17 Best Asian Restaurants in Chicago, IL [2023 Updated]

There are no limits to the good dishes from Asia, and it has been evident in how much a lot of people consider Asian dishes as their comfort food. And so, there are always days when you feel like eating your favorite Asian dish. Here are x best Asian restaurants in Chicago, IL.

Sunda Chicago

$$$ | (312) 644-0500 | WEBSITE


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Sunda is a restaurant that has won several awards and is known for serving innovative takes on traditional and relevant dishes culturally throughout Southeast Asia and the areas that encircle it. It is a lively restaurant in the city where you can get beverages and meals with bright and colorful flavors inspired by Asia.

The ingredients of every meal are fresh, and they are very accommodating of requests, especially if you have specific allergies. They have several vegetable options as well that are delicious. The staff are friendly and has ample knowledge of the menu, so they can efficiently guide you.


Hot Woks Cool Sushi

$$ | (312) 345-1234 | WEBSITE


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This place is excellent for a light bite or a more substantial Asian fusion meal. In addition to that, the menu offers a great deal of variety in several different categories. If you are up for sushi, you have various personalized sushi rolls.

Their drink menu features a remarkable variety of selections, including beer, wine, cocktails, and even a significant number of craft sake options. The freshly prepared cuisine adds to the homey, straightforward, and cozy atmosphere. They also have helpful staff and quick service so you won’t have to wait long for your food.


BITES Asian Kitchen + Bar

$$ | (773) 270-5972 | WEBSITE


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BITES is a simple and comfortable place with an elegant vibe to it. They have a bar that serves a wide variety of Asian-American good food and combines well-known flavors from the midwestern United States and various tasty Asian ingredients. The location is perfect for a meal out with a special someone.

The staff here is fantastic and very helpful in making recommendations; they are knowledgeable about their jobs and the menu. The food is delicious, and they offer a variety of delicious options for vegetarians and vegans as well. In addition to that, they offer tasty deals during happy hour that can liven up your meals.


Modern Asian Kitchen (MAK) Restaurant

$ | (773) 772-6251 | WEBSITE

Best Asian Restaurants in Chicago, IL Modern Asian Kitchen (MAK) Restaurant

Mak is an Asian restaurant that serves traditional meals from China, Korea, and Thailand, all prepared more healthily. The restaurant focuses on offering and serving healthier versions of your favorite Asian dishes. The servings are sufficient, filling, and nutritious.

Their dishes also come at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality. Both the employees and the service are of the highest caliber.

In general, there are not many expectations placed on the personnel, but it’s undeniable that they are one of the most important factors in a restaurant, and the individuals working here have exceeded customers’ expectations.


Big Bowl

$$ | (312) 951-1888 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant offers delicious food at every stage, from appetizers to desserts. The portions are great for sharing, and the flavors from every meal are bold and memorable. Every item on the menu is tasty, and if you select a meal with any type of meat, the meat will always be prepared with a perfect level of tenderness.

In addition, they also have a good list of options for drinks and desserts. In addition, the personnel is kind, and the restaurant is spotless and well-kept, making customers more comfortable as they dine.


Chengdu Impression Restaurant 成都印象

$$ | (773) 477-6256 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant is light, with a relaxed atmosphere. Here, they serve a comprehensive variety of traditional Sichuan food. This restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, and each and every one of them is delicious. Their Chinese Chengdu food is just spectacular.

They also have a bar, a lovely addition, and ideal for guests who appreciate having a unique beverage with their meals. This restaurant is great for you if you like spicy food because the menu features many spicy cuisines. If you enjoy the numbing sensation that Szechuan cuisine provides, their MaLa Xiang Guo is an excellent choice.


Joy Yee

$$ | (312) 328-0001 | WEBSITE

Best Asian Restaurant in Chicago, IL Joy Yee

Joy Yee restaurant has become well-known in Chinatown for serving cuisine and beverages that are not just reasonably priced but also of high quality. This place has delicious cuisine and beverages overall.

Joy Yee is committed to ensuring that all the dishes are freshly made and that everything served is served at a suitable temperature. In short, your orders arrive at your table hot.

They have various options for drinks, and their specialty drinks are popular for being tasty and refreshing. The time it takes to serve is likewise rather short, so there are no long waiting lines.


Mott St

$$ | (773) 687-9977 | WEBSITE

Chicago, IL Best Asian Restaurants Mott St

They offer several cuisines that are not only incredibly inventive but also very interesting. Regarding Asian cuisine, this restaurant aims to uphold good quality food. Not only do they offer tasty dishes, but their personnel is also kind and willing to accommodate customers’ questions.

Their staff is respectable and attentive to their customers’ needs regarding the restaurant’s cuisines. Their dishes are abundant in flavor; each bite leaves a memorable flavor combination that is proof of their passion and knowledge in what they do. Overall, Mott St offers a great Asian dining experience.


