20 Best Side Dishes for Beef Stew

Stewed beef is an outstanding dish that will tantalize your taste buds. Its savory aroma can warm up a family gathering, no matter the season or weather outside.

It’s effortless to prepare and serves many people—perfect for groups of any size! Stewed beef is essentially guaranteed to make every meal memorable.

Searching for something to serve alongside your scrumptious beef stew? Look no further! From buttery carbs to crispy nibbles and leafy greens, many delightful side dishes await you.

Revive your menu with flavorful beef stew and this helpful article! Let us feature the 20 Best Side Dishes for Beef Stew and get your meal started.

Whether you want to learn more about side dishes to accompany it or add some excitement in the kitchen, we’ve got you covered. Our insightful guide will grant access to a vast array of culinary knowledge without ever having to leave your home.

1. Brown Rice

Brown Rice

Give your beef stew a delicious, nutty twist with this brown rice recipe. It has a slightly chewy texture that harmonizes perfectly with the tender goodness of the beef stew. You’ll be surprised at how effortless and quick it is to make!

For a delicious, comforting weeknight meal, try this simple yet flavorful brown rice recipe. It’s sure to fill you up and keep you satisfied!


2. Chicken Katsu

If you’re looking for a unique Japanese-inspired spin on your beef stew, be sure to add some delicious chicken katsu. The combination of soft and creamy beef with crunchy and juicy chicken cutlets is unbeatable.

All it takes is some hearty breadcrumbs and thinly sliced chicken cuts, and you have a mouth-watering Japanese side dish in no time. It’s a perfect weeknight meal for your family!


3. 3-Cheese Garlic Bread

3-Cheese Garlic Bread

Aged cheese and garlic-infused bread create a blissfully appetizing combination that pairs perfectly with the beef stew. The sharpness of the cheese adds a creamy richness to the acidity of tomatoes, while the garlicky aroma accentuates each bite’s heartiness.

Dive into this delectable dish for an unforgettable culinary experience! This recipe demonstrates the harmonious combination of distinct flavors and textures that will craft a mouth-watering and fulfilling meal.


4. Easy Cucumber Salad

Try out the flavor of your beef stew with this zesty cucumber salad! The vegetables’ crispness will bring freshness to your plate, allowing you to savor every bite.

Not only does it complement nearly every meal, but it’s so refreshingly delicious that you won’t be able to resist. So put on your aprons because it’s time to whip up this easy cucumber salad recipe!


5. Roasted Asparagus

Roasted Asparagus

Roasting asparagus produces mouth-watering results. One pound of thick, succulent stalks is usually sufficient for four people.

Don’t be surprised if your guests return for second (and third!) helpings! Err on the side of generosity, and you’ll have leftovers to enjoy the next day—perfect in a salad or sandwich.


6. Baked Parmesan Zucchini

Baked Parmesan Zucchini

When it comes to flavor combinations, zucchini, and parmesan cheese are a heavenly match! If all vegetables tasted this divine, I’d become vegetarian tomorrow.

To get the perfect combination of creamy and savory flavors in your next beef stew dish, try adding some finely grated parmesan cheese over your freshly sliced zucchini. You won’t be disappointed with this delicious pairing!


7. Sourdough Bread

For novice bakers, this “bare bones” sourdough bread recipe is the perfect way to learn the baking process and obtain incredible results every time. With little effort and few ingredients, you can easily make your very first loaf!

Enjoy the nourishing comfort of freshly-baked sourdough bread dipped in your favorite sauce for a meal that is as hearty and delicious as it is healthy. Filled with good carbs and protein, this delectable combination will satisfy your cravings!


8. Cauliflower-Spinach Side

Cauliflower-Spinach Side

The creator’s partner have been mindful of their carb intake, so they combined a few ingredients one evening – the outcome was excellent! If you’re on your own diet journey, this is for you. Quickly put together with minimal effort required—just dive in and enjoy!


9. Green Bean Salad

Enjoy your summer nights with a light and tasty Green Bean Salad! Combine all the ingredients together, make sure they’re evenly coated in dressing, then chill for 30 minutes before serving. Enjoy this delightful dish that’s as easy to prepare as delicious!


10. Braised Celery

Braised Celery

This braised celery is an effortless side dish with only five ingredients, including salt and pepper. It’s a great way to transform underused veggies into something savory and delicious!

