15 Best Indian Restaurants in Chicago, IL

Do you like curry sauce? If you do, you must love to savor all the Indian food you know. Check the calendar to see when the next long weekend is and plan out a Chicago trip with your friends. Have a mukbang series by trying the meals froms these 15 best Indian restaurants in Chicago.

Basant Modern Indian Restaurant

$$ | (773) 770-3616 | WEBSITE

Basant Modern Indian Restaurant


The Basant Modern Indian Restaurant is known for its signature dishes like Chicken Basant. Its take on the Indian dishes is a combination of innovation and tradition.

Frequent-goers highly recommend this restaurant because of its delicious and creative dishes offered and because of the ambiance and the kind of customer service they have. Their dishes are also best paired with their signature cocktails! What are you waiting for? Drop by or order online now!!


ROOH Chicago Progressive Indian Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

$$ | (312) 809-6964 | WEBSITE


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ROOH is one of the well-known authentic Indian restaurants located in Chicago. It has received multiple press releases, like being named a finalist for EATER Awards Restaurant.

Moreover, you may want to consider ROOH to reserve as your caterer and event’s place for your next gathering for work or celebration with your friends and family, may it be a birthday, wedding, or anniversary. They offer a wide selection of meals.


Indian Clay Pot

$$ | (773) 857-0473 | WEBSITE


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The Indian Claypot has many recipes that Chef Sai have prepared. Chef Sai has spent a lot of years crafting and improving his cooking skills after acquiring a culinary degree in India.

Most dishes served in this restaurant are in actual clay pots imported from India, thus providing you an authentic and traditional Indian cuisine experience while still being healthy.

What is more amazing about this restaurant is that they also serve 100% Zabia Halal food and other recipes that can accommodate guests that have diet restrictions, thus, vegan and gluten-free dishes.


Adda Indian Cuisine

$$ | (312) 526-3208 | WEBSITE

Adda Indian Cuisine

Adda Indian Cusine wants to live up to its name by gathering people together as Adda in India meant “An everyday place or spot where friends gather.”. It is an excellent place to catch up with your loved ones after not seeing them for a long time, primarily due to quarantine restrictions.

They offer classic Indian dishes and at the same time reinvent traditional and classic recipes. They have a wide selection of menu items ranging from soups, appetizers, dum pukht biryani, basmati pilaf, breads, paapi pet, chicken, seafood, lamb, down to desserts.


Namaste Chicago

$$ | (773) 904-7072 | WEBSITE

Namaste Chicago

Namaste Chicago Restaurant aims to produce scrumptious yet healthy meals to serve their customers using fresh and original recipes found mainly in India’s highlands and its neighboring countries.

They have a wide range of menu lists, from appetizers, Typical Khana, Chicken, Seafood, Tandoori, and Lamb Specialties to beverages. You can have a full-course meal to satisfy your cravings.

You can find them on UberEats and DoorDash for delivery at your home or opt to pick the meals up by ordering directly to them. Also, they are back at accepting dine-in as long as you are wearing facemasks and fully vaccinated!


Siri Indian Restaurant

$ | (312) 766-7474 | WEBSITE

Siri Indian Restaurant

Siri Indian Restaurant is one among many authentic Indian Restaurants in Chicago. They aim to serve scrumptious menu options inspired both by the Northern and Southern Indian cuisine.

The frequent guests of Siri Indian Restaurants do not just return because of the mouthwatering Indian dishes but also because of the elegant and sophisticated ambiance of the interior design.

Apart from the dining experience, they also cater services to any kinds of events and celebrations. In addition, they also have gift cards that you may want to consider giving to your fellow friends who also love savoring Indian cuisine.


Mild 2 Spicy

$$ | (773) 661-6778 | WEBSITE


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Chicago Magazine has featured the Mild 2 Spicy Restaurant because they have been recognized for having the best options and selections of Dosa.

They are known to serve and specialize in Modern Indian Cuisine, and they also have a wide range of menu lists from appetizers, curries, dosas, tandoories, desserts, and accompaniments. They also offer gift cards and loyalty privileges for their frequent guests.

All you have to do is join the loyalty program to earn rewards. Moreover, you can also book a reservation in advance so you can save time and skip the line for walk-ins! They now also offer delivery at a flat rate and no unnecessary fees.


The Spice Room

$$ | (773) 360-8689 | WEBSITE

The Spice Room

The Spice Room is one of the authentic Indian Restaurants located in Chicago that offers various Indian dishes prepared using fresh and fine ingredients. They offer not only dining, but you can also have it on the go or have it elsewhere in case you do not have time to have a scrumptious dining experience.