Brightwok Kitchen and Catering

$ | (312) 366-2999 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant is a counter-service Asian eatery in a contemporary setting that serves gluten-free and dairy-free stir-fries and salads. They have been known for their hot dishes as well as their great options and the fact that they have customizable dishes you can enjoy.

Their stir fry menu is made to order, comes in a good quantity, and bursts with flavors. In short, you can build your meal and have all the flavors you prefer in one dish. Their place is neat and clean, making sure you are comfortable dining. Should you prefer eating at home, they are also available for deliveries.


Modern Chinese Cook Book (MCCB) Chicago

$$ | (312) 881-0168 | WEBSITE


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Excellent meal choices and the people around are attentive and incredibly warm and welcoming. This place is easily located in Chinatown. MCCB is not only exceptionally clean but also offers a convenient location.

On the menu, they provide a wide variety of options, and one thing you should remember is that you can never go wrong with their soups and dumplings. The food has been freshly prepared and is cooked beautifully that it almost gently glides and melts in your mouth.

Nevertheless, all their cuisine is guaranteed to be satisfying. The prices are also fair and affordable, and you will surely get high-quality meals and a great dining experience.



$$ | (773) 904-8606 | WEBSITE


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At Urbanbelly, you can order a wide selection of Asian dishes with dumplings, bowls, and beer as their signature dishes. They serve their food promptly, and it is served hot. They have excellent tasty noodles that have a touch of sweetness and a bit of heat.

The noodles are cooked at the perfect temperature, as evidenced by the expanded noodle strip. Their katsu comes extremely highly rated and is even dubbed “the real katsu” by customers. In addition, the serving sizes at Urbanbelly are fair and well worth the price. In general, it’s a wonderful spot to get a feel for the city’s atmosphere.


Duck Duck Goat

$$$ | (312) 902-3825 | WEBSITE


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This restaurant is a lot of fun and has a nice atmosphere. Duck Duck Goat also has fantastic selections of tasty food. They like to elevate simple meals; their flavorful Asian fusion cuisine has a unique and interesting spin, adding to its appeal. In particular, their duck rice comes highly recommended by customers who ordered it.

The food was fast and on point, and the service was excellent overall. In addition to this, the staff is incredibly patient and always ready to check on each table, ensuring an even more pleasant dining experience.


Flat Top Grill

$$ | (312) 726-8400 | WEBSITE


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Flat Top is a restaurant that allows its guests to try new and exciting foods. They encourage their customers to eat adventurously! Here, you have the option to “build your own bowl,” which provides you with the freedom to choose from over 80 of the most exotic and fresh ingredients available.

If you don’t have something specific in mind, you can taste their chef-crafted classics prepared from the freshest ingredients. In general, this place has a unique concept and delivers optimal service.


Minghin Cuisine

$$ | (312) 808-1999 | WEBSITE


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Minghin Cuisine is a restaurant with a family-friendly atmosphere ready to accommodate, welcoming staff, and a superb menu. This place serves authentic Hong Kong cuisine and dim sum and is committed to maintaining the best possible standards.

The service is prompt and accurate, guaranteeing that consumers’ needs are satisfied. Their sauce is also popular and recommended. In general, it’s a wonderful place to go, and the prices are reasonable for the quality.


Dao Thai Restaurant and Noodle Palace

$$ | (312) 337-0000 | WEBSITE

Asian Restaurant in Chicago, IL Dao Thai Restaurant and Noodle Palace

The Dao Thai Restaurant and Noodle Palace take pride in providing exceptional service and delicious food. Every item on their menu is made with fresh ingredients, fast, and of the utmost quality.

They make it a point to seat guests immediately, saving them from waiting for a long time. Due to their relatively speedy service, customers can enjoy their meals without waiting an excessive amount of time.


Dolo Restaurant and Bar

$$ | (312) 877-5117 | WEBSITE

Chicago, IL Asian Restaurants Dolo Restaurant and Bar

This location has a simple, hospitable feel. In addition to being well-kept, the location offers excellent prices despite being in a large city. Dolo constantly maintains a consistent level of food quality and customer service.

They understand the importance of consistency as the key to satisfying their customers. The parking lot may be on the small side, but it’s not inconvenient, and there is street parking available in the neighborhood if you need it.


NoodleBird at Fat Rice

$$ | (773) 754-4000 | WEBSITE


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NoodleBird is a restaurant in Chicago that takes its inspiration from the bustling street food culture found in Macau and other parts of Asia. This restaurant serves some of the highest-quality Asian cuisines out there.

Their cuisine is both creative and enjoyable. It may be just what you need during a stressful day or week. Overall, NoodleBird at Fat Rice serves fresh food cooked wonderfully along with a welcoming ambiance adding up to a good experience.



With the increasing population and emerging restaurants worldwide, especially in the cities, it might be hard to find a good place to eat. It would be especially hard to find somewhere you vibe with, so recommendations are always helpful. Here are the 18 best Asian restaurants in Chicago, IL, you can try out.

Asian Restaurants in Chicago, IL

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