12 Best Restaurants in Albuquerque, NM 2023

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Albuquerque, NM, there’s never a shortage of options to choose from. From restaurants that offer traditional cooking, to home-style favorites, and fusion experiments, there’s a restaurant out there for you to enjoy. Below are a few.

Antiquity Restaurant

$$$ | (505) 247-3545 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants in Albuquerque

This is one of the best restaurants Albuquerque has to offer its tourists and locals alike.

The antiquity restaurant, also known as Restaurant Antiquity, is one of the best restaurants to accommodate couples, families, and small or large groups alike!

There’s no shortage of quality meats with their choices of veal, steak, lamb and fowl.

This is the restaurant to take your family or important business executives to give them a taste of home, without sacrificing Albuquerque style and quality.

Have international guests? Antiquity Restaurant, with more than 60 selections of wine from around the world, is sure to impress.


Le Troquet

$$$ | (505) 508-1166 | WEBSITE

Albuquerque in Restaurants

A slice of France or Paris in the middle of Albuquerque? Can it be possible? Absolutely! With Le Troquet’s seasonal menu, you get to experience the best, freshest food possible.

Their seasonal menu, along with fresh-baked baguettes made every single day, make this one of our favorite restaurants on the list for those that truly want to experience once-in-a-lifetime quality.

Le Troquet offers everything from fresh seafood, to fine wines, lamb, poultry, pork, and beef dishes combined with seasonal vegetables. We recommend the Boeuf Bourguignon, which is a Le Troquet speciality.


Pappadeaux Seafood Bar

$$$ | (505) 345-0240 | WEBSITE


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Get a taste of the ocean in the middle of the desert with the help of the Pappadeaux Seafood Bar.

With so many locations across the United States, it’s hard to imagine their quality would stay the same. However, their Albuquerque location boasts a 4.6 star rating on Google, and is one of the favorites for locals and tourists alike.

This seafood bar has 5-star appetizers, from the standard delicious crab cakes to daring crispy alligator. You can have your pick of shrimp and grits or filet mignon, it’s up to you really.

This is one of the best restaurants to satisfy your love of the ocean, Creole, and southern cooking.


High Noon Restaurant & Saloon

$$$ | (505) 765-1455 | WEBSITE


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Not only do we enjoy the wild-game and artisan cut steaks at the High Noon Restaurant & Saloon, but their hand-crafted margaritas are also something to celebrate.

This is one of the most historic restaurants in Albuquerque, having built a name for itself since 1974. Nevertheless, as the years progress, so too does the food and the quality of craftsmanship that goes into every single one of their steaks.

Did we also mention they layer their burritos with high-quality, fall off the bone, slow cooked beef? With a price point that most can afford, it truly can’t get any better.


Seared Bistro

$$$ | (505)999-8414 | WEBSITE


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This is one of our favorite restaurants on the list due to its perfect balance quality, style, craftsmanship, and daring bold flavor combinations.

Vegetarians, rejoice, as you are still able to enjoy the explosion of flavors at Seared Bistro without having to compromise your dietary preferences.

After all, the mission of Seared Bistro is to evoke happiness, and they do a dang good job.

We particularly enjoy their mighty steak sandwich, which combines juicy, tender, top sirloin with classic New Mexico Green Chile. Or, you can enjoy their veggie patty burger, made with non-GMO ingredients.


Campo at Los Poblanos

$$$ | (505) 243-0200 | WEBSITE


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This casual fine-dining restaurant is located in the beautiful site of the Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm.

Enjoy eating the best breakfast in New Mexico (voted in Food & Wine) as you take in the beautiful lavender fields around you.

You can enjoy seasonal ingredients for both brunch and dinner while you’re here for your stay. Menus are subject to change according to the seasonal ingredients.

But to give you a taste, their current dinner menu features Icelandic cod, seared duck breast, or braised lamb Birria. The true indigenous flavors of New Mexico are never far away from the menu at Campo Los Poblanos.


Cocina Azul

$$ | (505) 831-2500 | WEBSITE


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Fresh, vibrant flavors are the best thing about Cocina Azul. They pop out from the menu, and they make your plate look as if it’s just too good to eat!