They are open from Wednesdays until Mondays and closed on Tuesdays. Their loyal and frequent guest love the kind of customer service they have.

In addition to that, they have different menus you can choose from that are available all day–vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers, vegetarian, vegetarian, chicken, seafood, and lamb main dishes, loaves of bread, and biryanis.


Rangoli Indian Cuisine

$$ | (773) 697-7114 | WEBSITE


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The Rangoli Indian Cuisine has comprehensive menu options for their Indian dishes. Menu lists range from vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers, vegetarian, chicken, seafood, and lamb main dishes, bread, and rice specialties that are best paired with side dishes, sweets, and beverages.

You can also get your Indian food fix by ordering online and having it delivered or just picking it up. The Rangoli Indian Cuisine has two branches in Chicago, one is in Clark ST, and the other is in North Avenue.


The Cumin Bowl

$$ | (708) 628-7803 | WEBSITE


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You may have randomly craved Indian food, so make sure to treat yourself after a tiring day! Satisfy your cravings because The Cumin Bowl has it all! As their name implies, all of their dishes are served in a bowl.

They have various Indian dishes options from Poha, Pav Bhaji, Masala, Kadhi, Paneer, and a lot more. You can also mix and match meals by building your own bowl. You can also order online through their website, or you can find them on UberEats, GrubHub, and DoorDash.


Indian Garden Restaurant

$$ | (312) 280-4910 | WEBSITE


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The Indian Garden Restaurant is one of the authentic Indian Restaurants located in Chicago. They are open every day and also offer a lunch buffet during weekends so you can satisfy your Indian food cravings whenever you want.

They have a wide range of menus from vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers, bombay chaat favourites, shorbe, lamb, chicken, and vegetarian entrees, farm, poultry and seafood tandoor specialties, salads, and a lot more. Moreover, they also offer catering and bar services.


India House Restaurant – Chicago

$$ | (312) 645-9500 | WEBSITE


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The goal of the founder of the India House Restaurant is to serve its loyal customers some food that will touch not only their soul but also give life to the Indian culture. This restaurant has been in the industry since 1993 and had its first branch in Illinois.

It has a wide range of Indian dishes offered from Samosa, Tandoori, Masala, Paneer, and a lot more. It also provides catering services for different occasions.

The India House Restaurant offers a buffet every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so if you have been longing to binge-eat Indian cuisine, what are you waiting for? Book your reservation now!


Tandoor Char House

$$ | (312) 668-8246 | WEBSITE


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Tandoor Char House now accepts dine-in reservations as long as you are fully vaccinated. It is their way to help reduce the transmissions of viruses and at the same time continue the business as usual. Tandoor Char House has two branches located in Chicago, one is at Lincoln Park, and the other one is at the River North.

The restaurant was founded by the Sardharia brothers, influenced by their love for their cultural heritage and fine dining.

Enjoy a scrumptious meal by choosing from their wide range of dishes: Masala Ceviche, Tamarind Wings, Tandoor Mix Grill Platter, Tandoori Lamb Boti Kabob, and Chicken Tikka Masala, Penne Tikka Masala, Mixed Vegetable Curry down to Seekh Kabob Salad.


Gorkha Kitchen Indian and Nepalese Restaurant

$$ | (773) 248-3999 | WEBSITE

Gorkha Kitchen Indian and Nepalese Restaurant

Craving for Indian cuisine while on vacation in Chicago? Do not worry because Gorkha Kitchen has got you covered! They will serve you traditional Indian dishes that are prepared only using the finest and greatest seasonal ingredients by the finest and trained chefs.

Satisfy your Indian food cravings by savoring their signature dishes, including Butter Chicken, Momo, Biryani, Chicken Tandoori, Butter Naan, Chicken Kebab, Samosa, Gobi Manchurian, Creamy Masala Chicken Curry and a lot more. If you do not have time to drop by, then have it delivered right to your doorstep.


Maharaj Indian Grill

$$ | (312) 877-5376 | WEBSITE

Maharaj Indian Grill

The Maharaj Indian Grill offers a variety of Indian food you may crave. Their menu is versatile as they can provide any selection of Indian dishes ranging from non-vegetarian appetizers, Tandoori specials, chicken, lamb, seafood, vegetarian entrees down to Indian breads.

Do not worry because they also have many options for beverages! You can schedule a reservation for an anniversary date or book catering for your party needs! Or do you know someone who loves Indian food? Try giving them gift cards ranging from 5$ to 100$.



Either you try all these 15 best Indian restaurants in Chicago or pick a few. With all these options, you can choose a few and list them down on your itinerary list so that you will not forget a single restaurant! Satisfy that curry sauce fix the next time you crave Indian food.

Indian Restaurants in Chicago

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