18 Best Steak Restaurants in Albuquerque, NM 2023

Albuquerque is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the state of New Mexico. You will find expressions of the ethnicities, including the cuisines.

Steaks are served in unique ways, providing a memorable food experience. Here are the 18 Best Steak Restaurants in Albuquerque, NM, that you should visit!

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

$$$$ | (505) 884-3350 | WEBSITE

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Best Steak Restaurants in Albuquerque, NM

Founded by Ruth Fertel, Ruth’s Chris Steak House is one of the most legendary steak houses in the world. The quality of Ruth’s steak has remained consistent over the years.

The USDA prime beef is cooked to perfection. Every bite is an unforgettable experience. Their midwestern beef filet and ribeye are must-try dishes. Their New York strip is seasoned with rich flavors.

The menu also includes seafood, appetizers and sides, soups and salads, and desserts. The delicious dishes are also partnered with world-renowned wines and seasonal cocktails.


LongHorn Steakhouse

$$ | (505) 881-5359 | WEBSITE


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LongHorn Steakhouse is one of the steakhouses you should visit while in Albuquerque. Some of their legendary steaks are Flo’s Filet, Outlaw Ribeye, The Longhorn, and Chop Steak.

They have a menu for lunch and dinner. Aside from that, they offer gluten-free dishes and options for vegetarians.

Besides the quick service, they also have friendly and hospitable service crew members. The dishes are also reasonably priced.

They also deliver the meals if you don’t have the time to drop by at the steakhouse.


Vernon’s Speakeasy

$$$$ | (505) 341-0831 | WEBSITE


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If you want to have the best dining experience in Albuquerque, Vernon’s Speakeasy is the place to go. Despite the pandemic, the restaurant remains open.

As of the end of 2021, they had achieved their highest grossing revenue. They serve premium steak with steak butter and chef’s vegetable du jour.

Their menu consists of starters, soups, and salads. They also have ala carte and entrees.

For the members of their VIP club, they offer private seating rooms and private bars. They also serve a secret menu exclusively for VIPs.


Black Angus Steakhouse

$$ | (505) 292-1911 | WEBSITE


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Experience high-quality ranch-to-table dining at Black Angus Steakhouse! Their steaks are made of Certified Angus Beef and USDA Choice Steaks.

Aside from the quality, the cuts are aged at least 21 days. You will also get more than enough of their steaks since they are served on full plates.

Their seasonal specials include steak and dijon salmon and salmon and crispy shrimp.

They also have a party pack, a square cow cooler, and Australian lamb chops. They also serve sidekicks, wines, cocktails, and drinks.


High Noon Restaurant & Saloon

$$ | (505) 765-1455 | WEBSITE

High Noon Restaurant & Saloon Best Steak Restaurants in Albuquerque, NM

High Noon Restaurant is recognized for the best hand-cut steaks in Albuquerque. They also have award-winning artisan margaritas.

Their signature dish is the 8 oz High Noon Tenderloin. It is sugar cured and served with two enchiladas. Meat loaf, steak frites, and ribeye are also available.

They also offer services for events and catering. For events, they have groups on-site and bar-off sites. If you want to book any of their semi-private rooms for a party, you can try the groups on-site.


Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

$$$ | (505) 396-7200 | WEBSITE


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Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse ensures that customers will taste delicious steaks. They have a churrasco grill in the dining room to show how their chefs cut the meat.

Premium steaks you can enjoy are Wagyu Ancho, Wagyu New Your Strip, and Dry-Aged Tomahawk Ancho.

They also accept group and private dining events. Some of these are meetings, weddings, celebrations, and graduations. Because of limited seating, they advise making reservations before visiting the place.


Thunder Road Steakhouse & Cantina

$$ | (505) 352-7866 | WEBSITE


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Enjoy delicious steaks at the Thunder Road Steakhouse & Cantina. Their signature dish is the Smoked Prime Rib. It is one of the best prime ribs in town.

They also offer Ribeye, Relleno Steak, and Denver Steak. Yanqui Steak, Steak Ranchero, and Carne Asada are also on their menu.

They have a casual and cozy ambiance enjoyed by groups and tourists. It is a great place to have dinner or solo dining.

Their staff are also hospitable and courteous. As of now, they only accept dine-in and takeout.


Outback Steakhouse

$$ | (505) 890-9713 | WEBSITE


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An Australian-themed steakhouse, Outback Steakhouse brings out the bold flavors at the table. They have three menus: main menu, gluten-free menu, and joey menu.

Their signature dish is a brown sugar-glazed beef tenderloin. It’s marinated in different flavors and then glazed with brown sugar.

Their must-try foods include Kingsland pasta and black cherry mule. Families and tourists love going back to the steakhouse. It is because of the beautiful dishes and because of Aussie hospitality.

They encourage their customers to make reservations because of their limited capacity sometimes. They also deliver and accept curbside pickup.


Tucanos Brazilian Grill

$$$ | (505) 246-9900 | WEBSITE


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Tucanos Brazilian Grill brings the festive and traditional way of grilling called Churrasco. Meats are placed on skewers and cooked on an open flame.

You will also love the experience because you are free to choose the flavors and cuts you like. They also have a salad festival where there are unlimited selections you can enjoy.

The steakhouse is known for the Tucanos Famous Churrasco Meal. They also have specialty skewers, appetizers, beverages, and desserts.

Students, families, tourists, and groups love the upscale yet casual atmosphere. Lunch reservations are recommended.


Antiquity Restaurant

$$$ | (505) 247-3545 | WEBSITE

Antiquity Restaurant Best Steak Restaurants in Albuquerque, NM

With their delicious steaks, Antiquity Restaurant can satisfy even those with discriminating palates. The restaurant serves steaks, veals, and lambs grilled and charred in charcoals.

