near Ohio State Campus, you might come across the Cinnamon Indian Grill. Don’t second guess yourself and come through this restaurant’s door! They serve authentic Indian dishes made with fresh ingredients.

Cinnamon Indian Grill is a casual dining place. You can eat delicious Indian food and relax with your group of friends. The restaurant also offers free stuff like soda or Naan if your total order is more than $10.00!


Indian Kitchen

$$ | (614) 784-9549 | WEBSITE

Columbus, OH Best Indian Restaurant Indian Kitchen

Don’t let Indian Kitchen’s interesting location stop you from going there. This restaurant, which is more of a “mom and pop” place, serves classic Indian dishes. If you want to support a family-owned, independent business, then Indian Kitchen is here!

Indian Kitchen has a lot of things on its menu, including Tandoori or Biryani Specialties. They also have vegetarian options. There is nothing to write home about its interiors. However, it’s their food that you should be after. You can always order online and enjoy Indian Kitchen’s food at home.


New Taj Mahal

$$ | (614) 421-2323 | WEBSITE

Indian Restaurant in Columbus, OH New Taj Mahal

Near the University District, there’s an Indian restaurant that offers authentic Southern and Northern Indian dishes. If you are keen, drop by the New Taj Mahal. It’s been around since 1984!

New Taj Mahal has an amazing selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Most of the meat dishes are cooked using Mughal traditions. Regardless of whatever food you end up ordering, you will definitely taste the unique and rich flavors of Indian cuisine.

Before ordering from the restaurant, check out their website for available coupons. They usually offer free food!


Indian Oven

$$ | (614) 220-9390 | WEBSITE


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Do you want to know what the best Indian restaurant in Columbus is? For the finest Indian food, there’s no place like Indian Oven. This restaurant has numerous accolades under its belt, including Readers Pick from various publications. You should try it, so you’ll know what these readers have been raving about.

Indian Oven takes a more contemporary approach to its food. They have infused modern takes on the different Northern Indian dishes. There is also a modern vibe in the restaurant’s interiors which contributes to an unforgettable dining experience.


Aab India Restaurant

$$ | (614) 486-2800 | WEBSITE

Columbus, OH Indian Restaurants Aab India Restaurant

There are a lot of traditional elements, specifically from Punjab, in the dishes they serve at Aab India Restaurant. The owner and head chef, Avtar Singh, makes sure that the restaurant serves nothing but the best Northern Indian cuisine. He grew up with dishes and he brought his expertise and experience to Columbus. You should never miss their Tandoori dishes!

Aab India Restaurant has received numerous awards and recognitions from different magazines. It was voted as the Best Indian Restaurant by readers of Columbus 614 Magazine for three years.


Dosa Corner

$ | (614) 459-5515 | WEBSITE

Columbus, OH Indian Restaurant Dosa Corner

If you love eating Dosa, this is the best place to get them! They have about 13 types of Dosa on their menu. You can start with the plain one or try other variations with savory toppings.

Dosa Corner is just a small restaurant. But it has that cozy feel to it. Apart from the various types of Dosa, they also serve other Indian dishes. It is a good spot for vegetarians as they have an all vegetarian menu.


Cumin And Curry

$$ | (614) 470-6975 | WEBSITE

Top Indian Restaurant in Columbus, OH Cumin And Curry

Let Cumin and Curry take you on a gastronomic journey across India! You don’t have to fly to India right now to be able to taste the various dishes from the different regions of the country.

Cumin and Curry has dishes from Northern to Southern India. They even have dishes originating from less popular locations in India. If you are a vegetarian, you can drop by Cumin and Curry when you feel like getting your fill of Indian food. And if you aren’t, there are so many non-vegetarian dishes you can try.


Dakshin Indian Bistro

$$ | (614) 389-2670 | WEBSITE


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Authenticity is the name of the game at Dakshin Indian Bistro. This family-owned restaurant sources the spices they use for their food from different parts of India.

If you want to explore a variety of flavors from different Indian regions, try the Lunch Platter – Thali. You get a salad, appetizer, vegetable curry, rice, dessert, and fruit. You can also choose between Dal or soup and Naan or Batura. You can add one curry as well.


Bawarchi Biryani

$$ | (614) 389-1930 | WEBSITE

Bawarchi Biryani

There’s a lot of love, flavors, and spices that go into a pot of Biryani. And at Bawarchi Biryani, you will be able to experience all that and more!

Bawarchi Biryani opened in 2017. And since then, they have been serving Biryani and other sumptuous, flavorsome Indian spicy food. Of course, they also have other dishes on the menu. These are dishes made from the freshest ingredients, including the different spices.


Tandoori Grill

$$ | (614) 326-3777 | WEBSITE

Columbus, OH Top Indian Restaurants Tandoori Grill

Get the taste of the richness of Indian and Pakistani cuisines at Tandoori Grill. Every bite is bursting with unique and delicious flavors.

Syed, who owns Tandoori Grill, has a passion for food. And it’s evident in the dishes they serve at his restaurant. The dishes served at Tandoori Grill use traditional methods that maximize flavors and textures.

If you’re at this dining spot, order the Tandoori Chicken. You can also order Biryani. Don’t forget to order Naan or Saffron rice to compliment the rest of your order.


Nawabi Hyderabad House

$$ | (614) 396-9221 | WEBSITE

Columbus, OH Top Indian Restaurant Nawabi Hyderabad House

Nawabi Hyderabad House lives by its philosophy of serving fresh and tasty Indian food in a relaxed and comfortable manner. You can enjoy a memorable and excellent dining experience at this place.

The specialty of this restaurant is Biryani. And at Nawabi Hyderabadi Biryani, they serve different types! There’s goat, fish, chicken, and so much more! And on weekends, they have nine types of Pulao! And if you are dining with children, check their Kids Menu!


Curry & Hurry LLC

$$ | (614) 261-7671 | WEBSITE

Trendy Indian Restaurants in Columbus, OH Curry & Hurry LLC

If you want homestyle Indian food, check out Curry & Hurry LLC. Despite its name, the food at this restaurant is not cooked in haste. You can bet that food here is made with love and attention.

When ordering from Curry & HUrry LLC, the food is always fresh. Whether you eat at the restaurant or order through a delivery platform, you will get something warm and good. Don’t miss out on the house specialties like Chana Masala, Tikka Masala, and Biryani.


Eating Comforting Indian Food In Columbus

There’s something heartwarming about eating Indian food the traditional way. And despite some tweaks here and there by various chefs, the essence is still there. If you want to experience all this, you can always go to the 18 best Indian restaurants in Columbus, OH.


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