Cocina Azul specializes in traditional New Mexico style food, with a price point that everyone can enjoy. We recommend trying one of the delicious New Mexico teas along with your plate, such as the blood orange tea.

For breakfast, stop by and have a delicious steak ranchero and eggs, complete with grilled jalapeños. Best of all, breakfast is served all day, so you can enjoy the hearty meals anytime.


Debajo Tapas y Vino

$$$ | (505) 503-8645 | WEBSITE


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Wouldn’t you like to enjoy an evening with family and friends, under the stars, enjoying Spanish-style tapas and the very best wine selections in Albuquerque?

Debajo Tapas Y Vino makes that dream a reality, with their incredible selection of Spanish-style tapas. Share amongst loved ones as you dine on classic paella, a charcuterie board made of imported Spanish meats.

You can also try their tapas de vac, which is amazingly tender grilled ribeye with red pepper and amber honey sauce. There’s no shortage of amazing flavor combinations here.


Farm & Table

$$ | (505) 503-7124 | WEBSITE

Albuquerque Restaurants

This is one of the best restaurants to visit if you want to support your local Albuquerque community.

Up to 80% of all food here is sourced locally from New Mexico farmers, so you know your meals are made with the very best ingredients and are at their peak freshness.

On top of sustainable practices, Farm & Table also provides a delicious selection of food. Try their refreshing beets salad with watercress, turnip, and pistachios for a light lunch or dinner.

Ruby Trout with quinoa and almonds brings a world of textures to your mouth. Seasonal cooking makes these meals truly inspirational.



Padilla’s Mexican Kitchen

$ | (505) 262-0115 | WEBSITE

 Restaurants in Albuquerque

If you want to truly eat like a local, we recommend getting your fix at Padilla’s Mexican Kitchen. You have your New Mexico staples, including huevos rancheros, tamales, enchiladas, and delicious chilles rellenos.

Keep in mind this place takes cash only, but for good reason. We want to support a local restaurant, and with a local rating of 4.8, it’s easy to see why Padilla’s makes our list of the best restaurants in Albuquerque.

Simple, home cooking, in a hole-in-the-wall restaurant…how bad can that be?


The Artichoke Cafe

$$$ | (505) 243-0200 | WEBSITE


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For this refined taste, you can find an element menu at The Artichoke Cafe in the heart of New Mexico. Have you ever wanted to experience the tenderness of steak tartare?

What about experiencing the deliciousness of fennel pollen on a warm baguette with duck rillettes? The menu at The Artichoke Cafe is not for the close-minded.

This is a place where only the most sophisticated, daring, and bold Albuquerque residents dare to traverse. Their high-quality, simple ingredients make this one of my favorite restaurants on this list.



$$$ | (505)433-5911 | WEBSITE


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The name says it all with this modern French-inspired restaurant. This is one of the best places to get a taste of French cuisine in Albuquerque, but with a light, refreshing twist that anyone in the family can enjoy.

We particularly enjoy their selection of starters, including caviar, jalapeño relish, or the fresh soup du jur.

Their selection of gluten-free and vegetarian meals is also one of the best reasons the health-conscious community of Albuquerque should stop in for a treat.

Enjoy pan-seared cod, a vegetarian carrot dog, or one of their refreshing drinks to bringing the summer in right.


Seasons 52

$$$ | (505) 348-5852 | WEBSITE

Best Restaurants Albuquerque

You simply can’t go wrong with Seasons 52. Named after the 52 weeks of the year and the seasons that bring the freshest vegetables, this restaurant truly puts quality first over anything else.

From sweet corn dishes bursting in the summer heat, to Florida Stone Crabs in the winter, there’s virtually no way for you to choose a bad dish on the menu.

Paired with one of 52 wine selections, there’s a reason this restaurant remains an Albuquerque favorite.



For the best restaurants in Albuquerque, NM, try out one of the restaraunts above to satisfy your French, steak, or traditional New Mexico food craving.

With so many options to choose from, you won’t be disappointed on your next food adventure in Albuquerque.


Best Restaurants in Albuquerque

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