Aside from that, they also have fresh seafood and nightly specials. You can also choose their local, domestic, and imported wines.

Tourists love to eat in the restaurant because of its historic and romantic ambiance. They require their customers to make reservations first before dining in the restaurant.

It is one of the best places to have some dinner and dessert.


Hayashi Japanese Steakhouse

$$ | (505) 884-0694 | WEBSITE

Hayashi Japanese Steakhouse Best Steak Restaurants in Albuquerque, NM

Hayashi Japanese Steakhouse serves steaks that are cooked in authentic Japanese flavors. Thye have hibachi salmon, chicken, and calamari steak.

Hibachi scallops, shrimps, and filet mignon are also included in the menu. A hibachi grill is installed on every table so that every customer can see how dishes are created.

Aside from hibachi, they also offer delicious sushi rolls. The elegant dishes go with the sophisticated ambiance of the restaurant.

It is a perfect place to spend quality time with family and friends. They are also open for delivery and takeout.


Texas Roadhouse

$$ | (505) 856-2226 | WEBSITE


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Texas Roadhouse brings a legendary dining experience with its seasoned and finest steaks! You should try their award-winning Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs.

Enjoy it with their signature BBQ sauce and two sides. They also have Texas Size Combos like Pulled Pork, Sirloin Steak, and Ribeye Steak.

Families, tourists, and groups love the steakhouse’s casual atmosphere. Aside from steaks, they also offer sides, burgers and sandwiches, and desserts.

They also have a menu exclusively for kids. Curbside pickup, drive-through, and takeout are available. If you want to secure your seat, they accept reservations.


Vintage 423

$$$ | (505) 821-1918 | WEBSITE

Vintage 423 Best Steak Restaurants in Albuquerque, NM

Vintage 423 offers USDA Prime cuts aged and seasoned with high-quality ingredients. Their features entrees include Scottish Salmon and Prime Aged Filet Mignon.

In addition, they have signature craft cocktails that you will surely love. These include The Lotus, Black Cherry Old Fashioned, and The Smoked 46.

The plush seating and the elegant lighting are perfect for enjoying their steaks. It is a place where you can take your friends to share memories and peals of laughter.

Aside from dine-in, they also have outdoor seating. You can also take out your order.


Mac’s Steak In The Rough

$ | (505) 888-3611 | WEBSITE


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If you haven’t tasted the breaded steak fingers at Mac’s Steak in the Rough, don’t miss out on the opportunity when you’re in Albuquerque. They have Double Rough Dinner, Steak on a Bun, and Steak in the Rough Burrito.

Their taquitas were also voted as the best taquitas in the town. Other Mexican foods available are tacos, nachos, and chip and guac.

You can bring your children to this place since they have a menu for children. They also have a fast service, so it is perfect for those who want a quick bite. It is a great place to have lunch and dinner.


Seared Bistro Albuquerque

$$ | (505) 999-8414 | WEBSITE


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Founded by Chef Alejandro Tenchipe-Paez, Seared Bistro Albuquerque offers high-quality steaks. They offer a House Cut Loin, which is basted with chimichurri sauce.

Filet de boeuf and cowboy ribeye are also must-try. For vegetarians, they have tofu glazed with chili. It is combined with stir fry vegetables and spinach salad.

It is a bistro with a modern twist that is perfect for families and tourists. They also have live music, so you will surely enjoy your meal. The bistro is open for dine-in, outdoor seating, curbside pickup, and takeout.


Savoy Bar & Grill

$$$ | (505) 294-9463 | WEBSITE


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Upon entering the place, you will feel its comforting atmosphere. The covered atrium is adorned with lush vines, adding to the freshness of the ambiance.

Many patrons recommend the Savoy Bar & Grill because of the ingredients and beverages. You can also enjoy your meal on their patio while looking at the Sandia Mountains.

‘USDA Prime’ Wood Fire Roasted Prime Rib is a popular dish. The prime rib is mixed with mashed potatoes, vegetables, jus, and onion strings.

A wide selection of wines, beer, and other beverages are on the menu.


The Crown Room

$$$ | (505) 767-7180 | WEBSITE


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The Crown Room is a fine-dining restaurant offering high-quality and mouth-watering steaks. All of the steaks are seasoned with black pepper and sea salt.

Butcher’s Block includes USDA Prime Cut Ribeye, Filet Mignon, and Bison New York Strip. Porterhouse and Chateaubriand for two are available.

Before you go to the restaurant, make reservations, so you don’t have to wait. It has a cozy and romantic ambiance that will help you relax while enjoying its lovely steaks.

Most of the visitors to the restaurant are gamblers and racers who had fun in the Casino and Live Racing.


Seasons Rotisserie & Grill

$$$ | (505) 766-5100 | WEBSITE


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Another place to go for delicious steaks is the Seasons Rotisserie $ Grill. Their steaks are seasoned with the freshest ingredients from the locality.

You don’t want to miss their Beef Bourguignon and Pan-Seared Beef Tenderloin. Aside from steaks, they also serve ice cream & sorbet, and chocolate truffles. They also have an extensive wine list and cocktails.

The fine-dining restaurant is a popular place to have lunch and dinner. If you feel a little bit romantic, you can enjoy your meal on their rooftop, where live music is. They also have private rooms for parties.



Albuquerque is a beautiful place because of the diverse culture and mouth-watering steaks. The steaks are seasoned uniquely with fresh ingredients.

Plus, they also represent tradition and culture. If you happen to be in the town, it is the opportunity to visit the 18 best steak restaurants in Albuquerque, NM.

Steak Restaurants in Albuquerque

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