18 Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM [2023 Updated]

Farmington, New Mexico has some incredible restaurants that any visitor or local should visit. Mixing authentic Mexican recipes and ingredients with American classics and blending in the indigenous influence of the Navajo people has created a melting pot of flavors that is unlike anything else.

The culinary culture in Farmington is a crossroads of cuisine, where chili and corn mix with hamburgers and mac and cheese, and where chicken-friend steak and carnitas are equally mouth-watering.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Farmington, New Mexico.

The Spare Rib Barbecue Company

$$ | (505) 325-4800 | WEBSITE

The Spare Rib Barbecue Company Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

This traditional southwestern barbecue diner is a family-run business that has served presidents and CEOs but maintains the purist charm of a backcountry eatery where the focus is on the food. The best thing about this place is the meat.

The traditional full dinner plates of beef, pulled pork, ribs, sausage, ham, or chicken are served with 2 side orders and cornbread. You can also buy seasoned cuts of meat here to grill at home.

In a town full of great barbecue restaurants, the Spare Rib Barbecue Company is not the absolute cheapest, but it is probably the best value for the money.


Boon’s Family Thai BBQ

$$ | (505) 325-5556 | WEBSITE

Boon's Family Thai BBQ Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

This restaurant offers a spin on traditional Thai cuisine, using Thai spices to barbecue meat, and offering Thai takes on other Asian dishes like Pho soup. The menu has something for everyone, from traditional dishes like Pad Thai and fried rice to barbecue chicken.

It’s not just Thai food – there are also some other Asian dishes like egg rolls – but the focus is on Southeast Asian flavors. If you are lucky enough to visit, you have to try Boon’s Barbecue Pork Ribs marinated in pineapple juice.


Tortillas Doña Maria

$ | (505) 564-8241 | WEBSITE

Tortillas Doña Maria Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

This traditional Mexican tortilleria and cantina is a real local treasure, with tortillas that have to be tasted to be believed. It’s also an affordable lunch and dinner option, offering authentic Mexican dishes like chilaquiles, tacos, tamales, and a variety of soups and sandwiches.

Locals and tourists alike have fallen in love with this place and the flavors it serves, so make sure you come early or reserve yourself a spot. Come and check it out for a cheap and delicious meal, and leave with a stack of their homemade corn tortillas.


The Chile Pod

$$$ | (505) 258-4585 | WEBSITE

The Chile Pod Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

The Chile Pod is a must-visit spot in Farmington for real New Mexican cuisine. This innovative restaurant serves a mix of southwestern staples, from Frito pie to Navajo tacos. They also offer a range of American dishes, like steak and burgers.

Everything at the Chile Pod is just a little elevated above the normal authentic Mexican and traditional American dishes that are sold at some comparable restaurants in Farmington. Try the New Mexican Mac and Cheese for an unforgettable flavor experience that condenses the state into a single taste.

The Chile Pod is a place to eat more than once during your stay if you get the chance.


The Olive Tree Restaurant

$ | (505) 278-8520 | WEBSITE

The Olive Tree Restaurant Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

This Middle Eastern eatery offers a great gyro sandwich as well as falafel, hummus, chicken shawarma, and more. You can eat in or order takeout for full plates, sandwiches, soups, and desserts.

The staff are friendly and the prices are affordable for excellent for some of the only non-Mexican, non-Asian international food available in Farmington. The Olive Tree Restaurant is a great option for fans of Mediterranean and middle-eastern food, or for anyone interested in trying something a little different in a pita wrap.



$$ | (505) 592-0435 | WEBSITE

Weck's Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

Weck’s has a great atmosphere and some incredible New Mexican food for all meals and tastes. This popular southwestern franchise has numerous locations in the southwest, including this one in Farmington. What people love about Weck’s is the wide variety of delicious southwestern menu options.

Their breakfast menu is particularly impressive, with a variety of Mexican and American options, including the New Mexican Benedict – two pork carnitas served on top of English muffins, topped with poached eggs, red and green chile sauce, and cheddar and jack cheeses.

There are also a variety of vegan and gluten-free options available, making Weck’s accessible for anyone.


Pocketstone Bakery and Cafe

$$ | (505) 278-8284 | WEBSITE

Pocketstone Bakery and Cafe Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

This adorable cafe is the perfect place to get a healthy breakfast or a salad for lunch. The coffee and tea options are excellent and they bake bread in-house daily to use in their sandwiches, which is also available to purchase by the loaf.

The cafe makes a variety of gluten-free baked goods and desserts even though they are not listed on the menu, so it is worth asking the staff about your options if you are a vegan or intolerant of gluten. The highlights at the Pocketstone Cafe are the acai bowls, salads, and fruit bowls, which are exceptional, fresh, and filling.


Hometown Hamburgers

$ | (505) 326-5580 | WEBSITE

Hometown Hamburgers Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

This is the American hamburger at its purest – buns, and grilled, seasoned beef patties. This delicious burger joint is not the place to get a fancy burger that uses special ingredients. This is where you go to get the old-fashioned, fifties-style hamburgers that you grew up on.

With awards on the shelf for best burger and fries in Farmington, Hometown Hamburgers prides itself on being the best. The menu is small and mostly consists of hot dogs, hamburgers, and cheeseburgers along with other staples like onion rings and Mozza sticks.

If you want a traditional burger that is made right from fresh ingredients, check out Hometown Hamburgers.


Si Senor Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (505) 324-9050 | WEBSITE

Si Senor Mexican Restaurant Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

Si Senor has been a local fixture for more than 25 years, serving a variety of traditional dishes prepared with care in-house. This authentic Mexican restaurant prides itself on sourcing its chiles from local farmers and roasting them on-site.