As it cooks, the celery softens but retains enough crunch to keep your taste buds engaged. This versatile side pairs perfectly with meat for a low-carb dinner or adds variety to any holiday table setting!


11. Kale Salad

Craving something tasty, nutritious, and easy to whip up? You don’t need to look any further – this fantastic kale salad is the answer! Its delightful flavors and super-simple preparation will astound your friends, family, or dinner guests. The best part? It’s both good for you AND delicious!


12. Sautéed Brussels Sprouts

Sautéed Brussels Sprouts

When short on time and need a side dish to come up, these sautéed Brussels sprouts are the way to go. Crispy on the outside yet tender within, you’ll be amazed at just how quickly they’re ready for dinner! There’s no more rushing around—this meal is made with ease.


13. Spinach Side Dish

Sigeumchi-namul, an iconic Korean side dish, is prepared with a harmonious blend of blanched spinach and aromatic seasonings such as garlic, soy sauce, and sesame oil. The spinach remains crunchy after being lightly cooked to enhance the flavor without sacrificing its texture.

Its mouth-watering taste has made it a ubiquitous feature in many homes across Korea—usually accompanying staples like rice or kimchi stew on family dinner tables!


14. Garlic Sugar Snap Peas

Garlic Sugar Snap Peas

Why wait for a special event to indulge in the tasty flavors of Crispy Caramelized Garlic Sugar Snap Peas? Take only 20 minutes out of your day, and you can have this delicious dish that is easy to make with fresh snap peas and minced garlic and one of the swiftest veggie meals ever prepared! Don’t delay—give it a try tonight; your taste buds will be pleased.


15. Eggplant with Soy Sauce

Gaji-namul is a sensational Korean side dish that will enliven your plate with its vibrant hue. Its lightness and smooth texture complement oilier dishes beautifully, creating an ideal balance between flavor and freshness.

If you’re vegetarian, don’t worry—simply substitute fish sauce for soy sauce to get the same delicious results! One of the favorites without fail; I’m optimistic you’ll never become tired of it!


16. String Bean Side Dish

String Bean Side Dish

Full of deliciousness and ready in just a few minutes, this delectable side dish from the poster’s sister-in-law. Hailing from Lakewood, NJ, is sure to satisfy!

It pairs great with chicken or meat and, of course, beef stew. It reheats fantastically after freezing for later use—what more could you want? These simple skillet green beans are not only vegan, paleo-friendly, and gluten-free but also boast flavorsome garlic and olive oil, plus the perfect amount of spice!


17. Corn Salad

For a refreshing summertime treat, American corn salad is the way to go! This delightful and simple dish makes an ideal side or light lunch. Its delectable earthy flavor perfectly complements any heartier dishes like beef stew. Give this corn salad recipe a try and find out yourself!


18. Grilled Balsamic Mushrooms

Grilled Balsamic Mushrooms

Don’t let mushrooms be an afterthought at your next BBQ—give them the attention they deserve by transforming them into a delicious, mouth-watering dish with a tasty balsamic-soy glaze. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you make this recipe perfect each time!


19. Onigiri & Homemade Furikake

Onigiri reigns supreme as the snack of Japan, and it’s no wonder why. Nearly every family in The Land of the Rising Sun creates these delicacies on a regular basis, so much so that they take up most shelves at convenience stores!

Yet outside Japan, Onigiri is oddly uncommon—this could be due to furikake seasoning not being readily available past Japanese grocers. Nevertheless, with some effort, you can now make your own Onigiri from scratch!


20. Bok Choy and Mushrooms

Bok Choy and Mushrooms

Bok choy is a unique Asian cabbage that doesn’t resemble the regular variety. It’s an excellent source of multiple health benefits and incredible flavors!

Preparing bok choy couldn’t be easier or quicker— making it perfect for busy weeknight meals too! This recipe serves two people; however, you can double or triple up when feeding more individuals or if you want leftovers to enjoy later on.


In Summary

If you’re in search of a tasty and satisfying meal to enjoy during your hectic weekend, look no further than beef stew. Who wouldn’t be pleased by the scrumptiousness of this meal as a standalone dish? However, why not elevate its taste to another level with the wonderful accompaniments proposed in this article?

20 Best Side Dishes for Beef Stew


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  • Prepare all ingredients
  • Make it in 20 minutes
  • Enjoy with Beef Stew


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