They also prepare homemade tortillas and sopapillas daily. Si Senor is a little bit more expensive than some of the other Mexican restaurants in Farmington, but its quality ingredients and sustainable farm-to-table practices make it worth checking out.

Try the Mexican-style steaks, which use authentic seasonings and grilled veggie toppings to create a uniquely southwestern culinary experience.


Juniper Coffee + Eatery

$$ | (505) 436-2145 | WEBSITE

Juniper Coffee + Eatery Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

Juniper Coffee + Eatery is a local, neighborhood cafe that is on a mission to use local and Indigenous resources to create a coffee and food experience that represents and highlights the local indigenous community. They have a small menu with some great items on it that are perfect for breakfast or lunch.

The Blue Corn Bowl and the Blue Corn Waffle are both amazing, but the Turkey Pesto Panini with sun-dried tomatoes, provolone, and a balsamic glaze is everyone’s favorite.


Tomo Japanese Sushi and Steak House

$$$ | (505) 278-8486 | WEBSITE

Tomo Japanese Sushi and Steak House Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

This Asian restaurant offers a traditional “teppanyaki” experience, where you sit in front of a chef as they prepare your meal on a large, flat grill. This is a really fun and memorable experience, as the chefs show off their cooking and knife skills to entertain you.

There is also a private dining area for people who don’t want to be in the middle of the action. Tomo Japanese Sushi and Steak House offer a range of Asian dishes, including a huge sushi menu and a grilled hibachi menu.

It is a great place to go out for dinner, whether you want to see a show or just enjoy some great Asian cuisine.


Three Rivers Brewery

$$$ | (505) 324-2187 | WEBSITE

Three Rivers Brewery Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

This gastropub has only been open since 1997, but it is located in historic downtown Farmington in a building that has been there since 1912 and is reportedly haunted. They also have a great story about President Bill Clinton visiting, and attempting to collect a lunch bill from the White House.

This beloved local watering hole serves pub favorites like burgers and chicken-fried steak, as well as sandwiches, salads, and nachos. Their on-site pizzeria creates some of the best pizza in town using stone-fired ovens and fresh ingredients.

With a variety of locally brewed beers on tap, it is hard to get a better pub dining experience than at Three Rivers Brewery.


Francisca’s New Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (505) 324-9095 | WEBSITE

Francisca's New Mexican Restaurant Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

This authentic Mexican restaurant is a local favorite, serving exceptional tacos, tostadas, relleno, carne asada, and more. The love and care that goes into maintaining the high standard of quality in this family-run business shows.

There is nothing fancy here and there aren’t many non-Mexican options on the menu, but the homemade corn tortillas and sopapillas are incredible and so is everything else they serve.


Mikasa Japanese Cuisine

$$ | (505) 327-2255 | WEBSITE

Mikasa Japanese Cuisine Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

This Japanese eatery offers a range of sushi and Asian dishes in a diner setting with mostly booth seating. The sushi is affordable, and Mikasa offers other Japanese staples like gyoza and tempura vegetables.

A bowl of miso soup is complementary with your meal. The portions are large and the service is good at this less-known spot.


Tequila’s Family Mexican Restaurant

$$ | (505) 327-6900 | WEBSITE

Tequila's Family Mexican Restaurant Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

Tequila’s is located in a hotel, and this no-nonsense Mexican restaurant serves up reliably delicious and affordable Mexican food in large portions.

The menu is huge, featuring staples like tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and burritos, but it is worth mentioning that they have an excellent seafood menu with exceptional shrimp dishes. Bring an appetite and be ready to take leftovers home with you.


AshKii’s Navajo Grill

$$ | (505) 326-3804 | WEBSITE

AshKii's Navajo Grill Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

This local favorite brings Indigenous Navajo flavors to the forefront as they mix with southwestern American and Mexican recipes and traditions. This fusion is delicious to experience, and AshKii’s Navajo Grill is one of the best places doing it right now.

They serve homemade tortillas and sopapillas along with diverse dishes using local ingredients. Try the dumpling stew with frybread for some Navajo comfort food, or try the big boy burger, served with a massive roasted green chile.


Chavo’s Street Tacos

$ | (505) 850-7526 | WEBSITE

Chavo's Street Tacos Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

There are a lot of tacos available in Farmington, but some of the best might be the cheap street tacos from Chavo’s.

These authentic Mexican tacos made from corn tortillas with your choice of toppings are just like in Mexico, and not much more expensive than they would be south of the border. For an authentic lunch or dinner with outdoor seating, check out Chavo’s Street Tacos.


Riverside Pizza Restaurant

$$ | (505) 324-0552 | WEBSITE

Riverside Pizza Restaurant Best Restaurants in Farmington, NM

Riverside Pizza Restaurant is the go-to place for many locals when it comes to pizza.  Although they offer Mexican, American, and Italian cuisines and a wide range of dishes that appeal to everyone, their signature pizza is what has won them a place in the hearts of Farmington locals.

Admittedly, it would be hard to beat the stone-fired pizza made at Three Rivers Brewing Company, but Riverside Pizza has a more traditional, deep-dish style pizza that you will fall in love with. Whether you’re ordering out and dining in, check out Riverside Pizza.



Farmington has some of the best authentic Mexican food in the United States, along with excellent international options and classic American food.

Whether you are a visitor exploring the flavors of Farmington, or a local trying out new spots in your backyard, the best restaurants in Farmington, NM, are worth exploring and returning to.

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